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Monday, 13 January 2020

Crookback GNATS Mech 95mm tall released first 100 get free Hades Battlesuit!

Back in September the HOF131 Contender GNATS mecha was released at Alternative Armies.  Now our second 15mm scale big mech is here!  The Crookback is a front line machine in the USGC (United States GNATS Core) and among the biggest fielded. Go HERE for the range or read on for details.

Get a free fire support Hades Battlesuit with your Crookback Mech!
To celebrate this new model in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range we have a special fantastic offer.  The first ONE HUNDRED orders for a brand new Crookback GNATS will get the HOF121D Hades Cat Battlesuit worth 8.00GBP automatically included free in the package.  We are displaying how many of the one hundred first orders are left on the Crookback's page of the website. Just add to cart and we will do the rest.  When they are gone they are gone but while on screen when ordering it is yours one per mech in the cart!

The 'Giant Neuro Assisted Titanic Soldiers' have a second front line mech now.  With more firepower than several main battle tanks it joins Security Force Alpha (SFA) Humanity and its more than a platoon of infantry poses as well as specialised troops, battlesuits, bikes, portable weapons, light and medium vehicles plus drop pods and drop coffin.

HOF146 Crookback GNATS Mech
This 15mm scale high quality resin kit contains all the pieces needed to assemble the Crookback GNATS.  Standing at 95mm tall when assembled it has ten pieces which create a durable model made for use on your gaming table.  GNATS stands for 'Giant Neuro Assist Titanic Soldiers' and they are the ultimate weapon of battle.  The model is easy to assemble. It is supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (base shown is a 59527 75mm Round).  You can select one or three kits on screen and taking three gets you 10% off the price.

Other miniatures from the HOF range are shown for scale only (SFA Trooper is 16mm tall).  The Crookback is armed with a heavy 56MJ rail cannon (34lb Projectile) as well as a 20mm rotary machine cannon and a centrally stationed top hull turret seven slot missile pod.  It also has a number of point defence lasers for small scale anti-infantry and material tasks both front and rear. It has rocket pods fitted to its rear to allow easy balance and stance regaining.  Crookbacks are front line units in the USGC (United States GNATS Core).   It is a tier two GNATS meaning it is a main battle size machine.  Go HERE.

HOF131 Contender GNATS Mech
This 15mm scale high quality resin kit contains all the pieces needed to assemble the Contender GNATS.  Standing at 100mm tall when assembled the Contender has eleven pieces which create a durable model made for use on your gaming table. The Contender is armed with a twin barrel 90mm automatic cannon with ammo hopper plus an under arm 130mm howitzer and a top hull turret seven slot missile pod. Contenders are front line units in the USGC (United States GNATS Core).   It is a tier two GNATS meaning it is a main battle size machine.  Go HERE.

There will be more information on GNATS this year as well as the near future world of the 2080's in which these giants of war face their foes.  In the meantime if you have questions please do ask us on These are all of our 15mm releases for the month of January and thank you for your custom.


Thursday, 9 January 2020

15mm Medieval Range new pictures and month long offer

"The Hundred Years War, the Peasants Revolt, the Hussite Wars as well as Agincourt and Crecy. Knights on Horseback and much more..." 

Here at Alternative Armies we have been overhauling the entire 15mm Medieval range we call Medus.  We are in the process of adding more than one hundred and fifty new painted example pictures of the range.  Some new molding and a tidying up of the structure and codes.  Until 9am GMT 1st February 2020 we have taken 10% off everything in the pages of this range; discount is on screen and you need do nothing except add to cart.  Go HERE or read on.

The Medus range is great for any set of rules which deals with the 12th Century up to the 15th Century (where the range crosses over into the Altuos Renaissance codes) and features peasants, knights on foot and mounted, men at arms and more.  There is artillery and there is also the Eastern Europe 'HU' codes which cover the Hussites and their cavalry and war wagon.  Single miniatures or small sets. Miniatures painted by Steve Danes author of Furioso.

See the range HERE.  We know that quite a few of the poses in the Medus range are good for fantasy 15mm wargaming too.  Well worth a browse.

We intend to have the images of the Hussites updated around the middle of the month and we will let you all know then.

Enjoy the new pictures.  If you have any questions please ask us on and we will do our best to assist you.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday, 7 January 2020

54013 Orc Dismounted Dragoons – Flintloque 001

Flintloque the Skirmish and by extension the mass battle game Slaughterloo use miniatures from the huge 28mm World of Valon range.  Since 1995 the fantasy Napoleonioque setting has grown and grown adding new races and regiments and characters all the while.  Now in 2020 there are more than one thousand miniatures across twenty nations as well as five books and a beginners set as well.  Alternative Armies is now commencing with a project to re-master and re-mold many of the classic 90's codes in the range to make them 'fresh' for players and collectors. As well as this we will be, in places, expanding a pack into two packs or even an entire force filling in suggested gaps from Flintloque and Slaughterloo feedback.  This is on top of our usual molding as we do to keep figures in production.  

We shall announce it each time a pack is made fresh in this project.  We plan to focus on Greate Britorcn that being Orcs, Ratmen, Bog Orcs and Ogres but we will be touching on the Undead and Ferach Empire too.  As well as new larger images we shall, each time, place the pack on special offer for a while as a treat.  Some of these packs will have new free articles written for them too.  We aim to make such announcements several times a month.  See the FLINTLOQUE tab on the blog to get all these posts in a line up.  Now for the first such pack...001 as it were for 2020!

54013 Orc Dismounted Dragoons
The Dragoons of the Army of Albion are lightly armed Orcs who use their swords and carbines to scout and range ahead of the marching battalions.  If they have to fight on foot or they lose their horses they will dismount. Three 28mm scale metal larger Orcs dismounted from the Dragoons.  Armed with Swords and Pistols they are dynamic poses great for skirmishing and acting as officers and cavalry on foot.  Each miniature in this pack is about 30mm tall.  Pose 1 is aiming with pistol.  Pose 2 is in greatcoat and holding sword.  Pose 3 is waving while holding sword.  Miniatures are supplied unpainted and with our resin cartouche bases.  Go HERE for full information.

There is a link to two free articles on the Dragoons page taken from Orcs in the Webbe's 2019 Advent Calendar. 

If you are new to Flintloque then it is well worth going along to our website the Begin in Flintloque page of resources, starter set and scenarios.

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Free Santanyan the Gifting Kitoka new miniature in every January 2020 order!

Welcome to the second decade of the twenty first century!  January 2020 is here and refreshed from a wee festive break Alternative Armies greets the new year with a brand new Kitton 28mm release which is also included FREE in every order placed this month.  Go HERE for the Kitton range of Fantasy Japanese Catmen or read on for details.

We like to give our customers something extra as many will know and all this month (ending 9am GMT 1st February 2020) we will automatically add 58018 Santanyan the Gifting Kitoka (worth 3.00GBP) to every order which ships out from here in Scotland.  You need do nothing but place your order and we will put the miniature in for you.  Of course you can order this new Catman as well and if you do you will get an extra one added.  Please note this offer applies to any order placed by webstore, by phone or by email and post which requires shipping (Digital Download books alone do not count sorry!).  

ADDITIONALLY - All orders placed after our last shipping day before Christmas (22nd December) have had this miniature added to them for free as well.

58018 Santanyan the Gifting Kitoka
Running upon his wooden shoes Santanyan spreads happiness and wealth across Kitton by giving gifts to those he feels are deserving in the cold months of winter.  Trinkets, toys and often magickally produced fried chicken comes from the bottomless gift sack.  A friend to all he is greeted where ever he goes. This pack contains one 28mm scale metal Kitoka Catman of a height of 23mm.  This character is dressed in colourful robes with ornaments and bells in his beard and upon his long tail.  He carries a Khakkhara ceremonial staff and has a sack of gifts over his shoulder.  Upon his feet are a pair of Geta wooden sandals.  Half real and half legend Santayan is a feature of the Tiddlesgawa Shogunate era.

This miniature is not supplied with a base and is supplied unpainted. Assembly is required with some white metal miniatures. Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.  Go HERE.

What else is coming in January from Alternative Armies?  Well each week we will have an email going out with news and content as well as a new release.  We will be expanding the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range with another BIG release with a mighty free included offer.  We will have the return of classic Flintloque miniatures in new molds, a new project which will run all year.  We have more Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy releases by John Bell giving a pack and characters.  There is a classy Knight on Horseback for fantasy or historical 28mm uses.  Lastly the entire 15mm Medus medieval range is on special offer all month (10% off on screen) featuring new bigger and better pictures of the miniatures as the month goes (see ME1 Flemish HI Spearman now and check the site for more).  Oh and some free reading too such as for Ludwig Barkhoven.  If you want to keep up to date then watch our BLOG or join our FACEBOOK group, our MeWe page, our FORUM or follow me personally on Twitter.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday, 20 December 2019

Merry Christmas 2019 from Alternative Armies

In our last message of this year the team here in Scotland would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Our best wishes to you and yours and thank you each and every one of you who comes to us for their tabletop gaming hobby.  May your lum laing reek as we say here.

We will be closing for a wee break over the festive season but we remain open for online orders and we will resume shipping worldwide on 5th January 2020. As always contact us on if you have any questions.

We will return with a super new free in every order miniature at the start of January 2020 valid all month and it will make fans of Kitton smile.  More on this at the time. Next year will be a big one at Alternative Armies as we continue to expand Flintloque, Slaughterloo and Kitton; as we expand HOF and have further GNATS Mecha. As Sengoku grows and much more besides.  There are more gaming titles in the works as well as new miniatures and classic sets return to the world too.  We will of course send out emails and news across our social media channels and banners on our website as we go.  Well worth checking our BLOG weekly as all major news goes there first as well as free content.

This is CA7-02 Classic Fighter
As a wee bit of festive spirit you can enter this code into your cart during checkout (after the cart screen) and 10% will be taken off the product total on screen.  Enter code ' XMAS '.  Ends 6th January 2020.

Enjoy and seasons greetings!


Thursday, 19 December 2019

Orcs in the Webbe 2019 Advent Calendar

Every year Craig the 'Mad Welsh Wizard' over at Orcs in the Webbe organises an ADVENT CALENDAR made up of articles given by contributors in celebration of Flintloque and other games which are like it and feature fantastic fantasy.  These articles are all online to read for free as well as a huge archive not only of previous years advents but also masses of non seasonal content for these games.  Scenarios, optional rules, stories and more.  Go along and have a browse.

Of course it would be remiss of me not to blow my own trumpet at this time of year.  I contributed two articles to this years advent calendar both for Flintloque and on different subjects.  Here are some details and if you are keen then please have a read.

Playing Solo Games of Doom Squad with your Flintloque Miniatures.
Doom Squad is a solo play set of rules for special forces covers 300 years of history including the Napoleonic Wars. I wonder if I can use my Flintloque miniatures with it?  Go HERE.

A special Flintloque Mini-Game. 
A small game in its own right using Flintloque rules or as part of a scenario for Flintloque we present 'Blayderunner'. Can your officers spot the Repents and retire them or will they be retired instead?  Go HERE.

Lastly you may have noticed the new pictures of the superb classic pack 54013 Dismounted Dragoons. This pack has been re-molded this month and is the tip of a project which will be happening in 2020. We hope you like the new pictures on its page and these Orcs are great for skirmishing or being part of a unit in mass battle too.  

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, 12 December 2019

Tabletop Games UK reviews our 28mm Torsion Catapult

We are working flat out at Alternative Armies following the end of the Winter Mega Event so it was a lovely aside to be sent a link to a new review of one of our packs.  Adam over at Tabletop Games UK has reviewed our 28mm Torsion Catapult.  Great for fantasy use or historical use.  A fine model in metal in the classic style which suits many settings.

Go HERE to read the full review.

We released the OH36-03 Torsion Catapult back in the summer of this year and it has been fired off all over the world.  You can read the full release on our BLOG from that time. 

Working with Zac Martin we have been busy expanding our 28mm Fantasy Goblins and we have done so.  Going from two packs now up to nine packs including infantry, cavalry, chariot, artillery and characters.  That includes the excellent Kraken Fish Bombard.  See them all on our WEBSITE.

Thanks for Reading!