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Friday 24 February 2017

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy fourth wave singles and packs released!

Wave Four is now released! The Sengoku range of 15mm scale Japanese Fantasy sculpted by John Bell is the largest such range in the world.  It now has eighty plus single codes and packs as well as four complete wave sets and two HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Armies supplied with all needed element bases.  

Great for Japan themed games or spicing up your 15mm fantasy or pulp or post-apocalyptic collections among many others.  As well as Male and Female warriors there are Male and Female Buddhist monks.  There are Goblins and Kappa was well as Tengu and Oni.  Sengoku has Ghosts, Snakes and Monsters plus centipede, snake and spider bodied warriors and monsters.  School Girls in Japanese uniforms, Goblin Cavalry, Plant Sprits and Ghosts. Now many Tanuki as well as Baku, Nekomata, Inugami, Nurikabe  and Demons. Go HERE for the range page where all the miniatures are.

We are proud to announce the release of the forth wave of Sengoku miniatures.  Here is a list of the new codes, singles, packs and set.  Go HERE.

SGFP19 The Sengoku Set IV
Twenty Two Japanese 15mm Fantasy Miniatures - The Full Sengoku IV Set! 31.00GBP
22 white metal and resin miniatures designed by John Bell suitable for use in any oriental themed 15mm scale game system or army.  This is a set containing one of every pose in the forth set of the range SGF60 through to SGF81.  Small amount of Assembly required. The pack offers a small saving off single purchases of those codes. Get one of everything!

SGFP20  Nue and Baku Pack (3)  10.00GBP
This pack contains three large 15mm miniatures taken from SGF60, SGF61 and SGF62.  The pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP21 Inugami Hounds Pack (6) 10.00GBP
This pack contains six Japanese 15mm mythological hounds in a mix of three different poses taken from SGF66, SGF67 and SGF68.  This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP22 Nekomata Cats Pack (6)  10.00GBP
This pack contains six Japanese 15mm mythological felines in a mix of three different poses taken from SGF63, SGF64 and SGF65.  This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP23 Creatures Spirits and Infants Pack (6)  5.50GBP
This pack contains six mixed 15mm Japanese mythic miniatures with at least one of each.  These are taken from SGF75 Nekomata Kitten, SGF76 Inugami Pup, SGF77 Greater Centipede Demon, SGF78 Tsurube Otoshi and SGF79 Wanyudo. This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP24 Nurikabe Pack (6) 5.50GBP
This pack contains six mixed from two poses of 15mm Japanese spirits that manifest as friendly or hostile walls; an even mix of both types.  Taken from codes SGF80 and SGF81.  This pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGFP25 Tanuki Warriors (12)  5.50GBP
This pack contains twelve 15mm mythical raccoon warriors miniatures randomly taken from but including all of SGF70,71,72,73 and SGF74 plus the pack offers a small saving off single purchase of these codes.

SGF60 Nue                         4.00GBP
SGF61 Baku with Elephant Head   4.00GBP
SGF62 Baku with Lion Head 4.00GBP
SGF63 Nekomata running         2.00GBP
SGF64 Nekomata leaping         2.00GBP
SGF65 Nekomata kicking         2.00GBP
SGF66 Inugami leaping                 2.00GBP
SGF67 Inugami walking         2.00GBP
SGF68 Inugami standing         2.00GBP
SGF69 Tanuki loosing bow         0.50GBP
SGF70 Tanuki with Kusari gama         0.50GBP
SGF71 Tanuki with Kintama club         0.50GBP
SGF72 Tanuku pulling bow         0.50GBP
SGF73 Tanuki half armoured katana 0.50GBP
SGF74 Tanuki in hat with bow         0.50GBP
SGF75 Nekomata Kitten         0.75GBP
SGF76 Inugami Pup                 0.75GBP
SGF77 Greater Centipede Demon         1.50GBP
SGF78 Tsurube Otoshi                 1.00GBP
SGF79 Wanyudo                 1.00GBP
SGF80 Friendly Nurikabe         1.00GBP
SGF81 Hostile Nurikabe         1.00GBP

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Wednesday 22 February 2017

BS020 Flintloque Guns sprue released at Alternative Armies

Following up on a conversation on the Notables Yahoo Group about which missing firelocks they would like to see for Flintloque to personalise their miniatures we are happy to present this new sprue of guns.  These are 28mm scale and are the twentieth release in our Bits and Sprues range on the website.  Alongside Tankards, Carrots, Pies, Fruit, Meat, Pistols, Wine Glasses and a lot more we now have four new black powder fantasy weapons.  Go HERE or read on for more.

BS020 Flintloque Guns
Four different white metal 28mm scale black powder guns taken from the Flintloque universe for customising your characters or adding scenic interest to your gaming table.  They are from left to right.  1. Ogre Kannonderbuss (Hunvaria and K.G.L), 2. Repeating Air Rifle (Ostaria), 3. Seven Barrel Volley Gun (Greate Britorcn) and 4. Dwarf Blunderbuss (Finklestein, Krautia, Von Rotte Legion).  You can purchase a sprue or single guns from it by selecting your option on the menu. 2.00GBP per sprue. Go HERE.

This is an excellent sprue of four weapons for players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  The Kannonderbuss is a staple weapon of all the Ogres in the game and has been requested many times so that it can be slung from the back of cavalry on their Rhinos or on the shoulder of command elements with drum or standard pole.  The Ostarian Repeating Air Rifle is an enigma in the game just as it was in real life.  Our design is based entirely upon the historical Girandoni pattern and as such it could be used with historical 28mm miniatures too.  It is lovely to see it in reality now as it has never been on any of our figures despite being in the universe since near the beginning.  What can be said of the Volley Gun that is not known.  Used by Sergeant Harpy the hulking best mate of Captain Sharke this gun shoots seven pistol sized balls and can devastate a group of enemies but it will destroy anyone too weak to fire it properly.  Dwarves have two standard firelocks on Valon. One of them is the MkII Musket (which is in our Armourers Pack) and the other is the Blunderbuss.  Now the Blunderbuss can be added to characters or diorama pieces.

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Friday 17 February 2017

Free Worldwide Shipping to celebrate our Merger until 20th February 2017

Alternative Armies is delighted to announce that the merger of our sister site 15mmcouk back into our own online place is complete.  All the fantasy, historical, science fiction and publications for 15mm scale are all now at home in the 'Our 15mm Ranges' list on our home page.  It has been a complex and actually rather emotional process but tabletop gamers have been very supportive of our choice and the reasons for it.  As a result we wish to reward this kindness and to celebrate the merger and so we have a Free WorldWide Shipping event (orders over 12GBP product value) now online which will end at 9am GMT Tuesday 21st February (we know we said Monday but this is to account for the time difference around the world).  Go HERE and have a look or read on for more.

We now have a vast array of 28mm and 15mm lines to offer you from Flintloque to 28mm High Fantasy to Mythological and unique like Grinning Skull and Ganesha Games as well as 15mm in the forms of many historical periods and fantasy plus science fiction and Laserburn.  Our pricing is excellent and during this promotion all you need to do is add to your cart and as long as your product total is more than 12.00GBP then postage is free worldwide.  This is automatic.  This is standard airmail and domestic postage and if you wish to add a 'signed for' option this remains at 10.00GBP flat charge.  Go HERE.

Get yourself some campaign supplies for the early spring in 15mm and 28mm scale!

Additionally our sister website The Ion Age is also running this promotion with free postage on all orders over 12.00GBP so visit them if you love space opera wargaming and have a browse.  If you wish to combine orders from Alternative Armies and The Ion Age by email then contact us on letting us know who and where you are plus your code list and we will sort you out.  Any emails which arrive before 9am GMT Tuesday 21st will qualify for the offer even if it takes a little longer to get the order processed and in place.

We will be shipping out orders all the way through this excellent weekend offer and then beyond it. We will then return to a new normal with our regular releases for many lines including Flintloque, Fantasy Monsters, HOT 15mm Fantasy, Sengoku and more.

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Thursday 2 February 2017 to merge back into Alternative Armies during February 2017

This is a major announcement by Alternative Armies concerning the future of its fellow website  

About ten years ago Alternative Armies decided to separate off its 15mm ranges and to place them in their own website.  In our strategic review we have decided to bring all the ranges that make up back to Alternative Armies.  They will be placed in their own new sections of the Alternative Armies website and gradually removed from  The process will continue until all the ranges are taken across and then we will shut down  Both of these websites are part of the same great company and the fulfilment of orders and contact with customers will continue as normal.  The email address will not be deactivated and we will send out messages during the process inviting Tabletop Gamers to join the Alternative Armies community and mail list if they have not already done so.

You will have noticed that the Alternative Armies website has a new look and is now even roomier.  This is purposeful for the planned merger and features a new headline list of pages called '15mm Ranges'.  We ask you to support us over the coming weeks of this merger and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Contact us on  We took this decision for many reasons including the maintenance time in multiple large websites, the commonality of customers across them and also our plans for the scales of 15mm and 28mm which we have for this and coming years.  We know this is a surprise but all will be well and we are the same great people you already know and all of the miniatures, game systems and more you are familiar with will continue on.  The team that runs both websites will continue as it is with one much larger website.

We will keep you informed of progress.  We have have some great new products and rule systems coming in 2017.  We began with 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar a new beginners set for Flintloque and we will soon have new 15mm miniatures to show and a rule set too as well as new Flintloque Scenics and the rest of the FL Series of High Fantasy.

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