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Thursday 24 February 2022

Vroom Beasts rare sci-fi creatures 1980s by Asgard return

Two of the rarest aliens in the classic Asgard Science Fiction Range are now returned to the world once more.  Our last news for February 2022. Joining the Warbirds, Gorgory, Froog, Szithks, Centalons, Thulgs, Glax and others in the combined Asgard and Tabletop page of the website.  1980's cool which Alternative Armies is happy to say is available once more.

There are two of these aliens one armed and one with claws.  Little is known of them outside of some artwork and description for the rules set Combat 3000 where it seems they have poor eyesight, move a lot by hopping and have excellent hearing.  As you can see here they work well in 28mm scale and in 15mm scale.  Stood next to an Alternate Stars power armoured trooper and a Security Force Alpha Trooper too.

A great addition to a collection of critters for you on the gaming table.  Here is SF6 and SF6a from all sides.  Very odd aliens indeed!

We decided upon a fleshy take with the painting but you could paint them up in almost any way I think.

This is our last release of the month at Alternative Armies and we have a great deal of science fiction to choose from.  Have you checked out the 28mm Ion Age Range or the Space Marines and Adventurers?  How about the 15mm Laserburn and Asgard Range or the 15mm SHM and Star Vikings Range?

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Thursday 17 February 2022

Fir Bolg War Horn released for Erin Celtic Myth

A new miniature added to the expanding Erin Range for this month. The eighty eighth miniature is a musician for the Fir Bolg as we add in more poses for this growing faction. Soon the people of the bag will be able to fully take the field against the sea risen Fomorians, the glamor ridden Sidhe and the mortal Milesians. Go HERE for the range. 
There are now a dozen Fir Bolg miniatures with eleven being warriors and one named hero. We aim to expand the people of the bag to a full faction with a value warband such as that we have for the other races by the spring. 
A single Erin metal miniature supplied unpainted, unassembled (if required) and without a base. See CM26, CM20, CM21 and CM27 codes for other Fir Bolg. 
We currently have three Warband saver packs which give you a group of miniatures including a hero, champion and warriors for your choice of faction with one miniature free (10% off single prices). 

By customer request a paid digital download the 2005 game book for Erin Celtic Mythology. This book has been out of print for several years and will not return in print as we are working towards a third edition. This edition is far, far off and thus this title is offered at a much greater reduction as a download to tide you by until then. See it in the Erin Range or among the array of Digital Download Books on the website. 
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Tuesday 15 February 2022

Savage Shields released in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range

During the initial releases of the new Savage Lizardman miniatures there were requests for separate shields from HOT127 Savage Lizardman Spears and we are delighted to now offers these as asked for. Go HERE for the range and read on for more information. 

HOT127S Savage Shields Sprue: This accessories code gives your four different 15mm scale shields with a savage theme suitable for adding to any miniature or scenic build. Each shield is made of wood with reptilian skin stretched over two of them and bone frame. 
As with all HOT codes choose from a pack (16 shields) or a sampler (one sprue of 4 shields) as pictured. Go HERE
There are new packs in development to expand the Savage Lizardman Army which will appear across 2022 including archers, cavalry, flyers, command and more. If you would like to check out the infantry packs of Spears, Polearms, Warriors, Blades as well as Lizard Ogres the Lizard Behemoth and the Savage Artillery Catapult too you are most welcome. This is our sole 15mm scale release this month at Alternative Armies. 
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Thursday 10 February 2022

Legion de Nain Command Sets released for Flintloque

“An officer makes ze Nains! Without a leader zay are bier drinken unt maiden chasing! Lead from ze front mit der courage and the Nains will follow. Ve all know of Captain Kegenstein who in near total darkness during ze Buttweisen Brewery raid had his legionaries carry ze casks of Einbeaker out under der snouts of the Uhlans. Be like him!” (General Hanz Von Milladraft, 1st Legion de Nain) 
The new releases for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for this month have been awaited. Command Sets for the Legion de Nain. As with other command sets such as 54506 Orc Command and 51507 Elf Command these sets give you two mounted senior officers a general and commander in chief as well as four different personality character foot officers. Heroic, Dastardly, Cowardly and Aggressive as fits the types in Slaughterloo for your units and of course set a tone for a Flintloque section as part of a line, light, grenadier or even gun crew section. There are two variants of the new sets one with Pummilig Pigs and the other with Boars. The legion now has nearly eighty poses of Dwarf and you can read all about it on our blog using the Bier Wars TAB. Go HERE for the Confederation of Finklestein on the website where all these miniatures reside. 

On the website you can select the whole pack or select poses in any quantity from them. If you would like to get Pigs and Boars for riding on their own you can on the website with 52501M and 52516M. 

The legion is now near complete! All arms from infantry (52523 Legion de Nain Line above), cavalry, artillery, casualties, specialists and now command sets. All codes allow for single pose choice if you wish to tailor your forces even more. 
If you would like to get into Flintloque in the lands of the Dwarfs then look no further than 5028 Beir and Bones game book. On its own with full rules in print or as a digital download or as a shilling starter pack with miniatures and scenarios. Go to the Slaughterloo page to get that game system in a mighty book or full paid download. If you have any questions please contact us on and ask. 
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Tuesday 8 February 2022

Graviski Infantry return for Flintloque and update on Deadloque set

Following up on the 55508 Zombie Line, 55007 Moskova Volunteers, 55520 Croaked Line and the 55005 Latrinslav Command (seek them using the search box by code on the site) we have another classic Flintloque pack which is remastered and new molds too. See the Undead Army of the Dark Czar and read on for more. 
55003 1st Graviski Infantry: Some of the first Zombies in the Flintloque range these four metal 28mm scale dead fellows were once soldiers of Mordred as he marched into the Witchlands. Armed with Musket and Axe these freshly animated soldiers now prey upon the living. They mix in excellently with any other Undead code in the range as well as with box sets like Lady Wintermore's Fangs. Choose from the pack or poses from it. A great place to begin or to boost your collection. Go HERE
We are getting near to having one of the most popular sets of miniatures ever made for Flintloque back in the world. 5002 Deadloque! Originally Sixteen figures including (as pictured) the hero Colonel Etinne Gerard, Lancer Dumont Gaheris, Private Jardine Perimones and Sergeant Adrien Bourgogne as well as the forces of the Dark Czar in the form of Grigori Dracsul, the Liche Stalinov as well as Zombies and Skeletons. Re-mastering and molding is underway and release will be soon. 
But... 5002 Deadloque Miniatures will come back though as Seventeen poses; yes one more. Including a not released before alternate pose (making seventeen in total) the set and as singles will appear in March 2022 and the entire set will have a discount too. If you wish to be informed with the miniatures appear then by all means contact us on email ( and we will contact you at that time.
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Thursday 3 February 2022

Bakewell DBA Tournament 2022 prizes from Alternative Armies

It was our pleasure to sponsor with prizes the resumed annual DBA tournament held by the Bakewell Club in England.  Our thanks to Simon for the following account and photos.  If you are interested in 15mm Dark Age miniatures see the website (Blemye were the prizes from us) and go to the Fanaticus Boards if you are keen on knowing more.  Over to you Simon!

Eighteen players turned up for the Bakewell Blinded by the Lights tournament yesterday and it was also good to see some new faces in Bakewell, particularly those who had travelled a long way such as from Kent and Worcester.  The above photo is from the tournament in progress and the other is winner of the grand prize Pete Duckworth giving thumbs up and that is me on the right! Congratulations to winner Pete Duckworth who went away with some Blemye 15mm figure packs kindly provided by Gavin at Alternative Armies. Thanks for your sponsorship.

Very close runners up were Mark Johnson and Rob Rush in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

The Blind General rule was in play, whereby your opponent threw your PIPS dice and didn't let you know how many you had until you ran out. There was also a tournament requirement that only two elements in an army could have base combat factors of 4 or more and so there were some interesting armies on the tables.

Out of the 54 games, 47 were win/lose, 5 were winning draws and 2 were level draws.


1.  Pete Duckworth        III/55   Early Samurai

2.  Mark Johnson           III/70  Tuerag

3.  Rob Rush                 IV/42  Islamic Persian

4.  Neil Mason               IV/60  Catalan Company

5.  Mark Skelton            I/8c    Dilmun

6.  Neil Alexander          II/49  Anatolian Turkoman

7.  Phil Johnson             II/14  Ariarathid Kappadokian

8.  Arnaud Marmier        III/55 Early Samurai   

9.  Colin Alcock              II/57  Later Moorish

10. Tom Whitehead        III/29  Thematic Byzantine

11. Martin Smith            I/35b  Phoenician

12. Stevie Andrews        II/47f  Suevi

13. John Saunders         II/69a  Sassanid

14. Tim Rogers              II/14  Ariarathid Kappadokian

15. Stephen Finn           I/8b  Makkan

16. Pete Davis               III/40  Norse Irish

17. Pete James              III/18  Breton

18. Paul Murgatroyd       III/29  Thematic Byzantine

The Isarus range contains many different 15mm scale nations including Arabs (recently remastered and new pictures) and Blemye as well as Goths, Sarmations, Byzantines, Vikings, Saxons, Mongols, Normans, Huns, Artillery and Late Romans.  All single miniatures or small sets great for any game system.

If you have a tournament and would like to approach us for sponsorship we are happy to speak to you.  Contact and tell us your event, address and other useful information.  We can offer prizes for historical, fantasy, science fiction events and we like to encourage the hobby.

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Tuesday 1 February 2022

Alternia of the Landsknechts free in orders this month and February 2022

"Back to the wars of the sixteenth century with this look of our mascot Alternia"

February is here!  The second of a dozen (one each month all year) Alternia miniatures is free in every package shipped out from Scotland to all customers this month.  Place your order or orders and we will automatically include her.  The order must be shipped (no digital orders only sorry) and can be of any size and you will get ALT002 Alternia of the Renaissance.  As many times as you like and you can purchase Alternia's too and you will still get the free one.  Ends 1st March 2022.

As you can see it is a very interesting miniature and would be a great addition to your collection. Read more about Alternia on the WEBSITE.

The reason for this Alternia was last year's 'imaginations' FL28 Female Landsknechts and she fits right in with these four for your collection.

This Alternia was also inspired by the expansions of Landsknechts as well as artillery and personalities such as Cesare Borgia in the 15mm Altuos Renaissance range.

(Now in new molds our Roadside Shrine.  See in on our TERRAIN RANGE)

Alternative Armies News for February 2022

We hope your January was brightened by a free miniature in your package and we kick off this month with a wee article concerning our sponsorship of the Bakewell DBA Tournament which was a great pleasure and the chaps won some Alternative Armies prizes from the Isarus 15mm Dark Age range.  We will have a classic Undead blister code for Flintloque remastered as well as an update on the return of the Deadloque set too.  The Legion de Nain will gain an important pair of releases adding the personality officers on foot and mounted (pigs or boars) with command sets featuring the Slaughterloo types of Aggressive, Cowardly, Dastardly and Heroic; excellent stuff.  In the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range a requested spin off code will appear for the Savage Lizardmen growing army.  Erin Celtic Myth will get a much requested pose for the Fir Bolg which will also see the first musician for them in the range.  Lastly the classic Asgard 28mm Sci-fi Range will see the return of a couple of very rare poses not seen in decades...Vroom Beasts.  So a lot to look forward to.  

As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 

Thanks for Reading,