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Thursday 27 June 2024

Ion Age 28mm range Portable Weapon Platform with gun teams released

“It is well known to the regiments of the Prydian Army that while Retained Knights armed with the Angis 12.5mm AP Rifle can inflict serious harm upon any opponent there is a limit to their ability to bring to suppress areas of a battlefield. This applies particularly in open ground rather than in intense urban fights. Even with Alwite powered armour larger weapons cannot be easily transported. No experienced commander expects his troops to be able to stand against these kinds of threats without appropriate support. This was known before the outbreak of the Civil War and the solution to providing this support to infantry was taken from surviving records from the time of the Ban of Prejudice. 
Beginning in earnest in 4320IC with forty newly fabricated Espaten being fielded during an activation crisis in the Gurtan system these portable weapons mounted a Moth 88 two barrel cannon and performed excellently against the rampant artificial sentients. With an ability to mount a support weapon in the same power scale as a battlesuit and be controlled by a team of two gunners Espaten's could be deployed at the Platoon or Lance level easily. A far lower fabrication cost has also contributed to the rapid uptake of portable weapons as a regimental staple. Portable Weapons are just that. With a lot of fire power and easy to move from threat to threat they work well with troopers without vehicles or anything larger to assist them.” 
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 07, New Glastonbury, 4325IC 
New and restored releases in the 28mm scale Ion Age Range. Some 250 poses in one of the biggest 28mm sci-fi ranges in the world we bring back the Portable Weapon (not available for more than 20 years!) and its original Muster gunners plus brand new Planetary Militia and Retained Knight gunners. All of this works towards a new edition of MOTH the skirmish game rules but more on that nearer the time. Across this summer we will expand the portable weapon itself and also restore the Shia Khan ones too. Here are the newly added codes: 
A long barrelled automatic twin cannon to be operated by two crew. Five pieces in metal, easy to assemble (55mm long, 45mm wide, 25mm tall). 
Gun Teams are typically two with one being the controller and the other the commander.
IB68 Muster Gun Team (Value Pack) (IA237 and IA238 single codes) 

IB69 Planetary Militia Gun Team (Value Pack) (IA240 and IA241 single codes) 
IB70 Retained Knight Gun Team (Value Pack) (IA242 and IA243 single codes) 
Every miniature in the range is a single to be had and all fit into value packs which offer a saving off single prices. 
The 28mm Ion Age Range and the 15mm Ion Age Range are both massive so we have a ‘Filter by’ option on the website where you can refine what you are seeing to certain things such as Portable Weapon or Grima Robot or Platoon Packs with Free Miniatures

Need some facts or opinions or the latest gossip? AS023 Info Bot a 28mm scale robot is here for you! 

We like to give our customers a treat so there is always something free in every package shipped out by us here in Scotland. Until July 8th it is part one of our Devilish Imps; four any scale miniatures. Read about this in the ARTICLE. Totally free in orders included automatically. 
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Tuesday 25 June 2024

FM74v2 Water Elemental remastered 1980s release from Asgard Miniatures

"The undines are troublesome things from the smallest who froth the ale in your tankard to the greatest which can overturn a hundred oar galley with ease. Mages claim control of them but I am not so sure. Things so strange to us of flesh and bone; who knows how their briny minds work. As it is many of my men have salt worked into their armour from encounters. Water Elementals...drown them all!"
Now remastered and added to the now nearly complete Fantasy Monsters (FM) Range by Asgard Miniatures is the second version of the FM74 Water Elemental which joins all manner of creatures, undead, animals and oddities of some 60 poses. 

This any scale metal one piece creature stands 45mm tall to the top of its head. Decorated with coral, rope and seaweed it wields a spear and a net. Our example painted by talented Studio Maxi with a sculpted sea base (40mm square). Supplied unpainted and without a base. Shown with a 28mm scale Jes Goodwin Orc and a 15mm knight from the Tabletop 15mm Fantasy Range
We like to give our customers a treat so there is always something free in every package shipped out by us here in Scotland. Until July 8th it is part one of our Devilish Imps; four any scale miniatures. Read about this in the ARTICLE. No catch..totally free in orders. 
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Thursday 20 June 2024

Ion Age 15mm free Patrol Angis download updated Prydian Vehicles

Prydia is aflame in civil war among the Marcher Barons and all the while the alien Khanate increase their hold on the Precinct.  Armour is the key to victory!  This free article gives an expansion for 2024 to existing vehicles in Callsign Taranis.  Slot it right into your second book of the trio.  15mm Ion Age Range.

You can see the download on the WEBSITE 

or click HERE to get it direct from our server.

A five page article covers the missing Adder Combat Tankettes as well as the lifter type Hazelwurm and Colabreta Carriers which are all Light Vehicles.  It has all the variants of the steadfast Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle and most requested all of the variants of the new Gremlin which are Medium Vehicles (recently released and still to come).  All of the Taranis Tanks which are Heavy Vehicles are already covered in Callsign Taranis.

Gremlins are Medium Vehicles used by the Planetary Militia and Grima Combat Robots in lower scale conflicts and in fights against Shia Khan Legions. Currently three hover variants under codes IAF185A, B and C.  There will be further Gremlins as per the game rules in this article later in 2024.

Mullos are hard hitting Medium Vehicles used by the Retained Knights as well as Muster in battle. There are three variants which are wheeled, tracked and replusar each coming with two turret load outs as well as three APC variants of the same.  Codes are IAF042A to IAF042F.

When you are deep in the city night and Malig Infiltrators are terrorising the innocent then the Hazelwurm will get your fire team to the block fast.

All of the Patrol Angis books can be had as print and digital download too on the website plus a game Game Pack with a saving which gets you started.

Lastly if you use this code during checkout (enter it into the voucher, discount box)  15once  your total will reduced automatically by 15% before shipping is calculated.  One use per customer (until 8th July) and applies to everything in the cart no matter what it is from the website.  Will not combine with any other promotion code.

We like to give our customers a treat so there is always something free in every package shipped out by us here in Scotland.  Until July 8th it is part one of our Devilish Imps; four any scale miniatures.  Read about this in the ARTICLE.  No catch..totally free in orders.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Warbot II customised for 15mm Star Mercs by Sam Croes

Our most recent new miniatures in the vast HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range were an entire new faction; the Star Mercs. Armoured troopers for all of the hired gun jobs which were too tough for the lightly armed Rim Mercs. While we do plan an expansion to these fellows in the future for now there was a desire to give them a battlesuit and so we turned to the sculptor of the Star Mercs our head designer Sam Croes. Here is his take on WarBot II customised. 
AS028 WarBot II is for any scale just like WarBot I so using it in 15mm is no problem at all. The model comes as five pieces which is upper body, legs, left gun, right gun and comms antenna. Here is a picture of the standard build next to the Star Merc one. 
The Star Merc colour scheme is yellow with black detailing (our studio set, you can of course paint them any colour) and so the customised Warbot II had this as well. 
The addition of a missile pod as well as single baggage and double baggage rolls gives the campaigning Star Merc Battlesuit some extra firepower and kit for scouting as well. The additional pieces are all from IA065 15mm Vehicle Conversion Pack in the Ion Age Terrain and Accessories Range. The pack or anything from it can be had in any amount. 
Above is where each was added. Missile Pod (H), Single Equipment Roll (L) and Double Roll (M). Sam did think about quad rotary guns using part I from this set but missiles were chosen in the end. 
Unlike Security Force Alpha who police the teeming cities the Star Mercs travel between worlds and are deployed in squads and platoons. Armed with projectile and energy weapons as well as missile packs too. 
We hope you enjoyed this short article and if you wish to customise your WarBot II in the same way we are happy to give you the parts to copy this in your order. All you need to do is place an order with AS028 in it and then send an email to with your order number titled ‘star merc warbot’ and we will put the bits in for free. 
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Friday 14 June 2024

Ion Age BIG 15mm news Taranis Tanks with free Drones new images and Callsign Taranis back

A lot crammed into this update for the 15mm Ion Age Range as we announce that all three Patrol Angis books are now in stock (Callsign Taranis is back!) and that all 28 variants of the 15mm super heavy Taranis Tanks have new molds and all new images. On top of this every Taranis Tank now comes with a free pack of five drones! Here is the detail of all our 15mm Ion Age news for June 2024. 
The expansion to the core Patrol Angis skirmish rules Callsign Taranis gives you part two of the Prydian Civil War plus rules for all vehicles, skills and equipment, playing bigger games, between games, generating terrain and much more such as army lists. In print and as a digital download too. There is also a three book bundle with The Khanate Return too. 
Get into Patrol Angis with the game pack which gives you the book as well as more than thirty miniatures, three battlesuits, a portable weapon and crew plus a unique Knight Errant and bases. All with a saving. From this start you can expand in any direction..including heavier armour… 

 Taranis Tanks and Drones were designed by Bob Naismith
We have twenty eight variants of the super heavy main battle tanks of the Taranis series. Various load outs and four propulsion methods of tracked, wheeled, lifter (hover) and replusar (anti-grav). Command, Siege, Armoured Transport and more. Each model is an easy to assemble kit of pieces and about 90mm by 55mm when built. All new pictures such as the examples here and now every tank comes with a free pack of five drones. Running drones for the tracked and wheeled Taranis. Repulsar drones for the hover and repulsar Taranis. Extra value! These drones feature in the game rules. 
As you can see Taranis Tanks are the lord of the battlefield packing firepower and protection which can even destroy Magog Mecha! A Planetary Militia (IAFP07) officer along with a Hazelwurm Patrol Car and Colabreta Patrol Carrier.

Taranis Drones which run on legs or float on anti-gravity are an essential screen for the mighty tanks. Every Taranis tank now comes with a free pack of five drones and now they themselves IAF081 Taranis Runner Drones and IAF082 Taranis Repulsar Drones can be had as packs, singles and value bundles of ten with a saving. Cool! 
Also if you use this code during checkout (enter it into the voucher, discount box) “ 15once ” your total will reduced automatically by 15% before shipping is calculated. One use per customer (until 8th July) and applies to everything in the cart no matter what it is from the website. Will not combine with any other promotion code. 

We like to give our customers a treat so there is always something free in every package shipped out by us here in Scotland. Until July 8th it is part one of our Devilish Imps; four any scale miniatures. Read about this in the ARTICLE. No catch..totally free in orders.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Elves Pt1 by Nick Bibby in 1980s Asgard range restore Dungeon Adventurers

The reviving of Asgard and Tabletop Miniatures ranges is ongoing and with the recent start of the Dungeon Adventurers Range being re-released (a dozen Dwarfs by Nick Bibby, Jes Goodwin and Steve Trickett already) we now have part one of the Elves. Part two of the Elves will follow in a few weeks time (not quite ready yet) but for now five metal 28mm miniatures. 
First created and sold in the early 1980’s, sculpted by legends of the time these miniatures are the natural foes of the Fantasy Monster Range and allies or enemies of the Creatures of Chaos or Jes Goodwin Orcs

This very large range contained some ninety poses all in and it is our intent to bring these back to you in groups across time. We are now up to seventeen poses. All the miniatures were painted by the talented Studio Maxi and while shown here in a group they are all as singles on the website. Here are the codes: 
DA11 Elf Magic-user 
DA12 Elf in Plate-mail 
DA14 Half Elf 
DA15 Wood Elf Adventurer 
DA16 Wood Elf Adventuress 
Sometimes the small touches make a miniature or a diorama base and you may have noticed FM67 Large Frog (by Nick Bibby) among the Elves above. This is a delightful miniature ideal for fantasy. 
Fantasy Warlord. Restored high fantasy range from the 1990’s now with new pictures of 21000 Elven Hero. Painted by Studio Maxi. All Fantasy Warlord Characters come with separate weapons. There are infantry packs, weapon sprues and more in the range. 
Thank you for reading and for your continued support is keeping the golden age of British Wargaming alive and the metal flowing as it should. 
We like to give our customers a treat so there is always something free in every package shipped out by us here in Scotland.  Until July 8th it is part one of our Devilish Imps; four any scale miniatures.  Read about this on our BLOG.  No catch..totally free in orders.

Monday 10 June 2024

Three burning months of free new Devilish Imps with four free in month one

We are known for giving something in every order shipped out and this summer burns hella free bright! Appreciating the hard earned money you spend with our team so a novel reward. Most of the time a free code will be a brand new thing and last for approx one month before changing. This time we have our first ever MULTIPLE MONTH freebies! From now until the start of September 2024 the new any scale Devilish Imps will be included for free in packages (Four this time, Four next time, Two last time) gradually giving all ten poses across three months.  

Place an order each month to have all ten free by September. Nice!

These four Imps are free in your order automatically no need to add to cart.  As long as your order requires shipping they will be in it.  As many orders as you wish.  You may also purchase additional castings of these single poses on the website if you desire.

From 10th June until 8th July the first four new Devilish Imps will be automatically included in your package in every order shipped. These are VNT53-01 and VNT53-02 and VNT53-03 and VNT53-04 all in the Monsters and Creatures Range. No Digital Download only orders for freebies sorry.  If you wish to see what was previously given check out the Former Free Codes Collected where each of them is shown and has a discount too.

Here you see what is currently free and what is still to come blanked out for Month 2 and Month 3.  We tease but in a month and then another...

Devilish Imps are the smallest of the denizens of a hellscape and they delight in torturing any mortals who fall into their clutches. Summoned by powerful mages and other darker forces they will do the bidding of the powerful. Armed with Spears, Pitchforks and Burning Braziers as well as their bare hands.

Here are the 20mm tall Imps next to 28mm scale Knights and Footsoldiers and 15mm scale Tabletop Miniatures Barbarian.  Imps are useful in loads of settings and scales.

The City of Londinium teems with life some of it civilised some of it rather more savage but below the fetid streets is the undercity; the ruins of Dresda. Little is known of just what is down there in the darkness and tombs but there Wylde Magicke persists and Orcs regularly go missing never to return.  Perhaps an expedition will be undertaken to seek out just what is down there?  Here you see an Elf Duellist with Pistol and a Goblin of the 18th Al-Garvey Foot

There will be many new releases and news and free content across the summer months of 2024.  We will tell you of these of course but in the meantime see our New Releases page and our Deals and Offers page for what is currently on the go.

Thanks for Reading.

Friday 7 June 2024

F22 Black Dragon 15mm Tabletop Miniatures 1980s returned

Following on to the remastered Red Dragon, the Seven Headed Hydra as well as the Dungeon Adventurers and others in 15mm scale for the classic Tabletop Miniatures Range we have another monster eagerly awaited by collectors. F22 Black Dragon is now on the website as we continue to bring back all the codes in this collection which predates not only our own HOT 15mm Fantasy Range but also most of the 28mm Asgard Fantasy as well. 

Every miniature in the Tabletop Miniatures Fantasy Range is either a single or a pack (within which you can select singles) or a value saver set. There are many monsters such as the Stone Giant and Rhinosaurs which go well with the Dwarves, Lizardmen and Undead in the range. 

F22 Black Dragon: This metal 15mm scale monster is made up of three parts (body and wings) and when built is 70mm in total length and 80mm wide to tips of wings. Supplied without a base (shown on a HOTT Base for Dragons) and unassembled. 

Giant Slugs! With posable eye stalks and great for any scale of gaming the 549 Giant Slug can be had as a single, a pack or a twenty strong value set. Slimy and super generic foes for your dungeon crawls and forest encounters. 
Have you ever wanted to field large fantasy armies with many blocks of infantry and cavalry with lots of monsters, artillery, heroes and magicians that looks great on the gaming table? Have you been put off by ever more complex rules and the need to spend many hours playing to get to the glory and thrill of victory? 
The Age of Might and Steel is the rules set for you! A 50 page digital download book with full generic easy to learn rules, armies, scenarios and more. Written by Steve Hazuka and on special offer. Extra free downloads on its page too.
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Thursday 6 June 2024

Ruddy Rats a Flintloque solo play micro scenario

Place this micro scenario into one of your full games of Flintloque as an aside or make it your solo play action for twenty minutes.  Use any of your cavalry miniatures and some Rats and you are off and running..or is that scampering?  See our FREE DOWNLOADS page or read on.

We played with the Pudigrochumsberg Army of Dogmen namely the Zanner Hussars but equally you could be Elves on horseback in the Witchlands or Dwarves on Boars in Krautia.

Ruddy Rats:  In this solo play micro scenario you take the part of a patrol of cavalry tasked with clearing out vermin.  But oh no!  You are surrounded and outnumbered.  Can you fight your way clear?  Contains optional extra rules and designers notes.  DOWNLOAD as a one page PDF from our website.

Right now in our Deals and Offers you get 20% off the 56532 Joccian Hussars ram mounted light cavalry of the Ratmen; single, pack and unit choices.

Start your adventure with the World of Valon with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar which contains ten resin miniatures, bases, dice and core rules with three scenarios.  Begin in Flintloque where there are lots of extra free scenarios and resources for your adventures in the snow.

Thanks for Reading.