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Friday 26 May 2023

Alternate Stars new 28mm Star Rangers Captain and NCO

“The Star Rangers are the foremost peace keeping soldiers of the fading Galactic Union.  Equally at home on patrol or on bug hunts as well as pacification of ultra population centres the Rangers have millions in their ranks. Mainly Human though not exclusively so their headquarters on Earth oversees a hundred thousand deployments.”

The Alternate Stars generic 28mm science fiction miniature range expands with two new releases.  A new faction the Star Rangers get an officer and a sub officer.  These are useful in any game system you choose to make use of and join the other humans, aliens, creatures, robots, war droids and weapon set in the range.

AS020 Star Ranger Captain with Carbine and Machine Pistol

AS022 Star Legion Female NCO with Machine Pistols

The Star Rangers might want some big muscle back up and that is where AS013 R.U.F.U.S comes in.  Sentient artificial intellect armed with a twin rotary cannon.

We have updated all of the images of the whole range to bring them into line with the new releases.  As well as the single codes this includes the ASP00 Alternate Stars Collection One which gives you the first dozen characters we made with a discount included.  Great for any game system as your crew or mercs for instance.

Personalise your miniatures with AS014 Alternate Stars Weapons Set.  Eleven different future projectile, energy, flame and beam guns as a pack or singles.

This is our last release of the month and remember you get VNT48 Rock Monster (40mm tall) automatically put in every package sent out from us.  Cool!

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Wednesday 24 May 2023

Betrayer Humans loyal to the Khanate pt9 Ion Age 28mm overhauling

"Betrayers of Humanity. Some might find it hard to believe that any Human would fight for the Khanate but it is a growing and alarming fact that wherever the Legions go they attract ‘Betrayers’. These men and women are somehow in the thrall of the Khanate and armed with their weapons turn their anger upon their former allies without pity. It is not known how this occurs exactly but it is thought that the Psycoborgs have something to do with the process. Ancient records were not clear on these traitors to their own species but they were present in large numbers and several planets are recorded to have fallen due to internal strife. Betrayers are not treated well by their Legionary overseers. While superior to Maligs they are just as expendable and have been seen with crude cybernetic alterations to their eyes and other body parts. No successful reversal of Khanate indoctrination has been carried out and Betrayers taken in battle will kill themselves given the first opportunity." - Taken from IAB03 The Khanate Return.

We continue with the Shia Khan Empire overhaul in the 28mm Ion Age range.  Following up on the Warlords and Pioneers we present the scum, the worst of the worst..the Betrayers.  Above you can see the excellent value IB04 Betrayer Ordos which contains sixteen different miniatures with two of them being free.

On the website you can browse the range page by page or look to the 'filter by' option above the first line of products.  Click on it and select what interests you. In this case 'Betrayers' or 'Value Pack' or 'Shia Khan' to narrow the shown codes.

IB34 Human Betrayers (Value Pack)

IA128 Betrayer, aiming Cupid Laser Pistol

IA129 Betrayer Female, Cupid Laser Pistol, Sword

IA130 Betrayer, advancing, Juno Laser Rifle

IA131 Betrayer, bare headed, Juno Laser Rifle

IB40 Betrayer Urbanites (Value Pack)

IA147 Betrayer  Human, running, Juno Laser Rifle

IA148 Betrayer  Human, standing waving, Juno Laser Rifle, Grenade

IA149 Betrayer  Human, hip firing Juno Laser Rifle

IA150 Betrayer  Human, walking, mask, Cupid Laser Pistol

IB41 Betrayer Alphas (Value Pack)

IA151 Betrayer Command Human, cyber arm, Jupiter Plasma Rifle

IA152 Betrayer Command Female, Cloak, Maia 9.6mm Mpi

IA153 Betrayer Command Human, walking, arming Cupid Laser Pistol

IA154 Betrayer Command Human, Comms Gear, Juno Laser Rifle

IB45 Betrayer Saboteurs (Value Pack)

IA166 Betrayer  Face Mask, walking, pack and heavy Demo Charge

IA167 Betrayer  Female, Grenade, Cupid Pistol, Short Dress

IA168 Betrayer  Face Mask, firing Juno 2Mw Laser Rifle

IA169 Betrayer  Face Mask, kneeling, Maia 9.6mm Mpi, small Demo Charge

As with previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too.  IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles.

As with previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too.  IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles.

Next up are the verminous cannon fodder of the Empire.  The Goblinoid Maligs and the only troops treated worse than the Betrayers!

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Thursday 18 May 2023

Ion Age 28mm and 3D Roleplay Con III this Weekend

We were really pleased to be approached to sponsor this year's 3D Roleplay Convention.  A con for all things classic and cool in sci-fi wargaming and its organiser Hank Richardson was firm on The Ion Age and thus Alternative Armies being part of it.  Details follow and also pictures of Hank's own 28mm Muster troops as well.  If you are in the local or near area then consider popping along.  There is a lot going on and prizes to win.

First up here are the details of the third annual 3D Roleplay Con! A three-day Oldhammer gaming convention in Sellwood & at W.O.W. — happening on May 19th, 20th & 21st, 2023. In addition to the usual two days at Smile Station in Sellwood, there is also a free 'Opening Day' of 3DR Con on Friday May 19th, 2023 at Western Oregon Wargamers from 11am-7pm! This will involve, primarily, big-box oldhammer games such as Space Hulk, Man O' War & the like. (The idea behind this 'Opening Day' is to play some self-contained oldhammer games which don't require tons of terrain & miniatures, all while connecting with everyone a day before the convention in Sellwood on Saturday & Sunday).  See the con's INSTAGRAM and thread on FANATICUS.

As well as providing prizes to lucky participants we have a Convention Discount code.  Primarily for the attendees it can be used by anyone on their orders for anything on the website. The discount code will expire on 1st June 2023.  Code is ‘ 3DRoleplayCon ’  entered during checkout and screen will update for 15% off entire cart.  Direct LINK to discount shopping (click this and when you reach checkout the code will be auto applied). 

(Click to Enlarge on our blog)

A great little selection of Muster which Hank very kindly sent pictures of for us to share. Very nice and a good colour scheme too.

Thanks for Reading,

GBS  (Gavin B Syme)

Warlords and Pioneers start of the Khanate pt8 Ion Age 28mm overhauling

Huzzah!  With the Prydian part of the 28mm Ion Age Range now completely updated we are moving onto the Shia Khan Empire.  While this part of the range is rather smaller than the other it will still take some time.  Today we begin with the largest of the Khanate soldiers the Warlords and also their heavier armoured Legionaries the Pioneers.

On the website you can browse the range page by page or look to the 'filter by' option above the first line of products.  Click on it and select what interests you. In this case 'Warlord' or 'Pioneer' or 'Value Pack' or 'Shia Khan' to narrow the shown codes.

IB36 Khanate Warlords (Value Pack)

IA136 Warlord with Mars 20mm Chain Cannon

IA137 Warlord with Juno 18Kw Laser Cannon

It was the appearance of Warlords among the ranks of the Khanate that led to the development of the Duxis and other marks of Battlesuits. Battlesuits are fashioned to be giant humanoids to wage war against actual giant humanoids. A nightmare of giants who could lift a man from the ground and smash him to pieces with ease. The Warlords are flesh and blood but hulking creatures much like a Human in form though standing twice or more the height of a man. They are commonly referred to as ‘Ogres’ and are another Khanate slave race. Warlords are often under the command of Legionaries and are used as the infantry hammer to smash into tough areas for the Khanate. They carry the largest of infantry and support type weapons such as the Mars 20mm Chain Cannon. Not possessed of a great deal of intelligence they are, despite this, the most dangerous soldier yet encountered by the Prydian Army.

IB38 Legion Pioneers (Value Pack)

IA141 Legion Pioneer with Flora Grenade Gun

IA142 Legion Pioneer with Maia 9.6mm Mpi

IA143 Legion Pioneer with Flora Grenade Gun 

IA144 Legion Pioneer with Plutus Carbine

Shia Khan Legion Pioneers. The Pioneers are also Legionaries who wear the same reactive glimmer suit and carry the same weapons but they are marked out as superior by their additional armour. They wear the Virtus Plating nonpowered upper body armour across head, chest and shoulders. Given tasks of greater danger, they are often found in urban battlefields. They use the same formations to the platoon level as other Legionaries. Tougher than their regular counterparts.

Example new single miniature pictures.

As with previous overhaul updates the images are all new and you save on the value packs plus every miniature is now a single code too.  IB packs are made up of IA singles and save you 5% on their singles.

Next up are the worst of the worst...those Humans who turned against their own...the Betrayers.  More on them soon...

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Wednesday 17 May 2023

Ion Age collection 28mm Muster of Bryan Ruhe

It is my pleasure to present all the way from the United States of America miniatures from the collection of Bryan Ruhe.  Among other projects and wargaming he has kindly given permission to show off his Muster which have been brought out of storage to greet the table once more.  See the Ion Age 28mm Range.

Bryan told me he was inspired to take new pictures of this little part of his 1990's collection off the back of Alternative Armies overhauling, remastering, new photos and all miniatures as singles for the first time over the last few months.  

A lovely yellow and purple colour scheme and a custom banner (IA032 does not come with a banner nor pole sorry!).  Here is the flag larger (on our blog click upon it).  

There are just under fifty different Aketon wearing Muster in the range plus the value Platoon pack (two miniatures free in that).

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Tuesday 16 May 2023

FM70 Two Headed Ogre by Nick Bibby restored and released

“I said I want Human for dinner today.  Well I want Sheep and what I says goes.  Huh, is that so?  Well it might give us both a sore head but you are getting a smack!”

Asgard Fantasy Range. Life is not easy when the voice in your head is actually a head next to yours on the same body.  This monster sculpted by Nick Bibby (he of the mighty NB2 Dragon) and works in any scale.  We show it next to the 28mm scale FM47 Wraith.  A fine foe in any army.

FM70 Two Headed Ogre

We have now restored nearly seventy miniatures in the Asgard FM Range along with the Jez Goodwin Barbarians and of course the other Nick Bibby Fantasy models.

We recently replaced the molds for our VNT3 Orrid Ogres which also work in any scale and are on offer too.  Seen here with MRP04 Venetian Ambassador from our 15mm Renaissance Range.

Free automatically in all orders shipped out until 1st July 2023 and worth 10.00GBP the new VNT48 Rock Monster.  A good companion to the Two Headed Ogre eh!  You need do nothing but order and we will do the rest.  You can also purchase it as well and you will still get one free per package shipped.

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Monday 1 May 2023

Rock Monster free and new put in all orders until 1st July use in any scale

Welcome to a new month and as we say goodbye to the AS016 War Bot as the free in shipped orders we say hello to a brand new free model in orders.  Until 1st July 2023 at the rate of one per order placed (any size of order, as many times as you wish, the only condition is that is must be a posted order so no digital download only orders sorry) you will get the Rock Monster!  

VNT48 Rock Monster:  New three piece resin miniature which stands 45mm tall once assembled.  A creature of stone animated and clutching a bolder in one of its hands. Can be partially posed. Useful in 28mm and other scales as well as in High Fantasy and indeed Sci-fi gaming. Sculpted by Sam Croes and you can also purchase this model if you wish and you will still get one free in your package each time.  Worth 10.00GBP

As you can see it is a mighty monster indeed and has a personality all of its own. Here are some comparison pictures to show you examples of the free Rock Monster compares to our ranges, scales and what uses you could put it to:

To the left a Crystal Elf Swordsman or Duellist (CE18-02) 28mm High Fantasy.  To the right the legendary hero Cu Chulainn (CM17-03) from the 28mm Erin Celtic Mytholgy range (perhaps a beast of the Sidhe or Fomorians).

To the left General Saindoux from the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set for Flintloque (perhaps Wylde Magicke lives on in the Witchlands).  To the right Alternate Stars 28mm science fiction the Lost Arena Marine (AS015).

To the left an Orc Wizard (24910) from the 28mm Fantasy Warlord range who may have summoned a Rock Monster.  To the right upon a little known world of the Prydian Precinct an alien creature encountered by a Female Retained Knight (IA208) while on patrol; the Ion Age 28mm Range.

In 15mm scale to the left a Security Force Alpha Trooper (HOF112) from the HOF Range and to the right a Wizard (MDA31) from the Tabletop Fantasy Range.  As you can see it is a very imposing monster in this smaller scale.

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