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Thursday 30 March 2023

Stone Cold Lead paints the classic Asgard D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut

It is my pleasure to present the master grade brush work of Simon over at Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting. You can find him on Facebook and Instragram and he is for hire if you wish to contact and ask his availability. He recently painted up the mighty restored 1982 classic in metal D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut. Here we give you the resultant lovely pictures which on our blog if you click on them they will become much larger. 
The Juggernaut supplied in metal in two pieces (body and tail) standing 50mm tall and 110mm total length. Also supplied a third piece a Great Sword which can be left off or indeed put in the hand. Great for any scale. Sculpted by Nick Bibby. 

Above is a picture for scale next to one of our 28mm Crystal Elves. As you can see it is a big metal model (the largest single piece casting we made currently) and this Pike Elf will have some problems! 
Alternative Armies in 2023 is currently well underway in restoring Asgard's classic 1980's fantasy ranges. We have already done most of the science fiction and are currently in the FM series of fantasy monsters and creatures. We have also sectioned off Nick Bibby sculpts due to request and there is the mighty Dragon too. Here is a list of the ranges on the website. 
Thanks for Reading, 

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Marcher Barons and Nobles the big guys pt5 28mm Ion Age overhauling

Someone has to be in charge as they say and it is nice when they earn it by action and deed. In Prydia that would be the Nobles, Lords and Marcher Barons. These plus Knight Errants have now been overhauled with new pictures and single pose purchase for the first time. These codes are the largest power armoured Humans in the 28mm Ion Age range at about 34mm to 40mm tall. Imposing men and women and fantastic for leading your forces in any game system. 
A total of nine different miniatures as singles now and as value packs with built in saving. Here are there codes.   See them all on the site on a refined search NOBLES AND LORDS.
IB27 Nobles of Prydia (IA0102,IA103,IA104) Value Saver Pack
IA102 Noble Retained Large Senior Retained, Carnwennan Pistol, Head Crest 
IA103 Noble Retained Large Senior Retained, Carnwennan Pistol, Helm Prow 
IA104 Noble Retained Large Senior Retained, Carnwennan Pistol, Plume 
IB32 Retained Knight Errants (IA105,IA106,IA107) Value Saver Pack
IA105 Knight Errant Octa Power Sword in two handed grip, cowl 
IA106 Retained Noblesse Female Noble with Carnwennan Pistol, bare headed 
IA107 Knight Errant Twin Carnwennan Pistols, helm crest 
IB30 Marcher Barons (IA116,IA117,IA118) Value Saver Pack
IA116 Marcher Barons Senior Noble, Superior Armour, Carwennan Pisto
IA117 Marcher Barons Senior Noble, Superior Armour, Octa Sword, Carn Pistol 
IA118 Marcher Barons Senior Noble, Superior Armour, Carwennan Pistol
Everyone of them is a single pose too. Here are a new examples.

We are nearly complete on the overhaul of the Human Prydian miniatures in the 28mm Ion Age range with only the latest Starvaulters, Female Retained and Muster plus Planetary Militia still to go. We also have the first new pack and singles of many new to come (more on them later). After this we will move onto the Shia Khan Empire with its Legionaries, Goblin Maligs, Human Betrayers and more. As we are fair the original prices are totally valid on the site until that code updates with new pictures and options. 
Thanks for Reading, 

Monday 27 March 2023

Spring Mega Event 2023 at Alternative Armies

One of the largest and most looked forward to events of the year is on now.  Until 9am UK time Tuesday 9th May 2023 we have 20% off every order automatically at checkout, an array of new releases, a free any scale Warbot in every package (until the end of April) and more.  Full event details are in this message for you to read. Go to the WEBSITE and have a browse down to the left hand menu and within them sub-menu’s to see what interests you among our thousands of miniatures, bases, books and more.

20% Off Every Order: Once you have put everything into your cart proceed to checkout. Once there our website automatically deducts twenty percent from the cart total on screen before payment is made.  No code needed. You will see the total reduce on screen.  This discount is automatic and applies to everything on the site AND if the product is already discounted on screen (such as a value pack or divisional army pack) then this discount is on top!  So for example all Digital Titles are 20% less than print and you will get a further 20% off them during the event. Note you may not use any other manually entered discount code during the event.

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Free In Your Package: We like to give our customers a bit more and this applies also during our big events. Until the end of July it is VNT48 Rock Monster a resin creature which is great for 15mm and 28mm gaming and is worth 10.00GBP. You need do nothing as this miniature included in packages automatically; you need only place your order.  There is no limit on the number of orders as the free will always be included.  

New Releases:  More than twenty new codes are now on the website to purchase. See them all in NEW RELEASES . Here are all the new codes:

HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range

HOFP07 Security Force Alpha Platoon

(New Images of Corporate Ashigaru packs and also Security Force Alpha original packs)

USEME Game System Range

UMS04 Diamyo Dodging complete cyberpunk complete starter set

Bradley Miniatures 15mm Science Fiction Range

BR1507  Pendulum Scout Car (1 Kit)

Erin 28mm Celtic Mythology Range

CM29-01 Pucci Handstanding

CM29-02 Pucci Balancing a Human Skull

CM29-03 Pucci foot on Skull

CM29-04 Pucci Human Skull Raised

CM29-05 Pucci Crouching behind Stone

Flintloque - Todoroni of Nepolise Army

56133  Fruscati Grenaderia Sapper 

56134  Todoroni Servant 

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy Range

SGF207 Hanzaki (Salamander)

SGF208 Swimming Hanzaki (Salamander)

SGF209 Toro (Stone Lantern)

SGF210 Toro II (Stone Lantern) 

SGF211 Wani (Shark/Crocodile) 

SGFP59 Hanzaki with Wani and Toro Lanterns Pack

Bradley 6mm Science Fiction Range

BR040 Pendulum Scout Car (Single or pack of four)

Dwarven Hosts 28mm Fantasy

DH17 Mountain Dwarf Champions

HOT 15mm Fantasy Range

HOT148 Ogre Brigands (2)

HOT149 Ogre Brigands II (2)

HOT150 Ogre Mercenaries (2)

HOT148O Ogre Brigandine Warband (6) 

The Ion Age 28mm Range

IB60 Planetary Militia Support Squad (Saver Pack)

IA213 PM Trooper with Ron Hi-Ex

IA214 PM Trooper with Moth Type 12 Launcher

IA215 PM Trooper with Bodkin AP Rifle

IA216 PM Trooper with Bodkin AP Rifle

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On Going Overhaul:  You might have noticed new 28mm Ion Age miniatures and that is right! We are about at the half way point of updating with new pictures, single pose options and pack discounts the massive Ion Age range. Until updated the original prices are honoured of course.

We accept many forms of payment through our website such as Paypal and Credit Cards plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.  If you would like to speak to us about an order or you have a question please make contact on or go to our Facebook Group or MeWe page our Forum

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Thursday 23 March 2023

Monday is the day...

We have been quiet this week and there is a reason for this.  We are drawing breath and getting ready for the Spring Mega Event 2023 at Alternative Armies.  This short message is simply to tell you that the event will begin in four days time on Monday 27th March.  

The event will run for six weeks and on top of more than twenty new releases which will gradually get their news during the event (though all will be on the site from the start) a blanket 20% automatic discount at checkout will apply to all orders and you will get the free AS016 Warbot for any scale worth 10GBP included in package too.

We are at 65% of the limited run in metal of NB2 Dragon 
see it and the articles on this 80's classic on the Website.

The return of our largest model ever has been well met.  Flintloque Fans are enjoying a bit of Coaching!  See it and its variants and free booklet on the Website.

So time to have a browse and think about the spring campaign season and what you have planned or desired for armies and projects among the thousands of miniatures on our website.

We will see you on Monday 27th with all the details of the event but for the moment we will let you know that the blanket 20% automatic discount is now active (we are always fair) at checkout.

Thank you.

Thursday 16 March 2023

NB2 Dragon painted in stunning blue by Studio Maxi Costales

There is a talented fellow in Spain who paints miniatures professionally and loves Oldhammer and classic miniatures.  He is Maxi and he runs Studio Maxi Costales which you can find on Facebook and on Instagram.  Well worth a scroll; lots of excellent work there. He kindly agreed to show the painting of his casting of the limited run of 200 numbered boxes only NB2 Dragon by Nick Bibby.  This article is the result.  As at 16th March 2023 the run is 52% sold and shipped.

While we shall release NB2 Dragon in an unlimited resin format late on in 2023 this article is on the collectors edition metal kit which requires skill and effort to assemble.  Each of the limited boxes comes with the NB3 and NB4 Dragon Rider, his Saddle and Lance which Maxi has also painted up.

If you missed the long article on the history of this venerable monster and Mark Stevenson's collection of seven of them and his 40 year involvement with Asgard you can read it on our BLOG now.

The build of the monster is underway!  Each part mounted on brass rod for easy holding for painting and putting together.

Now it has been built it is on the painting desk.  That is a desk which has seen so much 1980's awesome come across it! The blue tone is begun.

Here it is!  The Dragon from all angles resplendent in striking blue and orange tones so different to our own vision of the Dragon or indeed those by Mark Stevenson.

The Rider and Saddle have been restored to the world (NB3 and NB4) and will remain metal.  They are free in each of the numbered boxes of NB2.  What a great take on the Dragon Rider by Maxi.

If you are keen we have collected all of Nick Bibby's work for Asgard into one page alongside the Asgard Fantasy Range pages.  Check out the D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut which is actually the largest single piece of metal by dimension and weight we cast.

We hope you have enjoyed this article.


Tuesday 14 March 2023

5107 Londinium Coach 28mm vehicle plus options remastered release

“Be Carried in Style and Finery good sirs!  Stage by Stage our Coach will get you there.”

Returning in remastered new molds with many parts now in resin our 2008 original release 5107 Londinium Coach in 28mm scale for Flintloque or Slaughterloo or Historical Gaming in the age of Horse and Musket. Absent for more than a decade in our ranges. At 260mm long with four horses pulling it is a majestic model kit indeed.  Sculpted by Mark Ricketts we have it as a boxed set of all parts, crew and four horses with two extra horses free (six in total) or the Coach alone or the other primary parts of the set as singles.  See it in our Battlefield Bits range, our 28mm Terrain Range as well as several of the World of Valon pages such as the Army of Greate Britorcn.  Here are all the codes which are now on the site.

5107 The Londinium Coach Boxed Set (Vehicle, Crew plus four horses and Two Extra Horses Free)

5107A Albion Orc Coach Driver

5107B Albion Orc Footman

5107C Coach Horse

5107D Pair of Coach Rear Wheels

5107E Pair of Coach Front Wheels

5107F Coach Kit (If you wish to use your own Animals and Crew)

The assembled coach (minus any horses) is 140mm long and 50mm wide, 55mm tall; add four horses and it is 260mm long.  The coach is made up of twenty one 28mm scale parts in metal and resin not including the Driver and Footman or Horses. For experienced modellers. 

We have a free download for The Londinium Coach.  A sixteen page booklet containing tales of Valon plus rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo as well as two Flintloque scenarios and paint schemes for your Coach.  There is also a build guide for putting the vehicle together. CLICK HERE to add to your collection.  See our FREE RESOURCES page for everything to download gratis.

This is our only release this month for the World of Valon and we hope you like it!


Thursday 9 March 2023

NB2 Dragon a tale by Mark Stevenson collector of Asgard plus 80's pictures!

It is our great pleasure to present an article written by Mark Stevenson who runs the Asgard Miniatures group on Facebook and who has been invaluable in Alternative Armies efforts to restore these classic 1980's ranges of miniatures and models.  This is his story of his love for Asgard, his collection and his encounters over forty years with the mighty NB2 Dragon sculpted by Nick Bibby.
I first started frequenting the Asgard miniatures shop in the late 70’s, buying the odd miniature from the DA and FM ranges to supplement my games of D&D. Then I clearly remember walking into the shop and seeing this MASSIVE dragon ! Must have been 1982 and they were displaying a built NB2. At the time it would have cost a good few pounds – well beyond my reach back then!
This was followed by a gap of some 30-odd years where life came between me and minis and D&D, until in about 2016 I found a box containing some figures and a bunch of old White Dwarf magazines.
Nostalgia prompted me to research what happened to Asgard. Finding they were out of business I used eBay to add to my collection, eventually deciding to try to find every miniature they made (and paint them!)… I’ve only a handful out of about 650 to find now. 
Of course the big ticket items – the Dragon and the Giant – were not exactly popping up…. until one day I saw some bits on eBay which I recognised…and at an affordable price! Thus I found my first NB2, albeit in an extremely sorry state – bent, bashed and with bits broken off. 
With the aid of photos from Richard Scott I was able to repair and rebuild it into the Red Dragon above. Nick Bibby kindly signed a plinth for this one too. 

A couple of years on and Richard decided he did not need two Asgard dragons (the fool … why on Earth not!?) and sold me a second, which became the Green Dragon. 

In the meantime I had started up the Asgard Facebook Group, using a photo I had found on the internet. 

This was a diorama made by Michael Immig – check his work out in WD 100 – called Donnerechse (Thunder Lizard). Imagine my amazement when this later also appeared for sale ! Dragon number 3 !

Of course, 3 dragons were not enough – so along came number 4 – boxed with the rider, saddle and original paints. 

Number 5 followed. Neither numbers 4 or 5 were built, and I sent number 5 to Alternative Armies to use for remoulding purposes. 

On the other side of the effort to restore the model they kindly sent me the first pre-production casting of NB2 of theirs which I painted up as a golden dragon. 
Having seen what a great job they did with the Dragon I just had to buy another one of the 200 numbered limited edition run in metal and thus… Along comes number 6. And blow me down ! just found another on eBay – so number 7…. Seven Asgard Dragons ! – There will be 5 painted (4 by me plus Michael’s). I will keep the boxed original and Alternative Armies Ltd edition as they are, as display pieces in my collection. I even asked Gavin Syme and Sam Croes to sign the new one on the box.

This print of the original box cover (which is on the limited boxes of the new run too) is on my wall and is signed by all involved.  Have a gander at those signatures.

So there you go a total of seven of this Dragon and as many as any sane man might want.  Well perhaps!
We thank Mark for this story of a life time of collecting and the joy of owning mighty fire lizards.  In the second half of this article we present some pictures of different takes on NB2 Dragon as well as historical photos from 1982 as well for you to enjoy.  Some from Mark's collection and some from the internet and Lost Mini Wiki too.  

Published by Penguin this book introduced many young men into the hobby in 1982.

A French magazine which had NB2 Dragon grace its cover in 1982

An NB2 Dragon under assembly on Mark Stevenson's work desk.  See FM23 Slug behind it?

NB2 Dragon painted by Richard Scott note the rider in place

NB2 Dragon painted by Ketil Trout and mounted on a rocky plinth base
You can find him and follow him on Instagram.


Thank you for your time.