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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Tabletop Games UK reviews our 28mm Torsion Catapult

We are working flat out at Alternative Armies following the end of the Winter Mega Event so it was a lovely aside to be sent a link to a new review of one of our packs.  Adam over at Tabletop Games UK has reviewed our 28mm Torsion Catapult.  Great for fantasy use or historical use.  A fine model in metal in the classic style which suits many settings.

Go HERE to read the full review.

We released the OH36-03 Torsion Catapult back in the summer of this year and it has been fired off all over the world.  You can read the full release on our BLOG from that time. 

Working with Zac Martin we have been busy expanding our 28mm Fantasy Goblins and we have done so.  Going from two packs now up to nine packs including infantry, cavalry, chariot, artillery and characters.  That includes the excellent Kraken Fish Bombard.  See them all on our WEBSITE.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Thank you all and the Winter Mega Event 2019 is now over

Alternative Armies would like to thank everyone who took us up with an order or several orders during the now finished Winter Mega Event 2019 one of our two big events each year.  All sixteen of the new releases from the last few weeks can be seen on our website.

There was a huge upsurge in the last forty eight hours of the event which is lovely but it did take us rather by surprise as we had been keeping up with the lads working seven days a week until then.  We are now rather behind and many molds have to be re-made too (Giant Spiders and Flower of Evil and Big Mouth Beast anyone?) and new production molds for the Sengoku range too which means it will take us a bit longer to send out some orders.  We will continue to work flat out and feel free to contact us for more information on your order if you wish on  Alternative Armies will keep on shipping until the Christmas shut down.  We will contact anyone who's order is still with us at that time...and add a wee extra gift too for the delay.  We do hope this will be no-one but you never know!

We were delighted to get a certificate in the post thanking us for our sponsoring with prize one leg of the international HOTT Tournament.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly tournament.  Our thanks to Terry Webb and we have confirmed we will offer a prize next time too.  Alternative Armies sponsors many events during each year so if you have a tournament or event and would like to ask us if a prize can be had for the winner please do ask us.  Give us your name and event details  by email to

It will soon be Christmas and from me and the entire team here in Scotland we wish you all the best!


Thursday, 5 December 2019

Eyetan Creature released!

The Eyetan Creature could be the creation of a powerful mage or it could be from outer space or the result of genetic tampering in a wasteland world. Find it in a dungeon or an asteroid base. An enemy or an ally? You choose....

EH07 Eyetan Creature
This pack contains one resin creature great for any scale of gaming or just for collecting. It is 30mm tall and detailed with two little arms under its mighty eye. Supplied unpainted and without a base or flight stick. Sculpted by Kieran Billings. See it next to one of our HOF Alien Greys and one of our Alternate Stars 28mm miniatures for scale (not supplied).  Go HERE.

We hope you like this new miniature it certainly holds your eye eh!

This is our last new release during the event and we want to thank everyone for their support.  To those players of Slaughterloo who got a new division with a mighty saving, to Flintloque fans who created a new section of characters, the fantasy fans of a myriad systems and all those 15mm players of HOTT and other games who got a new army to paint up over the festive season.  Not to forget the 6mm science fiction crowd and the guys who love rule books too.  We thank you all.  There are a few days left in the event.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday, 3 December 2019

A Rod Longer than Yours a free Flintloque Scenario to download

The near silence was shattered by a thundering retort.  Birds soared into the air and the Goblins looked at each other in surprise.  It was not a cannon but it was too loud to be a Ferach musket. Several troopers looked over the piles of furniture and at the distant tree line.  There were a dozen more loud shots and two curious privates of the 6th Company died from massive wounds to the head and upper chest.  Almost as one the rest of the company reached for and then checked their muskets.  The enemy was upon them.

Carefully Sergeant Telgoba peered into the trees from behind a stout overturned table.  He saw tall figures moving towards them carrying the biggest firelocks he had ever seen.  Several of the figures stopped and raised their weapons and he saw the flash of the black powder igniting.  A moment later the table shook as a large lead ball struck it.   Telgoba looked at the large divot now driven into the thick wooden table.   “They has bigga firelocks sir.  Longa rods for dem too.”

Captain da Fartado grimaced and pulled a splinter out of the shoulder epaulette of his jacket. A drop of blood shone on the brutal end of the wooden spike. “Ci Telgoba, we must hold until da others arrive.  To Arms!”  

The brand new releases 53514 18th Al-Garvey Foot and 53014 18th Al-Garvey Foot Casualties were detailed on our BLOG and it is our pleasure now to present to you a scenario which features these miniatures as a wee gift to begin the festive season.  Enjoy!

A Longer Rod than Yours
War rages in Catalucia and ahead of the manoeuvring armies are the screens of the light infantry.  A company of the 18th Al-Garvey Foot are getting ready to make camp after a hard march having found the abandoned possessions of a previous fleeing populace when they are set upon by the 1o Condottierie.  While the Goblins outnumber the elite Wild Elves they are out gunned by the huge Ogre Rifles the Elves carry....which have very long ram rods for reloading.  Can they hold the barricades for ten turns without losing too many troops?  Find out in this full three page Flintloque scenario for two players or one solo player.  CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.  There are links into this scenario to download other free files for Wild Elves and the Tuscani with rules for their use.

We have a FREE DOWNLOADS page on the website which has links to more than a hundred free files for our game systems.  Downloads for Furioso, USEME and of course Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Have a browse and enjoy!

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Monday, 2 December 2019

18th Foot Goblins and casualties released with free game insert for Flintloque

A wee idea that we had at Alternative Armies back in the summer of this year has now reached its fruition with the release of 'Project 18th Garvey' as it was called internally.  For use with Flintloque and Slaughterloo the Al-Garvey 18th Regiment of Foot Goblins plus a pack of that regiment's casualties as well. These add to the infantry, cavalry, artillery and command this nation allied to Greate Britorcn already has to offer.  

Go HERE for them or read on for details of the new miniatures as well as this project plus a free download with game rules and a note on a scenario featuring these Goblins.  Our Winter Mega Offer 2019 is on until 11th December with free shipping, 10% off in cart plus many deals see our BLOG for details.

53513 18th A-Garvey Foot
The 18th Regiment of Foot is composed of three solid line battalions which have served alongside the Army of Greate Britorcn against the Ferach Empire since Wheeling-Turn began his advance through Al-Garvey and into Catalucia. They are armed with Muskets and are classed as Infantry. Each Goblin is a one piece miniature and stands 23mm to the eyeline.  The poses are an officer bare headed with pistol and sword, a standard bearer with ball topped pole and slung musket, musician with drum and sergeant with halberd.  Trooper poses are four different Goblins with muskets; loading (with awesome moustache), advancing, cradling and firing.  As with other Valon codes you can choose from a skirmish pack with ten miniatures (all eight plus two random further troopers), a unit of twenty miniatures (the skirmish pack with ten further mixed troopers) and a booster with a single trooper.  All options can also be taken as pro-painted and based for immediate play by selecting on the page.  Miniatures are supplied with our resin cartouche style square bases.  Go HERE.

53014 18th Al-Garvey Foot Casualties
This pack contains four metal 28mm miniatures. Goblins of the 18th regiment who have fallen in battle to the fire of the enemy. Two each of two different poses one face up and one face down. Great for marking progress of your game in Flintloque or Slaughterloo and for scenic effect in play.  Supplied with our resin square cartouche bases.  You may also choose to purchase this pack painted and based for immediate use with the option on page.  Go HERE.

The miniatures in this article were painted by the brush of Mark Taylor.

Free Download:  Al-Garvey 18th Regiment of Foot Uniformation
You can learn more about this force as well as rules for its use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo in a free two page article which you can click on to DOWNLOAD from our website.  This is presented in the same format as the published game books such as 5025 War in Catalucia so that you can add it to your collection.

Project 18th Garvey
As alluded to at the beginning these new miniatures are a result of a small project which Alternative Armies undertook to push an often overlooked existing pack of miniatures in the World of Valon range.  Back in the 1990's pack 53002 was released containing four poses of Goblin with musket (the four troopers now in 53514) and this was never expanded upon.  For more than a decade this pack was relegated to the memory store and not listed on our website.  It needed..nay it demanded to be taken seriously as a full force and that mean it needed a command set and even some dead troopers.  Sam Croes our lead designer used 53002 as a basis to sculpt six new poses which you can see now released.  There are many codes in the range which could benefit from re-mastering and expanding.  We may well do it again and indeed if there is a pack from the World of Valon which you would like to see expanded please contact us on and tell us about it; we welcome your input.

Flintloque Scenario: A Longer Rod than Yours
War rages in Catalucia and ahead of the manoeuvring armies are the screens of the light infantry.  A company of the 18th Al-Garvey Foot are getting ready to make camp after a hard march having found the abandoned possessions of a previous fleeing populace when they are set upon by the 1o Condottierie.  While the Goblins outnumber the elite Wild Elves they are out gunned.  Can they hold the barricades for ten turns without losing too many troops?  Find out in this Flintloque scenario for two players or one solo player.  Find it on our BLOG from 3rd December 2019 for free download.

Thank for you Reading,


Saturday, 30 November 2019

Nessie is here on St Andrews day a collectable model

Alternative Armies is a wee company in Scotland and every now and again we like to do something that promotes this deep green and misty land of the Celts.  So..what better than a national monster.  Now on our website and it would look great on your desk or shelf.  Go HERE.

The Loch Ness Monster otherwise known as ‘Nessie’ is a world famous creature native to Scotland. Is it real or just a myth? Is it a hoax? It matters not since our Nessie collectable model is such fun and great for your desk or mantle. It comes in two pieces these being Nessie herself (a scaly monster) and the scenic base (featuring the waves of Lock Ness and a man in a rowing boat). When assembled it is 80mm long with Nessie being 50mm long and 35mm tall. Nessie is metal and the base is in resin.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. You can choose the set or Nessie on its own (for use in your rivers or lakes).  You may also select the painted and based option on this page in which case your Nessie will be supplied assembled and painted as per the images on this page direct to you.  Please note that the model is hand painted so it may differ from what is shown but it will be of a high standard; painted in Scotland.

Have a great St Andrews Day!


Friday, 29 November 2019

Sekmet Assault Rig 6mm mecha kits released by Bradley Miniatures

It is my delight to present to you the new releases in 6mm from Bradley Miniatures.  In fact in my opinion this is one of the best models in the expanding range with masses of build options.  Gentlemen...the Sekmet Assault Rig!  Go HERE for the range or read on for more beginning with a short fiction snippet written by this mecha's designer Lawrence Hitze.

The side of the administration building shattered and blew out in a cascade of masonry, bricks sloughing off of the Sekhmet's armored hull like a bow wave as the machine charged through the wrecked building. The abrupt impact didn't slow the assault rig enough to even jolt Sergeant Morres in his combat harness, not that he would have noticed the discomfort in any case. No sooner was their 'rig was through the deluge of masonry than it was replaced by the sound of small impacts like hail on a tin roof. 

“Contact, we have them!” called Belkaries's voice from the pilot harness just in front of Morres. The Pakh pilot's scaly ears were just visible over his console, twitching to and fro in excitement. Morres shared her eagerness to finally close with one of the marauding Kartel bands that were looting the dead capital city. Before the final wisps of dust brushed past the canopy and its sensor ports, Morres's eyes flicked back and forth, tagging contacts as the sensors found them. In the broad avenue before them, the war band's vehicles were spread out in chaotic battle line. The thunderous approach of the assault rig had given them some time to bring their weapons to bear, but not enough. 

Morres performed reverse triage, prioritizing the heaviest vehicles to appear and highlighting the biggest threats on Belkaries's own holodisplay. A lone Kartel skirmishing truck was highlighted last, almost too close under the 'rig's snout to be picked up. Its small cannon slewed right at it spewed a stream of high density slugs at the machine's belly. A hunting snarl erupted from the pilot station as Belkaries twisted in her harness, turning the 'rig's next stride into a hasty kick. Well over one hundred tons of armored cleat plowed into the side of the truck, sending the stricken vehicle cartwheeling over the broken pavement in an expanding halo of debris and fire.

In the same heartbeat Morres manipulated his own control gauntlets, setting his targeting sights over a heavier eight-axled Kartel vehicle tearing across the far side of the clearing. Pulling the firing studs on his gauntlets triggered the 90mm autocannons nestled in racks on each side of the Sekhmet's torso. The last bits of dust and debris from the collapse of the admin building were blastsed away, replaced by a new bow wave of fire and thunder erupting from the cannons. Hypervelocity tracers streaked across the short distance, slamming into the ramshackle armor of the Kartel eight-rad's flank. The vehicle shuddered as armor shattered and blew apart. Several more rounds walked across the front axles, punching through the wheels and peeling them off their mounts. The eight-rad plunged forward helplessly as it listed drunkenly to the side. A moment later the ruined axles struck the ground, bringing the vehicle to a catastrophic halt, it's ruined armor collapsing inward and igniting the store of munitions within. Morres couldn't help but echo his pilot's howl of glee as they plunged into the center of the panicking enemy formation.

Yes, this was going to be a lovely day....

Each Sekmet stands around 50mm tall when assembled and comes with eighteen different weapons as well as different posed arms and hands plus pistol grip piece allowing most weapons to also be hand held.  There are two different codes each is the same except for the leg pose meaning your mecha can be walking or running.  Our example builds in the pictures are just a couple of dozens that could be created.

BR028A Sekmet Assault Rig Walking
Composed of a high quality resin torso and set of walking legs as well as eighteen different weapons, two choices of arms and three different hands plus two pistol mounts in metal. Big Missile Pods, Big Cannons, Small Missile Racks, Energy Cannons and machine guns.

BR028B Sekmet Assault Rig Running
Composed of a high quality resin torso and set of running legs as well as eighteen different weapons, two choices of arms and three different hands plus two pistol mounts in metal. Big Missile Pods, Big Cannons, Small Missile Racks, Energy Cannons and machine guns.

As you can see the Sekmet towers over all the other vehicles in the range such as the Tiger Walker, the T47 Tank and the Ironclad super heavy tank.

Bradley Miniatures continues to expand its 6mm science fiction range and will keep doing so into next year.  Go HERE and see what is in the range such as infantry, bikes, walkers, light vehicles, tanks, super heavy tanks, transports and a drop ship.

Thanks for Reading,