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Friday 28 July 2023

Tax and the Hounding free full size solo and player Flintloque scenario

The last day of the Flintloque week is here and we end the month here too.  You have been asking for another full size and free scenario suitable for one up to four players.  Here it is.  We present to you...Tax and the Hounding!

“Listena, I dida not do dat eh.  It wasa some otha guy.”

Elaborately ruffled cuffs moved in time to Fartintelli’s words.  His demeanor was of one who was hurt by false words.  Of one who could not possibly be guilty of any crime no matter how small or insignificant.  Unfortunately for the famous opera singer he was conversing with an agent of his Britorcn Majesty’s revenue and customs and that agent did not believe a word that came from his slimy mouth.

“We know who you are Fartinelli.  We know it was you and we know it is you.  Even this recently posted bill shows you.  You owe and I am here to take you back to Albion to shake coins lose from your breeches.”

Tax and the Hounding:  A free four page full size scenario for solo play or several players.  To download from our website CLICK HERE.  The singer Fartinelli owes money to the Kyng and the tax collector has tracked him down. To get the Todoroni to Albion a forest must be crossed but unfortunately a force of Von Mohnblume Dogmen block the only road that the coach and its Orc Dragoon escort must use.  Will they get through?  

See the rest of what we have gratis for you on the FREE DOWNLOADS page. Over a hundred articles.

In the scenario the mighty Londinium Coach features as do the Orc Dragoons on Horse and on Foot as well as the Von Monhblume Dogmen.  Have you seen the Hob Goblin Miser who stands in for the tax collector?

This is your last chance to get in on 20% off at checkout (not shown on screen but will appear at checkout page on screen) on everything in Begin in Flintloque collection and the Todoroni of Nepolise collection too plus the free Todoroni Opera Singer (worth 5.00GBP) automatically in your package.  These ends on 1st August when the month changes over on the website.

We hope you have enjoyed the week and month of Flintloque content and releases.  See you all in August for a very different themed month indeed...

Thanks for Reading,

GBS  (Gavin Syme - Creative Manager)

Wednesday 26 July 2023

New Todoroni Characters free PDF game rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

Over this spring some new Todoroni of Nepolise have appeared in the World of Valon.  Sculpted by Nikki Chatwin each is a character in its own right and fits right in with the infantry, cavalry, artillery and other troops in that army.  Flintloque fans have been asking for game rules for them and as July 2023 is all about Flintloque now is the time!  Enjoy and check it out as well as all of our other Free Downloads on the website.

A free four page digital download containing a spattering of setting along with Flintloque and Slaughterloo game rules and linkage to the books of the series as well.  As well as character profiles there is included new play tested rules for Servants and Aides in Flintloque for you to put onto the table.  You can download this PDF directly by CLICKING HERE.

While it is currently on hold the Beir Wars project for Flintloque has already produced an entire new army that of the Legion de Nain with over sixty new miniatures covering line, light, cavalry, artillery, command, specialists, characters as well as new limber boar and pigs.  Located in the Confederation of Finklestein pages you can also use these miniatures as any of the little states and petty kingdoms outlined in the Beir & Bones book.  Run while the Pub is closed is a free solo play scenario on our website. You can download this PDF directly by CLICKING HERE.

All of our releases for the month are now made including 59001 Czalingrad Character Pack remastered after two decades away from the website.  The story will return in August for them.  We have also now remolded the popular 54502F Hand Cart which we are told features in many Flintloque scenarios on your tables.

Flintloque week continues and will culminate on Friday 28th July with the free full size solo any several player scenario 'Tax and the Hounding' which sees Fartinelli this month's free in all orders miniature being caught in ambush first by the tax collector (he has many children he does not pay for) and then by a force of Von Mohnblume Dogmen.  Will his escort of Orc Dragoons (provided by the Duke of Wheeling-Turn for a grand performance that week) be able to prevent his demise or capture?  We will see...

Thanks for Reading,

GBS  (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

Monday 24 July 2023

59001 Czarlingrad Character pack 1998 returns for Flintloque

A code which has long, long been out of production and now it has come back to the range.  This is the first of a two stage Flintloque piece of news.  The other part being that the excellent novella Czarlingrad from 1998 written by Mike Roberts (author of Slaughterloo) return not only as an easy print free PDF with updated character rules and scenarios to 3rd edition but that it will include part two of the novella continuing the story. Newly written by Mike Roberts himself!  That will happen in August but now we present the miniatures!

59001 Czarlingrad Character Pack:  This pack contains the three primary protagonists of the novella and a great for heading up for your Ferach Empire section or your Undead of the Dark Czar section.  You can purchase the pack or single poses from it.  Captain Jacques de Payen (A) once in the elite Imperial Guard he is a survivor of Czarlingrad and now leads a rag tag group of survivors.  Sergeant Otto von Stumpenstein (B) of the Confederation of Finklestein sole living member of his original regiment hardly feels the cold and follows de Payen.  Count Valdimir Kustosov (C) former overlord of Czarlingrad needs to prove his loyalty to the Dark Czar after his failures and leads his Zombies and Skeletons after the Ferach (this miniature is also on the website as 55017).  28mm scale metal miniatures supplied with bases.

5002 Deadloque 1998 and 5002 Deadloque Miniatures:  All can be found in the Undead of the Dark Czar pages of the website.  These were the Flintloque core miniatures at the time of Czarlingrad (1998) and they have been restored as paid digital download and remastered miniatures.  Along with 55508 Zombie Line they are very useful for your games in the Witchlands.

5024 Escape the Dark Czar:  The Begin in Flintloque range is centered on General Saindoux and his retreat from the burning hell of Moskova.  A starting point of ten miniatures and three scenarios which can branch off in any direction using your Flintloque figures.  There are further releases to expand the Undead, Scenics, Elves and more plus free scenarios taking further the adventure.   Have a look.

During JULY 2023 there is 20% off everything in the Todoroni of Nepolise Range and in the Begin in Flintloque Range at checkout (not shown on screen but you will see it applied at checkout in our order list before payment).  A great time to try out Flintloque as it was in the 90's or as it is now in the 20's.  Oh and you get a free brand new Todoroni Opera Singer automatically in every order shipped out.

Flintloque week continues with game statistics for all the new Todoroni in Flintloque and Slaughterloo and then a free full sized scenario called 'Tax and the Hounding' all before week's end.  Look back over what has come or to see these articles if you are checking this out later on with the Flintloque TAG on our blog.

Thanks for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

Saturday 22 July 2023

Zidhe 15mm Space Elves updated and value pack HOF Range

Recently we remasted our Zidhe infantry codes and upgraded their imagery as well. Sculpted by Steve Young and Rob Alderman and a nice little array. In line with other pars of the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range we added a new value pack of all the poses with a saving baked in. 

As with all other codes in the now near 190 pack range every pose can be had as a single within the packs on their page; see the menu on each page and you can filter by group on the main page too.

Command, Infantry, Guardians, Androids, Bike and Portable Weapon. Great for many settings including Space Opera and alien encounters especially against their oldest foes the Octopods. Learn more about that on the USEME page in UMS02 Ziggurat of Clem IV complete starter set. 

Here is a scale line up shot so you can see how the Zidhe Space Elves match up next to SFA Human, Cultist Human, Octopod and a Corporate Ashigaru trooper. 

Value Packs are great for skirmishing and with their saving there is no duplication in the pack with every pose unique. This refresh gets the Zidhe in alongside the Automata Robots, the Octopods, the Rim Mercs plus Post Apocalyptic Warriors, Cultists, Security Force Alpha and the Corporate Ashigaru who all have value packs. Great for skirmishing.  Find them by filtering the range by type; see HOFP codes.
Bradley Miniatures has a growing range of 15mm scale resin vehicles which go very well with the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range. Choose from tanks, towed artillery, armoured car and scout car. There are also equipment packs and a tank saver bundle. 
Thanks for Reading, 

Thursday 20 July 2023

Alternate Stars two new 28mm Star Rangers

“The Star Rangers are the foremost peace keeping soldiers of the fading Galactic Union. Equally at home on patrol or on bug hunts as well as pacification of ultra population centers the Rangers have millions in their ranks. Mainly Human though not exclusively so their headquarters on Earth oversees a hundred thousand deployments.” 
The Alternate Stars generic 28mm science fiction miniature range expands! New faction Star Rangers already have an officer and a female sub officer and now have their first two trooper poses too. These join the other humans, aliens, creatures, robots, war droids and weapon set in the range. 

The Star Rangers now number four in total. Great for any system of your choosing. 
Following the overhaul of all the 28mm Ion Age range photos and adding single poses for the first time we overhauled the imagery of the Alternate Stars range too including the twelve figure collected set of characters in ASP00. Here are the Star Rangers going into the fray supported by AS016 War Bot for back up. 
Personalise your miniatures with AS014 Alternate Stars Weapons Set. Eleven different future projectile, energy, flame and beam guns. As requested get the pack of all of them or select on page any of them in any amount. 
Thanks for Reading, 

Thursday 13 July 2023

Todoroni exploring officer released for Flintloque

The expansion of the Army of Nepolise in the World of Valon continues with a first; an exploring officer Sculpted by Nikki Chatwin and adding to the recent other new Todoroni this fellow fits right into your Flintloque games. Preparing for his next mission being warmed by the camp fire with supplies heaped behind
The Todoroni are allies of the Ferach Empire and serve under Emperor Mordred from Catalucia to the Witchlands. Their army contains infantry, cavalry, artillery and more. They feature in 5025 War in Catalucia and in 5026 Death in the Snow game books in 5030 Slaughterloo the mass battle game. During JULY 2023 there is 20% off everything in the Todoroni of Nepolise Range and in the Begin in Flintloque Range at checkout (not shown on screen but you will see it applied at checkout in our order list before payment). A great time to try out Flintloque. 
56136 Todoroni Exploring Officer: A one piece metal miniature in long coat and bicorne holding a bomb and a map or papers. On his back is a telescope and pouch. He gathers information on the enemy often behind the lines. Stands 35mm tall and next to 5024 General Saindoux, Elf Commander of the Escape the Dark Czar beginners set as well as 56140 Fartinelli Operato Surpremo which is FREE IN EVERY PACKAGE SENT OUT this month. 
Here are all the new Todoroni of this year. A diverse and useful array you will agree. Also our 53507M Running Dodo which is part of our Battlefield Bits Range where it and many, many other 28mm scale pieces such as rope, barrels, pigs, boars and a whole lot more. 

We are having something of a wee World of Valon month and later on in July there will be other releases and free material as well. This will include game statistics for all the new Todoroni miniatures (Flintloque and Slaughterloo), a fun wee solo Todoroni game, a full scenario called 'Tax and the Hounding' for Fintloque and the return of the Czalingrad 1990's miniatures. Keep your powder dry and keep watch! 
Thanks for Reading, 
GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Legionaries of the Shia Khan pt12 the last of the Ion Age 28mm overhaul

Welcome to the final update at the end of the massive overhauling project of the 28mm Ion Age range.  We present twenty eight remolded Legionaries of the Khanate in packs and now singles with all new images. The last restoring in the over 220 poses of this venerable range.

"Shia Khan Legionaries. The main fighting formation used by the Khanate Empire is the Legion. Its exact structure is a mystery but what is known is that the majority of the troops in a Legion are Legionaries dressed in reactive glimmer suits with auto aid and breather systems in their helms. Legionaries operate in Tesserans of eight typically with mixed or similar weapons. There are also Monocycle and Deathwheel motorised sections along with portable weapons in a typical Legion. They are stubborn foes not given to easy retreat. Legionaries are taller than a Human and more lithe, graceful in their movements. Few are seen without their helmets but those observed have pointed ears and roughly Human features though their eyes are narrower and lilac hued, all matched with cruel mouths and angular noses and jaw lines."

Legionaries are the core of a Shia Khan Legion and are in command of Maligs and Betrayers along with Warlords and Psycoborgs and others.  The best of them become Nox and some become Assaulters and Pioneers too.  There are many Legions such as the Styx Legion, the Medusa Legion and the Cyclopes Legion.

On the website you can browse the range page by page or look to the 'filter by' option above the first line of products.  Click on it and select what interests you. In this case 'Legionary' or 'Value Pack' or 'Shia Khan' and 'Platoon Pack' to narrow the shown codes.

IA132  Legionary Firing Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA133 Legionary Advancing with Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA134 Legionary Running with Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA135 Legionary Officer with Cupid Laser Pistol, Cloak

IB35 Shia Khan Legion (Value Pack) (IA132,IA133,IA134,IA135)

IA145 Legionaries Two Miniatures, carrying Jupiter Plasma Rifle

IA146A Legionary Apollo Atomic Disintegrator; pairs with IA146B

IA146B Legionary Cupid Laser Pistol waving; pairs with IA146A

IB39 Legion Support Weapons (Value Pack) (IA145,IA146)

IA158 Legionary Running with Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle raised

IA159 Legionary Advancing with Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA160 Legionary Firing Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA161 Legionary Officer Brandishing Cupid Laser Pistol

IB43 Styx Legionaries (Value Pack) (IA132,IA133,IA134,IA135)

IA162 Legionary Firing Hydra Laser Shotgun

IA163 Legionary Running with Maia 9.6mm Mpi

IA164 Legionary Firing Maia 9.6mm Mpi

IA165 Legionary Face Mask, grenade, Maia 9.6mm Mpi

IB44 Legion Assaulters (Value Pack) (IA132,IA133,IA134,IA135)

IA170 Legionary Prefect High Rank Officer, standing, Maia 9.6mm Mpi

IA171 Legionary Medic Crouched, advancing, Medical Gear

IA172 Legionary Comms Advancing, back mounted Comms Gear

IA173 Legionary Guard Protect the Prefect, running, Juno Laser Rifle

IB46 Legion Characters (Value Pack) (IA132,IA133,IA134,IA135)

IA174A Legionary Janus Blast Gun carried; pairs with IA174B

IA174B Legionary Carrying Janus Energy Cells; pairs with IA147A

IA175A Legionary Scout, Sniper Guard with Juno Rifle

IA175B Legionary Sniper with Scoped Juno Rifle; pairs with IA175A

IB47 Legion Support and Scout  (Value Pack) (IA145,IA146)

IA176 Legionary Firing Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA177 Legionary Advancing, looking, Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA178 Legionary Running, firing Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA179 Legionary Officer Waving, Cupid Laser Pistol

IB48 Legion Infantry (Value Pack) (IA132,IA133,IA134,IA135)

IP03 Khanate Legionary Ordos

Sixteen Miniatures (Two Free) made up of IB35,IB43,IB47 and IB44 packs.

As with all elven previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too.  IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles.

With this final update the entire range is now on the website. Excepting for the mighty Psycoborgs and big Beotan Lycanthropes we are currently working on which will be revealed next month as we ran out of time (Asgard remastering of the Fantasy Range ran over but more on that in August) for now; sorry!

Thanks for Reading,

GBS  (Gavin Syme - Creative Manager)

Thursday 6 July 2023

Pucci Bearers new for Storm Warriors in 28mm Erin Celtic Myth

Our collection of Fomorians increases by another five poses this day and these little biters are the carriers of weapons for their larger brethren.  

Pucci are the smallest of the sea raiders who, while they can fight, are often instead used for menial tasks and to guard prisoners and stolen livestock. The Erin 28mm Celtic Mythology Range.

Five miniatures as singles with header code CM30.  These Pucci are to accompany your Fomorian Warriors and Champions; bearing their weapons and equipment as befits their rank in the warband.  A task which when done well can bring reward or if done poorly can result in doom for the creature. 

CM30-01 Pucci Bearer lugging Great Sword

CM30-02 Pucci Bearer carrying Spear Bundle

CM30-03 Pucci Bearer shouldered Sword

CM30-04 Pucci Bearer standing with Shield

CM30-05 Pucci Bearer carrying Shield

Fomorians grow with age and become stronger and more deadly as they do.  Pucci turn into Warriors who mature into Storm Warriors and Spell Weavers and a few grow to become Champions and even legendary Heroes such as Lord of the Fomorians Culach.

Bearers are useful for giving majesty to your Fomorians. Following them and arming them as you can see in these examples.

If you are looking for a mighty deal which gets you really into the Erin range we have the CMM00 All of Erin Bundle.  This bundle contains every single miniature (now 106 metal 28mm poses) in the range from CM1-01 to CM30-05.  You save 5% which means 7 of the miniatures are free!  A great way to gain a collection with one purchase and of course any other valid discount is on top of the built in saving.

Thanks for Reading,

GBS (Gavin B Syme – Creative Manager)