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Thursday 29 September 2022

Savage Lizardmen three new packs of cavalry released in HOT 15mm Range

“From a barbaric time in a savage land these cold blooded warrior and live in many tribes which often war with each other. Their armies shake the very ground as they advance in unity against the foes of their race.”

The Savage Lizardman Army in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range expands again with three new packs of mounted warriors.

Great for any game system the new HOT140, HOT141 and HOT142 each contain four different metal rider poses on identical resin Iguanasaur mounts (see HOT137 for the beast on its own); four archers, four blades, four warband. As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase one pack or you can choose a sampler which, for these new packs, gives you one random rider with mount which is an ideal way to build skirmish forces. 
Above you can see Savage Lizardmen facing off against some of our 15mm High Elves including HOT8 Elf Command, HOT9 Mounted Sword Knight and HOT116 Elf Mounted Knight Command all supported by HOT29 Eagle Lord

There are a great many poses and packs in the Savage Lizardman Army which includes infantry, artillery, cavalry, lizard ogres and a behemoth as well. Here is a complete list of the codes thus far. 
HOT119 Savage Lizardman Blades 
HOT127 Savage Lizardman Spears 
HOT130 Savage Lizardman Warriors 
HOT134 Savage Lizardman Polearms 
HOT135 Savage Lizardman Archers 
HOT133 Savage Lizardman Behemoth 
HOT128 Lizard Ogres 
HOT136 Savage Lizardman Artillery 
HOT140 Savage Lizardman Blade Riders 
HOT141 Savage Lizardman Warband Riders 
HOT142 Savage Lizardman Bow Riders 
HOT137 Iguanasaur 
HOT127S Savage Shields 

Above is a scale picture for you to have a gander at.
You may not have seen our HOTR resin 15mm Orc forces. Command, Horde, Archers, Cavalry and Trolls. Every code can be had as a single sprue or a pack or value army builder bundle with a saving. See them alongside our other metal Orcs, Chariot and Mountain Orcs.  We have also got Goblins too!
Thank you for your time 

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Mr Saturdays Flintloque painted Vampyre and Zombies

In place of this month's planned Flintloque release (which will happen in October) we are pleased to present some pictures of Mr Saturday's own collection of the Undead in the World of Valon Range. Enjoy and next month it will all be swords and pistols by gad! 
All of these miniatures can be found in the Undead Army of the Dark Czar collection which recently saw remastered Zombie Line, the return of the classic Deadloque Set (as a set and singles) and the new Zombie Colour Party pack. All great to bolt onto your 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set

55509 Vampyre Officer. From the command set this is the 'dastardly' fellow as in the officer types for Slaughterloo. Along with a Liche such as Stalinov he leads a section of Zombies and Skeletons. 
5002 Deadloque – K. Putritch. One of the very worn soldiers of the Dark Czar now little more than a Skeleton clutching a musket. 

5002 Deadloque – N Fresh Zombie. A new recruit re-animated from the ranks of the 9eme Regt de Ligne formally in the service of the Emperor Mordred but no more. 

5002 Deadloque – M Fresh Zombie. Replacing the collapsed bones of Private Oblitaritch this new shambler was once in the Imperial Guard cavalry of the Grande Armee du Norde but instead he has a musket and a single purpose now. Great paintwork and lovely to see. 
Thanks for your time. 

Monday 26 September 2022

Compound Interest USEME 15mm Complete Starter Set released

"Brother Clement..what is that I see yonder in the dawning light beyond our blessed fence?" 
"High Priest…I do not know...beasts of the radiation…men perhaps. Certainly none which were invited. Shall I call the brothers to arms?" 
Cultists and Post Apocalyptic Warriors meet in battle with the third complete starter set for the ultra simple game system which is USEME. Containing all you need to play the three included scenarios. This means the USEME Post Apocalyptic booklet, two dice, bases and twenty eight 15mm scale miniatures plus a speeder kit all with a wee saving too. See the Website for the whole USEME Range of a dozen titles and three starter sets.  

UMS03 Compound Interest comes with a six page insert giving you the setting of the fenced compound of the Way of the Truth cult and the attacking Brutal Hand Clan of warriors. Three linked scenarios taking you from the fence itself to the compound and then deep underground to the focus of the cult's worship. With maps and special rules tied into the game booklet. Lastly two rosters of the characters so you can get playing straight away. Supplied in print with the starter set you can download the insert on the UMS03 page or on our FREE DOWNLOADS collected page for free. 
All of the miniatures in this starter set come from the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range if you wish to learn more and see them. 
There are fifteen different pocket sized booklets to choose from and each is in print and as a paid download too. Learn about each from game books to expansion and the latest 6mm Science Fiction and Prohibition Gangsters on their pages. Great fun! USEME Alien Safari is in playtesting stage (greyed out and not yet released) and will be coming later in 2022 as the 16th title. 

UMS01 Danger on Outpost 32: Alien Greys invade a peaceful space outpost intent on abduction. Can the rag tag array of aliens, troops and civilians prevent this? Find out in a complete starter set with scenarios, miniatures, bases and dice. 
UMS02 Ziggurat of Clem IV: Zidhe Space Elves have found an ancient and vital ruin but they are discovered as they try to enter it. The Octopods launch an attack! Can the Zidhe prevent the tentacle faced aliens from taking the prize? You can find out in a complete starter set with scenarios, miniatures, bases and dice. 
If you want to find some really cool 15mm science fiction miniatures and strange aliens and vehicles then check out the SHM and Space Vikings range (that is where the aliens came from in Danger on Outpose 32) in which a dozen aspiring sculptors have put their creations. Thank you for your time. 

Thursday 22 September 2022

Asgard FM Fantasy Range 1980's returns fourth round pt3 last part

Already this month we announced the first and second parts of the big fourth round of remastered releases into the growing Tabletop and Asgard Fantasy Monsters Range where there are now over 60 returned models.  Monsters, Creatures and more by such legends as Jez Goodwin, Nick Bibby, Steve Trickett and Tony Ackland among others.  Now it is the turn of the Undead with two Vampires and some Skeletons ideal for your dungeon or your table.  Our last 28mm Fantasy for the month.

Rusty ironwork, creaking bones and the deathly silence of the non living as they approach!

                                  FM31 V1 Vampire

FM31 V2 Vampire

FM26 Elite Skeleton Guardsman (with Spear)

FM32B Elite Skeleton Halberdier 

FM33 Skeleton Warrior 

(This miniature is open handed and comes with four weapon pieces for build options)

The MP30 Deaths Head Fountain!  A great scenic piece which is now in resin which allows a lower price.  Repaired from the damaged metal original master it is in three pieces and fits in really will with any high fantasy dark setting.  

We will continue our restoring of classic ranges and models by Tabletop Miniatures and Asgard Miniatures and we hope you have been enjoying it.  As an aside remolding is underway on the 15mm Laserburn Range on the 400 series Redemptionists to keep them in the fight!

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday 20 September 2022

Asgard FM Fantasy Range 1980's returns fourth round pt2

We return to regular work and news with three rather special 1980's metal monsters which includes my personal favourite restored thus far; the Death Demon.  The second part of the 4th round of remastered classic releases in the Tabletop and Asgard Fantasy Range.  Gone from the world for decades and now back.

In this wee bit of news we give you the big hitters.  Following up on the mighty FM19 Storm Giant and the FM23 Giant Slug these monsters work well in 28mm scale and will also work just fine in 15mm scale too.  Total height is from sole of foot to top of highest part of the figure. 

FM34 Death Demon (30mm total height)

FM28 V1 Drizzlebringer King of the Swamp Giants with Club (45mm total height)

FM38 Giant Lizardman with Hammer (50mm total height)

What if you would like your creatures to wreak some furniture on the gaming table?

Well we have you covered in the Guild Room Range of scenics.  Restored from the 1980's with some converted into resin with reduced prices and others corrected for slippage we have chairs, tables, bench seats, cauldron and other bits for your bar room.  Above you can see the chairs and tables from the range.

Thanks for your Time. 


Wednesday 7 September 2022

Asgard FM Fantasy Range 1980s returns fourth round pt1

We are catching up with the end of the Summer Mega Event and thus while we are we wanted to give you some 'new' things to look at.  A large group of Asgard dawn of the 1980's models have been restored and are coming out in September.  They are all from the Fantasy Monster (FM) range and take us up beyond the fortieth miniature.  All of this big group of restored, remastered releases for the month are on the site now but we will release the pictures and news in three parts; this being the first. We have worked hard to allow tabletop gamers, collectors and Asgard fans the chance to have these miniatures once more. 

In this news we show to you five monsters mixed of snakes and trolls.  Each miniature is shown in a series of pictures and angles with a total height listed to help you know their size. Total height is from sole of foot to top of highest part of the figure. In the case of long creatures a total length is given the same way.  

FM25 Giant Snake (50mm long)

FM30 V2 Half Troll with Sword (27mm tall)

FM35 Hill Troll (35mm tall)

FM36 Were Snake (30mm tall)

FM41 Mountain Troll (50mm tall)

Great for any game system and some really novel looking ideas for creatures.

The Guild Room range is where we have put all of the thus far restored 1980's Tabletop and Asgard scenic miniatures and characters.  For example above is the great WW1 Wizard on Throne Set which can be had as a pack or parts from it on its page.  This goes along with magic mirrors, potion bottles, skull candle holders and much more.   

Thanks for your Time. 


Thursday 1 September 2022

September 2022 and Alternia Steampunk free in all orders this month

Nine months in!  Yes the ninth of twelve brand new free 28mm scale mascot Alternia's is here.  Every package sent out from here in Scotland will have ALT009 Alternia Steampunk included for free. Place your order, as many as you wish and she will automatically be included. Any size of order the only exception is no digital only orders; as long as it is shipped it gets the free miniature. Ends 1st October 2022 for ALT009. See our mascot Alternia range on the WEBSITE

This month our lady of Alternative Armies was inspired by a genre of miniatures we have not really touched upon but we felt was rather fitting.  Ladies can lug around giant wrenches just as well as any man can so in an alternate history which features boilers and vessels, mechanical marvels and rivets here she is! Supplied in one piece metal Alternia wears an open military style great coat and a stovepipe hat complete with goggles.  She holds an open pocket watch and an arrow headed staff or tool. A great miniature for collecting, painting or using in a 19th century imagi-nations game. 

This ninth incarnation joins the previous which are on the website for purchase as single miniatures. The Highlander, the Landsknecht, the Erin lady, the Easter Girl, the Future Warrior, Knight of The Ion Age, Black Powder and Beach Huntress. There are now a total of ten including the very first original high fantasy pose. 

Taking an eye glass to our ranges we thought that the AS003 Cyborg Enslaver could easily fit into a steampunk setting as a mechanical servant or bodyguard.  From the Reluctant Brigands pack FL26-01 makes a fine henchman or robber.  Lastly the mighty HOF142 Mecha X1 with its humanoid head (rather than the saucer shaped one which suits space opera) suits a 90mm tall creation of iron and coal.

Alternative Armies News for September 2022 

Due to the death of her highness the late Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th September and the period of shock and official mourning which has followed Alternative Armies has rightly changed and reduced the original plan for this month.  Releases meant for September will now come in October 2022.  The company will recommence news on Wednesday 21st September for the following. 

We have three lots of remastered and returned Asgard 28mm miniatures in the FM Fantasy range which will see us well into the FM30's.  This work is continuing well and we hope to get more re-releases each month until years end.  The HOT 15mm Fantasy range will see a resumption of the Savage Lizardmen army and its growth.  USEME series will get another complete starter set of miniatures, booklet, scenarios and so forth with a saving too; look out for 'Compound Interest'.  

As always our greatest value codes are to be found on our DEALS AND OFFERS pages for 5% to 50% off on products some of which change every month plus all the big value sets for our game systems are all held there.

As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 

Thanks for Reading,