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Thursday 25 February 2021

HOB1 Five 15mm Human Buildings new pictures

Everyone needs somewhere to live even if they are only in fifteen millimetres tall.  While our Ion Age Terrain range gives you buildings for alien planets it is to the HOB 15mm Buildings range we go for fantasy and historical settings from horse and musket back to medieval and imagi-nations.  These are also in our expanding 15mm Renaissance Range too.  Go HERE to see all the Human and Orc buildings.  Great for your table.

There are five different human buildings from the hovel of the lowest to the big house of the wealthy.  Single buildings or a value set of all five with a saving.  We have brand new pictures of these all painted and with 15mm miniatures for scale.  The scale miniatures are from the Medus medieval range.  Enjoy the pictures and if on our blog click them to make them larger.  These pictures are on the site too within the product page for each building along with dimensions.

HOB1A Small Hovel

HOB1B Big Hovel

HOB1C Small House

HOB1D Tall House

HOB1E Large House

This is our last news for the month of and we look forward to bringing a lot more tabletop fun to wargamers in March.  See you then!

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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Flintloque free Elf Flags plus in March remastered expanded Classic Packs

When a customer purchases painted miniatures for Flintloque or Slaughterloo from us we ask if they would like a flag mounted upon the standard bearers pole in units which have that choice.  Most line, grenadier and cavalry codes have a banner bearer and the Elves of Armorica are no different.  The sons of the Emperor Mordred are out to conquer all of Valon and their flags lead the way.  By fan request here are the flags we typically use in a format which you can see and also download to print.  Go HERE for the figures to which these flags relate.

If you would like more of these flags then by all means tell us which nations and armies.  Email to titled 'flags' and let us know.

Flags of the Armorican Elves (2021): This one page PDF is in a zip file alongside the same page as a hi-rez image.  Each flag is sized for a typical banner on Armorican Elf figures such as 51029 and 51041. Feel free to take this file apart and use it as you will.  Most of these flags are designed to be printed at most one inch square and typically less than that.  Easy to see on the gaming table.  Download by CLICKING HERE from our server.

One of the greatest things about Flintloque is that any miniature made for it at any time is still totally valid to play the game!

With most of Alternative Armies projects for new miniatures and books on hold until life returns to normal (though there are projects underway oh yes and these begin in April just you wait) a decision was taken to remaster many classic packs for Flintloque as a group.  While most of this work is mold replacement some of it is not.  Above for instance you can see two figures from 51006 7th Command of the Garde. Those very familiar with Flintloque will recognise Major Peere D'Kless the Ferach Spymaster with glasses.  But we have discovered another version of the figure without glasses.  While damaged in its origination mold it has been repaired by us and will be added to the pack!  So if Captain Sharke gets ahold of D'Kless he can choose to break his specs or not. Codes remastered include those of the 62nd Foot (54000,54007,54010) and Elves (51029,51041) plus Joccian and Guinalean Rebels and Willorc Brooke the unique officer from Flintloque Reloaded out of production since 2008.  All of these will appear in March on the website with pictures.  If you are keen for a full list contact us on and we will provide it.  Flintloque fans will see a lot of favourites once more and some not seen ever or for a long time too.

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Tuesday 23 February 2021

Japanese Peasants 15mm Sengoku range released

Sculpted by John Bell and now added to the now one hundred and sixty poses in the Sengoku range we have a pack and four single poses of Nōmin or Hyakushō which are great for the Monster Hunter rules or indeed any 15mm scale game system suitable themed.  Go HERE for the range.

The main role of peasants in Feudal Japan was to grow crops and engage in the work on making items. Rice was the most important food that almost all farmers produced. Peasants were categorized into different social levels. Nearly half of the rice grown by the farmers was taken to the local Diamyo. Craftsmen worked with metal and wood and played a vital role in making swords.  All peasants turned to the Samurai when threatened though they would take up arms (tools they owned) if the need arose.  When it comes to fighting Yokai..they would be fortunate indeed if a Monster Hunter came to their aid.

Go HERE for the pack of twelve miniatures mixed which is SGFP45 Japanese Peasants (you have a small saving in this pack) and here are the single codes which you can also see in the Sengoku range.

SGF157 Japanese Peasant with Hook

SGF158 Japanese Peasant with Hoe

SGF159 Japanese Female Peasant

SGF160 Japanese Humble Peasant 

We are in the midst of building up to 'Set VIII' in the range and there will be further releases in March with the entire set in April 2021.

If you are thinking where to begin with 15mm Japanese Fantasy then perhaps consider the SGFP1 Sengoku Set I (with a saving) for your core creatures and then SGFP33 Guild Hunters for five hunters.  From there go in any direction you choose in this the biggest array of 15mm Japanese Fantasy miniatures in the world.

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Monday 22 February 2021

Advanced Laserburn back in print!

A new print run of the classic expansion to Laserburn is now with us and available on the website.  Go HERE for the Laserburn and Asgard 15mm range.

The book contains more material for Laserburn such as character development rules, robotics, firing expansions, aliens, androids and history. Also rules for alien races the Froogs, Szithks, Mrurz, Thulgs and Centalons.  It is A4 format and 54 pages.  Here is the contents page from the book (this image is on the book page of the site too full size).

Lots to read and bolts right onto the core book.

We have the entire classic line of miniatures and vehicles on the website brought back to the world.  There is also a great value starter set which has the core rule book plus figures all with a saving.  See it and all else HERE.

Lastly there are some great videos online about this range.  See our BLOG for them and enjoy!

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Thursday 18 February 2021

Grey Aliens in Hostile World Armour 15mm released

“Grey Alien Soldiers clad in powered armour suits suitable for operating on hostile worlds be they natural or intelligent threats.  Being a short race a Grey climbs into the suit which extends its arms and legs giving greater height, speed and strength.  They carry more powerful weapons than a Grey could typically manage.”

We are delighted to announce the release of a new pack in to the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range which also grows the Grey Army now to seventeen different codes of infantry, disc riders, arachnid troops, portable weapons, grav platform, characters and flying saucers.  Hostile World Armour gets your almond eyed aliens up to face to face with Humans and other creatures and packs a punch.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more.

HOF158 Grey Alien Hostile World Armour: Five Miniatures in five different 15mm poses.  Grey Alien Soldiers clad in powered armour suits suitable for operating on hostile worlds.  Each miniature is approx 20mm tall. HW Armoured Grey with Heavy Energy Rifle lowered (A), HW Armoured Grey with Support Heavy Energy Rifle firing (B), HW Armoured Grey with Heavy Energy Rifle shouldered (C), HW Armoured Grey firing Heavy Energy Rifle (D) and HW Armoured Grey with helmet removed aiming heavy energy pistol (E). Choose from a pack of miniatures or select parts of the pack in any quantity.   Go HERE and see more pictures and scale shots.

There are more Greys to come before we call this expansion complete and you will see these in March and April 2021.  Above is a line up of a Grey Alien, a Disc Rider, a Dominator Sphere, a Grav Platform and a weapon toting Flying Saucer.  Your Greys can fight in any rules system such as HOF Fire-Team and against any foe you choose such as the massive array troops, vehicles, battlesuits and mecha of Security Force Alpha.

This is our last science fiction release this month and we expect Advanced Laserburn to be back in stock in a new print run next week!

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Tuesday 16 February 2021

New Landsknecht Cavalry eight 15mm codes released

Alternative Armies expands our 15mm Renaissance range again with eight new codes. Following up on new artillery and gun crew last time we now add cavalry to our growing selection of Landsknechts (now over thirty poses).  Go HERE for the range or read on for more.  You will find most of the Early 16th Century on Page Two of the range as the range runs by time period with artillery and Ottoman Turkish at the end.  

Useful in Italian Campaigns as well as across Europe in the sixteenth century we hope you enjoy these historical releases which can also be used for fantasy if you prefer an 'imagi-campaign' or such. The above image shows some of the new cavalry in front of two of our 15mm buildings (HOB1A Small Hovel and HOB1B Big Hovel).

MRC75 Landsknecht Cav Command 16thC (2)

MRC77 Landsknecht Cavalry Sword 

MRC78 Landsknecht Cavalry Sword II

MRC79 Landsknecht Cavalry Crossbow 

MRC80 Landsknecht Cavalry Crossbow II

MRC81 Landsknecht Cavalry Arquebus

MRC82 Landsknecht Cavalry Arquebus II 

These riders are supplied with horse MRH02 but they will fit any horse in the range and as with all other cavalry you can purchase riders on their own too.

These riders will sit happily on the new MRH20 Barding Armoured Horse if you prefer to have your Landsknects a bit heavier on the table.

Perhaps your Landsknechts will act in guard of their own artillery.  MRX23 Organ Gun (above) which can go with any of the gun crews including MRX19 which has four Landsknecht gunners.

These are our 15mm scale historical releases for this month at Alternative Armies.

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Monday 15 February 2021

666th Zoltans Zombie Dogmen new flag by Andrew Craig

“There were many thousands of Confederation Dogmen in the Ferach Armee that invaded the Witchlands and now by way of re-animation there are regiments of Zombie Dogmen in the service of the Dark Czar.  Zoltan is a former mortal officer who now slays at will.”

One of the most popular Undead codes is 55506 666th Zoltan Dog Zombie Line and it is my delight to present a new free file for fans of the Witchlands.  Created by Andrew Craig for his own use and kindly given permission to share among Flintloque and Slaughterloo players a suitably scary flag for the 666th foot.  

Above we have created an image of the new flag at high resolution with a black border and centre separating bar for you to save to your device.  Scale it to the standard bearer's flag pole and print it.  

You can see the Army of the Witchlands on our website HERE.



Sunday 14 February 2021

Flintloque free Valentines Scenario: Boom Boom Bonkins

Flowers, Hearts, Adoration and more mark this day of the year so it is only fitting that a wee free scenario does too.  A solo play micro scenario for Flintloque featuring everyone's favourite amorous Halfling Miss Dottin Bonkins.  You can see the Deserter Army on our website HERE and download a free seventeen page booklet full of game stats, characters, fiction and more for Obidiahs Army HERE over on Orcs in the Webbe.  You will need the booklet as well as your Flintloque game book for this scenario.

Boom Boom Bonkins – Micro Scenario:  It was love or at least that is what Captain Gutrorc told Dotti and she believed him. The Dragoon rode off and took her purse and heart with him. Now, with the help of Messa Gruga, Pog Mahone and a stolen case of howitzer shells Dotti is going to deliver a blow which he will never forget..or survive.  A micro scenario for solo play.  Can you restore honour or will the Orc Dragoons dishonour the lady further.  Download the PDF from our website server by CLICKING HERE.

A fun little scenario which takes about fifteen miniatures to play out and of course you can use other miniatures if you prefer.  In fact you can take the romantic aspect out all together if you desire.  I lost twice and won once as Dotti which is about right for my playtesting.

If you want to know more then visit our Begin in Flintloque page HERE.

We have hundreds of free files to download which cover Flintloque, Slaughterloo, USEME, DarkeStorme, Furioso, Erin and other game systems of ours.  See them all HERE.  There is also a dedicated page HERE on which all of the free files for The Ion Age are placed so if you play Patrol Angis check that out. 

Have a lovely day!


Thursday 11 February 2021

Obidiahs Army booklet for Flintloque updated and free at Orcs in the Webbe

Earlier this week Alternative Armies presented 5006 Obidiahs Army back to the World of Valon not only as a remolded set of sixteen characters but also as sixteen single miniatures too.  We are delighted now in co-operation with Craig Andrews over at the excellent Orcs in the Webbe resource site to offer the updated 2021 version of the free booklet that came with the box set.  Go HERE and then download from the link.

Seventeen pages of character profiles, scenario stubs, fiction and more all laid out with more pictures than ever and in a printer friendly format with no backdrops. Enjoy the read and well done to Orcs in the Webbe!

The Deserter Army makes use of races from all over Valon and thus it is the most eclectic force in the Flintloque game.  Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Commanders all feature.  Go HERE to see it all.

Look to our blog on Sunday for a brand new free scenario for Flintloque called 'Boom Boom Bonkins' which will see leading lady Dotti in a solo play adventure avoiding Orc Dragoons as she springs a surprise upon an ex-amore! 

In the end all will submit to the tyranny of the once Sergeant Obidiah Hogswill..after all 'Muvver Says So'.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday 9 February 2021

Obidiahs Deserter Army set remolded and now singles!

We are delighted to present a classic Flintloque set now in new molds and expanded out onto the website for 2021.  From the late 1990's it is 5006 Obidiahs Army sixteen character miniatures on foot.  Go HERE for the deserter army or read on for more.

The Dwarf paused as Obidiah stirred in his sleep. The Orc‟s snoring became broken as he rolled over, mumbling incoherently “...git im muvver, shall y'no...”. Furtively glancing round the camp at the other sleeping forms of his deserter „comrades‟, Sven Nockwusrt silently thanked the gods which had seen him pull guard duty this night and thanked providence for giving him the opportunity that he craved. As Obidiah's guttural snoring rhythmically sounded around the camp once more, Sven cautiously moved towards the Orc and the object of his nefarious stalking - Obidiah's bicorne!

Since joining the deserter band two weeks previous, Sven had noticed the strange practice “General” Obidiah had of whispering and talking into his hat. Of course there could only be one explanation for this seemingly insane behaviour - it must contain some item of value, maybe gold or even a treasure map - yes, surely a treasure map!

Slowly, and with extreme care, Sven prised the bicorne from Obidiah‟s fingers and carried it carefully back to the smouldering ashes of the campfire. Sitting down, he opened the bicorne and looked inside... nothing? Nothing?!! Verdamndt!! Where was the treasure?! Surely the Orc wasn't so insane that he talked to his empty hat?! Mad enough to call a hat Muvver?!!!

It was a question for which Sven would never receive an answer. Before he could utter a sound, a swarthy calloused hand covered his mouth, whilst a knife was jammed up under his chin, burying itself deep within the Dwarf‟s brain.

Dropping the corpse to the ground, Obidiah licked his knife clean before picking his bicorne up off the floor. Stroking it affectionately, Obidiah whispered quietly;

"No one touches you Muvver, No one..."

So begins the story of former Sergeant of the 62nd Foote now turned General of the Deserter Army one Obidiah Hogswill.  One of the most eclectic and interesting armies in the World of Valon you will find many different races and ranks within it but all with one thing in common; that their own armies want to see them swing from a rope!

We have produced new pictures of this set and now each of the sixteen poses can be had on its own in any amount plus the full set gives a ten percent discount off single purchases.  Here is a list of the characters:

5006A General Obidiah Hogswill  

5006B Abu-Saul Wohaar 

5006C Messa Gruga 'the troll' 

5006D Dotti Bonkins 

5006E Lamond Adagain  

5006F Svien Dirkschnieder 

5006G Ulf Schenker 

5006H Eric Moriati 

5006I Jean Moriati 

5006J Miguel de Monte

5006K Castrado de los Spheros 

5006L Carlos los de Marbelos 

5006M Norman Buxtar

5006N Jon Grantighte 

5006O Rocknie Hoofer 

5006P Pog Mahone 

See them HERE along with all the other deserters and a limited edition mounted General Obidiah too.  

It is our intention to continue the growth of Flintloque in 2021 not only with brand new releases and with re-mastered existing packs but also with remolding and offering as singles other big sets such as Obidiah's Cavalry.  There is so much to see in the World of Valon.

Every order this month automatically gets a free 'Case of Shotte' model added to it (see it HERE) and this is really great for Flintloque scenarios involving the Deserter Army.   

Later this week in conjunction with the fantastic Flintloque resources website Orcs in the Webbe we will bring you the 5006 Obidiah's Army booklet fully updated to 3rd edition rules with lots of added statistics and rules for characters in play.  Watch out for news on this.  

On Valentines Day we are posting up a brand new free Flintloque scenario called 'Boom Boom Bonkins' which will see leading lady Dotti in a solo play adventure involving Orc Dragoons as she springs a surprise upon an ex-amore!  This will be on our blog to download.

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday 4 February 2021

Hann Townsfolk new insectile 28mm race released

Now at Alternative Armies a pack of five poses of a brand new race on the World of Valon; the Hann. Sculpted by John Bell, he of Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy fame, these fantastical creatures slot into the Frontear setting.  They are equally fine in any fantasy system or perhaps even a Steampunk Fantasy or Post Apocalyptic setting. We place them into the Wylde West period alongside Gunfighters, Bandits, Soldiers and Logann natives. Without further ado we give you Hann Townsfolk.  Go HERE or read on for more.

“Leaving the Mandryn owned kingdoms the underclass race known as the Hann came to Amerka, to Kitton and some even to Urop to escape tyranny.  They had great difficulty in communicating and understanding the ways of these less Wylde Magicke nations but they strove to be accepted and in time they found work and places to dwell.  In Amerka it is in the great towns of Kalifoornia and the Aridzona vastness too.  Often a law unto themselves the Chigtowns within cities like Sanfransiroc are ruled by Hann gangs. The Hann will put up with almost anything to avoid returning to the dragons of the Mandyrn.”

In the top picture you see the new Hann standing around the Case of Shotte terrain piece which is free in every shipped order this month automatically.  See that HERE.

7119 Hann Townfolk. This pack contains five 28mm scale metal miniatures.  The Hann are an insectile fantasy race with an oriental theme.  Each Hann has four arms and is dressed baggy trousers and tunics.  The poses are Hann Merchant or Shopkeeper arms folder (1), Hann enforcer or Tong Executioner with swords (2), Hann railroad or manual worker with tool (3), Hann Miner with Pick (4) and Hann labourer with baskets (separate piece) (5).  You have the option of purchasing a pack or choosing single poses in any quantity from the pack all on the page.  Go HERE.

There are no rules for Hann in existence for the Frontear setting and due to the current world circumstances we have been unable to properly playtest and create a setting document for them with statistics blocks.  In the meantime we suggest referring to pages 92 to 99 of 7000 Frontear and treating the Hann as 'Dwarf' in terms of their movement rates, combat factors.  They may use any weapon open to Orc sized creatures and have no fear of black powder.  They are slower than other races of their size but stronger than Elves.  You may also ignore the combat modifier for being attacked in the side or rear in close combat due to their four arms and insectile nature.  If this new race proves popular we may make other poses such as troops.

You can see all the other miniatures in the range plus the digital download of the Frontear game book on our website HERE.

This is our first new release of the month.  There are more to come.  Keep an eye on the website and our social media for tabletop fun!

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 1 February 2021

Case of Shotte free in February orders and News at Alternative Armies

The shortest month of the year needs some boom in it.  Love may be in the air in February but now you can also put your enemies in play in the air at speed too!

Free Case of Shotte in every order shipped this month.  This will happen automatically and all this is required is that your order is to be shipped (no digital download orders only sorry!) anywhere in the world.  You can order as many times as you wish and you can order 56537C Case of Shotte as well; you will get one free in every package every time.  Worth 2.00GBP and now separated from the 56537 Dogmen Engineers set it was sculpted by Steve Young and is great for any horse and musket game or fantasy and of course Fintloque.

A box of bombs along with a barrel of black powder and some coils of rope or perhaps quick fuse.  Go HERE for this.

We have a growing choice in our 28mm Terrain Range which is well worth checking out.  From abandoned wagons (who would leave behind full casks of beer?) to dead horses and hand carts plus many different barricades.  Some rather odd things too such as a Carrot Heap.  For smaller items we have Bits and Sprues featuring tankards, glasses, papers, fruit and much more.

You can find rules for Artillery, Exotic Weapons, Bombs and more in 5027 Grapeshotte 3rd edition an expansion book which slots into any of the game books and is a great detailed read.  In Print and as a Digital Download on the Flintloque Game System page.

Mad Pudigroan Dogman by Edward Jackson.  This month at Alternative Armies we working on many things behind the scenes which you will see from March onwards but that does not mean we have nothing to offer across February oh no.  We have a classic Flintloque box set re-mastered and returning with new pictures and single pose choices.  We will have a full full size Valentines themed scenario to go with it and a tie in with Orcs in the Webbe.  A new fantasy race comes to Valon from the hands of John Bell adding to the Frontear range.  A new pack and singles for Sengoku as we continue with the next set.  Renaissance 15mm new releases with more Landsknechts but these fellows do not walk into the battle.  The Grey Army gets a new code in the HOF Range which will lend some strength to these 15mm aliens.  Plenty of tabletop fun and it looks like the print run of Advanced Laserburn is about to run out so we will arrange for its replacement too.  All this news will come in our email and on our blog and social media this month.

Thanks for Reading,