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Wednesday 16 April 2014

5030 Slaughterloo back in stock!

A picture of the first box contents of Slaughterloo
With a distant thump and a billow of grey the cannonball approach the thin woods and the slope behind them, its force expended in the effort of crossing more than a thousand yards in the clear morning air. It burst through the green leaves and branches, splintering a dew covered trunk and then vanishing from view into the invisible clearing beyond. The cheers of the Elf gunners mingled with the sound of thousands of Elven feet marching in perfect order in the distinctive blue tunic columns that had won the tyrant Mordred and his Ferach Imperial Armee the largest Empire that Valon had ever known. Only a few lands like Catalucia held out, and few enemies like the accursed Albion scum in their stubbornness. They never knew when they were beaten; they never knew when to kneel to the inevitable......  

Books.  Lovely thick and readable copies of Alternative Armies largest printed title Slaughterloo are now back in our hands and in stock.  Huzzah!  A bigger print run than the first and just as lovely.

Black Powder Fantasy Mass Battle is the name of the game taking your Flintloque miniatures and assembling them into units and then divisions to fight full battles.  The drama and the excitement combined with a unique game mechanic makes Slaughterloo easy to learn but hard to master with each army having its own traits.  The book contains all you need, rules, background and army lists.

You can find all things Slaughterloo on our website. The web page for the book has a detailed list of contents by page.  I have also sent out emails to all those who asked to be told when the title was back on our shelves.  I can almost smell the musket smoke from all those volleys of Elvish lines.

Thanks for Reading.


Monday 14 April 2014

Thanks Everyone Salute Season is now over!

What we began the day with and ended with!
Its been a month of real fun and extreme activity for Alternative Armies, and The Ion Age with promotions, new releases and special rates all leading up to the mighty Salute 2014 wargame show in London at the weekend there.  The Salute Season is now over.

We are getting back to normal now and while it will take us a few days I wanted to thank everyone who ordered across our websites, those who gave us kind words and those who took the time to speak to us at the show.  It means a lot and its my one time a year to meet customers face to face and to chat to fans and followers.  I had more than one hundred conversations on Saturday on subjects from Flintloque to Patrol Angis, from USEME Prohibition Gangsters to Age of Might and Steel and Alien Squad Leader too.  I got to meet others in the industry and what fine hard working fellows they all are each with a firing imagination and a love for miniatures and wargaming.

Alternative Armies decided to host The Ion Age on the trade stand this year and it got great feedback with dozens of new customers and admiring comments too.  Next time we may do something different but being such a diverse company there are many possibilities and there is a lot of time until the next show.  We gave out near the two hundred free IMP08 Muster Girl miniatures we took with us (one with every purchase just like online) and Malig Madness was fully sold out along with the new HOF28 Charger APC kit which is out this week on the website.

What will be the theme of next year's Salute show?  No one knows at this point.  No one knows anything about the future of Salute at this moment but for Alternative Armies it will be another month of fun around and at the show you can be assured of that!

Thanks Everyone here's to 2015!


Wednesday 9 April 2014

Orcs in the Webbe now hosting Barking Irons sci-fi content

This message was taken from the Notables Yahoo Group and I will wanted to tell all of you who are not members about it.  Craig Andrews is continuing his good work and expanding the Barking Irons Online material that is now at his Orcs in the Webbe.  Click on through if you are interested.  Thanks for Reading.  GBS

Heya Folks!

Three years ago today saw the launch of Barking Irons Online, an official online gaming portal for all of Alternative Armies' rulesets. When BIO passed into the West last year most of the Flintloque, Typhon and Erin content moved over onto Orcs in the Webbe with AA's blessing.

Today I can announce that we have also agreed with AA to host the science fiction content that previously graced BIO's hallowed pages. As we build up to Salute (where you can pick up the miniatures required to play through most of the scenarios) you can enjoy more and more of the BIO's sci fi content on it's new home within OITW. There's scenarios, campaigns and rules expansions for a swath of systems including The Ion Age's Firefight 2.0 and Moth as well as USEME and HOF Fire Team.

In this, the tenth year of Orcs in the Webbe, things are going to keep getting bigger and better. We have some great plans coming up and I can say with my hand on my heart and with more gusto than normal...

Keep the Flag Flying! (trust me, it'll be worth it!)

Craig Andrews
Orcs in the Webbe

Friday 4 April 2014

Last Call for 'Collect on the Day' Salute Orders!

Look for the banner at stand TF07!
The title says it all really.  The Salute 2014 show is on Saturday 12th April 2014 at Excel in London.  We are on Alternative Armies trade stand number TF07.  The trade stand will have all of the Ion Age 15mm product range plus brand new revealed releases.  Codes IAF046, IAF047,IAF048,IAF049,IAF050.  We will also have brand new and from the last month products from (Loud Ninja Games, Laserburn Vehicles, Tents, Prang etc) and some printed titles and that is it!  Thar' be space for no more matey upon the stand!

I have been asked several time and I want to state it in public here.  There will be NO FLINTLOQUE product or books at the trade stand.  If you want anything from Alternative Armies own ranges you MUST pre-order to collect to get it on the day.  Thanks.

The cut off for placing orders for 'collection on the day', that is orders for which you select no postage and instead opt to get your package from my own hands at the trade stand on the 12th is NOON GMT on Wednesday 9th April.  So please place them now!  Any later than this and it will not be with us as its a long drive to London.  The postage option for this is called 'collect at Salute' on the screen.

The discount code for 15% off will remain active until Monday 14th April for normal orders being shipped worldwide.  So if you are not attending treat yourself all the same.  

The code is to be entered in the checkout process into the discount box and when entered your total on screen will reduce automatically by fifteen percent.  The code is ' salute01 '.

Visit the website HERE.