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Friday, 17 August 2018

By Bloody Fist and Broken Tusk a free Flintloque Scenario

As promised back in July we are delighted to present a free full scenario for Flintloque set in Catalucia and featuring the new Tuscani Elves and also Captain Sharke and his Rifleorcs.  It is a fun adventure and can be played solo.  Will you break through the Ferach line before time runs out?  Find out now!  Go HERE for all our free downloads or read on for the link and more information.  This is our last Flintloque news for August.

“I believe that we may indeed be lost sir.  That Dryadia traveller may well have given us a false lead on the pointy ears.”

Rifleorc Bok Arris was sweating in the afternoon sun but it was the risk of gaining the displeasure of the tall scarred officer who led them.  A murmur of agreement went round in a ripple among the marching Orcs.  They had been on the move for five hours and not once had Captain Sharke changed pace or taken his right hand off the hilt of the blade hanging at his waist as they walked along narrow valleys. Now though the officer stopped dead and turned back fixing Arris with a hard glare.

“You saying something Arris?  You want to repeat that louder so as I can hear it proper?  We ain’t killed nothing for two days and I could be starting again with that habit shortly.”

By Bloody Fist and Broken Tusk – Flintloque Scenario
A stand alone full scenario which features some famous characters.   It makes use of several free files and also the 5025 War in Catalucia game book.  This is a set piece scenario which can go very differently each time it is played.  You will need the four page insert for 5109 Sharkes Chosen for the character profiles it contains.  Also the Tuscani Wild Elf Uniformation insert for the game statistics it contains.  These are linked in the scenario three page PDF.  Will Sharke escape the ambush or fall to Wild Elf skill?  The scenario can also be expanded or played with two players. CLICK HERE to download it from our website hosting.

Here are some of the pictures taken during our testing of this new scenario.  Click on them on our blog to enlarge the pictures.  If you wish to see the miniatures used in the game as well as the book then visit our website.  The Flintloque Game System as well as the Army of Great Britorcn and Elves of Armorica.

If you are new to the World of Valon and the game of Flintloque then we can assist you with this.

Beginning in Flintloque 
This page on our website begins your journey with the best Fantasy Napoleonic tabletop game in the world and it is where you will find all the codes used in the scenarios in the Dark Czar arc as well as scenics and free items such as the scenarios and video reviews of Escape from the Dark Czar and Death in the Snow by the Talking About Gaming independent channel.  Go HERE.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and orders during Troll Week at Alternative Armies (ends midnight Sunday 19th GMT until then you get a free Trolka in every order and a saving on all our Trolls) and for the feedback on Andy Jefcoate's series of adventures in the Witchlands with his Flintloque collection. 

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Article 13 There's only one Lady Wintermore by Andy Jefcoate

Congratulations to Andy as he not only passes the dozen count in terms of articles on his Flintloque journey but also his longest article to date which is chock full of tabletop gaming ideas, fun and material.  This time he adds the more lethal woman in the Witchlands to his collection in the form of Lady Lamia Wintermore.  In all her forms and with her skeletal bodyguard she is now on the hunt for Saindoux and his band of survivors.   If you wish to read any of the previous articles (we recommend reading them in order) then follow this TAG on our blog. I would not cross her!  GBS

There's only one Lady Wintermore

As I mentioned in a previous article I've been planning on adding a named character to lead my Witchlands force for a while as it has increased in size. The Witchlands has a large number of named Vampyre characters to chose from that all have great background stories, but I wanted a character that fit in with my narrative. Article 8 explained how I added foot and mounted versions of Marshall Ney to my Ferach force so it was about time for me to do the same for the Dark Czar's minions. I also wanted a character that I could use for Slaughterloo at a later date, just like Marshall Ney.

There are some great contenders for this role. You've already seen a picture of my Scooby Doom figure along with his faithful companion Raggy, but while he is excellent in Flintloque he is more of a lone wolf (sorry Scooby, a lone dog). I also looked at Graf von Orlock but he is more of a schemer who leads from behind, whereas I wanted someone who would lead the pursuit. That led me (pardon the pun!) to the Margrave Ivan Wintermore who would fit the bill as a leader in Flintloque and a C-in-C or General in Slaughterloo but he is also the Colonel of the fearsome Liteupski Lancers. He will definitely join my forces at some point but it didn't seem right without his lancers too and I didn't need more cavalry just yet. 

That was when I found her, Lady Lamia Wintermore, the wife of Ivan Wintermore. I've always liked the idea of a character being beauty and the beast and there is no doubt that she is both............ 

Lady Lamia Wintermore
I've already mentioned my obsession with Vampyres in earlier articles and in my opinion Lady Wintermore is the best and worst of Vampyre kind (and I mean that as a compliment). She was born to the great house of Dracsul and has often been a favoured weapon of the Star Wraith himself, being skilled in the intrigue and espionage that the great Vampyre houses are famous for. Her marriage to Ivan Wintermore ended a centuries-long feud between the two houses and made the Wintermores very powerful, but the power means that she has many enemies and few friends, with even her husband avoiding her whenever he can. 

What makes her perfect for my narrative is that she has sworn to destroy the fleeing Elves after her part in the embarrassment at Moskova and she harbours a particular hatred for Marshall Ney.  There is also a mutual hatred between her and the Lady Rosafiend who joined the Emperor Mordred after his visit to the forgotten city of Vilnau, which I am also interested to bring into my games.

Although her preferred weapon is intrigue, in Flintloque Lady Wintermore is an Experienced / Guerrilla Vampyre so while she is only usually armed with a dagger she can look after herself if need be. She is often mounted on a Zombie Horse and moves at Light Cavalry rates. She has two spells from Vampyre Magicke (generated randomly) but in addition few males can resist her of any race. In the initiative stage of the turn she can chose any male target within 15cm and captivate them, which means that they count as already activated and can take no action this turn. 

In Slaughterloo Lamia Wintermore is a general of average status, but is a competent commander. She can negate one Forced Manoeuvre card played on any unit in her division once per game and can also ignore two Command Indecision cards per game.  

Lady Wintermore's Fangs
I couldn't go any further without mentioning this excellent and iconic box set for which the figures are all still available on the Alternative Armies web site, they contain some brilliant characters and will all eventually join my collection. There is also a free download of the book that went with the box game which has been adapted for Flintloque 3rd Edition by Craig Andrews. This is just excellent and I would recommend having a look at it. 

I could write an article just on this set, but at this stage I just want to mention Madame Boniface. He was once a line officer in the Krautian Legion who after his reanimation performed so well that he was transmogrified into a Liche. He has become the Chief of Operations for Lady Wintermore and is often by her side. She likes for him to wear a ball gown and he finds this very appealing.............. 

What did I get?
First up I had to buy the limited edition figure LE025 Lady Wintermore on a horse. She is riding at full gallop while still looking aloof, this is a great figure.

Unlike Marshall Ney, Lady Wintermore already has a figure on foot available (5005I) from the Lady Wintermore's fangs boxed set. This shows the 'beast' side of her and she looks ready to shred anyone around her, so I had to have this figure too. From the boxed set I also bought a Madame Boniface figure (5005J). You have to really. Finally I bought a Lady Rosafiend figure (55016). While she won't join my narrative yet, I like the idea of a showdown in the future.

How did I paint them?
For Vampyres I always use a pale grey for their skin with red eyes so that it is easy to tell what they are on the table.

I looked at various colour schemes for Lady Wintermore but eventually had to use a mix of purple, pink and lilac as a homage to the artwork on the cover of 'Orcs in the Hills' issue 8. This works well and the colours stand out even amongst Napoleonique uniforms. While the clothing on the foot and mounted versions aren't exactly the same, by using similar colours they are tied nicely together.

For Lady Rosafiend I used a red and blue to match the Ferach Elf uniforms as well as giving her red hair. This was a visual indication of her 'current' allegiance to the Ferach side of the conflict.

Finally for Madame Boniface I used a pale blue and pink, and I'm not writing about dresses any more as it sounds like the commentary on a red carpet event! 

The continuing narrative
Unfortunately for Saindoux, his contact with Marshall Ney has brought him to the attention of Lady Lamia Wintermore who leads a large undead force dedicated to destroying as many Elves as she can. She has therefore diverted much of her resource as she hopes that by targetting Saindoux she will also have a chance to catch Ney. If possible she would like to capture him alive as a gift for the Dark Czar but would 'enjoy' his company in the meantime

How have I converted my narrative to the tabletop
While she wouldn't dream of communicating directly with anyone other than another Vampyre or Liche, Lady Wintermore along with Madame Boniface and a small cadre of followers, has joined a scouting party made up of Cossacks and Werewolves in the hope of seeing her enemy up close. She has heard that Marshall Ney and a small relief force are en route to reinforce Saindoux and she would ideally like to catch him on the road.

The game is a simple one on a 6' x 4' table with a track leading from the middle of one short edge to the other. Marshall Ney and his force start the game on the track at one end of the table and have to cross the table and exit from the other short edge. For scenery I have just used my usual scattering of trees with a couple of small hills and some ruins. 

The game is all about Ney, so if he crosses the table successfully then the Ferach force wins, but if he is 'killed' in hand to hand combat he is actually overpowered and captured so the Witchlands force wins. This means that he may not be shot at during the game as the Witchlands troops are too scared of Lady Wintermore to risk killing him. To add an extra complication, Ney is not known as the 'bravest of the brave' for nothing, he must be the last surviving Ferach figure to leave the table.

While I don't normally use points for my forces, this is potentially a big game for Flintloque points wise, so I've tried to balance the two forces each time I've played it. I also haven't set a turns limit as it's a fun game to play to its conclusion without rushing it. 

I've used Lady Wintermore as a mounted figure each time, along with 3 Vampyres of which one is mounted and two are on foot, plus Madame Boniface on foot. With them are 8 mounted Zombiski Cossacks and 10 little Werewolves. This is potentially a devastating force due to the number of Vampyres so although Lady Wintermore is experienced, for the other Vampyres one is average and the other two are raw. 

While I've kept the Witchlands force the same, I've varied the Ferach force. I've tried an all mounted force so as to move faster and included the Ogre Guard Cavalry to punch through the undead lines, but I've also tried a force where all were on foot which was slower but hugely outnumbered their opponents. 

The most fun was probably the force on foot but it was a long game to play so not one to try if you're limited for time. It also created some great little narratives including a small group who were cut off from the main Ferach force, they charged 2 Vampyres and sacrificed themselves rather than delay Ney's escape but took one of the Vampyres down at the same time!

What's next 
Firstly, thank you for getting this far, I know this is probably my longest article to date, so thank you for staying with me. As mentioned in my last article I still have lots of troops to tell you about including my Albion spies. I'll let you know how I get on in my next article.

Thank you for reading.


Monday, 13 August 2018

Troll Week at Alternative Armies with a free Troll in every order

We love Trolls in all their forms at Alternative Armies.  From the mighty Trolka and the smaller Trolkin who feature in the World of Valon as an army in Flintloque and Slaughterloo to the high fantasy classic style Troll and the massive Giant Troll too.  This week we are having a Troll Week with every Troll miniature we have all in one place on a special offer of ten percent off everything and a FREE Trolka Line Trooper (worth 5GBP) included in any order which has a Troll of any type in it.  Go HERE or read on for more.  Ends Midnight GMT Sunday 19th August 2018.

The Troll Races
Giant and Loyal Allies of the Ferach Empire

The frigid, mountainous land of Skandavia is one of the northernmost nations of Valon. It is a very wild and undeveloped land known for its majestic coniferous forests and rocky landscape. Its many mountains appear to be very rounded from years of harsh weather and the grinding glaciers that once crept across the land. These mountain ranges form a natural barrier to many would-be conquerors such as the hideous Undead of the Witchlands and the snarling Werewolves of the Dieberian Tundra. It is here that you will find the Trolka, largest of the sentient races of Valon the giant relatives of the Trolls of the Darke Age. A Trolka is the nearest thing to the War Trolls that used to roam Valon. They survived the annulment of Wylde Magicke and stand some fifteen to twenty feet in height. In the struggle that exists between the forces of Albion and the Elven Empire of Armorica, the Skandavians have come down largely on the side of the Ferach and have put all of their efforts into furthering Mordred’s campaigns in Catalucia and the Witchlands. It is from the capital city Trellheim of Skandavia that officials direct the mighty industry of the nation in production for the front.

Although Trolka come mainly from Skandavia it is in the island nation of Copendaz that the majority of their more numerous but far smaller cousins the Trolkin. Most Trolkin are the height of Elves while Trolka tower over even the largest of Ogres. While the icy seas prevent incursion of Skandavia and Copendaz easily from the waters and the mountains prevent the Undead from sending large armies of conquest there are greater dangers in the Artorc Circle in the backward realm of Frozlande where monsters still roam. The massive walls of the Skandavian Imperial Palace tower above the bustling streets of the capital Trellheim and the eminently skilled workers labour in the shipyards constructing the hulls of his Imperial Majesty Mordred’s powerful warships, in an effort to reverse the terrible setback of the sea battle known as Trafalgore. These raw materials have proven vital to the war efforts of Armorica and her allies. Consequently, the Grand Alliance has recently tried to raid many towns, with massive Trolka Warriors fighting on both sides, in an effort to stop the flow of materials being shipped from Skandavia. Lord Bjornborg head of the Ferach alliance with the Trolka directs the movement of Trolka military forces from the Imperial palace until they are assigned to the various Corps in Mordred’s Armee. He has even taken to the field in order to hunt down the traitorous General Gustavus leader of the Trolka Companies that have pledged their loyalty to King Gorge and Albion.

The majority of Trolka fight with the Ferach and are the mightiest race known on Valon, they are massive soldiers with huge strength, able to uproot trees and lift items several tons in weight. While whole divisions of Trolka are rare even in the largest battles, due to the small number of these soldiers available, regiments of Trolka can be found anchoring the battle lines of the Elves in many theatres of the Wars. The ‘Rebel’ Trolka are in the service of the Grand Alliance.

Trolka and Trolkin are a great army to collect and play in Flintloque (see 5025 Death in the Snow) and in Slaughterloo (see 5030 Slaughterloo) with unique traits and the biggest regular soldiers it is possible to field.  There are Line, Jager, Artillery and Cavalry Trolka and there are Line, Jager, Artillery, Civilians and Personalities for Trolkin.  Each of them comes with a cartouche style base and is typically a single piece miniature.  Go HERE to browse.  Trolka stand 50mm tall and have a 30mm square base.  

In celebration if you place an order during this week which contains any Troll code (any number of orders, any number of Trolls) you will get each time automatically added a Trolka Line Trooper with Skandavian Kannonderbuss (either code 56553 or 56554 and we will vary them if you place more than one order).  A resin miniature with base worth 5.00GBP.   You need do nothing other than place the order, we will add the freebie!

If you are keen on learning about the Troll Nations of Valon during the Mordredian Wars then you can in a free Army Booklet download which contains background, unit statistics, game statistics and more. From our website hosting by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!

“Oi! Dat's my seat. Gerr off it! You fink you tough eh! Gonna give me a smack is you? Well dat's fine but I tells you what first. You can ave dis seat if you beats my mate Durzum at arm wrestling. Where is ee? He is outside. Barred from dis pub he is after da last time. E' got a bit drunk an den well e sat on da roof. Climbed up you say? Err kinda. Sat on it at any rate. Any'ow if you wants dis seat you got to beat him. He's outside now. On u goes. Tell im dat I sent ya. Hold best take da seat wif mights need da extra height” - The last conversation between two Orcs at the notorious Three Legged Harpy pub.

Alternative Armies has 28mm scale high fantasy Trolls in that superb classic style.  Above you can see OH31 Durzum the Dwarf Killer our Giant Troll who is 100mm tall and comes with a free Orc Warrior.  We have two other packs as well.  VNT9 Trolls which contains two white metal 28mm scale Trolls at a superb price and VNT41 Stone Maw the Troll who is our latest addition.  These are included in the week long offer (if you would rather have a VNT9 Troll for free than a Trolka then just let us know with your order number to

We have two other Flintloque related treats for you this week during the offer period and what is more both of them are totally free!  We have the thirteenth article from Andy Jefcoate which sees Lamia Wintermore take up the pursuit of his band of survivors in the Witchlands.  We also have a Flintloque scenario called 'By Bloody Fist and Broken Tusk' written by Gavin Syme (GBS) which sees Tuscani Elves face off against Captain Sharke.  If you want to see the new Tuscani Elves and download a free uniformation article just now then see our blog article HERE.  Both of these articles will be published across this week. 

We hope you enjoy Troll Week!


Friday, 10 August 2018

HOF117 SFA Support Platform Platoon and singles released!

A new mega pack has been added to the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range in our release for August 2018 in that range.  Security Force Alpha (SFA) now has portable weapons with gun crews.  These follow up on the Tracked Bikes from last month and are great for any game system and fitting right in with the rest of the expansive range of poses.  Go HERE or read on for more.

“All across the core star systems and on Terra itself there is a need for security after, during and even before the high rollers and expensive kit arrives in the battle zone. Security Force Alpha is just that force filling in as police, paramilitaries, mercenaries and planetary militias too. They are the faceless grunts that do the thankless jobs needed by all those who govern, control or enforce. Use them as you will from the near to the far future!”

Alternative Armies is now embarking upon expanding the Security Force Alpha (SFA) array of codes within the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range in conjunction with prolific wargamer Fred Richards who has a vision of space colony warfare in the near future which we find captivating and wanted to get in on.  From the mind of Mr Richards and the guys at Alternative Armies comes the second release in this thread the heavy guns for your defence force a mega pack as the second offering of this new sci-fi gaming awesome vision!

HOF117 SFA Support Platform Platoon
This pack contains 15mm scale miniatures in high quality grey tone resin which are a part of Security Force Alpha (SFA).  Three different portable weapon platforms in kit form assembled from three pieces each.  A heavy calibre machine gun (0.50 Cal) (1), an automatic grenade launcher (40mm) (2) and an energy beamer (6kw) (3). Six Human Gun Crew (4) in equal number of two different poses both fully armoured SFA Troopers one standing and the other kneeling.  These heavy weapons are great for any setting.  Each platform has a footprint of 30mm across.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted and without bases.  All parts in this set (three platforms, six crew) are supplied on resin mounting blocks which you should remove with care and once you have the blocks make excellent concrete blocks in 15mm scale!  You can choose from the platoon pack or you can select one of the platforms only or a set of two gun crew only.  Select on the website page.  Go HERE.  The platoon pack is priced at 10.00GBP while single platforms are 2.50GBP and a pair of crew are 1.00GBP.  

Last month we released two packs into the range in co-ordination with Fred Richards which go with these new platforms very well.

HOF115 SFA Trencher Bikes
This pack contains two identical resin 15mm scale tracked bikes each with a fully armoured SFA (Security Force Alpha) Trooper in helmet riding it. 5.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

HOF116 SFA Trencher Bike Command
This pack contains two resin 15mm scale tracked bikes. One with a fully armoured SFA (Security Force Alpha) Trooper riding it bare headed.  One bike with no rider upon it. The bike is meant for very rough terrain on Earth or any Colonial Planet and is armed with a centre mounted projectile weapon.  It is at home in any near future setting. 5.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

If you are interested in fielding a force of these Human Soldiers then you are in for a treat as there is a very wide array of choice for you.  Here is a list of all of the current Security Force Alpha packs. With more than forty poses of white meta infantry and ten resin infantry as well as a half dozen vehicles and a core army box too.

HOFA01 Security Force Alpha Core Box
(Save 20% off list with a whole force from codes HOF112,HOF113, HOF27, HOF28 choosing propulsion type.  75 Infantry, 2 Defence Turrets, 6 Vehicles.)

HOF117 SFA Support Platform Platoon
HOF116 SFA Trencher Bike Command
HOF115 SFA Trencher Bikes
HOF113 SFA Support Trooper Sprue
HOF112 SFA Trooper Sprue
HOF111 Scrofa Wheeled AFV
HOF109 SFA Crewed Skimmers
HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret kit
HOF28A Charger MkII APC Wheeled
HOF28B Charger MkII APC Hover
HOF28C Charger MKII APC Tracked

HOF86 Human Medical Team
HOF95 SFA Command
HOF97 SFA Troopers with SMG
HOF98 SFA Sergeants
HOF99 SFA Shotgun Troopers
HOF100 SFA Support Troopers
HOF101 SFA Anti Armour Troopers
HOF102 SFA Riot Team
HOF104 SFA Elite Troopers
HOF106 SFA Female Troopers
HOF7 SFA Jump Pack Troopers
HOF8 SFA Jump Pack Sergeants

See you out there among the Colonies of Mankind!


Tuesday, 7 August 2018

HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern 15mm scale released!

Alternative Armies is delighted to announce the release of a new pack for 15mm scale fantasy.  To go with our recent release of new Elf Hero on Griffen and Elf Cavalry Command we have an Elf Hero mounted on a Wyvern. Great for any system including HOTT 2nd edition.  This is our only high fantasy 15mm release for the month. Go HERE for the range or read on for more information.

Our new release is a variant on our popular HOT34 Wyvern which is a monster featuring in Elvish and other armies.

HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern
15mm scale miniatures.  This code contains white metal miniatures in four pieces which give you an Elf Hero in plate armour holding a lance and shield mounted on a mighty Wyvern which has a saddle and riding tackle (separate wings).  When assembled it is 60mm tall.  A great centre piece for your Elvish Army.  With this pack you can purchase the whole set or you can select the rider only or the beast only if you want to do conversions or re-mounts with other models.  This pack goes excellently with the other HOT Elves such as HOT8 Elf Command and HOT10 Elf Spearmen and so on.  Note the rider is the same one as for code HOT117.  Go HERE.  6.00GBP

Here are other views of the new pack including a scale photo showing an Elf on Horse (HOT9) and Elf Thief on foot (HOT8).

We have a whole High Elf Army in packs in the range.  Here are the details beginning with those cavalry type packs which now have the snazzy resin barded horse as well as the Hero on Griffen.

HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern
HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen
HOT8 Elf Command 
HOT9 Elf Knights with Sword
HOT42 Elf Knights with Lance
HOT43 Elf Knights with Spear
HOT10 Elf Spearmen
HOT11 Elf Bows
HOT20 Elf Chariots
HOT69 Elf Crossbows
HOT70 Bolt Thrower with Elf Crew
HOT71 Elf Mattocks
HOT72 Elf Blades
HOT73 Elf Axes

For the entire one hundred and twenty plus packs in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range go to our website HERE.

Thanks for Reading,


Monday, 6 August 2018

Laserburn new pictures and two week long range offers

The grandfather of 15mm science fiction miniature ranges and the beginning point on the awesome journey of miniature wargaming for many of us is Laserburn. From that golden age of the 1980's this classic range is at Alternative Armies and we have some new pictures of some of the miniatures for you to see as well as having the entire range (miniatures, value packs, vehicles, books etc) at ten percent off all this week. The range also includes Asgard 15mm (Space Marines, Trimotes, Adventurers and more) in its pages and these are also in the offer. We have new releases later this week and the other week long offer is our 28mm Monsters and Creatures range (Space Brains, Wyverns, Giant Troll and much more). Both whole range offers end midnight Sunday GMT. Click the links or read on for more and the pictures. 

Here are the new painted images of Laserburn miniatures. We hope you like them. 

We have new releases later this week and until then here is more information on our Weekly Deals system and our Mailchimp Listing. 

Here at Alternative Armies we have two new week long deals on two entire ranges every week. Each offer is 10% off every code in two entire collections of our website. Every pack, unit, box, book and so on in the collection is ten percent cheaper than its normal price for seven days. It changes every week at midnight GMT Sunday so it is well worth a look to see what we have on offer from our vast choice. Go HERE for the page and it is well worth seeing every Monday what the new deals are. This week the offers are on are on the Laserburn and Asgard 15mm range and the 28mm Monsters and Creatures range

If you would like to get the latest news, releases, free content and unique to email offers from us in one place then sign up for our Mailchimp list which will get you future email from us every week with first news of new releases and special offers plus unique email only deals. Please see footer of our website home page or below here to sign up. 

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