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Monday 29 April 2024

Star Mercs 25 poses new faction for HOF 15mm Science Fiction range

“Unlike the Rim Mercs who will serve any colony who can raise the coin the Star Mercs take on more 'discerning' clients. Often giant corporations or governments who want populations contained or calmed. Clad in impact armour and helmets they make use of projectile weapons and energy weapons alike. Trained to act without question for their paymasters. Use them in your wars!” 

Now added to the massive HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range are five new packs, a value platoon pack and of course singles of twenty five new poses. A whole new faction of Star Mercs to go alongside Security Force Alpha, the Rim Mercs and Grey Aliens among others in the range. Nearly two hundred codes and all can be had as packs or single pose choice within them as well as Value Packs with savings
The Star Mercs: Here are the new codes plus scale comparison picture and how a 15nm scale Star Merc looks next to the free in packages automatically (until 9th May) Warbot II which works in 6mm, 15mm and 28mm too. 

How do these new miniatures line up with a chosen few others of ours? 

As you can see they go with the Post Apocalyptic and The Rim Mercs as well as Security Force Alpha not to mention the Cold Climes Militia from the 15mm Ion Age Range

Ideal for backing up your Star Mercs is the free in all orders any scale AS028 War Bot II. It stands about 40mm tall and is armed with twin rotary cannons. 

Thursday 25 April 2024

Asgard Orcs by Jes Goodwin restored part one OR1 to OR24

The time is here! Asked for and now on the website the first part of three of the total restoration of Jes Goodwin’s classic Orcs made for Asgard in the early 1980’s. Twenty four single miniatures and a set with a good saving too. 
Painted by Studio Maxi with hand painted shields in the style that such superb miniatures deserve we present OR1 to OR24. Big and brutal Great Orcs, nimble Orc Scouts, Cave Orcs, Warriors and loathsome Horde Orcs. So much attitude and style in every one of them. Here are front, side and rear pictures. 

These Orcs work really well in 28mm scale. Great for any system. 

Above examples of the different sizes of Orcs and a scale line up with a Fantasy Warlord Human Soldier, a Crystal Elf Warrior and one of Jes Goodwin’s own Dwarf Warriors
Some of the finest Dwarfs of the 1980’s also by Jes Goodwin. Singles and a full set with saving. 
Creatures of Chaos! Some very odd miniatures here as singles and a saver set sculpted in the 1980’s by Nick Bibby, Jes Goodwin and John Blanche. 
Alternative Armies is committed to restoring all that we can of the Asgard ranges and Tabletop Miniature ranges too. We have been at this for several years now and we expect it to take further years but we want to thank all of you for your support and kind words in this mighty project. Part Two and Part Three the final part of the Orc range will appear later in 2024. 

Wednesday 24 April 2024

BR042 Erzherzog 6mm Heavy Tank new by Bradley Miniatures

The forty second pack in the great Bradley Miniatures 6mm Range is now on the website.  Remember to check out the Bradley Miniatures 15mm Range for larger versions of some of their vehicles.  Say hello to the thick armoured beast that is the Erzherzog!

The Erzherzog (meaning 'archduke' in German), is a large, heavily armed and armored vehicle commonly found in the armored retinues of the Houses Karl. It is used as a breakthrough tank to smash enemy lines. To achieve the high performance required by its mission profile, the Erzherzog is powered by a powerful archite reactor, allowing it to press an attack for days without refuelling, so long as its ammunition supplies last. The downside is that, while the vehicle itself is not prohibitively expensive to produce, refined archite crystal is a rare and prized resource. Most commanders carefully conserve their precious supplies of archite fuel for these pivotal assaults, and it is rare to see Erzherzogs fighting on the frontlines with more common troops.

BR042 Erzherog Heavy Tank:  This 6mm scale metal vehicle comes in a pack of three with three different hulls or choice of singles on the website where you can select which turret you want from the three.  Each vehicle is 27mm long, 16mm wide and 13mm tall (with turret).  Supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

The range contains a wide array of choices of infantry, power armoured infantry, bikes, light vehicles, medium and heavy vehicles as well as skimmers a mighty Dropship plus Mecha and walkers such as BR006 Tiger Combat Walker above and the BR026 Lynx Scout Walker below.  

Good for any game system.

Check out UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction written by Vic Dobson which gives fast play and easy to learn rules including solo play to use with any range of miniatures including Bradley’s.  In pocket sized Print and as a Digital Download too.

Our 6mm Terrain Range gives you twenty eight different desert buildings as well as bundles and saver sets too.


Tuesday 23 April 2024

New 15mm Japanese fantasy Sengoku full set XI plus Teppo and Sambito

The largest ever array of miniatures featuring Japanese monsters, creatures, spirits, animals as well as warriors, cavalry, buildings, townsfolk and much more in 15mm scale has just increased again!  

Sculpted by John Bell the Sengoku 15mm Range is now at 230 poses.  The awaited 11th Sengoku Set (the easiest way to get into Sengoku with a saving) is here as well as Teppo, Sambito and two new lower half options too. Here are the new codes in the range.

SGFP65 Sengoku Set XI  (SGF205 to SGF230) with saving

(Twenty Seven Different Miniatures)

The Samebito (shark man) is a creature that appears in "The Gratitude of the Samebito", a short story by Lafcadio Hearn. It is described as a shark-like humanoid with inky black skin, emerald green eyes, a face like a demon's and a beard like a dragon's.

SGFP63 Sambito Warriors (12 Pack with Saving)

From the pack as singles too:

SGF221 Samebito with Katana

SGF222 Samebito with Daisho

SGF223 Samebito with Yari

SGF224 Samebito with Yumi

The Teppo or ‘long musket’ was the most popular matchlock in feudal Japan carried by warriors and wealthier farmers and villagers.  Hunt Yokai!

SGFP64 Teppo Warriors (12 Pack with Saving)

From the pack as singles too:

SGF225 Warrior with Teppo

SGF226 Warrior with Teppo II

SGF227 Warrior with Teppo III

SGF228 Lady with Teppo

Almost all Sengoku Humans and Humanoid creatures are ‘two part’ meaning you can choose the ‘legs’ to go with them.  Two new options for wading and for the Sambito.

SGF229 Fish Tail lower body

SGF230 Human Water Wading lower body

Monster Hunter! Written by Steve Danes you take the part of a professional hunter of creatures in mythical Japan and set out to make your reputation.  Play solo or with others.  A game which is different every time you play and the enemies get tougher each time.  Also see Rampage the expansion title which gives you more for the tabletop.

There are now eleven Sengoku Sets from the venerable first one with Oni, Goblins, Kappa and Tengu shown here to the latest  A fine way to collect and save and if you had all of these you have every miniature made in the range.


Monday 22 April 2024

Six new 15mm ECW senior mounted commanders released

Releases continue to expand our 17th century for English Civil War in 15mm range which contains near seventy poses. Mounted senior officer or aides for the cause of Parliament and for that of the King. Packs and single choice with in. We also have pre-made armies with saving and free bases for Furioso English Civil War too. Our last new releases for ECW during the Spring Event. 

Following on from the casualties as well as the sitting and walking wounded these new codes: 
MRC99 Royalist Senior Command (Three Set or Singles) (MRC99, MRC100, MRC101) 
MRC102 Parliamentarian Senior Command (Three Set or Singles) (MRC102, MRC103, MRC104) 
Every pose in the range can be had as a single including the command sets and artillery crews and mounted command simply by selecting on their page the pose you desire. There are also the original 1980’s era 17th Century codes MR48 to MR69 and MRC28 to MRC53 restored on the website as singles. We have an array of suitable terrain such as tents, buildings, ruined walls and campfire for your 15mm wargaming
Written by Steve Danes (author of Doom Squad, Sengoku Monster Hunter and the other Furioso titles) Furioso English Civil War rules in print and digital download are easy to learn and flexible allowing big battles to be fought with ease. A lot of setting flavour for the ECW and personalities as well from it in the rules. 

Friday 19 April 2024

VLE16 Nikita Hedloski very limited edition released for Flintloque

“In the service of the Dark Czar death is a certainty for all. In fact most are dead before coming into his service by courtesy of the Graviski Re-animator crew. Zombies rot away and become skeletons before crumbling to snow pattered dust. The loss of a head is the end in all cases...but not quite. Something of an oddity even among the Undead is Nikita Hedloski who has lost his noggin but keeps on going. Attached to the 9th Corpseov Fusiliers he aids in command.” 

We are delighted to present the sixteenth very limited edition code for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Our final release in the Spring Mega Event 2024 for the World of Valon. Very Limited means the code has 250 numbered packs produced and supplied numbered before the mold is destroyed and it is gone forever. It joins our range of Limited Editions
VLE16 Nikita Hedloski Zombie NCO: This code contains three metal miniatures in 28mm scale. The same character on foot and mounted on a skeletal horse and is supplied with resin cartouche bases. Sculpted by Nikki Chatwin. It has rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo on its page of the website. 

Add to your Undead of the Witchlands forces! 

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Halcyon Miniatures releases set two as singles and value set

The boutique miniature range which came to Alternative Armies this year now makes its second round of releases! Halcyon Miniatures is manufactured by us in agreement with its Nottingham based sculptor. This second round joins the first in 28mm scale metal science fiction. 

Following up on the Storm Troopers, Psi-Operative and others we have Assault Infantry with Shields plus their Commissar and the chainsaw wielding Priest of Truth. Useful in any game system. 

All miniatures in this range are ‘tabbed’ meaning they use a slot base. Extra value is given by us in that we supply a resin circular slot base free with every figure purchased from Halcyon. These are as shown in the painted examples and are 59034 Wide Slot Base

Above is a scale line up featuring Alternia Cyberpunk, the Commissar of Truth, the (free until 9th May in all orders automatically) War Bot II and the Priest of Truth. As you can see they match up well. Every miniature in the Halcyon Range comes as a single with its free base but there are now also two set packs which contain each round of miniatures with a built in saving. 

From the dawn of the golden age the classic Asgard Space Marines. Returned to the world with care these miniatures are singles and a value set of all with saving. Despite being more than four decades ago in the design they are timeless and great for any system. 

Monday 15 April 2024

New scatter scenics for Erin Celtic Myth 28mm Range

“The landscape of Ireland is vital to its mythology from the smallest streams to the largest forest and hill. The land is Erin and Erin is the land.  Over millennia the Peoples and Gods who have walked, breathed and died upon this land which is Erin have left something of themselves behind.  Thus is the land covered in markers of conflict and of the past and the dead all lending themselves to the magic that is Erin. Such monuments, markers, stones and more can all influence the journey of a great Hero of Ireland.” - From Erin the game of Celtic Myth (2005)

Three new scatter terrain models are now in the Erin Celtic Myth range for your collecting.  The first of what will become many these items populate your table or your dioramas or even the bases of such monsters as Morc of Chicol or Culach the Lord of the Fomorians.  They have, as with EVERY other code in the range, been added to the All of Erin Bundle which gives you everything in the range with a 5% saving built in.

New codes:

CM32-01 Celtic Stone with Skulls

CM32-02 Celtic Stone with Weapons

CM32-03 Trio of Celtic Stones

These will work excellently with the warbands of Erin be they Fomorian, Sidhe, Firbolg or Milesian; pre-made with a saving built in.  All on the Erin Range page.

The Skull Heap is a gruesome piece for your table and features in our Undead Legions Fantasy Range too.

If you wish to get all there is for this range you can with the All of Erin Bundle which has 5% off and during the Spring Mega Event another 20% off at checkout too.  Such value!

We have the 2005 Erin game book as a digital paid download.  We are working on a new edition but it is a long, long way off being ready as all the new miniature releases are working towards it.  Do not fret though as this 108 page download title will still be valid for your miniatures when it arrives.  Alternative Armies never outlaws previous versions of titles.


Sunday 14 April 2024

Todoroni Giovanile Aide released and free Flintloque rules for Todoroni too

“Who you callin Boy!”  The Todoroni of Nepolise gain another character miniature in their range.  Following the Surgeon, Exploring Officer, Glutton, Opera Singer, Servants and others this time Nikki Chatwin has sculpted a youth for your sections and units.

Allied to the Ferach Empire and serving from Catalucia to the Witchlands the Todoroni are figures of fun but also troops of merit too.  Along with this new release we have the promised updated and complete free PDF article with game rules for all of these new miniatures.  

56139 Todoroni Giovanile Aide: This code contains one single piece metal miniature in 28mm scale with a 34mm total height. This Todoroni youth has been conscripted to act as a runner or messenger for his superiors. With a pistol in one hand and a message in the other he is rather scared! Useful in your Flintloque sections, as a scenario objective or aide. Supplied unpainted with a resin base.

You can choose from a Slaughterloo Divisional Army Pack (saving 15%) down to units of line, militia, grenadiers and others as well as character singles and more in this range.   Find rules for Todoroni in 5030 Slaughterloo and in 5025 War in Catalucia plus unique weapons and more in 5027 Grapeshotte.

Todoroni Notables! A free PDF download on our website giving rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for all the Todoroni characters. The Opera Singer, the Servant, the Duellist, the Sapper and the Exploring Officer plus later ones such as the Surgeon.  See our Free Downloads Page for this and a lot more.

To make a start in Flintloque then look no further than 5024 Escape the Dark Czar the beginners set. Miniatures, Bases, Core Rules and Scenario Booklet all in one with three scenarios. See the Beginning in Flintloque page for this plus many free articles. 

Thank you for your time!