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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Limber Boxes and Coiled Rope added to 28mm Battlefield Bits range

Our array of bits to add to your miniatures or their bases or to place upon the field of battle expands with three more pieces. Useful for Flintloque as well as Horse and Musket period two different limber boxes and a coil of rope. Go HERE for the range. 

Limber Boxes are used by Horse Artillery and by Foot Artillery to keep tools and other items safe during transit. Often the gun crew will sit upon the box as a kind of seat (having a padded lid makes it more comfortable) and of course you can use the boxes for other supplies. Perhaps a scenario objective. Coils of rope serve artillery and navy as well as being useful for bandits, thieves and lots of other uses. These three codes are metal miniatures 28mm scale and come as singles except for the rope which is a set of four. 

As well as many sprues of bits such as pots, papers, pies, pistols, tankards, feathers, carrots and more the Battlefield Bits range contains Tents and wheels plus limber and riding animals of many species. Such as the Pummilig Riding Pig above there are Horses, Dodo, Camel and others. Well worth a browse HERE
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Thursday, 14 October 2021

Legion de Nain Staff new Dwarves released for Flintloque

“Coin is a funny thing.  Tiny bits of gold, silver and copper but in the hearts of Nain's there is little which will inspire more avarice than their chink in bag or chest.  Pay Masters guard their coin well and in fact even during the worst of defeats and routs it is rare to see the glint of metal exposed.  Either the officers gather enough troops around them to stave off predation or the predation results in staved in heads.  Either way I see the pay chests and I see the razor edged blade of the Pay Master's axe too."  (Legionnaire Gurt Feigling, 1st Legion de Nain)

We present the final of three dedicated pack codes (pack or singles from it) of character infantry for the Legion De Nain.  This time it is the 'staff' aides and officers with purpose to put into your force.  You can also see above 52005D Legion Officer on Pony, Legionary Drummer from 52005 and Beer Barrel Barricade from our scenic range.  Following up on the casualties and wounded last month and the veterans before them this new pack slots right into the infantry of the line, grenadiers or skirmishers of these Dwarves. Four Dwarves uniformed to match up with the rest of the Legion.  The legion now has fifty poses of Dwarf and you can read all about it on our blog using the Bier Wars TAB. Go HERE for the Confederation of Finklestein on the website where all these miniatures reside.

52023 Legion de Nain Staff:  This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal Dwarves which slot right into the ranks of the Legion and are great for more specialised scenarios.  Choose from the pack or select a pose (A to D) and all poses are dressed in legion uniform.  They are Dwarf officer with monocle pointing  and slung axe (A), bare headed Dwarf paymaster with axe and coin chest under his arm (B), bare headed Dwarf aide studying maps and papers with slung axe (C) and Dwarf with telescope and hammer (D).  You can select poses from the pack too. Supplied with resin cartouche bases included.

As we progress more releases will happen monthly as we expand the Legion de Nain and work towards it as a full force of all arms (the biggest ever expansion to the miniature range for a single army). We are pleased to be able to say that next month is the start of the cavalry as the infantry is now complete with a battalion's worth of new interlinked with each other poses!

If you would like to get into Flintloque in the lands of the Dwarfs then look no further than 5028 Beir and Bones game book.  On its own with full rules in print or as a digital download or as a shilling starter pack with miniatures and scenarios. If you have any questions please contact us on and ask.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Halflings for Oathmark video by James DeGrey

We are delighted to link up a Youtube video in this short article for your viewing.  Halflings from our 28mm High Fantasy Range and from Ganesha Games too.  

The video is embedded below and covers unboxing of James's order, his looking at the miniatures, at his free gift (VNT9 Troll) and then across to the miniatures painted and his plans for them.  Very enjoyable and fun hobby viewing.

The miniatures featured in this video are CA2 Halfing Walking Party (which can be had as a pack or as single miniatures) in our Adventurers and Wizards collection and codes such as AAB006 Halfling Cook and AAB013 Halfling Stilt Walker which you can see in this refined grouping in the Ganesha Games range.

We recently remolded the Halfling Walking Party and it is on special offer just now too.

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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

By request the All of Erin Bundle is now on the website

The return of Alternative Armies 28mm range of Celtic Mythology called Erin this year brought a lot of joy to tabletop gamers all across the world.  It allowed them to fill in gaps in their collections or to replace lost miniatures or to get into this unique array of fine metal miniatures.  A number of new customers wanted to go 'all in' easily getting their hands on all there was with a single purchase.  We arranged this for them by email and now we present the 'All of Erin Bundle' on the website.  Go HERE for the range.

CMM00 All of Erin Bundle: This special code allows you to purchase every single miniatures in the whole of our Celtic Mythology range in one bundle.  Every Sidhe, Fomorian, Fir Bolg, Milesian as well as all Monsters, Creatures and personalities too.  The bundle also has a built in discount meaning ten percent of the bundle is free.  Codes are all poses from CM1 to CM25.  Currently 85 Miniatures.  Please Note that any new Erin 'CM code structure' miniatures will be added to this bundle at the time of release and the price altered accordingly.

Every miniature in the range is there as a single code too so you can choose exactly what you want.  We also have three Warbands with a saving.  Browse the range HERE.

The first new Erin miniature is coming in November 2021.

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

New 28mm Limber Boar and Limber Pig released

The World of Valon sees two new beasts this day with the release of limber versions of the Pummilig Pig and Boar both in resin.  These are the same animals used by the Dwarves as cavalry mounts and will work in any gun crew for the Confederation of Finklestein or Krautia for example.  The Limber Pig are now supplied with the Von Rotte Artillery Crew as well.  

You can of course get these animals on their own as well in any amount. To see these as well as all our other BATTLEFIELD BITS RANGE click through to the website. We have Boars, Pigs, Dodo, Camel, Horses, Hippos, Rhinos, Gnoll, Lizards, Bison and many more mounts and limber beasts.  Well worth a browse.

Back in May we replaced all of the metal boars and pigs with more characterful and larger resin versions.  You can see an example of this change above with the classic Uhlan von Krautia (the rider re-mastered) on the new Pummilig Pig.  Any rider who fit upon the metal mounts will fit the resin ones.

The Legion de Nain is developing into a full army and already has not only the original classic packs but full units of gun crew (above and now with the option to get them with horse, pig or boar limber beasts on the page) line, grenadiers, light infantry and specialist packs of Casualties and Veterans. If you would like to know more about the Bier Wars project then follow its progress on this TAB on our blog.

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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

15mm Tabletop Games classic Halflings return!

Two more miniatures of the 1980's returned to the world and back in the Tabletop Games 15mm fantasy range alongside an array of Humans, Creatures, Monsters and more. Go HERE
MDA22 Halfling Warrior and MDA24 Halfling Archer are one piece metal miniatures and both are approx 11mm tall. 
If you are keen on narrative games in the smaller scale or a bit of a dungeon crawler then you cannot go far wrong with the three skirmish value packs we have. Tabletop Human, Asgard Human and Dwarf all with a saving. 

A really unique piece restored to the world and now in resin at a cheaper price the Mummified Wizard on Throne is a great piece for your collection. 

Your adventurers need enemies to battle and what better than a Giant Slug or two. Re-mastered this classic code can be had as a single creature, a pack of four or a saver bundle of twenty for the biggest of slimy encounters. 
Have a browse through this range and see some of the nicest and affordable of the 1980's now at Alternative Armies. 

Lastly all this month you get a free pack of HOT111 Dem Bones automatically in your package when sent out.  Ten pieces in 15mm scale for free.  Great for any setting. Yes, totally free.  See them HERE.
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Friday, 1 October 2021

Dem Bones 15mm ten pack free in orders and October 2021 at Alternative Armies

“The sun sets upon the field of battle.  Swords or Laser Beams.  Airborne death or cavalry charge.  After a time it is all the same with bones scattered across the dusty ground or churned wet soil.  Dem Bones mark the place of the fallen.”

October is here!  All this month a free pack of 15mm scale miniatures worth 6.00GBP in every package shipped out from Scotland to every customer. You need do nothing but place an order which requires to be shipping anywhere in the world (no Digital Download orders only sorry!) of any size and we will automatically include HOT111 Dem Bones. As many orders as you want and ends 9am GMT 1st November 2021.  You can also order this code, or parts from it, in any amount and you will still get the free pack.  Great for all 15mm settings and periods from fantasy to sci-fi as well as modern and historical.  See the entire HOT 15mm Fantasy range.

HOT111 Dem Bones: The Bones of the Dead. This pack contains an even mix of ten 15mm scale metal pieces taken from five different scenic miniatures (the sprue of 6 Skulls counts as one piece). From left to right two different skeletons, a sprue of six Human skills, a heap of skulls (10mm across) and a 20mm square carpet of skulls all of which are ideal for use as dungeon quests, dioramas, base or element decoration and for scattering on your wargames table or tiles. You can purchase a pack or from the menu on the page a choice of pieces taken from the pack if you wish only for certain types of items from the pack in multiples. Go HERE.

In the above picture you can see from top left onwards:  FMS02 Torn Modern Tents, HOB1B Large Hovel, IAF164E Green Control Adder Tankette and IAF004 Dead Retained Knight, HOT40 Skeleton Archers as well as HOT41 Skeleton Spears and HOT99 Skeleton Guard which are Undead.  Lastly HOF30 Automaton Infantry on an element base.  The free pack fits right in with all these settings as you can see.

Alternative Armies News for October 2021

This month is rather bony as you have seen.  We have some new releases and some upgraded imagery on the website too (above KC2 Mountain Orcs).  At the end of this month our Winter Mega Event will begin and we will have details on this nearer to the time.  But what is coming before that?

Two classic Tabletop 15mm Fantasy miniatures will return to the world this month a Halfling Archer and Warrior.  Following up on the new Riding Boar and Pummilig Pig we will be releasing the limber beast versions of these for Dwarf and other artillery.  After customer feedback we shall have the 'Erin Range Bundle' appearing which will give you every figure in the Erin 28mm Celtic Myth range with a saving too.  Three more entrants into the Bits and Sprues range; limber boxes and coiled rope.  For Flintloque the third specialised pack for the Legion de Nain will see the 'staff' released with four more poses.  This completes the regular infantry poses for the Legion!  Lastly a new 28mm Fantasy release into the Undead Legion as we bring you the larger version of Dem Bones!

As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 

Thanks for Reading,