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Tuesday 22 December 2020

Alternative Armies festive message 2020 please read!

As we enter the coldest and darkest point in the year we extend seasons greetings across the world and thank everyone for their custom and their friendship in what has been an unprecedented annum.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from here in Scotland.  This is our last public announcement in 2020 and we would like to tell you what to expect until the end of January 2021. Read on for details and you can visit our website HERE.

This is a special time of the year and we are giving the whole team time off after what has been a manic four months.  We are closed from the 22nd of December until the 4th of January when our office will re-open and respond to messages.  We will commence shipping once more worldwide on 11th January 2021 as the global postal system returns to normal.  Our website will be online as always and the month will change over on 1st January as normal if you wish to check it out over the holiday season.

Our Shipping Rates have changed as of today with our levels of free postage raised to 100.00GBP for Europe, USA and ROW.  Our Courier door to door shipping remains unchanged as do all UK rates (including the small order reduced rate).  Standard airmail not tracked rates have increased.  Sadly this was beyond our control. See the new rates on our Information and Shipping page.  The price of all of our products has remained unchanged.

During December a free 5002I Stalinov the Liche is included in every order shipped out from us automatically.  When January begins this will change with the month and until the 1st February all orders will automatically get the brand new Weeping Banshee!  A teaser image above of this fantastic 28mm creature which is the final of five free female characters which will see a release as a pack in January.  So if you would prefer this miniature (which will be on the site to see as the month begins) free then hold off on your order until January.  

We have a month long event in January which will see many new releases across the month and for the entire month you will get the Banshee free and 15% off your order of any value automatically at checkout on screen before payment.  Yes, fifteen percent off!  What is more this automatic discount is LIVE ON THE WEBSITE FROM NOW (22nd December) as we are a fair bunch of fellows.

While you will have to wait until January to purchase the new releases here is a list of what is coming and from the start of the new year these new codes will appear on the site without pictures but you will be able to order them from then.  Pictures and news of each will come across the month.

28mm Scale

FL24-05 Weeping Banshee  (Free and can be Purchased)

FL24 Winter and Summer Heroines (5) 

The Midsummer Druidess, the Witch Carline, Kalene the Barbarian Priestess, the Ice Queen and the Weeping Banshee all in one pack.


56598 Zahnner Dogman Hussars 

Following up on the Dogman Field Marshall Mounted and the Pudigroan Grenadiers a new full five (skirmish pack, unit or single trooper) of miniatures for Pudigrochumberg or for Confederation of Finklestein or even Ostarian Empire with a change of uniform colours.

5024M Escape the Dark Czar in Metal

By request of Flintloque players we present the ten miniatures in the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set in metal rather than resin.   A collectors code for sure for those who wish the might of tin in their ranks.  General Saindoux and the others!


TOR18 Trees of Death

The Torture Chamber range has codes which were never seen in the 1980's and we are delighted now to bring some of these to the world in 2021. Trees of Death is a set plus a never seen before nude woman and two Goblinoid torturers as single miniatures.

MPS9 Wagon Set

Tabletop 1980's market place set the Wagon returns.  Get the set of Wagon plus Mule, Male Driver and Woman with Baby or single miniatures from it. As we continue to return classic miniatures to wargamers all over the world.

15mm Scale

HOF156 Grey Alien Combat Saucer Kit

Continuing the expansion of Grey Alien packs within the huge HOF Range we have a scout saucer with pilot supplied with a top you can put on or keep off plus parts for five different armed load outs which match up with the infantry and portable weapons platforms. Energy cannon, missile pods and more.


MRX19 Landsknecht 16th Century Gun Crew

We have nearly thirty different Landsknects in the Altuos Range and this gun crew of four poses will fit with the MRX artillery codes.

MRX23 Organ Gun 16th Century

A new artillery piece in the Altuos range which can be put with MRX19, MRX7 or MRX11 gun crews.

Lastly the brand new artwork in this article was drawn by Edward Jackson the resident World of Valon artist whose work can be seen across all the Flintloque game books, expansions and Slaughterloo as well as the upcoming En Garde and other titles in The Ion Age for example.  These are a 1st Sepulcherov Guard Hussar at rest in the Witchlands.  A Joccian Grey cavalry standard bearer on his Highland Cow.  A Finklestein Ogre who has stumbled into a patch of ground where re-animated dead of the Dark Czar are rising to his evil bidding. Lastly a Aegpyt concept art for an Othari household warrior with spear mounted on a hyena. It is our goal to have more of Mr Jackson's artwork in print during 2021 in upcoming projects.


Friday 18 December 2020

Caught Short a free full Flintloque scenario for Cryptmass 2020

Welcome to the final free content for the year and it is a humdinger of a full size scenario for Flintloque. The ninth in the linked scenarios begun in the Escape the Dark Czar beginners set using those characters. You can visit our Begin in Flintloque page or read on for more and to download 'Caught Short' right here rather than on our massive Free Downloads page of the website.

Every order this month gets a free Stalinov Liche re-mastered model included automatically.  This character has a Uniformation Article with game stats for him as well as our last release of the year Duc de Tubercule.  See 5002I Stalinov the Liche on the website for more details.  Also check our 'Seeking Stalinov' a free micro adventure written by Gavin Syme for Orcs in the Webbe 2020 Advent Calendar.

Caught Short (Escape from the Dark Czar): The ninth linked scenario for General Saindoux and his survivors of the Grande Armee du Norde is a tense action packed adventure.  The survivors continue their retreat and come across a large group of Finklestein Dwarves who are attempting to rescue camp followers led by Heinz der Mead from the attacking Undead.  Lending their strength will Saindoux prevail or get caught short like the Dwarves? This full size free scenario for Flintloque (two players or solo play) can be downloaded as a PDF from our website storage to your device directly by CLICKING HERE.

You can find the first three scenarios in the beginners set and scenarios four to eight on our Begin in Flintloque page and dedicated BLOG PAGE.

We have one more message this month which will appear on our blog and in our last email of the year.  It will contain our Christmas Close Dates as well as details of changes to shipping rates.  It will also have details of a month long offer for January 2021 and the brand new free miniature which will be included in every order in that is a real scream. Plus it will outline the new releases coming January in all scales and systems. The coldest and darkest month of the year; when we will all need some cheer.

Thank you for Reading,


Wednesday 9 December 2020

Duc de Tubercule released plus Uniformation article

Our last new release of the year is here!  New for the World of Valon a character figure sculpted by Christian Cuello (he of Barkhoven and the Valon Civilians) we introduce the Duc de Tubercule.  In the service of the Dark Czar this strange individual is an expert in the fields of medicine and of Wylde Magicke animation.  

In addition to this new miniature we have a Uniformation article which gives you game rules for the Duc and for Stalinov the Liche who is free automatically in every package shipped out this month.  Go HERE or read on for more.

55026 Duc de Tubercule. This pack contains one metal 28mm scale miniature. The aristocratic son of a wealthy Al-Garvey Goblin merchant and a noble Dwarven mother the Duc de Tubercule devotes himself to the study of illness, of medicine and of Wylde Magicke.  He is very skilled, was forced to flee Beervaria and is in now in the employ as an advisor to the lord of the Witchlands where he attempts to improve Doctorov's reanimation techniques while under Liche guard.  Holding a book and wearing a powdered wig the miniature stands 23mm to eyeline.  

Go HERE for the Army of the Witchlands range.

Uniformation:  A free one page download containing game rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo and some background for 55026 Duc de Tubercule and also 5002I K.G.B Liche Stalinov by request. CLICK HERE to download from our website storage. We have masses of free files to download all on one page of the website.  Browse them all HERE.

General Saindoux is getting caught short this Cryptmass which in addition to free articles on Orcs in the Webbe gives Flintloque fans something to look forward to.  This forthcoming full size scenario continues the adventures of the survivors in the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set and 'Caught Short' will be Scenario Nine in the arc.  You can see and download the other scenarios with ease by going to our BLOG or to our Begin in Flintloque page.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday 4 December 2020

New 15mm Barding Armoured Horse 15th to 16th Century

There is a selection of horses in our 15mm Renaissance range and now a new one has been added.  Following up on all of the new Pike, Sword, Halberd and Crossbow Landsknects we present a barding armoured horse suitable for those of means in the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries. This is our last 15mm release of 2020.

MRH20 Barding Armoured Horse. This code contains one fully armoured horse in barding suitable for any rider in the Altous range.  It fits in with our other MRH horses HERE.  Go HERE for the new horse.

Here is the horse standing next to MR103 Landsknect 2H Sword standing so that you can see its size.

There is a great selection in our Renaissance range now of over one hundred and seventy poses of infantry, cavalry, command and artillery plus Buildings and Scenics as well as Da Vinci and his Tank plus the Furioso Rules System and army packs for it with free bases.  Have a browse HERE

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 2 December 2020

Hero of the Table channel Ion Age 15mm Retained Knights

Brought to my attention and I was glad that was so. Two great videos by Sean where he takes a look at IAF001 Retained Post Alpha and IAF002 Retained Post Beta a total of twenty of our 15mm scale power armoured Retained Knights.  A second video where he paints those miniatures in white armour.  You can watch the videos below and if you like it do let the channel know.

Just under twenty minutes of science fiction miniature fun.  There are over three hundred poses of 15mm scale in the Ion Age range which you can see HERE and refine your search by type on the page.  Patrol Angis is a fast, lethal and flexible game system which can be had in print and as a digital download HERE.

If you are looking to get started with Retained Knights then the lance pack (which contains an additional free unique miniature too) is the place to be.  Paint these up in any uniform from Prydian as shown to the Marcher Baron leagues or the Condot mercenaries who ply the Precinct.  IAFP02.

Once we had filled out more than fifty poses of Retained Knights of rank and file we added characters and some of the most popular came from names in the Patrol Angis books.  Such as Diodine Sparrow who you can see above, he along with his body guard Quinus Bria and lady commander Loren Vasilia are characters with their own game rules.  IAF158 and there is a free download on that page too.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday 1 December 2020

Stalinov remastered miniature free in every December order here is why...

A quarter of a century ago the first expansion to Flintloque was released.  Deadloque took the game to the Witchlands; to the Undead and the retreat from Moskova. Flintloque 3rd edition pays tribute to that expansion with 5026 Death in the Snow and the beginners set 5024 Escape the Dark Czar Alternative Armies has had to put a number of projects on hold this year, this terrible year, and while we have faired well (you will have seen the huge number of new releases in the last six months) games such as Erin, En Garde, Patrol Angis and others have stalled due to it.  The team here are all well and we thank you for your custom during the Winter Mega Event across November.  While Deadloque is long gone the miniatures remain and to that we now come.

It had been our plan to bring all sixteen of the miniatures in 5002 Deadloque back to 'life' as it were in brand new molds.  We began that in March but it stalled along with the world with just one miniature re-mastered.  The first one; the most iconic.  The KGB Liche Stalinov now no longer in metal but in resin instead.  As as festive treat for Flintloque players (as we know there are literally thousands of metal Stalinovs in collections) but none in resin we are giving this miniature away free in every order shipped out this month.  All you need do is place an order which requires shipping and we will put it in automatically.  You can also purchase the figure and if you do you will get another one free too.  The 5002 set will appear in its entire state in 2021 all being well.

5002I Stalinov. The first and most infamous of the Dark Czar's enforcers of the Kommisariat Graviski Bureov, the K.G.B, the unnatural creature known as Stalinov carries out his masters will at all times.  The KGB are present across the Witchlands and in its army keeping tabs on Vampyres and other allies as well as upon the common Undead troops.  Stalinov acts alongside an officer and enforces action on the Undead in that section or unit.  

Above is another take on Stalinov this time painted by Jadreil Dupablada from his collection.

Fits in well with codes such as 55508 Zombie Line, 55509 Undead Command and 55521 KGB Liches in the Undead range.  See 5025 Death in the Snow and 5030 Slaughterloo for game rules on Liches.  A classic 28mm miniature now in resin from the 5002 Deadloque boxed set long out of production.  Go HERE.

December has some new releases and some returning favourites and indeed one with a super offer on it all this month.  One of the most popular codes for playing in the snows has been re-mastered and put into new molds.  52505 Finklestein Line Witchlands a skirmish pack of ten different Dwarves (which can also be had as a unit of twenty with discount or single trooper option) with new pictures too.  We have taken 15% off the prices of 52505 until the start of January.  See them HERE.

Later in the month there will be some free reading for Flintloque fans.  An account of Stalinov's origins and his optional unique game rules.  A full size scenario for Flintloque which expands the retreat by General Saindoux and involves the Finklestein Dwarves.  Other things too which will be fun on the run up to Cryptmass on Valon.  Perhaps some pesky Snowmen will make an appearance too.

Thank you for Reading,


Wednesday 25 November 2020

Pudigroan Grenadiers released for Flintloque and Slaughterloo

The last new release of more than sixteen during this mega offer month is a big one for the World of Valon.  A whole set of new Dogmen from the ruined kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg.  This takes that army up to an all arms force of infantry (line, grenadiers), cavalry (dragoons, cuirassiers), artillery, light troops, command, personalities, limited edition and a Divisional Army Pack (DAP) saving 15% off an entire division.  Go HERE for this Ferach Empire allied nation to see everything.

“Give us our revenge was the only request of the thirty thousand Dogmen who marched into Armorican service. Give us the chance to kill Ostarians and we will. The Emperor Mordred was only too happy to oblige them and in addition to training them in Elvish drill he armed them with his firelocks and give them his artillerie was well. There are more than a dozen regiments of Pudigroan in the field against Ostaria.”

56597 Pudigroan Dogman Grenadiers

Veterans of many campaigns and extensive soldiering have made the remaining regiments of line that King Bonio possesses very effective fighters. Considered a breed apart these troops perform very well in battle.  Poses are an Officer with Pistol, Drummer, Standard Bearer with bone topped pole and musket, Sergeant with musket and spontoon.  Four different soldier poses with musket which are firing, advancing, loading and marching.  As with all World of Valon codes you get free resin cartouche bases included.  You can choose from a skirmish pack of ten, a unit of twenty (with saving included) or a trooper booster single (random trooper or ask for a pose you want in any amount).  Go HERE for these new miniatures.

These are characterful miniatures and each could tell a story of war in Central Urop.  Above is a front and rear block view of each.

Players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo a treat for you! A free six page army booklet to download for the Dogman kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg. Background, profiles, regiments, statistics and more.  CLICK HERE to download from us.

Pudigrochumsberg features in 5028 Bier & Bones game book for Flintloque and in 5030 Slaughterloo where you can create your characters and units and get playing.

Get started in Flintloque with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set which has core rules, three scenarios, ten resin miniatures, dice and bases all for a great price. See our Begin in Flintloque page for this as well as many free scenarios and articles following General Saindoux and his survivors as they retreat from Moskova.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday 24 November 2020

Velite Grenadiers de la Garde column painted by Jerry Frazee

It is my delight to present to you the super painting of Slaughterloo and Flintloque fan Jerry Frazee from the USA who has with kind permission allowed us to share his Velite Grenadiers.  On top of these lovely pictures we have updated the Elf Column on the website and you can now purchase all the poses from the box as well as the full set.  Go HERE or read on.  

Click on the pictures to make them larger.  You can see the whole column as well as trooper front and back pictures.

5103 Velite Grenadier de la Garde Mordred

Send in the Garde!  Best of the best the Velite Grenadiers de la Garde are the anvil upon which the Armorican Armee sits.  An excellent centre piece for your Elf forces. This code contains twenty miniatures an entire Elf Column for your battlefield. A Full Unit of Mordred's Elite Grenadiers with many different and unique poses filled with character. One Mounted Elf on Horse and Nineteen Foot Garde Elves armed with Muskets. Includes a Background and Painting Guide. This box makes an entire elite unit for use in Slaughterloo or larger Flintloque scenarios.

Download the two page PDF insert for the column from our server by CLICKING HERE.

You can now select from the options on this page alongside a full set any of the poses within the set in any amount.  Use the drop down menu for this.  Here are your options and refer to images as well.

5103 Velite Grenadiers de la Garde - Set

5103A Mounted Officer on Horse

5103B Grenadier Banner Bearer

5103C Officer on Foot

5103D Grenadier with Axe

5103E Grenadier shako under arm

5103F Injured Grenadier

5103G Bare headed Grenadier

5103H Grenadier with wrapped musket

5103I Grenadier cocking musket

5103J Grenadier marching with musket

5103K Grenadier standing with musket

5103L Grenadier advancing with musket

This set of miniatures is a core part of any Elf player's collection as a center point for a division or many scenarios and with its multitude of poses it is always interest to look at too.

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 23 November 2020

Devil Frog 15mm tractor and field artillery new for Bradley Miniatures

 “The first shot is for the Devil, the second for God, and only the third for the King.”

Old boney was not wrong and today Bradley Miniatures alongside Alternative Armies presents brand new 15mm scale field artillery by the name of the Devil Frog!  Go HERE for the 15mm scale range and go HERE if you want to see Bradley's 6mm range which also has the Devil Frog.

“The General Carrier/Ordnance tractor (GeCO) represents a venerable lineage of military light-motor utility vehicles.  The most common of these is the GC454 Devil Frog.  The Devil Frog is able to haul a large field gun, it's crew and ammunition as well as provide security with it's light armor and roof mounted machine gun.  A compact bifuel-cell drive provides good range and simple logistics, ensuring that any size Colonial force is likely to include them in its ranks.”

This pack contains one 15mm scale kit in high quality resin and metal with all parts required to build one Devil Frog Ordinance Tractor and one Devil Frog Field Gun. There are three different cannon barrels supplied in the pack giving you a choice.  Assembly is required of low complexity. You may also choose to purchase the Tractor on its own or a Field Gun on its own on the page.  Single Field Guns are listed as A (Energy Weapon), B (Rotary Weapon) and C (Long Howitzer Weapon) by barrel size.  

This is the fifth code in the 15mm range and comes after four tanks.  These can be had as single kits or as a bundle of four saving ten percent.  Star Legion tanks of the Lionheart and Stormheart patterns.  You can also get the sponson heavy machine guns and armour skirts on their own too.  See the range HERE.

Thanks for Reading,


Sunday 22 November 2020

HOF155 Dominator Spheres released!

“In the service of a machine god, or a radioactive wasteland, guarding prisoners or sent by an invading army the Dominator Spheres are many limbed metal killers!”

With the revving of power saws and the clack of clamping claws the many limbed terrors of the future are here!  Below you can see Dominator Spheres in pursuit of escaping Prisoners (from HOF139 Penal Legion).  Go HERE.

Our last release for the month in the HOF Range following up on the new Grey Alien packs is a fantastic generic code great for many settings and systems.

HOF155 Dominator Spheres. This pack contains three metal kits each composed of a robotic body propelled by tentacles and a sprue of six different limbs which can be added in any of the six mounting slots and bent to your choice of pose meaning huge variety.  Limbs are: Grabbing Claws, Circular Saw, Laser Cutter and Energy Blaster. Each model is 20mm to top of body and with limbs added can be up to 35mm tall. You may purchase a pack or a single sphere kit.  Max Choice!

Other models for photo enjoyment and scale given for reference only and not included.  Check out the HOF Range for all manner of other science fiction miniatures across nearly one hundred and sixty different packs.  See these new models HERE.

Winter Mega Event 2020 is on! 15% off all orders automatically, free new Ice Queen miniature included automatically, Sixteen new releases and more. Everything we make is in this event all scales, all setting, all periods, all models and all books. Lots to this all explained on our BLOG. Event lasts entirety of November.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday 20 November 2020

Ashigaru Archer Catfolk released for Kitton

Four new 28mm Catfolk now in the growing Kitton range at Alternative Armies.  We continue to make releases for the range though slower than expected for 2020 for reasons you will know of (as with happened with the Erin Project) but this new pack takes us up to thirty seven poses plus a giant oni all sculpted by Sam Croes out leader designer.  There are more coming in 2021 and we thank you for your kind words on this new expansion to the World of Valon.  We have Samurai, Ashigaru, Ronin and Villagers.  Each pack can be had on page as single poses too.  Go HERE for the range.

A unique array of 28mm scale fantasy Japanese miniatures in the same vein as our Todoroni, Ratmen, Rabbitmen and others though these Kitoka live in a land of warring Diamyo and vicious monsters cut off from the rest of Valon.  Welcome to the islands of Kitton!

58017 Kitoka Ashigaru Bows. This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal Kitoka Catmen miniatures of an average height of 23mm. The Ashigaru are the foot soldiers of the warlords of Kitton and are armoured carrying a Bow and Quiver of Arrows. They are soldiers for your forces. Each miniature comes with a separate Sword Bundle, Arrow Quiver and Back Banner. 

The poses are: The poses are: (A) Kitoka Ashigaru arm raised with Bow, (B) Kitoka Ashigaru drawing Bow, (C) Kitoka Ashigaru just loosed with Bow, (D) Kitoka Ashigaru shooting with Bow.  See them HERE.

While no game rules exist for the range there are plans to field test a version of the Flintloque 3rd edition engine with a Kitton setting.  This project is currently on hold but will resume next year.

Almost all of the Kitoka are warriors but as the range expands more townsfolk and villagers, as above, as well as yokai (monsters) will make an appearance.

One of the largest models in Alternative Armies array of thousands of miniatures.  The Kitoka face Oni all the time as they fight the strange monsters and also each other. But, among the Oni there is one whose name strikes fear into the bravest of Catfolk. A giant called Jigoku!  The model is over 100mm tall and carries a Kanabo Spiked Club (90mm long from end to end).  See him in the range HERE.

Thanks for Reading,


Kev Moon paints Ganesha Games and Erin miniatures

I am delighted to show you the brush work and painting skill of Kev Moon, known as @Verbal_Gerbil over on Twitter (check him out by his handle, excellent fellow) on some of Alternative Armies and Ganesha Games figures.

In this composite picture, click on the image below to make it much larger, from the top left they are as follows. Three Halflings from Ganesha's 28mm Fantasy range (AAB003 Halfling Militia Man, AAB007 Halfling Hero and AAB002 Halfling Militiaman II) with spears and sword.  ER19 Chicol the one Legged from our Erin range (big fellow in 28mm scale).  Three Mushroom Man Warriors by Ganesha (FIFU036 Fungus Assassin, FIFU037 Fungus Gladiator with Net and FIFU035 Fungus Paladin running) in 28mm scale.  Lastly ER021 Morc of the Tree a dagda type dragging a tree.

Really lovely work on these by Kev!

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 18 November 2020

VNT46 Skeleton Adventurers released

"The Adventurers were sure of their weapons, of their armour and of their skills in magic and in fighting.  They opposed themselves to Thanat the Necromancer and stole into his dark fortress. In facing the lord of death they fell and now..they are what they once were but now in his service...reborn."

A new pack of 28mm miniatures now in our growing Fantasy range.  This time the Undead Legions collection of skeletons, zombies, wraiths, monsters, vampires, anti-paladins and many others.  All as packs and single choice of poses within pack on page.

VNT46 Skeleton Adventurers. This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal miniatures.  A skeletal Knight in damaged plate armour with Sword and Shield his jaw broken. A skeletal Barbarian with huge two handed Axe.  Skeletal Dwarf with Axe and Shield and a skeletal Wizard dressed in robes and large hat with an orb tipped Staff.  Great for any game system and to replace mortal characters of the same kind when they fall to a Necromancer. Supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 25mm square bases).  Go HERE.

The forty sixth pack in the VNT series matches right in with the very first VNT1 The Eternal Guard which you can see below.  There is a thirty year age gap between them both; VNT1 was re-mastered in 2018.

We have a number of value sets of 28mm Fantasy miniatures and you can see these in every collection in the range; VNT, FL, CA, DH, OB and so forth.  Browse using the left hand menu on our website and each of these saves you 10% or more off single purchase.

Thanks for Reading,