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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Erin Celtic Myth 28mm range now all have pictures!

You have been most patient and we thank you for that but the time has, as promised, come and now all eighty five miniature for Erin have brand new pictures.  If you missed our initial announcement of the return of the re-mastered range see it on our BLOG.  

Across the last month pictures have trickled out including the Milesian Chariot, Cu Chulainn, Fionn MacCumhail, Wolf Hounds, Sun Warriors and all of the Fir Bolg.  We end with all of the Celts, the Milesians, their warriors, champions and heros plus a saver warband code (seen here).  Go HERE for the range.

This is our last announcement for September 2021 and we shall see you all next month.  

The Erin range will be supported from this point forward and we thank everyone for their input and ideas for what models to create and for what will feature in the distant third edition of the game rules.  If you have feedback then we would love to hear from you on

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Monday 27 September 2021

Free Flintloque micro rules: By Gad Reginorc he bit my behind!

Micro add on rules for Flintloque today in 'By Gad Reginorc he bit my behind!' as you place a vicious animal into your scenario and it...well goes on a bit of a rampage.  These new rules can be put into your game if players agree or solo play and will work just fine with any small angry animal in any theater of the Mordredian Wars.  So a dog with Orcs and Elves, a dodo with Goblins, Pummling Pig with Dwarves, Wolves for Vampyres and so on.  See the GRN04 Pig Dog featured here on the website (this miniature given away free in every order shipped during September 2021) and read on for the link to download.

All teeth and a spiked collar Major Reginorc Cliffin of the 81st Foote has brought his wife's nasty animal on campaign (as she no longer wants it oddly enough) and now its your problem..

Flintloque Bolt on Rules: By Gad Reginorc he bit my behind: This one page free download gives you micro add on rules for your scenarios.  A vicious animal is on the rampage and is intent upon mischief not only to the enemy but your troops too!  Works in any theatre and is great fun.  CLICK HERE to download the PDF from our online storage.

We have a great many other free downloads for you to enjoy which add to our game systems such as Flintloque, Furioso, USEME and more.  Go HERE for this page and scroll down clicking on the links to get the articles and the zipped folders of many articles in one.  For fans of The Ion Age there is another page containing all of the array of free articles as links; go HERE for this page.

This is our last free content for the month and we hope you enjoy.

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Thursday 23 September 2021

52022 Legion de Nain casualties released for Flintloque

“We wept.  All of us.  Dwarf killing Dwarf it was a nightmare and more it was all the plan of the tyrant Mordred.  To weaken us so that we might be brought under his bejeweled thumb and put enmasse into his armies.  I watched the wounded walk and be carried from the field at Fassbier as the roar of musketry sounded like thunder.  Later when only smoke and horror remained on the field we went looking for our Nains who had fallen.  Some we found.  Others..well they were so parted that none could name them.  I did not sleep for days.” (Major Ulf von Slackblatten 1st Legion de Nain)

Above you can see the Legion de Nain skirmishers mid action with some of their number reduced to walking wounded, grounded or killed in action.  In the second of our specialist driven pack codes (following up on the Veterans last month) we present Legion de Nain casualties.  Four Dwarves uniformed to match up with the rest of the Legion and in poses to mix into your force during play.  The legion has doubled and then doubled again in size and you can read all about it on our blog using the Bier Wars TAB. Go HERE for the Confederation of Finklestein on the website where all these miniatures reside.

52022 Legion de Nain Casualties: This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal Dwarves which are at home anywhere in the Legion and ideal in play to represent the result of action!  Choose from the pack or select a pose from the pack (A to D). All are dressed in legion uniform. They are a bare headed Dwarf with an injured leg using a walking crutch, his arm in a sling and his eyes covered due to injury too (A), Dwarf sitting with a gut wound mouth open in pain (B), Dwarf in full uniform laying face up deceased (C) and Dwarf in full uniform laying face down deceased (D). Go HERE.   

As we progress more releases will happen monthly as we expand the Legion de Nain and work towards it as a full force of all arms (the biggest ever expansion to the miniature range for a single army) we will also be slowly putting together a Flintloque campaign book on the Monich Bier War too.  There are now forty six different Dwarves in the Legion.

If you would like to get into Flintloque in the lands of the Dwarfs then look no further than 5028 Beir and Bones  game book.  On its own with full rules in print or as a digital download or as a shilling starter pack with miniatures and scenarios. If you have any questions please contact us on and ask.

We hope you like this new rather sad release (war is hell even on Valon) and this is our only Flintloque and Slaughterloo release this month but keep an eye out shortly for a rules bolt on for Flintloque making use of the free in September Pig Dog (placed in all orders shipped; see it HERE).


Friday 17 September 2021

Free Patrol Angis scenario: Knight to Remember

"It was the League of Canlaster that made the first moves of the civil war. Taking the five million men of the Gulaine Company of the Prydian Army, which had declared for Bluefort en masse, they forced those loyal to Yordan out of twelve systems including the Kendal system. Meanwhile the priority attack by a Yordan allied fleet upon the emerald green resource world of Dando II took the garrisons there by complete surprise. Two worlds were plunged into battles among those who were once brothers. Although fabricators furiously worked to place the crests and livery of their baronial masters on their armour most still fought in the white and red of the Prydian Army.” - 4320IC. From Patrol Angis

A treat for Ion Age fans and players of Patrol Angis (in 15mm or using the 28mm Ion Age range as more are doing) today with a free small scenario pitting battlesuits against each other at the start of the Prydian Civil War.  

Knight to Remember:  A two page small scenario for two players or solo play in which a lance of Prydian Duxis Battlesuits are taken by surprise on Geolu Prime by two platoons of now Canlastrian Havelock Battlesuits.  Can they escape the trap?  Download from our online storage by CLICKING HERE.  Visit the website for an entire page full of folder download links of Ion Age resources HERE.

You need only Patrol Angis the core game book for this scenario and we wish you good fun with the scenario.  You can see the 15mm Ion Age Range on the website and look for codes IAF030 and IAF020 for these piloted suits.  

Check out the Patrol Angis game pack for the book, two lances of Retained Knights, Portable Weapon Platform and Duxis Battlesuits plus all needed bases and a unique to the pack Knight Errant miniature all with a saving built in.  An ideal jump in point for the game. See it HERE.

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Thursday 16 September 2021

SGFP53 Sengoku Set IX 15mm Japanese fantasy released

It is with great pleasure that we bring to you the value set rounding off the ninth array of single and pack codes in the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range.  As with the other eight sets this one allows you to get one of everything with a saving built in.  Ideal for collecting and skirmishing. Go HERE for the range.

SGFP53 Sengoku Set IX: Fourteen metal miniatures plus five scenic metal pieces all designed by John Bell suitable for use in any oriental themed 15mm scale game system or army. This is a set containing one of every pose in the ninth set of the range SGF169 through to SGF187.  Small amount of Assembly required. The pack offers a small saving off single purchases of those codes. Get one of everything! Bases used in the picture are 20mm round for scale estimation. 

The set features Gaki, Onmyoko Magicians, Oni Princess, Sleeping Kitsune, Demonic Samurai, Lesser Oni, Bikuni Nuns, Henge, Onyudo plus graveyard scenic pieces of grave markers and sotobas too.

While you can use the over 180 different miniatures in the range for any system they are meant for use with the Monster Hunter rules.  Written by Steve Dane (author of Doom Squad solo play rules and Furioso Renaissance rules) you take the role of a hunter who assembled a small band of followers and then seeks out yokai and other creatures. Solo play.  A fun set of rules which has random encounters so no two plays are the same.  It also has Rampage the second book giving more rules as well as more monsters, named hunters and rampage mode which makes 'the hunters the hunted'.  Both books are in print and twenty percent cheaper as direct digital downloads.  Go HERE.

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Tuesday 14 September 2021

Take the Kyngs Shilling a coin returns for Flintloque

Our Battlefield Bits and Others collection now sports another classic item from the 1990's and Flintloque.  Go HERE.

CC1005 Kyng's Shilling Coin: Originally used as a promotional item in the 1990's we have the famous 'Kyngs Shilling' coin of Kyng Gorge III of Greate Britorcn and its Valon spanning empire.  You can now get the coin for yourself.  For your collection or for use on table as markers. The coin is one inch across (25mm) and features the face of the king on one side and the marks of all four countries of Britorcn (Albion, Joccia, Taffsea and Guinalea) on the reverse. Purchase one coin or a pack of ten with a saving.

Check out the Battlefield Bits range to see all of the promotional items as well as terrain, scenics, bits and sprues and much else which adds to your collection and gaming.  Go HERE.  After all who does not love a riding pig or a running dodo never mind an array of wheels and things like tankards and pastry pies.

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Thursday 9 September 2021

HOT119 Savage Lizardmen Blades 15mm release

“The Savage Lizardmen are from a barbaric time and live in tribes.  Their armies shake the very ground as they advance.”

Our new release in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range for this month adds more infantry to the growing army of Savage Lizardmen.  This infantry pack gives you blades to go with spears, warband and polearms.  Great for any game system.

HOT119 Savage Lizardmen Blades. This code contains 10 metal 15mm scale miniatures in the following poses randomly and evenly selected: Lizardman screaming challenge with Sword and Shield, Lizardman advancing with Sword and Shield, Lizardman standing with Sword and Shield, Lizardman issuing challenge with Sword and Shield. As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase one pack or you can choose a sampler which gives you one of each pose of miniature from this pack; a great way to try or to make skirmish forces with HOT. Each miniature is about 16mm tall and heavily muscled.  Go HERE.

Here are the new blades alongside our Anti Paladins, evil humans in plate armour, on foot and mounted (HOT104 and HOT132) for scale.

The Savage Lizardmen army!  As well as sixteen poses of infantry there is a Behemoth and Lizard Ogres as well as Artillery and the Iganosaur too. See them in battle above against our Giant Slugs from Tabletop Miniatures code 549.  It is our intention to create a HOTT 2nd Edition army for these cold blooded fighters and that will happen once the cavalry and command is in place late in 2021 hopefully.

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Tuesday 7 September 2021

HOT74 Fell Beast alone and with choice of Wraith riders by request

We respond to customers questions and we act when we can to improve the service we offer.  Alternative Armies was asked if the excellent HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast could be expanded to offer the beast on its own.  Certainly we could do this and indeed we can also offer it with a choice of riders all taken from HOT36 Wraith Cavalry as they will fit upon it.  Go HERE for the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.

HOT74M Fell Beast choose your Wraith Rider This new code gives you the creature and a choice from five different riders for it to be supplied with.  Go HERE.

HOT74A Fell Beast A suitable mount for your dark overlord or flying undead cavalry.  Perhaps the creature is wild and acting as a beast in your army.  Get it with no rider HERE.

You can get the original code HERE with the Wraith Lord rider and above a wee scale shot alongside HOT114 Wraiths and HOT100 Ghoul Dragon too. By request and now online!  The new release into this range for the month will be this very week too.


Wednesday 1 September 2021

Savage Dog free in orders and what is coming September 2021 at Alternative Armies

Bartorc stood clutching the torn bloody stump of his left wrist.  His hand was in the mouth of the mass of teeth and coarse fur that was the Pig Dog.  The Orc spoke, his voice quivering with pain to the elderly shop keeping sitting near the busily chewing creature.  “You told me your dog does not bite!”.  The old Elf smiled and nodded before replying.  “I did, I did.  But then this is not my dog.”  How was Bartorc going to load his musket handed.  Bad dog!

September is here!  All this month a free miniature in every package shipped out from Scotland to every customer. You need do nothing but place an order which requires to be shipping anywhere in the world (no Digital Download orders only sorry!) of any size and we will automatically include GRN04 Pig Dog.  As many orders as you want and ends 9am GMT 1st October 2021.  You can also order this code in any amount and you will still get the free one.  Great for 28mm fantasy and for post-apoc settings plus it is great in Flintloque as well.  From the Grinning Skull Range of madness and oddity sculpted by Will Grundy.

As you can see it is a very interesting miniature and would be a great addition to your collection.  Shown with an Orc Dragoon on foot from 54055 for a scale reference.  Go HERE.

Alternative Armies News for September 2021

We have now carried out almost all of the planned price rise across our ranges (Slaughterloo divisional army packs are last so if you want to grab one now at the old price be quick) and there are only a couple of days left in the Ikwen Uprising event from Loud Ninja Games if you wish to get in on it.  Erin our range of Celtic Mythology has returned to the website and we plan by the end of this month to get pictures of all the poses in the range on the pages (you can see Sidhe, Fomorians, Fir Bolg and others just now) so have a look at the month goes on.  

Regular Releases:  The Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy range will see the value pack for set nine come to the website.  A new pack of infantry in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range for the Savage Lizardmen.  Our new Flintloque release will be a blister pack of walking wounded (and not so motive) Dwarves for the expanding Legion de Nain.  Responding to Flintloque fans request we are bringing back a 1990's promotional item; the Kyng's Shilling during this month.  Also by request our 15mm Fell Beast will be available on its own as well as with a choice of five different Wraith riders.

Tabletop Gaming:  We will have a free Flintloque article with solo play scenario called 'Good Doggie' which will give you rules for the Pig Dog and some fun suitable for many different campaign regions on Valon.  There shall also be a solo play Patrol Angis scenario which sees Duxis Battlesuits of Prydia facing off against Yordan Havelock Battlesuits called 'Knight to Remember'.  See all of our free material currently to download on the WEBSITE and HERE on the site for The Ion Age too.

As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 

Thanks for Reading,