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Friday 24 April 2020

Jigoku the Giant Oni 100mm tall now in the Kitton Range

Jigoku is a legend.  A terrible and feared legend among the Kitoka for though almost all Oni are larger than they are Jigoka is the largest of all.  The ground shakes as this giant monster walks and it swings its Kanabo levelling bridges and buildings with ease.  Only the greatest Samurai will face the lord of destruction!

One of the largest models in Alternative Armies array of thousands of miniatures is now here.  The Kitoka of the island of Kitton face Oni all the time as they fight the strange monsters and also each other. But, among the Oni there is one whose name strikes fear into the bravest of Catfolk. A giant.  You can see the entire range of 28mm scale Japanese style Catmen and Catfolk HERE or read on for more information.

58020 Jigoku the Giant Oni 
This code contains one very large and highly detailed resin kit model.  When assembled this Giant Oni stands about 100mm tall and as a small degree of pose choice as well.  It carries a Kanabo Spiked Club (90mm long from end to end). Ideal for any 28mm scale game system and with our Kitton miniatures.  Composed of six pieces this model is easy to put together and is durable as it is meant for tabletop use.  Go HERE.

Shown for scale with 58009B Ronin for scale only and not supplied.  Shown on a 50mm square base which is not included.  Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Kitton range continues to expand each month and now contains more than thirty different poses of fantastic Catfolk in a Japanese style.  Ronin and well as Villagers plus Ashigaru and Samurai with swords, spears and bladed spears.  You can choose from packs or single poses within the packs.  We are working on a lighter version of the Flintloque 3rd edition game for these miniature which should be happening later in 2020.

This is the last release in the mighty March to War month at Alternative Armies.  It has been a roller coaster of a month for many reasons and as it draws towards a close we want to thank you for your support and hope that all if you have a safe and healthy year.

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday 23 April 2020

Sekoth Guardian Demons set released

Now in the SHM 28mm Fantasy range brand new snake creatures ideal for defending your wizards lair or populating a dungeon.  Our last high fantasy release of the month is six poses of Sekoth Guardian Demons sculpted by Greg Saunders.  Go HERE for the range or read on for more.

“She screamed and pulled at the ropes which bound her to the stone pillar.  Her screams had been near ceaseless for an hour and their dark master had been chanting and daubing runes upon the stone flags all that time.  The spell was near complete and the Sekoth were motionless but for their breathing and an occasional tongue darting out to caress a dry eye.  Beyond the chamber the noise of combat rose as the attackers came nearer.  With a single movement of his bony hand the master directed his guardians to the chamber entrance.  The enemy was here.  A human, his muscled chest streaked with blood and dirt, strode towards the pillar followed by an Elf and a Dwarf.  As one the Sekoth raised their bronze swords and maces and gave battle.  The spell was near complete and the master would have his sacrifice.”

SHM96 Sekoth Guardian Demons
These 28mm scale creatures are a fine addition to your fantasy collection.  This code contains six different metal miniatures.  Each Sekoth (a reptilian slave race of the darker powers) is composed of a creature with shield and a separate arm.  Each Sekoth is about 30mm tall and each arm will fit any of the creatures meaning a lot of options.  Poses as shown are:

Sekoth with Rectangle ornate shield - Curved Serrated Blade arm.
Sekoth with Cloak and Face Mask - Banner Arm.
Sekoth with Round ornate shield - Demon Fire Projector arm.
Sekoth with Round 'mouth' shield - Long Straight Sword arm.
Sekoth with Round ornate shield - Iron tipped cudgel arm.
Sekoth with Round 'eye' shield - Axe holding arm.

You can choose from a pack of six or choose one Sekoth and we will supply a random body and arm.  Note if you choose more than one single miniature we will supply a different body and arm each time until a total of six is reached before repeating pieces.  If you would like certain bodies and arms just let us know with your order number when ordering.

This pack is supplied unassembled and unpainted without bases. Images show the miniatures from different angles and also alongside a 28mm scale High Fantasy miniature (28mm tall code FL26-01 Brigand) and a 28mm Alternate Stars (28mm tall code AS000 Boudican). Pictured on a 25mm square base with fire stone effect.

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Tuesday 21 April 2020

Free full Flintloque Scenario: Ride them Down!

Following up on the release of the Albion Orc cavalry in the codes for the new 2nd Heavy Dragoons it is our pleasure to present to you a full size free Flintloque scenario featuring these figures and others.  The link to download the scenario is in this article and you can find the miniatures in the Army of Greate Britorcn HERE.

While this scenario features Orcs and Elves it can be played with any other cavalry and is a type of scenario I call 'Rolling Pursuit' which has been used many times at conventions and in stores since the 90's.  Meant for two players it works perfectly well in solo play too with the silent player rules found in every Flintloque game book.

Ride them Down!
A patrol of the 2nd Heavy Dragoons is out amid the dust of a hot Catalucian day looking for the enemy.  They expect a few straggling deserters or an enemy patrol ready to skirmish but instead they are found by hundreds of advancing Elf Dragoons!  Can the Orcs outride the foe or will they be caught and killed?  Find out in this special full sized three page 'Pursuit' scenario.  Play solo or two players.  Each turn more Elves arrive and those left behind as the table moves will be lost.  CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.  There are hundreds of articles on our FREE DOWNLOADS page for you to browse as well.  Enjoy!

You can see 54523 2nd Heavy Dragoons HERE and read more about them on our BLOG

The Ferach Elf Line Dragoons are Armorican light cavalry armed with swords and carbines. The most modular miniatures ever created by Alternative Armies with both riders and horses possible in dozens of poses.  See them HERE and on their page is a free download with game mechanics uniforms and more.

We have now made all of our World of Valon releases and free news and articles for the month.

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Monday 20 April 2020

2nd Heavy Dragoons new packs and unit for Flintloque

The releases this month for Flintloque and Slaughterloo from Alternative Armies introduces a whole new regiment into the Army of Albion.  The 2nd Heavy Dragoons are the mounted counterpart to the existing pack of dismounted Dragoons and make use of a classic now re-mastered code as well as brand new poses for a total of five riders and one deceased Orcs.  Go HERE for the Army of Greate Britorcn or read on for more.

The Dragoons of the Army of Albion are lightly armed Orcs who use their swords and carbines to scout and range ahead of the marching battalions. If they have to fight on foot or they lose their horses they will dismount otherwise they ride into the fray.

If you play in Catalucia or Al-Garvey then these Dragoons will give you added muscle against Elf Dragoons and other Ferach forces.  A skirmish pack which has a full unit option with discount as well as packs with single pose purchase options for full customisation of your section.

54523 2nd Heavy Dragoons
This code contains five different 28mm scale metal larger Orc riders on resin Horses.  An Officer with separate pistol arm, Standard Bearer with sword and pole, Musician with bugle and two different poses of trooper with sword and carbine.  Some assembly is required and this code is supplied with our resin cartouche bases.  You can also select a full ten miniature unit with a saving which has five more randomly selected troopers added.  Miniatures are from packs 54004, 54052 and 54053.  Go HERE

54004 2nd Heavy Dragoons 
This pack contains two 28mm scale different larger Orc Dragoon riders in metal mounted on resin Horses.  A Dragoon armed with Sword and a Dragoon armed with a Carbine.  You can purchase the pack or choose a pose from the pack in any quantity. 

54052 2nd Heavy Dragoons Command
This pack contains two 28mm scale different larger Orc Dragoon riders in metal mounted on resin Horses.  A Dragoon Officer armed with a Pistol (separate arm) and a Dragoon Musician with Sword and Bugle.  You can purchase the pack or choose a pose from the pack in any quantity.

54053 2nd Heavy Dragoons Colour and Casualty 
This pack contains two 28mm scale miniatures composing a metal larger Orc Dragoon standard bearer with pole and sword on resin horse plus a dead Orc Dragoon on foot laying face up in one piece resin. You can purchase the pack or choose a pose from the pack in any quantity. 

We are continuing our ongoing Flintloque project which you can read about in full on our blog using the FLINTLOQUE tab on the blog to get all these posts in a line up as they proceed.  This is a mix of classic codes with new molds as well as new poses expanding those codes and new poses in new codes. Black Blob Crowfoot, Orc Exploring Officer, Major of the 45th Regiment, Dismounted Dragoons, Dark Elf Inquisitor and more thus far.

If you wish to get started in Flintloque then there is no better way than with the excellent 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar beginners set.  It contains core rules, scenarios as well as ten resin 28mm miniatures plus dice and bases.  Allowing you to learn the game and then expand in any direction.  There is also a lot of free downloads and such on our Begin in Flintloque page.

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Sunday 19 April 2020

Timmy at Wargame News blog new RifleOrc collection

I was kindly send some pictures of a recent acquisition to the Flintloque collection of a good friend of mine Timmy who runs the excellent Wargame News and Terrain blog.  A great source of wargaming news and articles you can find it HERE.  Timmy managed to get his hands on some Rifle Orcs of the 105th Foot which is an elite force in game terms and the home regiment of Captain Sharke and Colonel Oswold Pebblekettle.  I present these pictures to you Flintloque fans for enjoyment as well as a wee expansion in options on some of the codes they come from.

There are no light troops who blend training and equipment into a deadlier combination than Albion’s green-jacketed Rifle Orcs. These Light Infantry are in a class of their own, and cause chaos and confusion among their enemies on the field of battle. Shifting these characters out of strongly defended positions is nigh on impossible, and few would dare to go against them in rough terrain. The structure of the 105th Foote’s two Light Troop battalions is as follows. Each battalion contains eight hundred Orcs at full muster and has ten companies all of which are designated as light troops. Each company has eighty soldiers which are separated into two Platoons and a headquarters element totaling about forty soldiers and officers. A Section has ten to fifteen soldiers including an Officer, a lesser Officer, a couple of Sergeants, a musician and standard bearer, the rest being Rifleorcs (Privates). The Orc Rifles are armed with Orcish Bakur Rifles. Their uniform consists of a dark green tunic, dark green breeches, a black shako with a green plume, and black shoes. Cuffs, collars, shoulder straps and turnbacks are black, piped in white. Equipment and equipment straps are black leather.  Taken from 5025 War in Catalucia.

Just click on the images in this blog article to make them much larger.  The painting is lovely on these miniatures and every figure has some little touches that bring it right to life.  From the names stencilled on the rear of each base to the choice of skin tones for every Orc.  The miniatures come from several codes these being 5001O Sharkes Rifles, 5104 105th Rifles Box Set and the long sold out LE004 Moore, Deerness and Im.

The Alternative Armies website is simply huge and despite many hours work a week upon it by myself there is always more to do.  In response to this article we have now added options to buy the original Rifleorcs are singles as well as the 105th Rifles box set single pose and character options if you fancy some miniatures to add to your collection.  Sadly the Limited Edition, LE004 is sold out but we operate something called 'The Swop Drawer' which is an actual drawer at my desk which contains traded in sold out limited codes.  These come from defuct stores, personal trades, bidding sites and conventions and what I have changes monthly.  If you want to know what is currently in the drawer please email and it helps if you state which codes you are after.  First come first served.

Thanks for Reading!


Saturday 18 April 2020

Lamia Wintermore and her nemesis Lady Rosafiend

It has been my great pleasure while working at Alternative Armies to have penned the fiction in all of the books of Flintloque 3rd edition.  This includes 5026 Death in the Snow which it has been said to me many times that the conflict between two extremely powerful female characters has stayed with the reader even beyond the tabletop and play of the game.  Here is an extract from the book.

A strange perfume reminiscent of rose blossom permeated through the dank air and enraptured the group with its heady aroma. For an almost imperceptible moment, Mordred’s senses were overpowered by the puissant fragrance. As the over-whelming sensation swiftly relaxed its grip over the Elf’s faculties, he realised that another figure had joined them in the awakening hallway.


Moving gracefully across the now gleaming oaken floor panels towards the gathered Commanders of the invasion force was the shapely and enigmatic physique of an elegant and alluring woman. Enveloped in a voluminous black dress, her niveous skin glowed in sharp contrast to the dark finery of the gown’s material. A flowing mane of fiery red hair cascaded over her shoulders, softly caressing her back as she glided serenely to the astonished Marshals of Armorica. Casting her captivating hazel gaze towards the Emperor himself, the mysterious beauty introduced herself as the Lady Rosafiend. As her soft, delectable voice poured from her blood-red lips and swathed Mordred in its honeyed lustre, the haughty Elf knew that he had found his Empress.

Apologising for being unable to welcome the travellers earlier, Lady Rosafiend addressed her guests as if she had been expecting them, with her particular attentions being focused towards Mordred himself. Beckoning the assemblage to follow her, she led them into one of the chambers they had passed through earlier. Gesturing towards some velvet-upholstered chairs, she bade the Elves and their companions to be seated. As yet, none had questioned her near supernatural arrival in the gallery, and the congregated dignitaries of the Armorican Empire were too enraptured by her soothing tones and radiant aspect to ask even the simplest questions.


Anticipating their queries, Rosafiend enlightened them with an astonishing discourse made believable only by her hypnotic voice and sensuous mannerisms. Vilnau had once been a magnificent and splendid City, and she had been its ruler. Burgeoning with life, the self-sustained and vibrant metropolis grew in bounds, with its cyclopean spires clawing ever higher into the cold air, proclaiming her power throughout the territory under her exquisite dominion. However, a rival had emerged from the colder climes of the deep Witchlands.

Ingratiating herself to the Star Wraith Aleksander, Rosafiend’s female adversary had espied Vilnau and desired it for herself. Considered second only to Moskova itself, Vilnau had become a model City for the competitive aristocratic families of the Witchlands, and Rosafiend’s jealous enemy resented the esteem Vilnau had brought the noble Lady. Rosafiend, skilled in the esoteric magical arts, believed she had nothing to fear from her young competitor, a Vampyre from the ancient house of Dracsul, one of the most powerful Vampyre families of the Witchlands. The Emperor noted that she had said Vampyres, so the legends were true. He said not a word and let the fascinating and captivating lady continue.


However, the dark machinations of Vampyres had cut down the most unassailable rulers with their vociferous lies and callous manipulations, and Rosafiend found herself unable to prevent her calculating rival from spreading insidious rumours which soon permeated the court of the Star Wraith himself. Accused of growing opulent off the generosity of Aleksander, Rosafiend found her formidable position crumbling around her. As the viperous Dracsul family awaited the day Vilnau would become theirs, Rosafiend desperately tried to avert disaster by travelling to the court of Aleksander to plead her case. Receiving a cold reception at Moskova, she failed to persuade the Star Wraith that the black-hearted Dracsul witch had merely spun a web of lies to further her own nefarious plans, and was ordered back to Vilnau....

Every now and again space opens up for new painting on an existing model and I chose to get Lamia Wintermore on foot (5005I) in some new red threads.  Very much with the notion of seeing her next to her nemesis the Lady Rosafiend..who lured the Emperor Mordred to near destruction.  I hope you like her!

The events in Death in the Snow are those which set in motion the 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar beginners set for Flintloque which follows the attempt of Ferach Survivors to evade the Undead and to get home to Armorica.  There are many free scenarios and resources for setting all on the website HERE.

All this next week we are releasing new models for Flintloque and new free content and articles so keep an eye to our BLOG for that.  Riding in red and white...these Dragoons are for Kyng Gorge!

I hope you enjoyed this little look at my thinking and thank you all for your support in this uniquely troubling time.


Thursday 16 April 2020

Twenty Five new 15mm Elves added to the HOT Range

A large expansion of the 'Hordes of Things' HOT 15mm Fantasy Range at Alternative Armies with five new packs of Elves.  Go HERE to see the whole range or read on for more information.

Twenty five poses of 15mm Elf plus new Eagle and Hounds presented in five pack codes as well as each pack having the option of choosing a 'sampler' which is one of each pose in the pack; great for fantasy skirmishing.  Some packs have other options and there are more pictures including scale shots on the website.

HOT120 Armoured Elf Infantry with Bow 
A block of armoured archers to add to your army or characters skilled with the bow.

HOT121 Armoured  Elf Cavalry with Bow 
This pack contains six cavalry in two poses.  Each rider is two part meaning pose choice of upper body.  Pack or Sampler.  Elves love trick shots!

HOT122 Armoured Elf Heroes and Champions
Great for making officers or notables in any Elf unit or as adventurers; eight different pointy ear poses.  Pack or sampler of eight.

HOT123 Armoured Elf Guard Spear Infantry
Bringing the heavy hitters!  Form a block with these in a pack or a sampler.

HOT124 Armoured Elf Beast Masters
A pack with four beast master Elves and twelve hounds.  In this code you can get a pack or a sampler one of each pose or a hound sampler to expand your army.

HOT125 Armoured Elf Eagle Riders
A pack with three different armoured Elves riding giant Eagles.  In this code you can get a pack or a single Eagle with rider (choose which) and an Eagle on its own.

These new miniatures join a wide selection of High Elves already in the range.  See them all HERE including new pictures for HOT10 Elf Spearmen and HOT10 Elf Archers.  You can create an army for any game system such as HOTT 2nd Edition with ease.

HOT10 Elf Spearmen

HOT11 Elf Archers

HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern
HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen
HOT116 Elf Mounted Knight Command
HOT8 Elf Command
HOT9 Elf Mounted Sword Knights
HOT9 Elf Mounted Sword Knights
HOT42 Elf Mounted Lancer Knights
HOT43 Elf Mounted Spear Knights
HOT69 Elf Crossbows
HOT70 Bolt Thrower with Elf crew
HOT71 Elf Mattocks
HOT72 Elf Blades
HOT73 Elf Axes
HOT20 Elf Chariot

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday 14 April 2020

TOR13 Wheel of Death set added to the Torture Chamber Range

Another classic 1980's code returned to the Torture Chamber range of scenic sets now produced by Alternative Armies.  You can see the whole range HERE and be aware that this range contains adult themes and miniature nudity.  Hence this censored leading image.  Read on for more information.

Tied and turned the victim is at the mercy of their captors...

TOR13 Wheel of Death
Spin the Wheel for a prize..well maybe not. This pack contains the following pieces all in metal to make the complete Wheel of Death.  The wheel itself atop a pole, the naked and bound victim and the 'pusher of the wheel' with his pole plus robed and hooded inquisitor This pack is 25mm scale and not supplied with bases and you can choose to purchase one pack or parts these being the wheel itself only, the naked victim or the pusher of the wheel and the inquisitor.  Note the lead image is censored and other images are not.

Captors, Slave Traders, Inquisitors, Torture Devices as well such as The Rack, the Wall, the Whipping Post and the Snake Pit all give interest to a gaming table or to add to your collection.  Have a look and see what peaks your interest. Go HERE for the whole range.

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 13 April 2020

Space Apes from Ganesha Games painted by Harry

I was contacted recently by a fine fellow by the name of Harry who showed me his collection of Space Apes and Aliens from the 28mm Ganesha Games range.  He was kind enough to allow me to share these and I love to see things Alternative Armies makes out in the world being enjoyed. We do not often speak about these miniatures. Here are his pictures.

These are really nice and bright.  Thanks again Harry!

SUX008 Pirate, SUX004 Sniper, SUX009 Female Scientist

SUX030 Archmantoid
SUX020 Plasmoid

You can see the Ganesha Games 28mm Science Fiction range HERE on the website as well as the Ganesha Games 28mm Fantasy range HERE too.  Lots to choose from resulting from several successful Kickstarter campaigns fulfilled by ourselves.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday 10 April 2020

Three New 15mm packs SFA Flamers, Grenadiers, Female Troopers and SAW Teams

Now released at Alternative Armies three new packs in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range for Security Force Alpha.  A total of sixteen new poses all sculpted by Sam Croes to the ideas of veteran wargamer Fred Richards.  Adding to the mighty choice of infantry, bikes, battlesuits, mecha, drop pods and vehicles for the 'SFA' your generic human faction in any game system.  Go HERE for the whole range or read on for more.

Sixteen character miniatures to give your forces variety as well as support and female troopers too alongside the core packs HOF112 and HOF113 of the SFA.

HOF143 SFA Flamers and Grenadiers
This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of five different poses with at least one of each and random of the rest in the pack. Security Force Alpha (SFA) troopers armed with Flame Throwers and with Grenades for your forces dressed in clamshell armour. You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page in any quantity you wish. They are from left to right: SFA Trooper bare headed with flamer thrower raised (A), SFA Trooper with flamer thrower level and firing (B), SFA Trooper with SMG and grenade raised in hand (C), SFA Female Trooper firing SMG and holding grenade (D) and an SFA Trooper hand out in warning getting read to throw a grenade; SMG on chest (E).  See larger images on the website.

HOF144 SFA Female Troopers
This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of five different poses with at least one of each and random of the rest in the pack. Security Force Alpha (SFA) female troopers armed with a variety of weapons for your forces dressed in clamshell armour. You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page in any quantity you wish. They are from left to right: SFA Female Trooper long hair with SMG (A), SFA Female Trooper arm raised pointing; holding SMG (B), SFA Female Trooper running SMG in the air (C), SFA Female Trooper firing heavy shotgun with equipment roll (D) and SFA Female Trooper with shoulder mounted launcher (E).  See larger images on the website.

HOF145 SFA SAW Teams 
This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of six different poses with at least one of each and random of the rest in the pack. Security Force Alpha (SFA) Troopers; gunners and loaders with Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW).  These are heavily muscled men ideal for customising with tattoos or other body art while wielding support weapons. You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page in any quantity you wish. They are from left to right: SFA Trooper bare headed muscled with ammo case and SMG (A), SFA Trooper muscled, walking with SAW braced (B), SFA Trooper bare headed muscled, kneeling with ammo case and SMG (C), SFA Trooper muscled, kneeling SAW raised and braced (D), SFA Trooper laying prone with heavy shotgun a loader or spotter (E) and SFA Trooper muscled laying prone with SAW firing (F). See larger images on the website.

Here are some pictures of the new miniatures entering the fray!

When I mentioned mecha earlier I was referring to the GNATS (Giant Neuro-Assist Titantic Soldiers) of which we now have three different kits.  Each is around 100mm tall in 15mm scale and is easy to assemble and durable for tabletop use in your games.  HOF131 Contender GNATS which is a mainline mech with projectile weapons, HOF146 Crookback GNATS a mainline mech with magnetic and projectile weapons plus HOF147 Spike GNATS an artillery support mech.  Go HERE.

We do hope you like these new releases and that you find something in the HOF Range to suit your games.  We have Security Force Alpha but also Rim Mercs, Post Apocalyptic Warriors, Grey Aliens, Cultists, Automata, Zidhe Space Elves, Octopods as well as Robots, Aliens and Creatures.  More than one hundred and fifty codes!

Thanks for Reading,