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Thursday, 13 January 2022

FM13 Owl Bear fantasy monster by Asgard returns

The first returned classic of the Fantasy Monster range by Asgard in the 1980's is now on its new range page of the website.  Alongside the Asgard Barbarians and the collectors sets such as the Orc Rock Band and the Orc Family Outing we will be putting everything in the 25mm or 28mm scale returned Tabletop Games and Asgard ranges HERE.  This is our sole fantasy release in this scale in January 2022.  We present to you the Owl Bear!

FM13 Owl Bear: This creature is a single piece remastered metal miniature which is 40mm tall from sole of foot to the top of its head.  A great many uses and a real classic monster.  Supplied unpainted and without a base.  

Painted in our studio you can see it above next to our campfire from the 28mm Terrain Range which has a great many items of use on the battlefield such as barricades and abandoned wagons plus tents and more.

While we have other bear like Owls (VNT8 Grizzy Owls) in our High Fantasy range it is in our Alternate Stars 28mm science fiction range where you will find AS011 Uhul Warrior with Laser Cannon which is our most recent take on the creature.  

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Monday, 10 January 2022

MFM17 Flying Reptile with Wraith Rider returns

It is our great delight to reveal the first release of 2022 this January and its the first of a great many returned classics.  Added to the Tabletop Miniatures 15mm Range (which contains both Tabletop Games and Asgard 1980's miniatures) the Flying Reptile with Wraith Rider.  There are now some sixty five miniatures returned in this range which covers Dungeon Adventurers, Dwarves, Undead, Monsters, Creatures and more.  There are also some great value saver skirmish packs.

MFM17 Flying Reptile with Wraith Rider: A denizen of pure evil rides upon a creature that feasts upon the flesh of the dead and living alike.  This code contains one 15mm scale model in three pieces these being the body of the reptile, the wings of the reptile and the sitting wraith in robes.  The assembled model is 60mm long and 40mm wide at longest and widest points.  You can choose from the pack or you can select the creature on its own or the rider on its own.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.  Sculpted in the early 1980's and an original Asgard code.

The mummified wizard on throne now re-mastered into resin with a lower price is a great 15mm scale piece for your collection.  See it in the Tabletop 15mm Fantasy range.

This is our sole 15mm fantasy release for the month at Alternative Armies.

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Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Alternia the Highlander free in orders this month and whats coming in January

"January is the coldest month here in Scotland and our celtic hearts give out to you Alternia the Highlander!"

Thank you all most kindly for your custom over the festive period.  We hope you all have had a great time.  We estimate it will take us about a week from today to get all of the orders into the mail system.

January is here!  The company is running and shipping again! Welcome to the new year of 2022. The first of a dozen (one each month all year) Alternia miniatures is free in every package shipped out from Scotland to every customer. You need do nothing but place an order which requires to be shipping anywhere in the world (no Digital Download orders only sorry!) of any size and we will automatically include ALT001 Alternia the Highlander.  As many orders as you want and ends 1st February 2021.  You can also order this code in any amount and you will still get the free one. 

As you can see it is a very interesting miniature and would be a great addition to your collection. Read more about Alternia on the website.

Alternative Armies News for January 2022

Following on from the festive break and with us now open once more and shipping globally from today lets have a wee peek at what is coming your way this month.  News on all of this will appear as it happens and there are links here to the pages of the site where the new codes and other items will be. The Erin Celtic Myth range will see a new miniature as the Fir Bolg expand (following up on Streng the Hero) the first female Fir Bolg!  The classic Asgard Fantasy range now has its own page on the site and will have the first returned monster FM13 Owlbear and also a return of the MFM17 Flying Reptile with Wraith Rider in the classic Tabletop 15mm Fantasy range as we kick off getting much more of this great range returned into the world.  For Flintloque and Slaughterloo the Legion de Nain continues its entire army expansion with an artillery crew of six Dwarves and choice of either limber Pummilig Pigs or Limber Boars as with the Legion Cavalry; players who use 5027 Grapeshotte rules will be happy!  Lastly four titles which went out of print during November will return; Patrol Angis, Laserburn, Bier & Bones and beginner booklet Escape from the Dark Czar

As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 

Lastly I am delighted to not only invite you to the updated Deals and Offers page where the remolded 15mm Cultists are in a value skirmish pack but also to show you a picture by Kev who goes by @Verbal_Gerbil on Twitter of his painted Sun Warriors (CM14 four poses) from the Erin range to be used in Of Gods and Mortals.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022 our message

The team at Alternative Armies wishes you the most Merry Christmas and happiest of happy new years.  We realise it has been a very trying year and times are hard.  We appreciate all your custom and your friendships now more than ever before.  We wanted to extend those thanks in this message with gifts and an offer you may like.  We have closed now until the start of the year but we remain online to browse HERE.

From now until Tuesday 4th January 2022 we have a great festive season offer for you.  Twenty percent off (20%) automatically at checkout on all orders placed with us.  You will see the discount appear on screen as you checkout.  There is more though.  

Until the 4th of January you will get four free Spiders (EH06 Arachnid Swarm worth 6.00GBP see in detail on our BLOG which includes our festive closing and shipping dates) which is our December freebie in all orders AND you will get the first of the brand new Alternia our Mascot 28mm female miniature included too (worth 2.50GBP and see her new page on the website) which is free for all of January.  You get the discount and both free codes during this time so that it is fair to everyone.

A wee tease of her outline...  ALT001 Alternia the Highlander!  You will see her on the fourth of January.  As always with us you need do nothing but order and we will handle the rest.  You can of course order her too normally as she is on the site as of now.  2022 is Alternia's year with a dozen versions, one a month, all free in that month.

Our Seasons of Celebration range contains fantastic 28mm Snowmen in plain, fantasy, black powder and sci-fi types as well as many codes of 15mm scale snowmen, trees, monster, presents, gingerbread men and Jack Frost plus a HOTT Army with free bases and a sampler option.

In new molds our classic FL10 The Winter Knight could be seen at the top of this message and has new images on the site too.  Great for any system get the foot and mounted version or either on their own.  Plus it has a wee deal on it too!  See all our other Deals and Offers on their page of the website.

Across December the great Flintloque fan resource website called Orcs in the Webbe runs its annual advent.  Organised and run by Craig Andrews who puts a lot of effort into keeping this site going.  Free articles, scenarios, micro games, word search and more.  See it all HERE.  Included this year are two linked scenarios 'Sharkes Assaying' for Flintloque by Gavin Syme (GBS) and also a wee sneak peek on Christmas Eve of what is coming early next year for the World of Valon so come the date check it out as the site updates and enjoy!

Thanks for Reading and see you all in January!


Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Four Free Spiders in every December order at Alternative Armies

"Summoned by dark magic or stringing their webs in deep forests there are few mortal creatures which do not fear the eight legged monsters of the spider world."

December is here!  In the last month of the year and last month before the Alternia our Mascot free project begins in 2022 we have the most requested by customers code for 'free included in orders' to present to you.  These spiders topped the list of 'asked for freebies'. All this month a free pack of 'any scale' miniatures worth 6.00GBP in every package shipped out from Scotland to every customer. You need do nothing but place an order which requires to be shipping anywhere in the world (no Digital Download orders only sorry!) of any size and we will automatically include EH06 Arachnid Swarm (4 Spiders). As many orders as you want and ends 9am GMT 1st January 2021.  You can also order this code, or parts from it, in any amount and you will still get the free four pack.  Great for many settings and scales.  See all of our Monsters and Creatures in 28mm Scale or the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.

EH06 Arachnid Swarm. This pack contains four different spiders in high quality grey tone resin each posed over rocks formations and supplied in one piece. Each spider is about 20mm across.  Note you can also purchase a bigger swarm of twelve on this page or a single spider.  We also have EH05 Giant Arachnids which are 70mm across and in three variants with separate legs.  

Scale photos with Giant Arachnids and the smaller swarm spiders next to (from the top) 28mm Fantasy Dwarf and 15mm HOT Wraiths.  The Winter Knight 28mm and 15mm HOT OgreMan At Arms adventurer 28mm and mounted Wraith Rider in 15mm.  Lastly 15mm Elf Cavalry charge a spider brood. 

Above are our four different types of 28mm Snowmen.  Classic, Fantasy, Black Powder and Sci-fi.  5024 General Saindoux stands with musket and blunderbuss armed snowmen.  The FL24-04 Ice Queen leads the classic snowmen while the Alternate Stars big hitter Uhul with laser cannon stands amid the ray gun toting sci-fi snowmen.

We have no new releases in December though this month you might want to checkout our Festive Range for Snowmen and many other things of a suitably winter theme.  A note on shipping and posting.  We will be closing for Christmas on the 22nd December to give the team a well earned break and be intermittently open until normal service resumes on 5th January 2022.  We will continue posting out orders normally until 16th December and beyond that we may hold your package until January 5th before sending (ask us if you would like details) to keep it out of the 'dead freight zone' during the global holiday. As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 

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Friday, 26 November 2021

Starvaulter Knights now in the 15mm Ion Age range

Our final releases of 2021 and some of the most awaited over the last month are the four packs and the platoon set of Starvaulter Knights in 15mm scale.  A total of twenty one power armoured poses which can, as with all other miniatures in the range, be had as singles within their codes.  Go HERE for the range and read on for details.

Starvaulters are the one million strong elite of the Prydian Precinct. True Knights of the Stellar Vastness.  The best of the best sitting atop the entire Prydian Army and given nearly impossible missions and quests daily.  At their own pinnacle sit the great lords who attend the Princess Cyon and are true heroes in their own right.  Some campaigns are assigned a lance of Starvaulters in regular battle to use as special forces as they are more than a match for even the finest Desteria Knight or Retained Noble.

We have four packs of five with single pose choice and a platoon pack of the twenty which also includes a unique Starvaulter Hero for free (you can select this miniature on its own on that page too).

IAFP14 Starvaulter Lance (platoon pack)

IAF159 Starvaulter Rifle Demi

IAF178 Starvaulter Command Demi

IAF179 Starvaulter Support Demi

IAF180 Starvaulter Assaulter Demi

There are more pictures on the website including a close up of the flag on IAF178-1 Banner Bearer plus review views.

Starvaulters take to the field in a test game of Patrol Angis.  You can see a Cratered Hab Dome, a Smashed Hab Dome and a Fabricator Spire all from our 15mm Ion Age Terrain range.  If you want to field these knights of the stellar vastness then we can assist!

Play Test Rules for Starvaulters:  A seven page testing article containing setting and statistics tables for these new miniatures in Patrol Angis.  Open testing and feedback is welcome.  All of the troop types appearing in the tables will be released. Originally from late 2018 we are recommencing Ion Age releases from this month and into 2022.  Download from our secure server by CLICKING HERE.  Enjoy!

Go to our Ion Age Publications page for the Patrol Angis game system and others.  All books are print and digital downloads plus there is the game pack which comes with miniatures, bases and a saving.

If you missed the previous new releases this month for The Ion Age in 15mm scale then your Planetary Militia could benefit from IAF176 Hazelwurm Patrol Lifter as well as the IAF177 Colabreta Patrol Carrier.

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Thursday, 25 November 2021

Streng hero of the Fir Bolg released for Erin Celtic Myth plus 2nd edition rules as digital download

The first new miniature in the Erin range in more than a decade is here.  The first of many which will come in 2022 but is the last 28mm miniature of 2021.  We present Streng the mightiest hero of the Fir Bolg a character to lead your Fir Bolg warriors into battle against Formorians, Sidhe or even the more mortal Milesians.  Eighty six miniatures now in the range HERE.

There are now eleven Fir Bolg miniatures with the other ten being warriors.  We aim to expand the people of the bag to a full faction with a value warband such as that we have for the other races.

CM26 Streng of the Iron Club: Streng greatest hero of the the Fir Bolg or 'Men of Bolg'. Armed with an iron club he faced the hero Nuada in the first epic Battle of Moy Tura and with one great blow he cut off half his shield and severed Nuada's arm at the shoulder. Although nearing defeat, Streng and the three hundred surviving Fir Bolg vowed to fight to the last man. Their enemies however considered them so noble that they offered them one fifth of Erin to cease the battle. The Fir Bolg agreed and stood down from the conflict. 

A single Erin metal miniature supplied unpainted, unassembled (if required) and without a base.  This miniature is taller than other Fir Bolg and stands 30mm tall.

By customer request we present for the first time as a paid digital download the 2005 game book for Erin Celtic Mythology.  This book has been out of print for several years and will not return in print as we are working towards a third edition.  This edition is far, far off and thus this title is offered at a much greater reduction as a download to tide you by until then.  See it in the Erin Range or among the array of Digital Download Books on the website.

Erin 2nd Edition has an easily learned 2D6 based rules system that is scenario driven with a normal game lasting between one and two hours in play. The game book features full rules, no need for expansions, create and advance your characters and creatures using a full points and warband and hero generation system. Also a full Druidic Magic system and all needed rules for Chariots, Horses, Gods, Enchanted Animals and Monsters. A full and detailed narrative of the history of Erin and sections detailing the nature of each of the five main peoples of Erin. Includes three made scenarios and a short section for inclusion of a fictional Roman Invasion of Erin. Generate scenarios, the landscape and even the weather and then use the mini campaign section to manage your warband between games.  (106 pages.  With a few pages removed and reordered to improve).

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