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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Free Insert for LE046 King Bonio for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

During the Ferach Revolution an act of supreme royal arrogance and stupidity led to the ruination of the small kindgom of Pudigrochumsberg. Despite the pleading of his arch chancellor Mutternicht not to act the Emperor of Ostaria made a choice to send his massive white coated army into battle against a hopelessly outnumbered foe. Klaffenhund the emperor of Ostaria had no reason to commit this act of near genocide but his word was law to the Dogmen of the empire. Why invade? No one knows for sure but some think he was annoyed at the light brown colouration of Pudigrochumsburg on the maps of the throne room and screamed for it to be made burned and black next to the white of Ostaria. Perhaps he meant the map only but his army of hundreds of thousands marched into the little kingdom where only a king and his army of thousands awaited them. 

King Bonio was a good king. Kind and on the whole a good dog to his subjects. His kingdom pretty and well fed with its kennels well stocked. Known as Licksmeister of Meaten and Baaksgraf of Kennolia he had always been a hunter and skilled marksman. Leading from the front he commanded the Pudigroan Army in the field. At the towns of Mastiff and Nobath they turned back the larger but badly led Ostarian Empire but it was hopeless. Endless numbers of white coated Dogmen marched into Pudigrochumsberg. So an evacuation was ordered and an exodus undertaken while the army fought one rear guard action after another. 

An arrangement with the Emperor Mordred newly made ruler of the Ferach Empire ensured the fleeing people had a place to go and as King Bonio, wounded and bleeding, rode his horse out of his homeland towards the waiting battalions of Armorican Elves he looked over his shoulder at a burning and blackened land. Klaffenhund would be made to pay…someday. 

As promised earlier in this new it the end of January already? The free insert for LE046 King Bonio of Pudigrochumberg the leader of the Pudigroan people and head of the new army too. Containing background, uniform details, ideas, rules for Flintloque and rules for Slaughterloo it is a useful little article given to you in one page. To download it from our dropbox just click on the link HERE or visit the Pudigroan page on our website HERE. The link is also on the page for LE046 too. 

I would like to thank all of the fans of the World of Valon for their support of this new miniature code. Its been very popular alongside the core Pudigroan Line Infantry. If there is an insert for a character you would like to see for Flintloque do send me an email or comment here. 

Thanks for Reading, 


Friday 22 January 2016

VNT Undead and Monsters Fantasy Range released with Free Miniature and Offers!

Wow!  Alternative Armies has now completed a big task in getting the VNT (Various Nasty Things) Undead and Monsters part of our classic 28mm scale white metal high fantasy range re-released! The VNT codes in production are now online as well as three big multitude packs..  There are sixty five infantry miniatures, an artillery piece, a chariot, a flying wraith, ogres, trolls, demonic tree, grizzly owls and a fantastic Splendorous Djinn too!  A lot to choose from covering monsters, skeletons, zombies, vampires, wraiths, lizardmen and more types.  We also have some great select offers for you on the VNT range.  These are valid until Valentines Day 14th February. Here we go!  Go HERE and HERE.

Every Order placed with us that includes one or more codes from our high fantasy range (VNT Undead and Monsters, DH Dwarves, OH Goblins, Orcs and Dogmen even Asgard Barbarians) from single miniatures to packs to multitudes or even our excellent Dwarf Runic Golem will automatically get a free miniature.  This free miniature is VNT29-02 Stricken Adventurer worth 2.00GBP.  

We have reduced the normal prices of several packs by 15% until Valentines Day.  These are the VNT18 Orrid Ogres II, VNT19 Ogre Cavalry, VNT20 Anti-Paladins, VNT30 Undead Chariot and the mighty VNT32 The Splendorous Djinn. We have three multitudes that feature 10% off list prices for all the packs they contain.  Plus if you order three of a multitude (using the drop down menu on the product page) you can save an additional ten percent meaning 20% off list prices!


Here is a listing in details of all the codes we have released:

VNT1 The Eternal Guard (5 Skeleton Warriors)
VNT2 Wraith on  Pteradon (1 Undead on Flying Dinosaur ) 
VNT4 The Necratom Risen (5  Miniatures)  
VNT10 Zombies (5 Fleshy Undead)
VNT11 Zombies II  (5 Fleshy Undead)
VNT12 Zombie Command (4 Fleshy Undead)
VNT13 Skeleton Warriors (5 Undead)
VNT14 Skeleton Archers (5 Undead)
VNT15 Skeleton Polearms (5 Undead)
VNT16 Skeleton Command (4 Undead)
VNT20 Anti Paladins (4 Evil Knights)
VNT21 Vampire Legion (5 Undead Knights)
VNT23 Skeleton Artillery (2 Skeletons and Bolt Thrower)
VNT24 Undead Orcs (4 Miniatures)
VNT27-02 Stricken Adventurer
VNT28 Wraiths (4 Miniatures)
VNT30 Undead Chariot (1 Kit with Horses and Riders)
VNT31 Necromancers (4 Miniatures)
VNT31-05 The Liche Lord (1 Miniature)

VNTM01 Skeleton Legion
(19 Skeleton Warriors, 1 Bolt Thrower with 2 Skeleton Crew,  1 Skeleton Chariot, 1 Liche Lord) (VNT13,VNT14,VNT15,VNT16,VNT23,VNT30,VNT31-05) Save 10%

VNTM02 Zombie Horde
(24 Zombie Warriors) 
(VNT10 x 2,VNT11 x 2,VNT12)  Save 10%

VNTM03 Warriors of Evil 
( 4 Evil Knights, 5 Vampire Knights, 4 Undead Orcs, 4 Wraiths, 4 Necromancers)  
(VNT20, VNT21, VNT24, VNT28, VNT31) Save 10%

VNT3 Orrid Ogres (2 Ogres)
VNT5 Demonic Tree (1 Monster)
VNT7 Primitive Lizardmen (4 Miniatures)
VNT8 Grizzly Owls (2 Monsters)
VNT9 Trolls (2 Monsters)
VNT18 Orrid Ogres II (2 Ogres)
VNT19 Ogre Cavalry (1 Ogre on Rhino)
VNT26 Cockatrice (1 Monster)
VNT32 The Splendorous Djinn

If you are interested I put some effort into little fiction snippets to go with the packs to make the experience of our website a little more fun that the usual dry stuff you find.  Here are most of them and if you want to find the miniatures they refer to just look to the VNT code and its in either the Undead or Monster page:

The Undead (VNT1,2,4)
"We made a mistake when we failed to bury the fallen in deep corpse pits. A mistake that cost us all dear at Black Heart Lake. The army marched past the foul shores of that dead lake expecting to face only the fell lords and their minions. Little did we know that those evil doers had the services of a great Necromancer who had followed us and raised the dead. Corpse pits provide rich fruit and since this fruit had not been buried, only piled with those we had slain it meant that the army of the dead had caught up with us. On two fronts we split and I for my sins survived only by shedding my axe and mail and swimming the slimy waters of the lake. Even now I can hear the screams and the endless creaking and brittle motions of bones ending life. Dead sockets where eyes had once been."

The Ogres (VNT3,18,19)
“Some would say that you would have to be desperate to hire Ogres into your army. After all they are savages as quick to eat you as to knuckle their foreheads and follow a manlings orders. In fact few of the hamlets along the camberly road would allow our men at arms to billet in their hovels for fear of the big brutes that trailed behind cleavers and clubs in hairy hands. It could have put a fine halt to our campaign against the Dwarves and no mistake but our commander was a wily one and did not give the short arses the chance to profit from our choice of warriors. In the dawn of the first day of the march he paid handsomely a farmer for his whole sty of swine. That put things right with the villagers as we marched through. Some of the peasants even came outside to gape at the Ogres. Those friendly, well fed Ogres. Each of them with a whole pig stuffed into the gap between belly and its belt notches!”

The Skeletons (VNT13,14,15,16,23,24,30)
“Bones long buried.  Bones long away from the warmth of the sun.  Bones that have served their purpose in life and now rest deep in the cold soil.  Bones that due to the dark arts of the Necromancers now serve a new purpose no longer buried and immune to the warmth of the sun overhead.  Rattling and creaking with the clank of rusted armour the Skeletons that were once Men take to the field of battle ahead of their liche lords.  Ranks numerous marching with sword and spear, bow and axe leering with empty eye sockets and hanging loose jaws.  Sickening ordered steps bring them ever closer as their chariots pulled by long dead horses enter the fray and bolt throwers served by Skeletons fire iron at our terrified lines.  Your sword will slip between ribs and your arrows pass straight through with no effect so to mace and hammer.  Smash them and send these bones back to rest.”

The Zombies (VNT10,11,12)
“Soil pushed aside or pooled water slipping from slumped forms it is the moan and the smell that gives away the Zombie.  Risen back to unlife by the dark arts of the Necromancers these decent dead are put back to the task of war against the living.  Take heart and stand stout despite your fear.  Look not to the swollen and distended bellies, to the loose flesh of the legs and the arms and never look to the face for there is a chance that you will see one known to you.  It is not unheard of for Men to go raving mad when gazing upon the face of a lost brother, a lost wife or a lost child.  Grip your sword tightly and drive in hard avoiding the clumsy swings against you and the purifying liquids that burst forth upon your strike lest you fall and become like them.” 

The Anti-Paladins (VNT20)
“We rode north as one.  A thousand Men sworn by the mother church to defend the lands against the darkness and perversion that threatened us.  Little did we know that the darkness lingers not deep from the surface in some Men.  As we rode the voices whispers and shadows lucked in the forests and soon one then another and another fell away until when we came to the snow line there were but four hundred left and we had seen no foe.  It was then our faith was splintered as ahead we saw our brother knights but they were not as they had been.  Twisted and filled with the bane of life they were now of the darkness.  Evil is all the more when once it was good.”

The Vampire Legion (VNT21)
“Do not be left on the field of battle when the night falls for then is the most danger when fighting those of unlife.  Clad in plate and mail that glitters with something magic and ancient these knights speak no tongue known to Men of the present age.  Fighting with the strength of ten mortal warriors and seemingly without tire it is when the sun withdraws that their nature becomes apparent.  Those who lay with struggle and bleed from wounds are found and then consumed of their blood, their vigour drained to a dead pale.  If numbers are lost to the vampires they will raise a new cadre from the wounded upon whom they feast.”

The Wraiths (VNT28)
“Keep your wits about you and strain your hearing to the utmost for it will perhaps save your life.  They do not so much walk as glide and no breath passes from them.  Speed and strength contained within a robe that moves as it is alive but seems to contain no form at all.  Once given a goal they will seek until the end of time to bring death to their prey.  A blade of iron thrust into the robe will work as will spells and incantations.  But listen, always listen for there will be little time for preparation when the Wraiths come for you.”

The Necromancers (VNT31)
“When you look at a child what do you see?  Blue eyes, a mop of unruly hair and an eager demeanour to life to the fullest and have fun doing just that.  So how can a child go from this to what we know to be the enemy of all life?  What cruelty, what bane, what evil was done to a young mind to turn it to a Necromancer?  What took a soul and turned it black as coal?  Perhaps a wizard's apprentice looked to the wrong book and in time it turned him.  Perhaps a callow youth turned a wrong step and fell into a crypt where the corpse of a vanquished Necromancer resided and it poisoned his mind.  In the end it makes no difference for a Necromancer is no Man.  It, not he, is an instrument of the dark gods and aims only to turn all life to death and to send a tide of the Undead to make it happen.  When I look at a child...I feel fear.”  

Primitive Lizardmen (VNT7)
“I drew my sword and thought us assailed by bandits or perhaps savages that called this hot and humid swamp their home.  I was prepared for this and the edge of my blade was keen and sharp.  When these creatures burst from the jungle I was stunned, just for a moment.  They were not Men but rather man sized lizards that walked on two legs.  They carried stone axes and flint topped spears and it was apparent to me that robbery was not their goal.  They looked not at me but rather at my sword.  Steel was their goal!  Well they could try and take it.  Lizard skin makes excellent water tight boots.”

Grizzly Owls (VNT8)
“Those damn mages!  I sleep light at the best of times being in the woods with that hooting keeping me awake.  But this is too much!  Sure the hooting stopped but then at my door is a knocking like an axe head on the timbers.  I thought it was Erik come early for his firewood so I opened the door in my smock alone.  By the gods it was a ruddy Bear!  No not a bear more like an Owl.  No neither of those it was the size of a bear covered in fur but its head and its clawed hands were those of the night bird.  I think it was my scream that saved me as it give the thing a shock and caused it to take flight.  Well try to take flight, it just jumped and smashed its head into the beams of my hut.  I slammed the door and then grabbed my sword and my mail.  It was gone by the time I went back outside but tracks showed at least two more of them.  The smell of magic was thick in the air. Those damn mages! I have a good mind to go over to those twin high towers and give the two of them a piece of my mind..but then what would they do to me if the Owls annoyed them enough for that curse?”

Trolls (VNT9)
“Up in the hills and the mountains, in the caves where no one dares go live the Trolls.  Eating sheep, eating men, eating rocks.  Eating all they can find and when there is no more to find down they come into the valleys and to the villages.  Do you know what it takes to kill a Troll?  Neither do I.  Certainly it is more than we could manage.  Arrows by the dozen just stuck in its hide.  Blades broken and jutted from its body.  The bloody thing just stood there with three fingers up its left nostril and its mouth hanging open.  We only got it to move when Erik went about its rear and broke the tip of his pike off in its bum hole.  Then it moved all right!  Like a bolt of lightening right across the paddock, straight through the stables and off up the slope.  We cheered and headed for the ale house.  But not Erik...the Troll was loose of bowel and he needed a wash with the pigs!” 

Cockatrice (VNT26)
“It be a monster of magic I tell you.  The head of a roosting bird and the body too, it has a tail topped with a wicked arrow like sting.  Leathery bat like wings and a beak that could pierce plate armour.  It is bigger than a war horse and some say its gaze can poison a Man to near instant death.  Me thinks it might have come from misty Albion in origin but much smaller being from a yoke less egg sat upon by a toad.  When you face it lower your visor and strike hard using a shield to guard from the beak and the claws upon its feet.  Strike hard and fast for its breast.  How do I know this?  I have killed a Cockatrice found in Verhell and it made for fine roasting and eating!” 

The Splendorous Djinn (VNT32)
“You cannot control me mortal nor bend me to your will.  Without the flask, the bottle of my enslavement, I am free to act as I please.  I may choose to return to my dimension or to send you there in my stead.  I may elect to shift shape to that of a demon which will core your bones or to take the fleshy guise of a maiden which will sour your loins.  I could crush you or stretch you so tall your head will cloud touch.  But I will stay my act if you wish for it.  I can make dreams real and make gold of purest air.  Trick you?  Never.  It is not our way. Now...go on wish.”

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 13 January 2016

First Look at the Pudigroan Artillery Crew for Flintloque

Welcome to the first look article for the second of two releases in the Ruined Kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg army for Flintloque and Slaughterloo coming in February. The other article also on our blog and concerns a three barrelled cannon!  Both of these codes will be released in February and follow up on LE046 King Bonio, 56591 Hundmorder Dragoons, 56589 Pudigroan Dogman Line and 56123 Pudigroan Line Casualties.  You can see them all on the Pudigroan page of our website HERE.  We want to show you these great 28mm original miniatures.  This time as inked 'tins' master castings in white metal which are now part of the production process. Here is the code, description as well as images of the talented gunners of this burned and blackened land.  The Pudigroan Artillery Crew!

Trained by the finest artillerie masters in Lyonesse the newly formed batteries of the Pudigroan Artillerie have yet to see much action but in small battles against Krautian Dwarf incursions of the Confederation of Finklestein’s territory they have proven more than adequate to the task. The structure of a typical Foot Artillery battalion is as follows.  There are five batteries of five artillery pieces each, these are normally medium to heavy cannon and howitzers.  These pieces are served by a total of four hundred Dogs composed of gunners, infantry and officers as well as servants and bearers.  All serving the guns are designated as Gunners.  The gunners are armed with their normal artillery implements with officers having standard pistols or swords as well.

The Foot Artillerie uniform consists a dark orange tunic, black breeches, a black shako with silver and a green plume, black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are red. Equipment is black with equipment straps being of white leather.

56590 Pudigroan Artillery Crew
This will be a set of 28mm white metal Dogman miniatures which will give you the gunners and limber beasts for your new force.  These are meant for use with the rest of the Pudigrochumsberg packs but they will also serve well in Confederation of Finklestein collections and also revolutionary older style Ostarian Empire forces.  Sculpted by our lead designer Sam Croes there are six new different models in this set and two from the existing range (Horses from 51514) and they will be available as a full set (8).  As with all our Valon miniatures we will offer the additional choice of purchase pro-painted and based by our team of ladies here in Scotland. 

The poses are from left to right in the main picture top row to bottom row an Artillery Officer pointing out the direction of shotte and holding a sword, a Gunner with trail spike waving his fist and tongue lolling and a Gunner with sponger ready for use.  A Gunner carrying a water bucket who has a wooden leg, a Gunner who is bare headed with an eye patch carrying a cannon ball and a Gunner with lit fuse who is also holding a pistol.  Lastly two identical Limber Horses with tackle and trail fitted for use pulling artillery pieces.  All are wearing Pudigrochumsberg uniform and most wear a tricorne hat.  These Dogmen are all 'poodle' types making them the same average height and bulk as an Elf.  They are character filled miniatures that are your gun crew but who would also make excellent additions to an infantry section as well.

While they can be used with any artillery piece from our range HERE.  They are intended for use with any Ferach guns and remember the forthcoming in February artillery piece the 59519 Le Imperiale Trois Cannon or the 'Menage a Trois' three barrelled cannon.

We are now in the second half of the new Ruined Kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg army for Flintloque and Slaughterloo and we will complete it this year with a release every month ending with a whole Slaughterloo DAP box.  The popularity of the Von Rotte Dwarves HERE has continued with these new Dogmen. Feel free to ask me questions on

I also want to thank you all for the purchase of the recently released King Bonio limited edition code which you can see HERE.  Our first limited edition miniature in the range in a couple of years its gone down really well and thanks for your kind words.  Remember to download the free PDF insert for this king too if you are reading this at the end of January or later.  It will be on the page of the website for him.

Thanks for Reading 


Monday 11 January 2016

First Look at Le Imperiale Trois three barrelled cannon

Welcome to the first look article for the first of two 28mm scale releases in for Flintloque and Slaughterloo coming in February.  We have a new artillery piece cast in white metal and resin being prepared now.  It is based on the three barrelled cannon held in a French museum that dates from the 18th century so it could be used in straight 28mm Historical gaming too.  

59519 Le Imperiale Trois Cannon
This is a 28mm scale white metal and resin artillery kit.  Comprising four pieces which are a resin three barrelled cannon, a resin cannon body and two white metal wheels.  Easy to assemble.  Sculpted by our lead designer Sam Croes and nicknamed the 'Menage a Trois' this triple shot gun is an exotic weapon.  As many of our other miniatures we will offer the additional choice of purchase pro-painted and based by our team of ladies here in Scotland.  See the rest of our Artillery HERE.   It will be priced at 6.00GBP.

Le Imperiale Trois Cannon - 10lb
During the dark days of the intercine wars between the High Elves of Armorica and the Dark Elves of Catalucia, a conflict known as the ‘Warre of thee Catalucian Successor’ many new ideas were ferment among the artificers of the Peacock Throne. One aspiring fellow named Hugenvale petitioned the government in Lyonesse with a revolutionary idea for a new type of artillery piece which he named the Imperiale Trois.  With copious sheaves of designs all neatly drawn and unrolled across several tables at the Academie Artillerie he outlined his idea.  An idea for a new cannon which would change the world and make it all for his Emperor.  A three barrelled cannon.

The Imperial Trois caused a storm among artificers all claiming and counter claiming that it simply could be be done, that it was lunacy, that is would never work and would most likely kill all those who tried to forge it or to give fire with it in battle.   Early models were extremely dangerous to the gunners who crewed them and several exploded in spectacular fashion killing many around them.  It looked like the design would fail without ever seeing the field of battle. However the design was rescued by two changes.  The first was to use far more expensive but lighter and stronger brass instead of iron for the three barrel  cannon.  The second was linked to the first and that was to take several precious Magicke lode stones and to infuse them into the brass to make each cannon partially Magicke in its operation.  With these changes made the Imperiale Trois began not only to work properly but to take to the battlefield and to win several key encounters between the small Armorican Armee and the much larger Catalucian forces.

There are few of these three barrel cannons in the arsenal of the Elves and they are saved for Marshals who really have need of them.  The Emperor Mordred has personally blessed each of the cannons and to lose one would be...unfortunate for the officer concerned.  Currently most of the Imperial Trois are in Diberia awaiting the retreating Grande Armee and of course the following legions of the Dark Czar’s Undead.
(Taken from pg 37 of 5027 Grapeshotte)

Coming in February!

Thanks for Reading 


Friday 8 January 2016

LE046 King Bonio of Pudigrochumsberg released for Flintloque

All hail the King! 

The first Flintloque and Slaughterloo release into the World of Valon for 2016 at Alternative Armies is the supreme commander of the Army of Pudigrochumsberg. We present to you the big cheese himself the Dog King! We have Line Infantry, Casualties, Dragoons and the Light Infantry in the range for this army already. You can see them all on the Pudigroan page of our website HERE

“In the Elves we have found allies to aid us in the burning of Ostaria. With our differences now behind us the Baron Von Rotte and your king have pledged our swords and our armies to this common purpose. Each of us with a strand or two of the dress that caused the Silage War and so many deaths. It is not to the Witchlands we will march but rather to Kartoffelberg and to Catalucia to fight the enemies of Mordred. As for I your monarch. I will be taking our finest and paying a visit to that mad tyrant Klaffenhund to give him a gift from a friend, to give him 'Cannisters of Pudigro from a Chum'. This I swear by Fidolfus! 
King Bonio of Pudigrochumsberg

LE046 King Bonio 
This code comprises two 28mm white metal miniatures released as a limited edition of one thousand numbered packs only. Two pieces the rider and the horse the commander in chief of Pudigrochumsberg. Meant for use with the Pudigrochumsberg Army units but they will also serve well in Confederation of Finklestein collections and also revolutionary older style Ostarian Empire forces. As with all our Valon miniatures we offer the additional choice of purchase pro-painted and based by our team of ladies here in Scotland. A mounted King wearing regal robes and carrying a gilded dog bone of royalty and wearing a crown. His horse is rearing up on its hind legs and is richly outfitted in harness and cloth. King Bonio is a 'Poodle' type Dogman making him the same average height and bulk as an Elf. Go HERE

We have two more articles for you this month for Flintloque later in January. The first of these is a 'First Look' at the releases for February which will see artillery in the hands of Pudigrochumsberg and also a new artillery piece which is rather different! Secondly a free PDF insert for King Bonio giving you his background, uniform details and game rules for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo. Exciting! 

Our eventual aim is to make the Ruined Kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg army for Flintloque and Slaughterloo in 2016 a totally complete one as we did with the Von Rotte Dwarf Legion in 2015. This means adding artillery, heavy cavalry, command and personalties as well as a whole Slaughterloo DAP box. Its an even bigger line up of releases than for the Von Rotte. Feel free to ask me questions on

Thanks for Reading 


Friday 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016 from Alternative Armies

Welcome to the New Year, to the sixteenth year of this millennium in short to 2016.  Alternative Armies had a good year over the last twelve months and we hope to do the same this year.  We would like to thank you all for your support of us across our various brands and scales of wargaming and figurines.  We have an awesome year planned out ahead of us and while we will not be giving away everything that will occur (where is the fun in that eh!)  I can give some hints as to what to look out for during the winter and into the spring and hopefully when the weather improves here in Scotland.

For Flintloque and Slaughterloo there will be the rest of the entire Army of Pudigrochumsberg including a limited edition commander, heavy cavalry, horse casualties, a command set, artillery crew and a new artillery piece.  January will see the first of these released!

For High Fantasy we are about to commence upon the re-release of the now readied VNT range in our 28mm range.  VNT stands for Various Nasty Things and includes not only Undead but a chariot as well as commanders and monsters too.  Lots of cool classic things by industry defining designers in the 1990's.

For Publications we will see the release of the next Flintloque book and you can read about it on this blog post from the 24th December.  Go HERE.

For Vulcan Models we will continue to release further excellent 120mm resin figurine kits for the collector.

Ganesha Games miniature range will appear on its own page of our website giving a top class place to get these figures.

What else....a lot...but that would be telling!

Happy New Year!

Gavin Syme (GBS) and the rest of the team