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Tuesday 27 February 2024

Halcyon Miniatures joins Alternative Armies

A new boutique miniature range is now released on our website and manufactured by us in agreement.  We welcome Nottingham based Halcyon Miniatures with their first set of 28mm metal miniatures to the family! 

See their new page for this 28mm Range.

What has been released?  The range begins with its first round of eight poses which are Storm Troopers in plate armour as well as their commander plus a homunculus and a psi-operative too.  Useful in any game system.

All miniatures in this range are ‘tabbed’ meaning they use a slot base.  Extra value is given by us in that we supply a brand new resin circular slot base free with every figure purchased from Halcyon.  These are the same bases shown in the painted examples.

We have a great deal of 28mm Science Fiction to offer including The Ion Age and Alternate Stars.  You can see here a scale comparison of the Shia Khan Perimeter Borg with a Grima Robot Trooper.

We have other ranges produced under agreement with us each of which has something rather special and unique about it. From the miniature madness of Grinning Skull (the shown Zargaliens) to the Space Raptors of Loud Ninja Games and the Space Monkeys and Psi-Knights of Ganesha Games.

Until the 5th of March every order shipped out from us here in Scotland automatically gets the FM62R Giant Tick which is great in any scale as well as sci-fi and fantasy plus dungeon crawl too.  It is from the Asgard Fantasy Range and you need do nothing but order to get it. Perhaps the new Psi-Operative can control it?

Thanks for Reading,


Saturday 24 February 2024

Furioso and War Game Scenarios the Italian Wars by Rodolfo Verginella

We were delighted at Alternative Armies to be involved with supporting a new book on the Italian Wars 1494-1559 which would involve the Furioso wargame rules by Steve Danes and the 15mm scale large range of miniatures we make for the period.  The author Rodolfo Verginella gifted us a review copy of the book as printed by Amazon and this article is our look at the book and how it links into Furioso on the table.

You can find Wargame Scenarios the Italian Wars on AMAZON.

You can find Furioso and Furioso the Italian Wars in print and digital on our WEBSITE.

The book itself is a well produced ninety eight page perfect bound full colour title.  It contains an introduction, how to read game scales, orders of battle, rule sets to use, links and bibliography which are all well presented.  The meat of the book are the TWENTY full scenarios of historical battles beginning with Seminara 1495 through Ravenna 1512 up to Scannagalio in 1554.  Each scenario is either small or large based on history and features information on who and what happened and their forces as well as map and guide to armies for three different rule systems.  These are Impetus, Pike and Shotte and Furioso.  For Furioso you are told units and their sizes plus special notes.  This gets you to the table and then the game rules take over.

This title is an impressive piece of historical research by a fluent Italian speaker and is very easy to follow.  It has garnered excellent feedback from wargamers on those groups which deal with the Italian Wars.  Many of these members are customers of ours and players of Furioso.  Our own copy is now dog eared from use and will be referred to again and again.  It is well worth purchasing if you play this period as specialised resources such as this can be thin on the ground.  There are some spelling errors and a slight re-organisation of sections (attaching captain's value to scenarios) would be helpful but these are very minor detractors.

Our 16th Century Renaissance Range in 15mm scale features in Rodolpho’s book and while you can play Furioso in any scale from 28mm to 6mm it is our chosen scale to use  Over 150 poses as singles plus horses, buildings, ruins, encampments, tents, walls and historical characters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Cesare Borgia.  We also have packs of bases for Furioso and army packs which come with free bases and all you need to field a sizable force.  One of the largest selections of 15mm Landsknechts on foot, mounted and artillery anywhere to be found.

If you have any questions we welcome them to and we are happy to do our best to assist you.

Thank you for your attention.

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Thursday 22 February 2024

The Wizards Party returns 28mm painted by Studio Maxi

Now in production and as a valuer saver pack and single miniatures for the first time on the website we present our final Fantasy news of the month with the return of a classic Alternative Armies code the Wizards Party!

Originally released in the early 1990’s this pack has been asked for a lot and it is our pleasure give you the Star Wizard, the Laden Ogre, the Magical Youth and the Magician’s Donkey great for any system, collecting and dungeon crawl too.  Examples here painted by the talented Studio Maxi Costales.

FL11 Wizards Party is one of many codes in our Adventurers and Wizards 28mm Range.  It resides alongside Adventurers, Halflings, Assassins, Evil and much else.

Until 5th March the FM62R Giant Tick is free automatically in every shipped order from us as a gift.  We appreciate your hard earned spend with us.  See it above in the dungeon facing off what will likely be a fire ball!

The Wizard’s Party goes really well with the recently restored Jes Goodwin Dwarfs by Asgard Miniatures in the 1980’s.  

Thank you for your attention!

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Free Solo Play Flintloque Scenario: House on the Hille...

“Use your Loaf...if you can.”

A brand new full size scenario for Flintloque has been uploaded to our Free Downloads Page on the website and here too.  It joins a growing array of newer Flintloque resources going back to 2016 and the huge zipped folders of older material which you can find at the foot on the Free Downloads page.  Enjoy!

House on the Hille: Solo full size scenario for Flintloque.  There is an intact oven left in the hands of the Al-Garvey Goblins and the Ferach Armee wants it?  It belongs to a farmer whose little house is next to it upon a hill.  Luckily the 18th Foote has gotten there first but can a combined force of Elf Lancers and Legion de Nain Dwarves dislodge them in time to gain bread for their fellows? Scenario includes unique rules, setting, map, force compositions, two play bolt on, expanding the adventure, designers notes as well. DOWNLOAD HERE.

We were asked if we could put the photos of miniatures used in the scenario full size on our blog.  Certainly and here they are above.  Click to make them much larger.

This is our last World of Valon news for February 2024.

Thanks for Reading.

Monday 19 February 2024

Todoroni Surgeon released for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

“You wanna stitches?”  The Todoroni of Nepolise gain another character miniature in their range.  Following the Exploring Officer, Glutton, Opera Singer, Servants and others this time Nikki Chatwin has sculpted a saw bones for all those sword cuts and musket shot wounds.

Allied to the Ferach Empire and serving from Catalucia to the Witchlands the Todoroni are figures of fun but also troops of merit too.  The Surgeon stands next to a Goblin House and a Hard Cart from our Black Powder Scenics range.

56138 Todoroni Surgeon: This code contains one single piece metal miniature in 28mm scale with a 37mm total height. An officer ‘trained’ in medicine useful for skirmish as a section member and mass battle as interest in a line unit.  With his blade hidden behind his back this miniature has scissors, pouches and other medical items upon him and wears a leather apron. Supplied unpainted and with a resin base. 

You can choose from a Slaughterloo Divisional Army Pack (saving 15%) down to units of line, militia, grenadiers and others as well as character singles and more in this range.   Find rules for Todoroni in 5030 Slaughterloo and in 5025 War in Catalucia plus unique weapons and more in 5027 Grapeshotte.

Todoroni Notables! A free PDF download on our website giving rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for Todoroni characters. The Opera Singer, the Servant, the Duellist, the Sapper and the Exploring Officer.  This first part article will be followed this spring with its second half for free. See our Free Downloads Page for this and a lot more.

To make a start in Flintloque then look no further than 5024 Escape the Dark Czar the beginners set. Miniatures, Bases, Core Rules and Scenario Booklet all in one with three scenarios. See the Beginning in Flintloque page for this plus many free articles. 

Have you seen the new Dismounted Elf Lancers?  Four command poses plus a Trooper in the Elf Army of Armorica.  Foot versions of the Lanciers Rouge in battle against the Undead of the Dark Czar.

Thank you for your time!

Saturday 17 February 2024

F21 Red Dragon 15mm Tabletop restored

Following up on the restored Dragons last week we have just one more this month to make three and its a cracking 1980’s remaster of a long gone but now back model in the 15mm Tabletop Fantasy Range

Makes us think of brave Wales with the Red Dragon. There are other 15mm monsters in this range currently being restored alongside a dozen monsters already placed there such as the Rhinosaur, Balrog and Fire Giant. 

In metal and three pieces it is a fine addition to your fire breathers. F21 Red Dragon was a tricky restoration but it has been done well and has been asked for by several long term collectors. It is 80mm in length and 80mm wide plus 40mm tall. 
Stood next to the Dwarf King from HOT1 Dwarf Command in 15mm scale and alongside FM62R Giant Tick which is FREE in every order shipped out automatically until 5th March 2024

We recently remolded the excellent Asgard and Tabletop Human Adventurers as packs, singles and value skirmish sets with a saving. Great for dungeon crawl and many other uses and including Wizards, Warriors, Barbarians, Pack Mule and more. 
This is our last 15mm scale Fantasy release of the month. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Love the Beast D5 Dragon Lizard any scale returns at half price

Alternative Armies is always beavering away with projects. From Flintloque to The Ion Age to Erin and many other ranges and scales there are new creations a plenty from our team. Along these projects is one ongoing which is close to our hearts the restoration of Asgard Miniatures. A titan of the 1980’s miniatures market its models are one by one, range by range returning to our own website. New molds, new life from masters such as Nick Bibby, Jes Goodwin, John Blanche and others. 
We had hoped to have the entire Dragon Lizard range restored by Saint Valentines Day 2024 but alas it is not so. This will happen in March instead so today we say ‘Love the Beast!’ and introduce D5 Spike Tailed Dragon Lizard great for any scale. Until 9pm UK Time Monday 19th February it is now on the website at 50% off its regular price. Yup, half price. In celebration! 

The Spike Tailed Dragon Lizard is 75mm long and 25mm in height and in two pieces made of metal. Sculpted by Nick Bibby. See his other restored work on the website in its own collection. 
As you can see lined up with one of our Adventurers and Wizards in 28mm scale and a Dwarf Handgunner from the 15mm HOT Range it is a quality monster for many uses. 

We have already restored the greatest of this range that is the mighty D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut one of the biggest metal models we cast at 110mm long and 50mm tall. This one was painted by Sam Croes our lead designer and D5 by Studio Maxi. 
Every order shipped by us until 5th March 2024 automatically gets FM62R Giant Tick included for free. Yes totally free. You see it here under the 'control' of the Dwarf Wizard from the 28mm Fantasy Warlord Range. You need do nothing but order and it is included. 
Keeping the fun in tabletop gaming. Love the Beast!

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Kev Moon’s beautiful Erin miniatures for Of Gods and Mortals

With kind permission this article features the very talented brush work of Kev Moon. Known as Verbal Gerbil on X and KevMoonster on Instagram if you wish to follow his wargaming adventures. He plays Osprey’s rules set Of Gods and Monsters and uses our Erin miniatures for part of his warbands. 
Here are his photos of the collection of Erin Celtic Mythology 28mm miniatures each with a caption telling you what they are including a wee conversion. 
The Human Warriors of the Milesian are led by such Heroes.

Milesian Druid Amergin the runination of Fomors

Incech Half Hand with an added Pucci as his servant

Fomorian Warriors risen from the deep to do Culach's will.

The risen Half Dead Zombies at the calling of Heroes

Kev's Sidhe Warriors including a shield conversion (one in from the left)

Here is his whole collection.  Fomorians, Milesians, Sidhe as well as Gods and Monsters.  This image features miniatures and terrain not made by Alternative Armies.
Lovely stuff I am sure you will agree. We are continuing the expansion of the Erin range which has grown by more than twenty poses in the last year. 
Lastly his spiders which were a free in all orders gift a couple of years ago also feature in his games. You can see these creepies as EH06 in our Monsters and Creatures Range
Thanks for Reading, 

Friday 9 February 2024

Here be (restored) Dragons for HOT in 15mm scale

Two of our out of production monsters in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range have been newly remolded and returned to the website. One in metal and the other now cheaper as a resin kit. Here be Dragons! 

Imposing in 15mm scale these creatures are shown on either side of HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen (35mm tall to top of helm) one of a great many High Elf codes in the range. 
The mighty HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon is a fine centre piece for your army. Made of eight pieces it assembles easily and is 120mm to the top of its wings. Shown with HOT1 Dwarf King for scale as our Dwarfs in the Range are often used as foes for mighty winged monsters. 
She preens and plots HOT23 The Sitting Dragon is often used in HOTT 2nd edition as a behemoth or marker. In three pieces it is a very detailed creature and in a pose not often seen in 15mm scale. 
Alongside HOT121 Armoured Elf Cavalry with Bow you can see another warrior ready to oppose the golden hoarding of the Dragons. 

Free in all shipped orders automatically until 5th March 2024 is the FM62R Giant Tick a great any scale resin miniature which works really well with figures from the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and can be bolted into an HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Army as a lurker or other type. All you need do is order and it will be put in as the package is being made up. 

What else has happened this week at Alternative Armies? 


Patrol Angis core book of the three title series 15mm Ion Age skirmish over more than 500 poses and vehicles is out of print. Fear not IonFans as we have organised a new run of Patrol Angis (its forth!) which will be ready in a couple of weeks. When it is news and a wee offer will happen. Thank you as always for making our space opera dream a reality. 

Western Orc Hero a mighty 28mm scale metal miniature (sep weapons and shield) on a 30mm base remastered in the oldhammer Fantasy Warlord Range Stunning brush work by Studio Maxi (shield is hand painted!). Goes excellently with the current free Giant Tick in orders
Thanks for Reading!