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Thursday 28 May 2015

Flintloque Catch the Pig AAR by Christian Cello

Presented in Full a Blog Post by Christian Cello reproduced here on the Alternative Armies blog with short added notes by Gavin Syme (GBS).  You can find the original post HERE and notes at the foot of this post.  Enjoy!

It has been a long time since my last update, mostly for health reasons. Without giving to much detail, you can imagine things are pretty awful when you can't even find enough energy to look at a miniature! However, I'm now on the mend and ready to get a few projects underway: a few commissions for terrain and some sculpting. For my self, I was able to set aside some energy to finish painting a few figures and, after a long wait, Romina and I finally got a game of Flintloque underway.

A couple of weeks ago we made preparations but didn't get much farther than that, which Gavin from Alternative Armies turned into a brilliant post about setting up for play. You can see some more of it here.

What follows is a report of the skirmish between the proud forces of the Free State of Schnöselberg, dubiously led by Rittmeister Heißhund, and the Ferach infiltrators lead by the devious, duplicitous and downright dangerous Captain Couteau.

The Ferach forces prepare to march on the Red Dragon!
The Objectives

The first stop on the Schnöselberg scenic tour is the lovely, rustic Red Dragon Inne - a popular watering hole for the locals and soldiers who pass through. Close by is the renowned chocolatier and master coffee roaster Herr Tobleron. At the centre of the town lies a well. This is the main objective of the scuffle, and needs to be captured by the end of combat.

Buildings lying around the town are also able to be captured, but this is a secondary goal - and quite dangerous! When entering a building, a character must roll a d6: 1 - 2 - The soldier easily makes his way inside, only to be knocked out by surprise! (lasts two turns); 3 - 4 - The door is locked, getting in will be tough; 5 - 6 - The soldier easily makes his way in!

Supplies are always needed, so grab that pig - if you can! Approaching within 5cm of the pig will startle it at 50%. If startled, it will move 3d6 in a random direction. Otherwise it will need to be led away.

Lastly, that pesky journalist Fritz Heulen is on the prowl for a good story - this might prove to your advantage! Have him in your possession by the end of the battle. However, an opposed melee roll will be required to stop him snooping around for his latest story. Otherwise, he moves 3d6 in a random direction.

Special Rules

Sneaking a visit to the house of Herr Tobleron is almost irresistible as the smell of roasting coffee beans and other tasty treats wafts over the battlefield. Roll a d6 at the start of the game: the result is the number of cups of coffee he is able to brew. Imbibing a cup will give you an extra move action next turn. No fighting in the yard, though. There's a good boy!

Oh... and be careful: the townsfolk haven't taken too kindly to the recent visitors. The Innkeeper is happy to take things into his own hands and there is a 50% chance he may appear at the start of a turn and blast at a random soldier with his musket! His wife, however, is rather interested in these fine specimens and they know it! They ignore Shaken results if in melee within 15cm of the Innkeeper's wife.

Get off my Lawn!
Well, well, well... 
The Battle at the Red Dragon Inn
as told by Herr Fritz Heulen 
in a letter to his cousin, the esteemed 
Herr Gunther Heulen Esq.

Dear Cousin,

It has been so long since we have spoken. My travels have taken me to the hot-bed of intrigue and skulduggery that is the Free State of Schnöselberg – and you all said it was a backwater! My latest adventures have landed me in a spot of trouble, but more on that later.

Be sure to pass on the following account of a recent clash for the key strategic point, the Red Dragon Inn… more importantly the well at the centre of the hamlet. Make no mistake - this could turn the tide of the war!

It was early on in the battle that I was whisked away by a Ferach soldier who, as he approached, brought with him a stench of alcohol that made my eyes water. He staggered over followed by a decorated superior. Unfortunately, he was well and truly legless a short while later: I barely heard the pop of the Ostarian Air Rifle that felled him. I never found out what happened to him after the battle but I seem to recall him getting dragged away by an angry mob of villagers...

The Jaeger von Meister sneaks around the back of the inn...

Seeing that I was in danger the Ferach lieutenant attempted to lead me away to safety as the distinct crack of musket fire could be heard in the distance. The struggle for the well had begun!

I must admit that in the confusion I could make out few details. However I do seem to recall being passed on to several other soldiers before the battle was finished - so considerate! Even now the Ferach have taken precautions to set an armed guard outside my tent for my protection.

The elves quite deftly maneuvered their way to a good vantage point, intercepting the lone dogman that held the well. With a decisive order from their Leader, the small section of troops let rip from their muskets and felled the poor pup where he stood!

The Ferach Elves take position...
The whole affair was very civil for the most part: I seem to recall two soldiers from opposing sides taking time to have a coffee break part way through the battle. I quite like the idea of a soldierin' life, and have often wished to take up the uniform of my native land, see the world... if only my health would permit.

Two soldiers take a moment to sample Herr Tobleron's finest brew... 
and benefit from a quick burst of energy in the next turn!

The supercharged Schnöselberg grenadier takes the initiative and makes a grab for the well... can the puppies hold it?

Covering Fire!
In a last ditch attempt at the well, the Ferach troops closed in to hand to hand combat. Lowering their bayonets and sounding the charge, they rushed in... however, they did not reckon with the good breeding of Musketier Sprungsteen, or "Knuckles" as he is known to his peers! He felled two Ferach elves with one almighty right hook. It would have done his litter proud.

 Knuckles gives the Ferach more than they bargained for... his pal von Schnussel does the same!

At this it seemed that Cpt. Couteau of the Ferach elves used his better judgment and sounded the retreat, after passing through the hands of what seemed all the nations of Valon it was time to leave the battlefield - but not before a last, desperate attempt by the young Schnöselberg drummer. Unfortunately, he was quickly dispatched by the cruel elf who eyes glinted as he sliced the poor young pup. There is something really off about this guy... I only hope I do not suffer the same fate!

Cpt. Couteau swoops in and snatches Herr Heulen from the unsuspecting drummer... nasty!

He who fights and runs away... the Ferach grudgingly make their escape through the trees and back to camp...
but not empty-handed!

And so, dear cousin, here I sit in solitude, awaiting my fate! Who knows where my adventures will take me, and what thrilling tales I will have for you when next I write! Farewell!

- Fritz Heulen


And that wraps up our first "full-sized" Flintloque battle! The Schnöselberg troops held the well as, quite simply, there were too many casualties on the Ferach side to do much more than grab Herr Heulen and make a quick exit (and it was quite late in the evening when we finished up anyway). While most of my section survived to do battle another day, they had many injuries so I'll be interested to see how they fare next time. I'll definitely stay out of the line of fire of that deadly jaeger!

Hope you enjoyed it! Of course a few more things happened in the game that Fritz didn't account for... including the cowardly Heißhund emerging at the very end of the battle to catch the pig!

The Innkeeper kicks open the door and opens fire... I lost two of my elves that way!

The pig was tricky to catch, and almost overwhelmed my Volitgeur.


Gavin's Notes

Well that was a really awesome read with some excellent photographs of Mr Cello's collection of Flintloque miniatures some standard and some customised. I am not going to add much here except to recommend that you try the 'Catch the Pig' idea out in your own games of Flintloque.  A scenario like this with humour and pace in a fantasy world is the spirit of Flintloque and gives the rest of us 'FLQ'ers' a lot of enjoyment.  Did you see that Fritz Huelen the pesky journalist was a conversion of 56131 Ludwig Von Barkhoven adding glasses and a floppy hat?  Also the addition of cotton wool tufts to figures upon firing is visually pleasing and a great way to keep track of weapon use in play.  I want to thank Christian for taking the time to take all of these great photos and for showing how a small number of Flintloque miniatures can be used for an excellent couple of hours of fun.  Where next for these adventurers...I don't know, but I am looking forward to finding out!

Thanks for Reading.


Tuesday 26 May 2015

Clukkatrix giant mutant chicken released by Grinning Skull

These beasts are what nightmares are made, huge mutated chukk let loose on the enemy in a whirl of claws and feathers, a terrible sight to behold. When a chukk warrior has been "evolved" through either over stimulation, or artificially, it may become a Warp-chukk, or indeed a monstorous Clukkatrix. So wild and dangerous are they, that any mind control methods are no use any more, and these creatures are free to roam where ever they like, attacking anything in sight and devouring the victims. The mutation shift, harkens back to ancient DNA locked inside from aeons ago, so their appearance is that of a mixed avian and saurian variety, and produces a beast running on pure instinct. 

Clukkatrix have several deadly forms of attack, a sharp razor like beak and claws, slash, peck and rend the enemy (and ally) to a bloody pulp, while their noxious belches and farts release clouds of deadly poisonous gas that are generated from the rapid mutations. Often this gas build up leads to them exploding when destroyed, causing even more gore and carnage. The Clukkatrix are by no means a stable mutation unlike the Chukkasaurus or other chukk mutant strains, so don't tend to last long once changed. It still can happen that eventually they may calm down enough to revert back to a chukk, the chances are slim though, since the Clukkatrix's rage escalates with momentum once it has changed. 

Any force that counts chukk in its ranks are prone to this change, which can be a blessing, or a curse, that is of course depending upon the wind of fate, as an unlucky warlord may find himself and his best troops nearby to a chukk that has changed form, or be too close when it's final cock-a-doodle-doo, becomes shock-a-doodle-boom! 

Alternative Armies presents a fantastically crazy single release from Will Grundy's fantastical miniatures line Grinning Skull. This release is a single large miniature supplied in grey tone high quality resin. This 28mm scale miniature is great for science fiction and post apocalyptic wargaming with any rules system. We hope you like it. Go HERE

GRN48 Clukkatrix (Giant Mutant Chicken) 5.00GBP 
One large miniature (40mm in height) with razor sharp claws and beak. 
(shown with Clukk for scale 20mm tall). Assembly required.

There are a lot of miniatures in the Grinning Skull line including aliens, pig mutants, goat mutants, pig bots and much more. However if you are keen on the Cluckkatrix then you might well find GRNP04 Chukk Squad interesting as it contains the infantry sized dodo and chicken mutants to support this big beast. You can visit the range HERE

Thanks for Reading. 


Zarglian Invaders released by Grinning Skull

From the depths of space, the Zarglian invaders come with planetary dominion in mind. These tentacled marauders have arrived to dominate all other lesser lifeforms with their superior prowess and intellect, till all falls to the zarglian race. The Zarglian Stellar sovereignty spans countless worlds and systems, over centuries they have taken planet after planet and subdued many alien civilisations. Usually backwater worlds that offer little resistance to an invasion. Ruled by a ruthless royal line, much of their dominance can be seen as little more than a statement about how great and terrible they are (as can be seen by their huge heads!) It is the Zarglian way to assume that they are the highest form of life in the known galaxy, so humble is not a word they know how to use, and neither is subtle, favouring large displays of power just to show the enemy just how great they are and everything else is insignificant compared to their great empire. 

Zarglians are identified by their two main striking features. First is their huge heads and massive pulsating fleshy brains. Often they choose to adorn themselves in elaborate head dress, to further extenuate just how big their brains can be. This is due to their custom of those who have the biggest brain, are usually more intelligent. Contrary to the fact, an average Zarglian is no more smarter than any other star faring race, they just imagine themselves to be. Even though the brain appears to be soft and squishy, it is quite tough and is not easily damaged as you'd think, this comes from millennia of evolution and adaptation , which without it, they would have died out a long time ago. 

The other feature that distinguishes them from other creatures is the sea of writhing tentacles they possess as appendages. This makes them surprisingly fast and agile, able to do many things at once. It is unknown how many tentacles zarglians have exactly, experts would say that the number varies per being. With their like of racial superiority, it could be said that this might figure in a similar manner to the brain size. You'd imagine that due to their appearance they require a large amount of water to survive and that is why they seek new worlds to conquer. This is not the case, long have they evolved the ability to operate in many a locale and their tech aboard the saucer shaped crafts is more than adequate to provide them with all to survive. indeed their technology is advanced, lasers, sonic weapons, disintergrators and rayguns, as well as hyperspace capabilities and teleportation. They are ahead in terms of psionic ability, using mind bending telepathic devices to communicate to other races, probably just to taunt their foes and tell them of their impending conquest! So, prepare to serve your new intergalactic masters, and hail the great Zarglian Emperor and prepare for world wide invasion! 

Alternative Armies presents three new miniatures for the Grinning Skull line sculpted by Will Grundy. These miniatures are single releases and a value pack too for the awesome Zarglian Invaders from beyond the stars! They are 28mm scale resin miniatures which are great for science fiction, post apocalyptic as well as retro and world of the worlds type wargaming with any rule system. We hope you like them as much as we do. You can see them HERE

GRN31 Zarglain Invader I 2.50GBP 
One tentacle brain alien with ray gun. 

GRN32 Zarglian Invader II 2.50GBP 
One tentacle brain alien with ray gun. 

GRN33 Zarglian Invader III 2.50GBP 
One tentacle brain alien with energy pulse weapon. 

GRNP02 Zarglian Invaders (5) 11.25GBP 
This value pack gathers together codes GRN31 to GRN33 for a total of five miniatures randomly but evenly mixed in terms of poses. A squad with a 10% saving off single miniature prices. 

There have been many releases for Grinning Skull in the last few weeks from more Oggum to Ogbots and Pig Ogres and Mutant Chickens and Kize Aliens and more. They are all on their own section of our website as single miniatures, value packs and whole sets. Go HERE to visit them. 

Thanks for Reading. 


Thursday 21 May 2015

Baahl goat soldiers released by Grinning Skull

These bovid kin are another of the leftover experiments of the past. They are a stubborn and unpredictable lot, but fierce and hard headed in battle, features which put their kind in great demand as troops for hire. The baahl usually dwell in seclusion from other races on the homeworld, in primitive tribes that practice heathen ways. This leads others to suspicion and fear of them, as tales of sacrifice and devouring their enemies are abound. Indeed, they do worship demonic looking pagan gods and spirits, but feel a great affinity to their surroundings and nature. 

Auxillary baahl troopers are the descendants of their more natural kin, the next generation of their race to grow up in a more civilised oggum society. As you know, the oggum have conquered vast tracts of their homeworld, which means many tribes were either destroyed, relocated or subdued as a result. Baahl stick together in large numbers even in large oggum settlements, but are segregated. Many of them will form large companies of willing fighters eager to earn a crust and get on with life, so this leads to them being used as hired soldiers on all sides of conflict. 

 Baahl are adept at war, and take to their new life as soldiers well, the problem is they can be a little quick to anger, especially if lead by oggum commanders other than their own, so each company will be lead by another baahl to avoid conflict within the ranks. Baahl are equally suited to both melee or gun fighting, they pick up new forms of combat and destruction very easily and are not prone to stupidity unlike the oggum, who for the most are a little more slower when it comes to organising themselves. Many Oggum warlords covert the thought of having a small company of baahl auxillaries in their warband as just the mention of facing a number of trained baahl soldiers would frighten the enemy sufficient to gain an edge in battle. 

Alternative Armies presents releases in the Grinning Skull line by Will Grundy. These miniatures are single releases and a value pack too for the horned heroes of the Baahl. They are 28mm scale white metal miniatures which are great for science fiction, post apocalyptic as well as other types of wargaming with any rule system. We hope you like them as much as we do. You can see them HERE.
GRN44 Baahl Auxillary Trooper I   1.00GBP 
One miniature advancing with beam weapon. 

GRN45 Baahl Auxillary Trooper II   1.00GBP 
One miniature with rifle. 

GRN46 Baahl Auxillary Leader   1.00GBP 
One miniature with SMG. 

GRN47 Baahl Auxillary Trooper III    1.00GBP 
One miniature with heavy hand gun. 

GRNP05 Baahl Auxillary Squad (10) 
This value pack gathers together codes GRN44 to GRN47 for a total of ten miniatures randomly but evenly mixed in terms of poses. A whole squad with a 10% saving off single miniature prices.

There have been many releases for Grinning Skull in the last few weeks from more Oggum to Ogbots and Pig Ogres and Mutant Chickens and Kize Aliens and more. They are all on their own section of our website as single miniatures, value packs and whole sets. Go HERE to visit them.

Thanks for Reading.


Chukk Squad released by Grinning Skull

Chukk are the deadly brainwashed minions of the League of Anthracks. These mutant ground bird hybrids are psychotic shock troops that willingly sacrifice themselves in battle for the pleasure of their oggum masters. In the repertoire of the evil and twisted Okvan scientists of the League, as well as Treatment Y, there exists "Stimulant X", the agent from which these creatures are made. 

It all begins when the scientists choose a suitable "eggmutha". An Eggmutha is one of the largest and meanest of the native giant ground birds, fertile enough to produce hundreds of eggs in the process. the Eggmutha's are then restrained and force fed specially formulated feed to make them lay rapidly. The eggs are incubated separately and during which, the developing embryos are administered stimulant X daily, until they hatch.

Once hatched, the process produces fully developed Chukk. they are then taken to a secret conditioning centre to begin the "training". This involves many parts, from electric shock therapy, to weeks long narcotic based brainwashing programs, that will strip way any placidity and harden them for war. This makes them deadly in conflict, as wave after wave will serve as fodder for the real attack. Their absolute fearlessness isn't the only thing that makes them feared, but rather the other attributes that come from their creation. If a chukk becomes too stimulated at any point, they will begin to mutate. Mutated chukk are known as Warp-chukk, this form makes them double or triple in size and mass and begin to break from the shackles of their mental programming. They will attack anything close, gathering in violent momentum culminating in the volatile gases within them exploding and causing carnage. However, a warp-chukk may continue to mutate, giving form to even deadlier forms such as the chukkasaurus rex and the mighty clukkatrix. Many sorts of birds are used in the experiments, inculding Turkeys, pheasants, grouse, ducks and geese, and even vultures in the mix. Not all of them work out as successfully as the standard chukk, but probably the most receptive genus used are the mutant Dodo stock, known as the Doodah. 

So successful in the process, they often keep some sembalance of sanity and mostly never break. They are often seen in elite units in numbers, or leading other types of chukk in battle or labour. Chukk do break the cycle, and go rogue often, so it is not uncommon to see mercenary units on any side. They usually have an axe to grind about the past masters and thirst for revenge against the League, and its heard that this can even happen in battle, swaying the tide of war in favour of the league's enemies. All in all, the chukk are a foe not to be underestimated and are renown for sheer savagery by survivors of conflicts they were a part of..... 

Alternative Armies presents more releases from Will Grundy's fantastical miniatures line Grinning Skull. These brand new releases are single miniatures and a value squad pack for the mutant bird folk called Chukk! These white metal 28mm scale miniatures (20mm tall approx) are great for science fiction and post apocalyptic wargaming with any rules system. We hope you like them as much as we do. You can see them HERE

GRN40 Chukk Doodah Trooper 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Dodo mutation with a big bore rifle. 

GRN41 Chukk Trooper I 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Chicken mutation with an SMG. 

 GRN42 Chukk Heavy Weapons Bazooka 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Chicken mutation with a missile launcher. 

 GRN43 Chukk trooper II 1.00GBP 
One miniature of a Chicken mutation with an assault rifle. 

GRNP04 Chukk Squad (10) 9.00GBP 
This value pack gathers together codes GRN40 to GRN43 for a total of ten miniatures randomly but evenly mixed in terms of poses. A whole squad with a 10% saving off single miniature prices. There are more releases to come this month for Grinning Skull. We have already released the Alien Kize and the Oggbot Squad plus the Oggum Oggra. See our blog post for a list of what is coming HERE. There will be a value set of all the releases once the last new pack is out. 

Thanks for Reading. 


Flintloque designer Christian Cello sets up to play...

This is a short blog post about a game of Flintloque that so nearly happened. Due to unforeseen circumstances designer Christian Cello and his opponent had to cease playing before they had even begun. However we are lucky enough to have three excellent images and a short account of the anticipated skirmish to show you here on the Alternative Armies blog. Christian is the fellow behind 56131 Ludwig Von Barkhoven and the great 54050 Valon Civilians pack of miniatures and while he is working on more sculpts right now he is also a firm fan of the great alternative fantasy skirmish game in the world Flintloque.  

8th of May, 1801 - forces of the Ferach Emperor Mordred face off against the defenders of the Free State of Schnöselberg in a border skirmish to capture the small town and its water supply. After several roll calls, cups of coffee, polishing of uniforms and going over their orders, the commanders realised it was almost tea time and promptly agreed to leave the battle for another day. They enjoyed a beef stew at the local inn, the Red Dragon.- Fritz Heulen, war correspondent. 

As the above image and short account show and tell you the battle did not take place. Boo Hiss! I am assured it will do but lets take a moment to look at that really nice gaming set up. Custom scratch built buildings and terrain features and a tightly focused playing area. In games of Flintloque that have only half a dozen or so miniatures per section per side you can play in just two square feet like this and have a really good time trading musket shots and sword duels. A copy of Death in the Snow along with all the roster sheets and dice complete the scene. I know I want to find out what would have happened next! So what of the two sections of miniatures? One of Dogmen and one of Ferach Elves. 

These are the defenders of the Free State of Schnöselberg a tiny dutchy somewhere in the Confederation of Finklestein area of Urop. The Confederation is a great place to create your own little kingdom as its an area of literally hundreds of comic opera dutchies and city states filled with Dogmen, Dwarves, Ogres and even some Burrovians and Todoroni. There is a lot about this region in the Beir & Bones book and a free PDF you can have by request from Alternative Armies by email. 

Christian's Dogman Section is kitted out in a fetching (fetch boy, fetch!) yellow, white and sky blue uniform and the miniatures are taken from several codes including Dog Jaers, Dog Grenadiers, Dog Line and Dog Command. You can see all of these codes on our website and we do offer a parts service if you want single miniatures from each code. Check them out HERE

The troops of the tyrant Ferach Emperor Mordred want to annex the Free State...why? Because its what the Elves do! Fast and well trained these High Elves are tough foes to overcome. Christian's Elf section is also composed of several different codes and makes a nice eclectic mix of infantry and also a high ranking officer and a master spy too. There are miniatures there from the original Deadloque classic set, from the original Flintloque classic set Voltiguers and a couple of small packs too as well as the favourite 51006 set. There is also a Bog Orc Drummer from the Guinalean Legion there to add some muscle. There are more than one hundred different Elves in the range and you can see them all HERE

I am hoping eventually for more pictures and a full report as I know you fellows out there love to see good stories, scenarios, fiction and miniatures in use. What will happen to the Free State of Schnöselberg? Time will tell. 

Thanks for Reading.


Tuesday 19 May 2015

Oggborg Squad released by Grinning Skull

Oggborgs (also known as Cybogs) are battle worn veterans of serious conflict. When an Oggum trooper survives grievous injury, they are sometimes fixed and augmented with crude cybernetic technology of Oggum design. Although this surgery is mostly voluntary, it's usually forced upon the wounded by their warlord's unwillingness to let their favourite lackeys from leaving his retinue. Once an Oggum undergoes such an experiment, most will experience severe psychological changes, even possibly suffering partial or full lobotomisation in the process. Usually these subjects are then reprogrammed solely for battle, wiping out their previous personality for good. 

An Ogbot is such an oggborg who has undergone so much cybernetic enhancement that all remnants of their previous life has gone, and are now little more than a machine with a few organic parts, but it is not uncommon for ogbots to have full conscious thought if a fresh undamaged brain was first transplanted into a suitable host machine. Still, not all conversions serve so willingly, and many will resist against control software to enjoy a semi normal existence. Those who have become so mentally damaged may reject everything and turn to the life of a wanderer and all the trappings of freedom. These might find the employ of other warlords, pirates and mercenaries or other groups of outcasts, so an oggborg may be found anywhere in alliance with anyone. 

This technology is widely used by most factions, such as the Santyr cult of the Iron legion, or the mighty Og-mech of the golden Imperialists. Even the Okvan scholars and scientists create their brainwashed minions using this tech. The Scrofa tend to shun such things as is not natural, but even oggborg renegades and converts can be found in their number. Even with the erratic malfunctions and glitches inherent in oggum technology, these grizzled warriors are legendary in combat, and should be engaged in battle with great caution. They stand about 20mm tall. 

Alternative Armies presents releases from Will Grundy's fantastical miniatures line Grinning Skull. These releases are single miniatures and a value squad pack for the Oggum. These white metal 28mm scale miniatures are great for science fiction and post apocalyptic wargaming with any rules system. We hope you like them as much as we do. You can see them HERE

GRN35 Oggbot 1.00GBP 
One miniature with power arm and cannon. 

GRN36 Cyber Snipper Oggborg 1.00GBP 
One miniature with claw arm and pistol. 

GRN37 Powerpunch Oggborg 1.00GBP 
One miniature with super strong arm. 

GRN38 Tracked Oggborg 1.00GBP 
One miniature which is half Pig and half Tracks. 

GRN39 Bionic Eye Oggborg 1.00GBP 
One miniature with baleful red glowing cybernetic eye. 

GRNP03 Oggborg Squad (10) 9.00GBP 
This value pack gathers together codes GRN35 to GRN39 for a total of ten miniatures randomly but evenly mixed in terms of poses. A whole squad with a 10% saving off single miniature prices. 

There are more releases to come this month for Grinning Skull. We have already released the Alien Kize and the Oggum Oggra. See our blog post for a list of what is coming HERE

Thanks for Reading. 


Thursday 14 May 2015

KC2 Mountain Orcs Released

“Down from the top caves and the slopes of scree they come.  Down to the valleys and our flat lands to bring us death.  They look down upon us before they descend and then they look down upon is when they are but an arms length from our rusted swords.  They are the largest of the Goblinoid races and make terrifying foes indeed.  Last season we hired the Ogres and their handlers from Grubberstatte who kept the Orcs away with the threat of their steel but not this year. Not now the snows are gone, for the Ogres left not just with our coin but with our grain and our life stock stuck in their belts.  I fear we will all die and worse.  When the Orcs of the mountains discover we are not only skint but hungry ourselves they will likely feast upon our flesh and suck the marrow of our bones.”

Back by popular demand the second code in the 1990's classic 'Kev's Creatures' range at Alternative Armies.  To go with the KC1 Lovely little Goblin terrors we present the hulking thugs that are the Mountain Orcs!

This code contains three different 25mm/28mm white metal miniatures approx 30mm average height. Great quality, great choice and great value too.  Go HERE.

Poses in this code are as follows:

KC2-01: Mountain Orc with Spiked Club and Round Shield.
KC2-02: Mountain Orc with huge Spiked Mace.
KC2-03: Mountain Orc with large Sword and Round Shield.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu.  Choose from a pack, three packs with a 10% saving applied and single miniatures.  Total choice!  Assembly is required with some white metal miniatures.

You can already find the other code in the 'Kev's Creatures' part of our classic range on our website.  KC1 Coblynau.  Go HERE.

The Alternative Armies classic high fantasy range dates from the period of the early 1990's through to the end of that decade.  Designed by leading names in the wargaming industry and highly successful in its day this range has been on hiatus.  Alternative Armies, under the name 'Project Darkhelm' is dedicated to re-mastering, re-molding and re-releasing this entire range back onto the market.  We will be doing this work at a measured pace maintaining high quality and excellent pricing. During and beyond this process Project Darkhelm will see the range continue to be expanded in the mediums of white metal and high grade resin using top industry designers in new releases.  Every pose in each pack is unique with no duplicates making them perfect for skirmish wargaming, roleplaying and unit building for any battle system. 

Thanks for Reading.


Sharkes Gingerbread - Flintloque Scenario now free on Notables Group

The specially written Flintloque scenario used at the Salute 2012 wargame convention is now a free file to download from The Notables Yahoo Group.  Sharkes Gingerbread is a three page packed scenario which sees our favourite Rifleorc face off against creatures baked in ovens and a baker who would see them all doomed!  Scenario, special rules and more.  Here is the introduction:

There are places in Catalucia where magicke still exists in its rawest and weirdest form. Most of the time these places are overlooked and never visited even in times of war. So it would not come as a surprise to some of you to know that it is in these magicke charged places that a refugee from the privations of the Witchlands has taken up residence….Bakerov the Undead brother of the infamous Doctorov. 

Bakerov fled the icy climes of his native land when the Dark Czar called him experiments into confectionary based troops too much heresy even for the liche master himself. Taking his two Dwarven assistants as well as all of his tools and equipment he even packed up his home onto a convoy of wagons and headed for where the master of the Witchlands has no influence; the sunny climes of Catalucia. 

All would have been well except for the chance arrival of an Elvish patrol in the hidden valley where Bakerov had rebuilt his strange house. The patrol arrived just as Bakerov’s experiments reached a successful climax…the creation of Gingerbread Men soldiers! 

These Gingerbread Men made short work of the shocked Elves and then burst out in to the valley where they were confronted by another conflict that has somehow found its way into the same valley. That of Captain Rekhardt Sharke and his Rifleorcs against the Trolkin 3rd Lergo Line led by messers Bange & Oafson. These enemies are about to set about each others throats…and the Gingerbread House and its denizens are right in the middle!

I had a great time at the show and we played the scenario through four times across the day.  Not all of the Kyng's Shillings handed out were returned to the stand for free Flintloque items as some wargamers just wanted the coin!

You can find the Gingerbread Men pack HERE.

There are some six hundred and fifty members of the Notables Yahoo Group and its a place where there is more than 100mb of free files, hundreds of pictures, a legacy of more than twenty thousand messages along with wargamers to talk to. I also frequent the group several times a day and I am always happy to pitch in on all conversations including items not to appear here. Its well worth joining this Yahoo Group and while you must apply to join this is just a formality and I will sign you in (you need do this only once) where you can pull up a virtual armchair and talk about our games and miniatures. Here is the link: Notables Group.

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Wednesday 13 May 2015

The Trolka Army of Bob McAlister

As well as being a personal friend of mine from across the pond in the USA Mr McAlister, or Bob to his buddies, is a long term player and fan of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Recently he took some pictures of his impressive collection of Trolka and Trolkin.  The mighty Trolls of Skandavia and Copendaz are one of his favourite armies to field along with Joccian Ratmen and Von Rotte Dwarves. 

He gave me permission to share a short tale and his pictures with you all.  Enjoy and if you are interested in the Trolka as single miniatures or units or a whole division you can find them in resin at half the price of the original white metal on our website HERE.  Over to you Bob!

Trolka Cavalry on Giant Moose!
Trolka Jager 'light infantry'
Trolka Artillery Crew
The mighty Trolka Line Infantry
This is Gen. Sven Svensson i'm here to tell you about my division of new recruits . I have only taken these new recruits out for field manoeuvres once and we did not have a full division, I was at half strength when I got the orders to engage the red line of Albion. The infantry unit of Fearch elves led the way with my smaller brethren the trolkin leading up the charge on my left. We advanced towards the enemy our flintloques belching out their smoke and ball but with so few troops we were not able to do much damage to that line. The moose riders tried to get in but were cut off and retreated.

Trolkin Line Infantry.  Smaller Trolls!
Elf Line Infantry.  Allies of Skandavia!
My Trolka brothers got up and took many wounds and had to retreat in order to save themselves but not until we took some of theirs out. I think we surprised the Albions with our great strength, to take so much damage and not flinch. But as I said with a bunch of new recruits and at half strength we had to retreat to fight another day. I just received our order to advance into battle with an army of short legs. Now at full count I feel that it might be a victory.

Gen. Sven Svensson.

Trolka General....Sven Svensson?
Thanks Bob!