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Tuesday 30 April 2019

The Ion Age returns to Alternative Armies

Please read this major announcement from The Ion Age.  Thank you.

'This galaxy has decided to gorge upon itself, to consume its vitality once more in pointless slaughter that will see those left afterwards little more than mono-planet atom burners.  Well, its not going to happen, not again.  My father, your king, died for the dream that Prydia held dear and in two decades of civil war we here also have nearly lost that promise of freedom we hold equally dear.  We will all have that freedom again mark me, the Barons will pay and those beings not of mankind that are even now forcing open the doors will be thrown back to the Anwnn where they came from.  Prydia will rise once more and I will, with the aid of the Starvaulters, make it happen.'
Princess Daphe Cyon address to the Council of Aeddans 4330IC

Back in July 2013 I was given the chance to take what existed of the space opera setting of The Ion Age and develop it as a free standing entity apart from Alternative Armies.  In the near five years since then I feel that the little team I assembled has achieved some great things including a 15mm range which went from some thirty poses to many hundreds of poses, new factions, many vehicles and a terrain range.  There was also the three books of the Patrol Angis game system.  We also had four years of monthly free special miniatures.  All great stuff.

The world changes as you all will know and I have reached an agreement with Alternative Armies to hand The Ion Age ranges back to the mother company.  The reasons for this are several.  Firstly the ranges have grown to a point where I no longer feel comfortable handling their expansion on my own.  Secondly Alternative Armies has greater resources which I feel are needed as we continue onto a fourth book and more releases.  Thirdly I realise that we are now in an age of social media (so much different from 2013) and that I am the public face of both Alternative Armies and The Ion Age; this tends to cause some confusion for gamers.  With everything in one place this confusion vanishes and The Ion Age will be able also to take part in the big offers that Alternative Armies makes.  Alternative Armies has increased its staff level and technical resources and is a very active company.  It makes sense to have this return happen.

Do not fret.  There are no staff changes and no miniatures will disappear from production.  Alternative Armies and The Ion Age operate out of the same office.

So what will happen and when?  Do you need to do anything?

In essence I will gradually close down The Ion Age website while transferring the miniatures and books to new pages on Alternative Armies.  Across the next four weeks the 15mm range and the 28mm range as well as Publications and Free Downloads will gain their own pages under a main new heading on the Alternative Armies website.  We will also shut down the ability to purchase from The Ion Age once the codes are moved.  The Ion Age blog will remain in place and will continue to give you the latest news and be a source of content.  Once all of the ranges are transferred The Ion Age website will be mothballed and then shut down in coming months. Our email address will remain active going forward and do feel free to contact me with any questions.

A large part of the process of handing over will apply to the 'Reward Points' system powered by SLoyalty on The Ion Age.  We have over one thousand customer accounts and several million points accumulated.  It is vitally important to me and it has been agreed with Alternative Armies, that those reward points will be honoured.  Right at the start of the process of range removal from The Ion Age website the Sloyalty programme will be closed down.  When this occurs all customers will be exported and held in a master document with me.  You will still be able to access your account on the site until the site is closed down.  Here is how to claim your accumulated points.

Contact me (Gavin Syme) on with your name, address and the email address you used with The Ion Age.  I will confirm this with the master document and then reply to you.  I will tell you the amount of points you have, its value in Sterling (GBP) and how to spend it.  You will get the value of these points on anything on the Alternative Armies site (including Ion Age codes) and it can be used on shipping too.  We ask you use it in one order (for my sanity) and it will be done by email with me directly.  There is no time limit upon this offer so if you are reading this long after May 2019 just contact me.

Aside from this to gain your points you need do nothing more. 

Alternative Armies has a lot planned for 2019 and beyond and its agreement with me to take back The Ion Age is only a part of that.  I can tell you that there are more than a dozen new codes in development for the 15mm range as well as the 'Baron' book for Patrol Angis.

Here are links to the new collections for The Ion Age on the Alternative Armies website:

Ion Age Publications
Ion Age Terrain
Ion Age 15mm Miniature Range
Ion Age 28mm Miniature Range
Ion Age Free Resources

I want to take this moment to thank every one of you for the fun four year ride which we have taken.  Its time to get off.  Before we get back on again!

Thanks for Reading,


p.s. The images in this announcement are of a customised Magog mecha belonging to Sam Croes, the lead designer at Alternative Armies, painted in the colours of his baronial force 'Castella'.  It is in his personal collection and we hope you like it.  Contact me if you want to know the pieces used to create it and how you might do the same thing.

Friday 26 April 2019

Cut a path into May with a Free Scimitar Monster in every 28mm Fantasy Order!

Andrea Sfiligoi the fellow behind Ganesha Games and wonderful rules systems such as Song of Blades and Heroes and Four Against Darkness is a great friend of Alternative Armies. To celebrate the arrival of May we have a special offer on the whole 28mm Ganesha Games miniature range which we manufacture here in Scotland. Andrea has created the new mass battle system Of Armies and Hordes and we are putting a Scimitar Monster (worth 3.50GBP) into all 28mm fantasy orders until 2nd May 2019. Go HERE for the range or read on for more. 

The Ganesha Games range at Alternative Armies contains a hundred different models in 28mm Fantasy and 28mm Science Fiction. If you order one or more of these miniatures we will put DS001 Scimitar Monster (great for encounters) into your package automatically as a gift. It is worth 3.50GBP so this is a great spring offer to welcome May and the sun. We will also give you this creature free if you order any 28mm miniature from our own fantasy ranges such as Crystal Elves, or Dwarven Host or the Goblin and Orc Hordes among many others. You could also have a look at Fantasy Warlord too. Have a browse! 

DS001 Scimitar Monster 
This one piece 28mm scale creature has blades for hands and a vicious bite. It belongs in any dungeon crawl or fantasy game system and will also work across other scales as a giant in 15mm for instance. It stands 32mm to the top of the head. Go HERE

Of Armies and Hordes is an army level wargame using area movement and abstract manoeuvring to simplify play while retaining all the tactical choices and variables required by the genre. The rules are designed for fast, relaxed play among friends, not competitions. Bookkeeping is minimal. A typical large game requires two hours, including setup. Combat is dramatic. Battle-lines clash into each other. Something happens on the table every turn. Troops die quickly. The rules are non-scale specific. You can use any figures in any scale. Use any models you already own, or build dedicated armies. Basing is flexible. Use any system you like. You can even mix basing systems. As long as you can count the units (either the heads of models or the number of stands), you can play. Table size is flexible. As long as you can identify enough areas of the battlefield to provide a good game, you can play on a small kitchen table or on a huge wargaming table. 92 pages and additional material. 

Alternative Armies stocks all manner of miniatures great for (and featuring in) the new 'Of Armies and Hordes' game system by Andrea Sfiligoi but we do NOT stock the game book itself. You can find it HERE on Gumroad as a paid for download and it is a great read indeed. It plays well. 

Thanks for Reading! 


Tuesday 23 April 2019

Doom Squad solo rules released as a digital download!

Back in March we released Doom Squad in PRINT and now its time for it to come out as a paid DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at twenty percent less than print. Doom Squad is the latest wargame title published by Alternative Armies from the author Steve Danes. You take the role of a small team of special forces soldiers in one of four different historical or present time periods then go up against the game engine in a mission which changes every time. Use any miniatures and play a game in twenty minutes. It is great fun! 

If you play in the era of Horse and Musket, of Napoleon, the colonial wars of the 19th century, the first world war, the second world war or the cold war and ultra modern then Doom Squad will slot right in with your figure and rules collection. 

SDB01 Doom Squad – Go HERE. Digital Download 
Written by Steve Danes a new nerve-shredding game of special forces action that ranges across three hundred years of history. From the time of Napoleon through to the trenches of World War One and right up to special forces operations in the early 21st century. A small team dropped in against the odds. Doom Squad is meant to be played as a solo game system pitting your team against the game engine. You can also opt for a multi-player game of 'co-operation' of two or several players going up against the game. Your troops will be equipped with the latest high-tech weapons and equipment from their historical or current era; which can mean muskets, rifled carbines or assault carbines with red-dot sights. It all depends on which period you pick. Rules are very simple and easy to use and are based around the use of one or more six sided dice to test for firing and close combat. Players will control one or more special forces squads and will be faced with an enemy that can be tough, disciplined, confused, resolute, unsteady and always unpredictable. This title is 44 pages. On our Digital Downloads page and also our Tabletop Gaming Books page if you wish a print copy. Use any miniatures you possess which are suitable in 28mm, 20mm, 15mm scale or 6mm scale. Here is a run down of the contents of the book as well as some page images too. 

Frontis: Page 1 
Contents and Credits: Page 2 

What is Doom Squad? Pages 3-4 
Game Set Up and Deployment: Page 5

Sequence and Actions in Turns:  Pages 6 - 15 
Observation and Enemy Reaction 
Close Combat 
Team Risk 

Time Period Weapons: Pages 16 - 23 
Jager Weapons 
Rifleman Weapons 
Stormtrooper Weapons 
Special Forces Weapons 

The Teams and Additional Assets: Pages 24 - 31 
Jager Doom Squads 
Rifleman Doom Squads 
Stormtrooper Doom Squads 
Special Forces Doom Squads 

Leaders of Doom Squads: Pages 32 - 34 
Doom Squad Formations: Pages 35 -36 

Event Cards and Target Marker: Pages 37 - 40 
Game Play Run Through: Pages 41 - 42 
Doom Squad Missions: Page 43 
Quick Reference Sheet: Page 44 

There are not many game systems out there like Doom Squad. 

Try it out solo or with your friend co-op today! 

Thanks for Reading, 


Monday 22 April 2019

TAG Channel video review of our 28mm Barricades

Now on his channel on Youtube a new video for Flintloque presented by Talking About Games (TAG). If you missed previous videos then check out our Begin in Flintloque page to learn more or our BLOG for their other Flintloque videos. This time Abraham reviews two of our packs of 28mm terrain pieces.  The Barrels and Kegs plus Boxes barricades.

An enjoyable seven minute video giving great insight into the uses of terrain in wargaming and in roleplaying with miniatures. Abraham, who runs the channel, is a keen wargamer and though we provided the models to him to review his review is impartial and we have no control or influence upon it. Thanks! 

Here is the video.  Watch it on our blog or continue on to Youtube for full screen play. If you enjoyed the videos on the TAG channel then give them a thumbs up and a kindly comment as feedback is always welcome.

Alternative Armies has an excellent range of 28mm Terrain Range. This range is at home in any black power, horse and musket or fantasy setting. Each piece is full of character and there are such things as Abandoned Beer and Goods Wagons, Corpse Piles, Campaign Table, Campfire plus stone wall pieces and now eight different barricades with a value saver set too.  Full of character! Scatter them on your gaming table today. Go HERE. The smaller barricades come two to the pack while the larger ones are single piece to the pack. If you already have our 28mm terrain in your collection you will know just how much detail and attention there is in every model. 

If you would like to get the latest news, releases, free content and unique to email offers from us in one place then sign up for our Mailchimp list which will get you future email from us most weeks. Some have a unique offer in them and are always of interest covering a wide array of ranges and scales of tabletop gaming. Please see footer of our website home page or below here to sign up. 

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Thanks for reading and viewing!


Friday 19 April 2019

Article 18 Using VNT Wraiths in Flintloque

Following up on his two article look at the Crystal Elves this time Andy Jefcoate is looking at other Alternative Armies 28mm high fantasy miniatures which can be put into Flintloque.  This time it is the 28mm Wraiths of the VNT Range.  If you missed any of the previous seventeen articles you can see them all for free on the blog by clicking on this TAG.  A variety of adventures in Flintloque mainly set in the Witchlands.  If you would like to Begin in Flintloque visit our website HERE for Escape the Dark Czar and free content and videos.  Enjoy!  GBS

Using Fantasy range Wraiths in Flintloque 

As you will hopefully have read in my last two articles I've been looking through the 28mm High Fantasy ranges on the Alternative Armies website as I had the idea of looking to see which figures would fit into my Flintloque sections either with or without conversion. I have previously explained how I've used various Crystal Elf figures in my Ferach forces or as swords for hire, but until now I hadn't added any figures to the Dark Czar's forces. 

That was until the recent bulk release of the Wraith figures that are available on the Alternative Armies website across the HOT 15mm fantasy, VNT 28mm fantasy and Flintloque ranges. The updated Noncorporialski for Flintloque are great, being very characterful and with a good choice of miniatures (so my wishlist has got even longer). However, I had something more feral in mind for specific scenarios so decided to use the 28mm Fantasy Wraiths which are equally great.  

What is available and what did I get
While mounted packs are available and would be very useful I decided to stay pedestrian and look at the Wraiths on foot (not the cavalry packs). These come as four miniatures to a pack for only £8.00 with two packs available, VNT28 Wraiths and VNT43 Wraiths II. As always they can be purchased separately for £2.00 each, or if you buy three identical packs on page you get a 10% discount. 

VNT28 contains a Wraith with two swords, a Wraith with two handed sword, a Wraith with axe and a Wraith gliding forward with sword, whereas VNT43 contains a Wraith with snake tongue sword, a Wraith with polearm and mace, a Wraith with twin swords and a Wraith with spear and long dagger. 

I had to get both packs as the number of weapon options is very good. While I haven't with these purchases, many of the miniatures are suitable for conversion in the form of weapon swaps or as command figures such as a standard bearer (which would be very easy with the Wraith with spear and long dagger). 

How did I paint the figures
As standard Wraiths in black robes they are very easy to paint. I do this by doing a black undercoat, before heavily dry bushing in a dark grey then putting a black ink wash over the top. This creates lighter areas and shade while still looking like black robes. I particularly like the contrast of the black robes against the snow.

After that I merely painted the weapons, with dull silver coloured blades, gold hilts and brown wooden shafts on the pole arms. These were also subjected to the black ink wash.

Of course you could always paint their robes in a different colour, and I've also found that if you paint metal weapons in a reddish brown colour then dry brush in silver metallic this can make them look rusty. For my Wraith leader, I gave him a gold helmet and gave the sword blade a light blue ink wash to make it look magical, and so that he stands out!

How have I used them in my games
I initially used my wraiths in small numbers in a scenario where Ferach troopers searched an area of ruins for archaic weapons to use in battle. This then dictated what 'the Levellers' from my last article could use in following games. Several counters were placed around the gaming area and turned over as Ferach troopers made contact with them and searched that area. Some of the counters were wraiths using the same stats as Noncorporialski, with one having the stats as an average human sized Vampyre to represent the leader. All other counters had a type of melee weapon listed. As mentioned earlier these Wraiths are more feral than Noncorporialski Wraiths and are simply defending their territory, immediately attacking the nearest Ferach figure. 

As weapons are found on the playing area, and as an additional bit of fun a player has to roll D10 and look on the following table when first using that weapon in combat to see how useful it is. 

1 Cursed         opponent gets +2 to their combat value
2-3 Rusted         no bonus to combat value
4-7 Standard gives bonus according to weapon type
8-9 Good Quality         additional +1 to normal bonus for weapon type
10 Exquisite Additional +2 to normal modifier for that weapon

As more of my Wraiths have been painted, I've started to use them as a Flintloque section with the stats listed above. All of them have melee weapons and are fun to use when fighting  'The Levellers' from my last article. 

How do they fit in with my narrative
As Saindoux's troops have searched old manor houses and ruins to look for anything that can help them survive, they have angered Wraiths who see those buildings as their territory, especially when items are taken. The Wraiths have now joined the pursuit, gliding across the snow to attack any Ferach troops that become isolated.  

What's next 
As always I hope that you've enjoyed reading about my Wraiths and that I've inspired you to get some. They are great figures and fun to use in scenarios. I plan to move back to more traditional style Flintloque figures for my next article and I'll let you know how I get on.

Thank you for reading.


Friday 12 April 2019

Grinning Skull and SHM new releases!

Two new releases this time in two different ranges.  From Grinning Skull the home of weirdness for 28mm and 15mm scales is a new pack of four creatures and now in the SHM range the first 15mm sculpt by Brendon Sterma the Penguin Commissar.  Go HERE for Grinning Skull and HERE for the near one hundred unique sculpts in the 'Self Help Miniatures' range.

Strange stuff eh!

GRNP11 Klorzid Seeders Pack – Go HERE
The latest new from Grinning Skull Miniatures this pack can be taken as is or select one of the four poses from it.  Following up on the Klorzid Killer Plants pack there is a Two Headed Sprouter a Klorzid Sapling as well as a Nightmare Spider and a Worm Pile.  Exotically odd miniatures great for many game systems.  You can get the pack or singles from it from the options on the page.  There are also scale shots for you to look at next to a 28mm Druidess and a 15mm SFA Trooper.

Did you miss the awesome that is the Zarglians or the other Klorzids?  These are a real treat for your space opera or post apoc games.  See the entire range HERE.

SHM94 Smolboi Penguin Commissar – Go HERE
Brand new in the Self Help Miniatures (SHM) range, which is almost at one hundred unique miniatures by aspiring designers is a great little chap sculpted by Brendon Sterma.  Standing 12mm tall this Penguin is armed with a pistol and wearing a long coat and shako this commissar brings the law!

There is a massive choice of unique 15mm scale miniatures in the SHM Range including the entire Star Vikings set of packs.  Take a look and see all manner of aliens and more.  

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday 11 April 2019

Armoured Goblin Knights with separate weapons 28mm scale now released!

Back in 2018 we spoke in our BLOG about the planned expansion of the classic 28mm scale metal Armoured Goblins. Working with Zach Martin we are delighted to announce the release of the first pack spoken of then.  Alternative Armies gives you open handed Goblin Knights which are supplied with a set of six different weapons to outfit them with.  These join all the other Armoured Goblins such as the Knights, Knights Command, Bolt Thrower, Chariot with Crew the Sword Bearer and who could forget the Dodo Riders.  

Go HERE or read on for more.

In full plate mail these Goblins are great for many settings and campaigns such as defending a Temple of Doom or even paired up with Giant Spiders!

“The Iron Guard are the foremost of the Goblins. In ranks they march and in formations they fight. Yes, in good order. Not like any Goblins you have ever heard of. These plate armoured Goblins have turned back the Dwarfs of the green stone mountains and given the Elves of the sun vale a bloody nose. Respect them.”

OH34 Goblin Knights Open Hand
This pack contains four 28mm scale white metal Goblin poses in full plate armour. An officer, a standard bearer, knight with round shield with skull motif and warrior with long shield all with an open hand to take a weapon. An array of six different weapons are supplied with each Goblin giving you the choice of how to arm them (and spares for your bits box too!). Spear, Halberd, Sword, Curved Sword, Bow and Quiver of Arrows.  One Set per Miniature. 

Get a pack, three packs with a saving or choose one pose (comes with a set of weapons).  28mm scale white metal miniatures approx 22mm height. Great quality, choice and value. These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.  Go HERE.

These open handed poses go great with the FL1 and FL2 packs of Armoured Goblins to create whole units and of course you can create whole units of these new miniatures by selecting just what you want in multiples.

Alternative Armies has a huge choice in 28mm fantasy miniatures and we also have the classic Fantasy Warlord range as well.  Have a browse and thank you all for your kind words at our returning to the world ranges thought lost in the mists.

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 10 April 2019

Guild Hunters and Four Buildings released for Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy

The biggest array of 15mm fantasy centred around Japanese myth and legend expands again with two new pack releases!  The Sengoku range welcomes a pack of five different Guild Hunters (these are also online as singles as with the rest of the range) sculpted by Sam Croes; characters for your games of Monster Hunter by Steve Danes.  Four new Japanese buildings sculpted by John Bell great for use in Monster Hunter or any historical game in this scale.  The buildings can be had a singles and there is a pack of separate shutters too so you can button up your homes against the Yokai!

If you have not heard of the Sengoku range by John Bell then check it out with over one hundred and thirty codes HERE.

SGFP33 Guild Hunters
This pack contains five different white metal 15mm scale character miniatures.  Famous Monster Hunters for use in your games who will be given profiles later in 2019 in Sengoku Rampage.  They are: Takemito the Sumo, Tomoe the Spear Lady, Miyamoto the Duellist, Sanada the Yokai Chaser and Shoki the Demon Queller. Taken from codes SGF103 to SGF107.  Average of 16mm tall.  Sculpted by Sam Croes. You can purchase the pack HERE or visit the main Sengoku page to get the single miniature codes HERE.

SGFP39 Sengoku Buildings Set One
This value pack set contains four different high quality grey tone resin buildings.  Each is a highly detailed one piece scenic for your gaming table.  For use in Sengoku Monster Hunter or any historical period 15mm Japanese system.  Two small board wall buildings (each 50mm wide, 75mm long and 40mm tall average) and two long board wall buildings (50mm wide, 100mm long, 45mm tall average).  Sculpted by John Bell.  There is an additional code (SGFP39A) of white metal shutters for use with these buildings if you wish to cover the windows.  You can purchase the set HERE or visit the main Sengoku page to get each building on its own HERE.

SGFP39A Sengoku Building Shutters Pack
This pack contains six white metal pieces in three different sizes for use with the SGFP39 Sengoku Buildings.  They are to be placed over the windows of the building propped open or closed giving more life to your village.  You can also use them as diorama pieces.  Sculpted by John Bell.  Go HERE.

Want to play......

Sengoku Monster Hunter is a Tabletop Game for up to Four Player or Solo Play using the Sengoku range of 15mm miniatures. A game for one to four players set in medieval Japan where monsters and creatures of myth roam the jagged crags and hidden valleys of the Sacred Mountain. It is from the Sengoku setting and has merciless hunters who track down the monsters and slaughter them at every opportunity.  Hunters are the players characters in the game. Each hunter has a profile of attributes, skills and special abilities that players can improve if their hunters are successful. There is a range of weapons, armour and equipment that hunters can acquire as well hired henchmen, spirit guides and others to assist them in their expeditions. The more powerful the hunters get…the greater challenges they can take on! Author:  Steve Danes. A4 Format (52 pages).  Get it in PRINT or as a paid DIGITAL DOWNOAD.

There will be further releases into this range during the course of 2019 and there will also be a second game book too.  We will show and tell you more when the time comes.  Thanks for Reading.


Monday 8 April 2019

HOT 15mm Naga packs Swords and Bows now released!

Half Human and half Serpent in the mythology of India or perhaps the sisters Gorgon in the legends of the Greeks; maybe even pure fantasy in a magic realm the Naga are here.  Alternative Armies releases for 15mm fantasy for April 2019.  Two new packs.  Go HERE or read on for more.  Sculpted by Sam Croes.

When we listed out all of the codes in the mighty HOT range (over one hundred and twenty) alongside the re-mastered Giant Hydra, Ogres and Jabberwock we hinted that the missing HOT96 and HOT97 would be revealed this they are!

HOT96 Naga Archers
This pack contains ten 15mm scale white metal miniatures in a random but even mix of four poses. Powerful and mystical these half human and half serpent female creatures are armed with a bow and carry a quiver of arrows. As with all HOT miniatures you can select a pack or a sampler of one of each pose from this code for skirmish gaming. Great for any game system these miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.  Go HERE.

HOT97 Naga Swords
This pack contains ten 15mm scale white metal miniatures in a random but even mix of four poses. Powerful and mystical these half human and half serpent female creatures are armed with a sword and carry a shield. As with all HOT miniatures you can select a pack or a sampler of one of each pose from this code for skirmish gaming. Great for any game system these miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.  Go HERE.

These new snake ladies make fine warbands or sneakers or creatures in your games.  Here they are facing off against our Elf Hero on Griffin for the forces of evil!

If you are a fan of 15mm fantasy wargaming then check out our ranges for your forces.

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday 4 April 2019

Giant Spiders and Spider Swarm for any scale now released!

A creeping horror and your heart beats faster and faster as you begin to sweat and feel faint...the spiders are here.  These brand new Arachnids are in two packs with options and are great for fantasy, post apocalyptic or many other settings in scales such as 28mm, 15mm or 6mm.  Sculpted by Kieran Billings (who created the Big Mouth Beast, the Air Squid, the Crab Monster as well as the Sandworm and its Swarm oh and the Space Brains!) these models are now at Alternative Armies.  Go HERE or read on for more.

Summoned by dark magic or stringing their webs in deep forests there are few mortal creatures which do not fear the eight legged monsters of the spider world.

EH05 Giant Arachnids (3) – Go HERE.  All Scales!
This pack contains three different giant spiders each composed of a singe piece grey tone resin body and eight white metal legs for a degree of pose choice when attached.  Each of the three bodies are different and you can use these in any scale from 6mm to 15mm and 28mm. When assembled each Spider is just under 70mm wide and 50mm long.  If you wish you can also select a single spider kit from this code (if you order more than one we will vary what you get).  See the option on the page.  Rather scary when painted up!  Great for many wargame settings and systems.  Sculpted by Keiran Billings.

EH06 Arachnid Swarm (4) – Go HERE.  All Scales!
When you need a clutch of web makers for your games check out the Arachnid Swarm.  This pack contains four different spiders in high quality grey tone resin each posed over rocks formations and supplied in one piece.  Each spider is about 20mm across.  You can use these in any scale from 6mm to 15mm and 28mm.  As well as the pack you can also choose a mighty swarm with a saving or one random spider on its own (if you order more than one we will vary what you get). See the option on the page.  Rather scary when painted up!  Great for many wargame settings and systems.  Sculpted by Keiran Billings.

Here are some pictures of the spiders alongside 28mm and 15mm miniatures to show you how well they go with different scales.

Here are pictures with some of our other miniatures in the 28mm High Fantasy ranges and HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.

Giant Spiders with FL22 Adventurers Party and Beer Barrel Barricade
Spiders face off against Assassins!

In the dungeon the Adventurers see spiders in the gloom!

15mm Elf Cavalry and Cavalry Command take to the field

Feel the magic as the Druidess summons nature to aid her
Cool stuff eh!  You can do so much with these spiders.

Alternative Armies has many more monsters and creatures which you can see HERE on the website including Giant Wyvern and Giant Troll as well as Dragons, swarms of scorpions and rats plus there are Ogres and Owlbears.

Thanks for Reading,