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Friday 27 June 2014

Deals and Offers and our Paint Rack – June 2014

Our new website will feature Deals and Offers on a regular basis.  In fact its one of the most asked for things that we got as feedback at Alternative Armies when we asked our customers what they wanted to see.  Some codes will begin their lives in this section, some will remain for a while and others will end their run there.  We offer great value and service at all times so while we might have appeared to go a little mad on this offers page be assured we have not!  Here is a run down of the current offers for June and early July 2014:

SM8 Space Captain (50% off)
LEU02 Moldsk Guard (Limited Edition Unit)
LEU03 Princess Juliana (Limited Edition Unit)
59520 Mortar Set (20% off)
GRN00 Grinning Skull 24 Set (10% off)
SSP04 Beir and Bones (Shilling Starter Pack for Flintloque) (10% off)
51050 Dark Elf Inquisitor (10% off)
BS003 Tankards (Bits and Sprues) (50% off)
54519 50th Foote unit pro-paint on The Pack Rack
Alternative Armies also has a new feature called 'The Paint Rack' on the website.  We have hundreds of regular customers who come to us each year to buy the thousands of pro-painted miniatures from our ranges that we sell.  These are mainly in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo ranges and every one of those codes can be purchased painted and based for use on the website itself but we also paint other things.  These include High Fantasy, Erin Celtic Mythology and lots more besides.  Our paint rack page is new in that it shows you some of the items we have pro-painted and ready in stock and boxed up for immediate dispatch to customers.  More than that every product on the page shows you exactly what you get and has 10% off its normal price.  Stock is typically limited to one but sometimes more.  We have Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Fantasy Warlord and historical Normans at this moment.  Have a look at The Paint Rack.
Pro-Painted Norman Infantry
The 28mm historical Norman Infantry unit on our Paint Rack is a little different to those codes around it in that it is pro-painted but its not based.  We offer the customer a total choice of base sizes and options which is included in the price.  This means you can have us base your unit for any system in elements or single bases with grass, sand, snow effects.  Have a look.  This has proven popular already on our Ebay store.

Thanks for Reading.


Sam Croes paints up the excellent 28mm Asgard Barbarian range

BP13 Barbarian Warpack
BP13 rear view
I mentioned in the 'What is Darkhelm' blog post that we had begun the project with the re-release of the classic 25mm /28mm Asgard Barbarians range.  At the time we had only simple images of them as white metal castings but today I am happy to show you something that our lead designer Sam Croes did on his 'weekend off' a little while back.  Mr Croes is a long time admirer of the Barbarians and his results are now the images online for the figures. 

Here are the images in order of code both front and rear views and above the group shot of the value pack containing all twelve miniatures.  Let the view 'fest begin. Enjoy!

BP1 Sternbow
BP1 Rear View
BP2 Fire Daughter
BP2 RearView
BP3 Beasthelm
BP3 Rear View
BP4 The Reaver
BP4 Rear View
BP5 Mad Rollo
BP5 Rear View

BP6 Skegling
BP6 Rear View
BP7 Arflane the Archer
BP7 Rear View
BP8 Anrok Stormkin
BP8 Rear View
BP9 Skai Wolfbane
BP9 Rear View
BP10 Alaric Cleaver
BP10 Rear View
BP11 Karl Two Cuts
BP11 Rear View
BP12 Hax Ragged
BP12 Rear View
These are lovely miniatures and its hard to remember they are thirty or so years old as designs.  Each of them unique and a character to lead or follow your warriors into battle in any fantasy wargame system in their scale.

Thanks for Reading.


Dampf's modelling page: Legion Irlandaise project complete!

The Legion Irlandaise!
Congratulations to Tony Harwood on completing his June 2014 online build for his personal Flintloque collection.  I have been watching the eight parts of this online build since it kicked off at the start of the month.  Tony teased us all by having members of the Notables Yahoo Group try and guess which Valonian regiment he was converting and painting.  I had an idea and was proved almost correct.  A Ferach allied Guinalean Bog Orc regiment, one which he named Legion Irlandaise.

A beginning on the 4th of June - Part One
Part Two sees more conversions and work and upto seven models now!
The Seven as converted for Part Three
There are eight parts in this series and I have placed links to each below.  I suggest you begin with the first and then go on from there to the last.  If you are keen only on conversions or only on painting then there is a lot to see:

There was an eighth figure added in part seven which I think was a great idea. There is a rumour that another online build will be undertaken in July...happy modelling Tony.


Thursday 26 June 2014

What is Project Darkhelm at Alternative Armies?

The Alternative Armies classic high fantasy range dates from the period of the early 1990's through to the end of that decade.  Designed by leading names in the wargaming industry and highly successful in its day this range has been on hiatus for more than ten years.  Alternative Armies, under the name 'Project Darkhelm' is dedicated to re-mastering, re-molding and re-releasing this entire range back onto the market during 2014 into 2015 and then beyond.  We will be doing this work at a measured pace and a weekly rate maintaining high quality and excellent pricing.

During and beyond this process Project Darkhelm will see the range continue to be expanded in the mediums of white metal and high grade resin using top industry designers.  Every pose in each pack is unique with no duplicates making them perfect for skirmish wargaming, roleplaying and unit building for any battle system.  Due to the totally generic nature of worldwide fantasy wargaming in 28mm scale we will not supply bases in any packs instead offering many types of bases as separate codes.

Project Darkhelm has already begun with the re-release of the classic Asgard Fantasy Barbarians range but our own range codes begins soon with DH1 Young Dwarfs which you can see in the image here.  DH1 has not been on general sale since the early 1990's and was the first pack in the Dwarfish Hosts listing of the old paper catalogue supplied to thousands of wargamers at conventions and shows and through the now long gone network of wargame shops in the UK. If you have questions then please do ask us by email or in the comments section below.

Thanks for Reading.


Monday 23 June 2014

Bannockburn 700th Joccian Ratman 25% Off Offer!

From now until 9am Wednesday 25th June (across the duration of the battle) Alternative Armies is marking the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn with a special offer on our new website. We are offering on the page 25% off the following Joccian Ratmen codes for Flintloque and Slaughterloo (this means single miniatures, skirmish sets, unit boxes all unpainted and pro-painted).

56536 Joccian Engineers
56535 Joccian Rat Command
56534 Coldscreamer Guard
56533 Blacke Watchit
56532 Joccian Hussars
56515 Joccian Artillery Crew
56019A Highland Rat Casualties
56019B Lowland Rat Casualties
56117 General Davie McBaird

Get them all on the Joccian Ratmen page of the website by clicking through. Prices are changed on the page no code is needed or changes made by you. Just add to your cart and get kilted up!

56533 Blacke Watchit
This is a great chance to mark the moment not only of our new website but also this once off anniversary. We are sending out all orders for Flintloque and Slaughterloo codes from this time on with our new Resin Cartoche Bases included free. Get in on the action with your tail flicking and your whiskers wiggling.

You can find the Joccian Ratmen in 5025 War in Catalucia and 5027 Grapeshotte for Flintloque and in 5030 Slaughterloo 2nd Edition if you are looking for the game books.


Sunday 22 June 2014

Cartouche Resin Bases for Flintloque and Slaughterloo Free in all Codes

Among the new changes brought to Alternative Armies alongside our new website is the replacement of our entire plastic and MDF range of supplied bases with Flintloque and Slaughterloo for free included in the price.  To replace them we have created the fantastic resin Cartouche Bases sized for 28mm scale Flintloque and Slaughterloo miniatures.  Read on!

After along thought and experimentation we settled on resin as the medium with a 3mm thickness giving a lightweight but very durable and strong base for the miniature that will last forever.  The cartouche shape means that every base has gently rounded corners which allows for an easy lift from the tabletop and is ascetically pleasing to the eye.  There are three different sizes of these new bases and these are as follows.  A 25mm square suitable for almost all miniatures on foot (such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarves) plus small cavalry (Rams, Dodo's).  A 30mm square for the largest miniatures on foot such as Trolka and Ogres and lastly a rectangle 50mm by 25mm for all other cavalry.  Every base comes with a smooth side and a side with 'keying' making it simple to affix your miniatures.  We will be working on movement trays soon.

We supply one correctly sized cartouche base with every miniature sold in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo code structure from single characters to whole divisions free of charge.  If the miniatures are purchased pro-painted and based then these bases are included free with a sculpted basing effect and finished.  These are the official miniatures for our World of Valon game systems. Our classic range of white metal bases are still on the website for separate purchase.

From the 23rd of June 2014 all orders both personal and trade which have codes from our World of Valon range will be supplied free with these new resin bases.

Thanks for your time.


The Dwarves 42eme Legion de Nain (L'Ostaire) - Von Trapp's Grenadiers

The following is taken from Christian Ceullo's blog (he of Ludwig von Barkhoven infamy) and is about his own Dwarven Flintloque force.  You can find the full article HERE.  Well done and if you have a blog post about Flintloque or any of our games send me a link and I might just put it here in glory.


The Hills are Alive!

Private Rorc scratched a flea out from behind his left ear, got ya he thought to himself and grinned.

It was late afternoon, and Rorc had been placed on sentry duty. He turned to see the rest of his section making camp and getting ready for a brisk evening in the green, rolling Ostarian hills. His sergeant’s warning fumbled its way through his brain, as his eyes flicked around the general area… “the ‘ills are alive.” Rorc spun around and brought his musket to bear in front of him. “Who izzit?” he asked the empty field infront of him. He swore he had heard something… and not the kind of noise a forest makes. He squinted, and in the afternoon light he could make out some figures in the distance. A series of ululating notes drifted their way down the valley to his pointed ears. Was that… singing? Not like he’d heard… definitely not during last night’s bout in town. What he wouldn’t do for some of that Dwarven ale… blimey, he’d even settle for some of that Dogmen brew that tasted like p-

“Oi, Rorc!” Sergeant Andorcson bellowed “Quit yer day-dreamin’, you’re on watch!”
“But I’ve seen sumfin’, sir!”
“You what?”
“I’ve seen sumfin’, sir, high… on the hills!”
The Sergeant grabbed a spying glass from a nearby trunk.
“Looks like a goat’erd”.
“A goat’erd?”
“Yer, on his own, too. A lonely goat’erd.”
“Ley-yodel-ley-yodel-ley…” the sound of the goatherd’s singing reached the small camp.
“’Cept for ‘is goats, that is” added Rorc.
“Good job, Rorc” said the Sergeant derisively.

Deflated, Rorc resumed his watch, and his scratching. Bloody dwarf, he thought as he squinted up at the hills again, maybe he’s got some grog?


Gustav von Trapp peered down to the campsite below, clutching his hooded cloak over his uniform, and his crook for effect. Although he had lost an eye his vision was still sharp, and his wits sharper. He and his brothers had been on the trail of these Orcs for some time now, and it posed little challenge the experienced woodsmen. He knelt down and patted his dog. The pug looked up at him expectantly “Not much of a guard dog” he said, chuckling.

“Gustav! How much longer to ve haff to stay here?”

“Be patient, Werner, and don’t move around so much. You are a goat, remember?” he chuckled. He was enjoying this, and there was little he enjoyed these days. A good draught, a good sing, and a chance to beat the Orcs back to Albion where they belonged. Or preferably back under whatever rock they came from. The simple life he lived had been taken away from him and his brothers, and he blamed the Orcs and the Grand Alliance… bah, he spat, there was nothing grand about it. Looters, pilferers, thieves, vagabonds, and worse. He had not been keen on the Elves, either. But, the enemy of my enemy…  He seethed into silence before signalling to his fur-draped brothers that it was time to move. Gustav lead his band as they scampered down the hill towards cover on all fours, their disguise was working it seemed.

Night was coming. The trap was set.

As they moved Gustav softly hummed their marching song, his single eye glinting in the twilight.

Friday 20 June 2014

All About Alternative Armies New Website

We have completed our move from our old website (which served us finely for a decade and saw literally tons of white metal pass through it) to our spanking new website.  While we will continue to offer the same great service, friendly communications and excellent miniatures and game systems there are some aspects of this new site that even the Flintloque faithful may want given to them in greater detail.  So keep on and take in the new features and changes.

Flintloque and Slaughterloo 
During the build of this new website one of the biggest changes was in the presentation and listing of the thousand codes that make up The World of Valon.  That is everything for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Instead of the two separate game systems split into skirmish and then unit sized packs on their own pages they are now combined into one mighty scroll of pages.  Pages arranged by firstly books and then limited codes but then by nation such as the Elves of Armorica.  Within each nation every code possible is listed and here is how.  Firstly by Divisional Army Pack (biggest saving and a whole Slaughterloo division in a box ready to go) then by any boxed sets or specials.  Then the bulk of the codes which are listed by their pure number (such as 51501 Le'Esprit du Garde) and within that product page a choice of firstly a skirmish set, then a unit box or a single trooper booster giving maximum flexibility.  There are savings for purchasing a unit and of course unlike any other company on earth we offer EVERY variation pro-painted and based.  We do not offer a painted option on the rest of our website (except for the Paint Rack specials) only for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Since these are our own game system we supply every miniature in this scroll of pages with a base included in the price.  Bases that match the sizes for those miniatures in play.  So.  Easier to find, better to navigate, buy it painted or unpainted and total choice of code sizes with a saving for bigger choices.

High Fantasy – Project Darkhelm
While I will say more about Project Darkhelm in future blog posts for now I will tell you all the following.  Alternative Armies has not featured its classic 28mm high fantasy on the world stage for more than a decade and that is going to change. Hundreds of miniatures designed in the 1990's by the top designers in the industry at that time, names that went on to work for the biggest around on their way up.  If you got into wargaming fantasy back then you would have found our packs in every gaming shop in Britain and hundreds abroad too.  We are going to bring them back and more than that we are going to add to them too with more new designs by new talent and some you know of too. New rubber molds same great miniatures. There is a whole scroll of pages dedicated to High Fantasy that will feature Alternative Armies codes and those formally of Tabletop Games including The Barbarians and guild room scenic sets like The Torture Chamber dating from the 1980's and newly re-molded.

Grinning Skull Miniatures
Will Grundy is a man with a wild imagination so much so that we got together with him to create Grinning Skull Miniatures which now has its home on a page of Alternative Armies website.  Here you will find his fever dreams made miniature reality including space aliens and mutants and of course the Oggum.  Great for 25mm/28mm wargaming plus 15mm scale too if you want them big these miniatures ain't like anyone else’s. Visit Grinning Skull for great prices and special offers too.

New Postage Options and Paypal
We have a new postage pricing system along with this new website and we are trying it out.  A blanket price for worldwide standard shipping of just 5.00GBP on all orders or its free with over 75.00GBP of product in the cart.  A second level of postage, that of signed for is also available with a flat charge of 10.00GBP for any order value in cart.  While we may not keep this new system as it is just now we are trying it out.   We accept Paypal for all orders as we did before.  You can get our full terms from this page on the website.

The Paint Rack
Alternative Armies supplies many thousands of pro-painted miniatures to hundreds of happy and returning customers.  We aim to offer high quality acrylic paints suitable for use with all manner of wargaming miniatures and kits from white metal to resin and plastic along with terrain piece creation.  The Pebeo Studio collection.  We use these paints, inks and medium in our own studio painting and offer them to you as well. Excellent pricing and true artist paints that will make your miniatures into small works of fighting art.  Have a look.

Deals and Offers
Everyone loves a deal, adores an offer and who are we to disagree with that?  To this end we have a new dedicated page on our website for just such things.  We will be making regular offers and they will appear there.  A lot of these will be surprises sprung so bookmark the page or sign up for our mailing list; the link for it is on the bottom left of our home page.

Information Page
A new page on the Alternative Armies website.  Here you will find some useful information that will help you get started with us, to talk to us, to get to know what we are about as a wargaming company.  Read it for information about our free resources, favourite links, conventions and worldwide agents and what to do if you wish to ask us a question.

So in conclusion if you think I have missed something let me know below and thank you for all your orders, your loyalty and here is to the future of one of the most respected companies in the wargaming world.  We will have more blog posts in the coming days so look for them when they arrive or...if you are looking at this when its become old news then check them out anyway.  They will be worth the read.

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Bannockburn 700th offer coming on 23rd June 2014

Now that our web migration is nearly complete and our new email systems are up and running I want to tell you about a once in a lifetime offer that Alternative Armies will be making next week.  Why once in a life time you say...well I will not most likely be around for the next centenary of this one (I would be 135 years old!) and its a big one too.  The 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn here in Scotland.

We will be making the following offer lasting from 9am on Monday 23rd June until 9am Wednesday 25th June (across the duration of the battle) on our brand new website.  25% off these Joccian Ratman codes (single troopers, sets, units.  Unpainted and Painted) for Flintloque and Slaughterloo:

56536 Joccian Engineers
56535 Joccian Rat Command
56534 Coldscreamer Guard
56533 Blacke Watchit
56532 Joccian Hussars
56515 Joccian Artillery Crew
56019A Highland Rat Casualties
56019B Lowland Rat Casualties
56117 General Davie McBaird

It will be a great chance to mark the moment not only of our new website but also this once off anniversary.  We are sending out all orders for Flintloque and Slaughterloo codes from this time on with our new Resin Cartoche Bases but more on that in a coming blog post.

So mark your virtual calenders and if you want a reason to place your first order with our new website as a fan of the greatest black powder fantasy game systems in the world this is it!


Wednesday 18 June 2014

Alternative Armies is moving to a new website!

 Alternative Armies is moving!

We are about to move our website and email accounts to a new service provider and system. This will greatly improve what we can show you (we are beginning Project Darkhelm and we have a lot of Flintloque miniatures coming) and make us more effective for offering deals, viewing on mobile devices and blogging too. While the process of moving should be painless we do need to tell you all some information. So please read on. 

The process will begin on Wednesday 18th June 2014 at 8pm GMT and we estimate it will all be complete within fourty eight hours. However it may take up to a week. We will let you all know once the shiny new site is up and running. We will have launch offers too so something to look forward to. 

We will be deactivating our payment gateway and current website and email system between 4pm and 7.45pm GMT on the 18th of June 2014. Please DO NOT email us on our normal email address during the transfer period as we may lose your email in transit. All orders placed with us will be filled and dispatched as normal and all email already in progress with us will be answered by our proxy. 

Our sister brand is going to help us out during the transfer with our email as a proxy. If you want or need to contact Alternative Armies during this period please email us on and they will pass it directly onto us and in turn we will respond by that email address. We will announce here that all is well on the new site and email systems once ready so that live will continue as normal for us and our customers. 

 Lastly once the new website is up and you can see it please delete all your page links to parts of the current website as they will no longer work and check your computers cache too as this may show you a 'ghost' vision of the website that no longer represents the live one. Its an exciting time and you want to ask me something please do it in the comments below as well. 

Gavin Syme (GBS) 
Creative Manager – Alternative Armies

Monday 16 June 2014

Regiments of Foote in the Army of Greate Britorcn

This is going to be a big week for Alternative Armies and also when this blog really begins to move but more on that upon the morrow.  For now enjoy the above artwork by Edward Jackson and click on the link below that leads to Orcs in the Webbe.  Why you ask?

For this...

Written by yours truly in 2007 during the build up to Flintloque 3rd edition and its first book War in Catalucia I spent a weekend reading and re-reading every piece of Valon fiction from 1995 to 2007 gradually crafting a regimental list.  With over one hundred regiments each with its number, its name, its nickname along with lace colour and facing colours its a great resource now on OITW.

Have a look and see, if you are in the Untied Kingdom, where you would have been recruited from.

Thanks for Reading.