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Saturday 29 September 2018

October Offering 10% off the entire site for one week

The autumn is here and Alternative Armies begins the campaign of awesome towards the end of the year with our 'October Offering'.  Ten percent has been taken off everything on our website until midnight GMT Sunday 7th October 2018.  You do not need to enter any code and it applies to all of our ranges and is on top of discounts for mega bundles and divisional army packs too.  Just add to cart and you can see the discount on screen on every option for every code.  You can even use your discount code if you have one.  We are always fair.  Free Worldwide Shipping kicks in at 80.00GBP in cart.  We have something for everyone who wargames so have a browse and welcome to the autumn season!  Go HERE.

We will have a couple more special offers and releases before we reach Halloween come the end of the month but more on them at the time.  You will adore the Ghostly Bride when she makes her appearance (we are getting her ready right now!).  We hope you enjoy our October Offering and the week long discount.  Orders will be shipping daily across the world.  Here is a full listing of our ranges to aid in your navigation of our website.  Click on what interests you.

15mm Historical Ranges

15mm Fantasy Ranges

15mm Science Fiction Ranges

The World of Valon - Flintloque and Slaughterloo

Confederation of Finklestein (Dwarves, Dogmen, Ogres)
The Troll Lands (Trolka and Trollkin)
Coltz and Diberia (Centaurs and Werewolves)

The Army of Greate Britorcn
(Orcs of Albion, Ratmen of Joccia, Hob Goblins of Taffsea, Bog Orcs of Guinalea, Ogres of the KGL plus Allies of Korsuca, HEVC etc)

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Friday 28 September 2018

Article 14 Civilians of Valon by Andy Jefcoate

The autumn comes on in and as our last news for September we present the fourteenth article in Andy's journey through Flintloque.  Following up on the Lady Wintermore from last time it is the turn of Civilians.  Putting the five characters in the 54050 Valon Civilians Set sculpted by Christian Ceullo into play with his own character profiles for the game. If you wish to read any of the previous articles (we recommend reading them in order) then follow this TAG on our blog. I would not cross her!  GBS

The Civilians of Valon

There are some excellent Civilian figures available in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo ranges which are very useful for adding something different to your sections or as the subject of a scenario. I've purchased several of these miniatures and I wanted to explain how I have used some of them in my games. 

For this article I want to talk about the great Valon Civilians set which consists of a Dogman with a Blunderbuss, a Dwarf Lumberjack, an Orc in a coat and tricorne, an Orc with a flat cap and a knife, and last but by no means least a Gnome wearing glasses.  These are all fantastic castings with great detail and character.

The Alternative Armies Blog article in 2015 explains the background of each of these 5 characters so they are ready to use as suggested, but I wanted to use them all in the Witchlands within my narrative so they have different stories to tell.

How have I used these characters in my games
You may have met two of them in my earlier articles, so I'll mention these first.

Dogman with Blunderbuss
You would have originally met this guy if you read my 4th article in September 2017. When I was creating my Dogman section there are some great Witchlands figures available with the Dogman figures being some of my favourites, but I wanted a figure with a Blunderbuss as a bit of short range firepower as at that point my games tended to be smaller. 

This figure merges nicely with the other Witchlands Dogman figures and has been very useful in my games. In Flintloque a Dog Grenadier Blunderbuss fires at 80/8 within 10cm range and 35/6 between 10 and 30cm range so can do some damage when required.

Johan the Dwarf Woodsman
This guy appeared in my 5th article in November 2017 along with the 1st Pugglesberg Jagers.  He has been used as Johan, a Dwarf Woodsman who had been acting as a guide for the Ferach forces but who had been knocked unconscious in a skirmish and left for dead. The Pugglesberg Jagers found him so brought him into their camp and gladly shared their dwindling rations with him. In return he has shared his considerable survival skills with them and shown them how to set ambushes for the dead. 

This has been a fun figure to use and with the Pugglesberg Jagers Johan is classed as a Dwarf Veteran / Light trooper armed with an axe. Due to his skills as a Woodsman if he is outdoors and uses a slow march or a half step march he cannot be seen by an enemy over 30cm away. At +5 in melee he has been useful in taking down the undead at close quarters!

The Orcs 'Stab' and 'Grab'
The two Orcs have been used together as 'Stab' and 'Grab', Orc Veterans from the Britorcn Army of Catalucia. In the army their exploits were legendary amongst the rank and file but frowned upon generally by their officers. Comrades in their section never went hungry as their reputation for scavenging and thievery meant that they would always 'acquire' whatever they wanted. Unfortunately they pushed their luck by plundering the baggage of their own general and the rumour is that they were only saved from being hanged by their Major who intervened on their behalf. He saved their lives but they were still dishonourably discharged. 

In the Witchlands their real names aren't known and they just use their nicknames. They have joined the followers of the Ferach army and can be hired as additional guards, thugs or labourers by whoever pays them, and they don't mind if their tasks require a moral flexibility which has seen them regularly called upon during the Ferach retreat especially as units compete with their own side for resources. It might be dishonourable for elves to steal from other elves but if the Orcs do it, that's a different story!

They are general rogues but appearances can be deceptive, in reality they are still members of the Britorcn Army and part of a group sent to the Witchlands to spy on and disrupt the Ferach forces. This group led by the legendary Spy Master Gorgon Lighfoote will feature in a future article.

In my present games they are used as Experienced Orc regulars and can join any Ferach Elf section having been paid by the officer to assist his unit. They each carry 2 pistols and have knives hidden all over their bodies. In close combat they both fight with 2 knives but such is their skill they get a +2 melee modifier as if they were using a sword. As a bit of fun (and due to their hidden agenda) the Ferach player has to role 2 dice at the start of each turn, and if any double is rolled then Stab and Grab are controlled by the Witchlands player that turn.  

The 'Quartermaster'
The diminutive figure of the Gnome known as the 'Quartermaster' is regularly seen behind the Ferach lines. Even during the retreat he can still acquire additional rations, powder, weapons, whatever is required for the right price. On payment of the agreed fee, he and his team of Ogres appear with whatever is needed.

No-one knows how the Quartermaster came by his initial fortune or where he originally comes from but he is easily recognised by his brightly coloured outfits.

In my games he is used more as an objective than a character in a section, with troops tasked with escorting him across the board. If he is contacted base to base by a member of an enemy section, he has the resources and influence to escape but in anger will have nothing to do with the section that was escorting him and the scenario is lost. 

What's next 
I hope that you've enjoyed reading about how I've used the Valon Civilians pack in my games and that I've given you some ideas to try in your scenarios. I still have plenty to tell you about in the fantastic world of Valon, I've mentioned Gorgon Lightfoote who will have an article soon, but I also have numerous miniatures and units that will feature in future articles, so until next time......

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Thursday 27 September 2018

Warchest Blog paint up our 15mm Elf Cavalry

I am a big fan of Jimboba who runs the mighty Warchest blog.  He recently added to his Alternative Armies collection and painted up our Elf Cavalry from the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.  These figures were released back in June with a new resin horse as well as a brand new command pack making five packs with mounted Elves in the range.

Lovely brush work and you can see the original posting on the Warchest HERE.  HOT42 and HOT43 and well as HOT9.  Nicely done!

We have a whole High Elf Army in packs in the range.  Here are the details and you can find these by searching by code on the website.  Every infantry and cavalry pack offers the choice of a pack or a 'sampler' giving one of each pose in the pack which is ideal for skirmishing or adding to larger units.

HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern
HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen
HOT8 Elf Command 
HOT9 Elf Knights with Sword
HOT42 Elf Knights with Lance
HOT43 Elf Knights with Spear
HOT10 Elf Spearmen
HOT11 Elf Bows
HOT20 Elf Chariots
HOT69 Elf Crossbows
HOT70 Bolt Thrower with Elf Crew
HOT71 Elf Mattocks
HOT72 Elf Blades
HOT73 Elf Axes

In case you were wondering which monster is the most popular to go alongside wargamers choices from our Elves in their orders it is actually HOT33 Chimera.  A three headed creature which is a foe to High Elves and Wood Elves and an ally of Dark Elves in battle.

For the entire one hundred and twenty plus packs in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range go to our website HERE.

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Wednesday 26 September 2018

Alternative Armies sponsors Bakewell DBA Tournament October 2018

UPDATED WITH RESULTS 30th October 2018

I am delighted to be able to show some pictures from the Bakewell DBA Tournament this year provided by Simon Wilson showing the event and the winners.  Well done to all and look to the captions for details of each picture.  Who won our sponsorship prizes...  Thanks.  GBS

The Event is underway!  Right hand view
The Event is underway!  Left and view

Winner Richard Pulley (R) delighted to receive Alternative Armies packs from Simon (L)

Scott Russell (R) receives the runner-up prize

Nick Wright-Carter sort of surprised to receive the not as close to first as everybody else prize!

Richard Pulley (R) presents Craig Allen (L) with the prize for most interesting army pair.

Well done to all and especially the winners.  Here is to next year!

Now read the original article from September to find out all about the event and prizes.

It is my pleasure to announce that we are sponsoring the Bakewell (UK) DBA Tournament 2018.  Through Simon Wilson we have provided prizes for attending wargamers who place high in the competition.  Here are the details of the event:

The tournament will be held on Saturday 20 October at 10.00am in the Medway Centre, Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK.  The format is matched pairs - people bring along a pair of historically matched armies.  There is an incentive to bring along a balanced pair as your opponent will normally get first choice when your pair of armies is being used.  Players will need to confirm attendance with Simon Wilson before the event.  There is a Fanaticus Board where you can read more and also sign up to attend as places are still available but please act now as space is limited (by asking Simon on that board).  There is also a DBA Yahoo Group.  The photo in this article is of a DBA event which Simon ran in June at the same venue which was well attended.

MR2 Burgundian 15th century Handgunner
Our sponsorship consists of packs of infantry, cavalry and artillery pieces and crew from the 15th century part of the Altuos range of 15mm Renaissance miniatures.  Have a look at the wide array of miniatures in this range as well as out Medus Medieval Range and our Isarus Dark Age range all of which are great for forming your elements in DBA and DBM and well as other systems.

Best of fortune to all who take part on the day from the team at Alternative Armies.


Monday 24 September 2018

HOF118 and HOF119 SFA Tracker Urban Bikes released!

Two new codes added to the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range for September 2018.  Our last release for the month at Alternative Armies.  Security Force Alpha (SFA) now has sleek powerful bikes to chase down targets in the city or on the battlefield.  These follow up on the SFA Portable Weapon Platforms with Gun Crew and the Tracked Bikes from previous releases and are great for any game system and fit right in with the rest of the array of the SFA. Go HERE or read on for more.

“All across the core star systems and on Terra itself there is a need for security after, during and even before the high rollers and expensive kit arrives in the battle zone. Security Force Alpha is just that force filling in as police, paramilitaries, mercenaries and planetary militias too. They are the faceless grunts that do the thankless jobs needed by all those who govern, control or enforce. Use them as you will from the near to the far future!”

Alternative Armies has embarked upon expanding the Security Force Alpha (SFA) array of codes within the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range in conjunction with prolific wargamer Fred Richards who has a vision of space colony warfare in the near future which we find captivating and wanted to get in on.  From the mind of Mr Richards and the guys at Alternative Armies comes the third release in this thread the Tracker Urban Bikes for your defence force as a part of Fred's vision for the future.

HOF118 SFA Tracker Urban Bikes
This pack contains two identical resin 15mm scale wheeled bikes each with a fully armoured SFA (Security Force Alpha) Trooper in helmet riding it and wide mounted integral weapons.  The Tracker is a high speed pursuit bike.  5.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

HOF119 SFA Tracker Urban Bike Command
This pack contains two resin 15mm scale wheeled bikes. One with a fully armoured SFA (Security Force Alpha) Trooper riding it bare headed.  One bike with no rider upon it. The bike is meant for high speed urban pursuit on Earth or any Colonial Planet and is armed with a side internal mounted projectile weapons.  It is at home in any near future setting. 5.00GBP per pack.  Go HERE.

In the previous two months we released three new packs into the range in co-ordination with Fred Richards which go with these new urban bikes.  See them all HERE.

HOF117 SFA Support Platform Platoon
This pack contains 15mm scale miniatures in high quality grey tone resin which are a part of Security Force Alpha (SFA).  Three different portable weapon platforms in kit form assembled from three pieces each.  A heavy calibre machine gun (0.50 Cal), an automatic grenade launcher (40mm) and an energy beamer (6kw). Six Human Gun Crew in equal number of two different poses both fully armoured SFA Troopers one standing and the other kneeling.  These heavy weapons are great for any setting.  Each platform has a footprint of 30mm across.  Supplied unassembled and unpainted and without bases.  All parts in this set (three platforms, six crew) are supplied on resin mounting blocks which you should remove with care and once you have the blocks make excellent concrete blocks in 15mm scale!  You can choose from the platoon pack or you can select one of the platforms only or a set of two gun crew only.  Select on the website page. 

If you are interested in fielding a force of these Human Soldiers then you are in for a treat as there is a very wide array of choice for you.  Here is a list of all of the current Security Force Alpha packs.

HOFA01 Security Force Alpha Core Box
(Save 20% off list with a whole force from codes HOF112,HOF113, HOF27, HOF28 choosing propulsion type.  75 Infantry, 2 Defence Turrets, 6 Vehicles.)

HOF117 SFA Support Platform Platoon
HOF116 SFA Trencher Bike Command
HOF115 SFA Trencher Bikes
HOF113 SFA Support Trooper Sprue
HOF112 SFA Trooper Sprue
HOF111 Scrofa Wheeled AFV
HOF109 SFA Crewed Skimmers
HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret kit
HOF28A Charger MkII APC Wheeled
HOF28B Charger MkII APC Hover
HOF28C Charger MKII APC Tracked

HOF86 Human Medical Team
HOF95 SFA Command
HOF97 SFA Troopers with SMG
HOF98 SFA Sergeants
HOF99 SFA Shotgun Troopers
HOF100 SFA Support Troopers
HOF101 SFA Anti Armour Troopers
HOF102 SFA Riot Team
HOF104 SFA Elite Troopers
HOF106 SFA Female Troopers
HOF7 SFA Jump Pack Troopers
HOF8 SFA Jump Pack Sergeants

See you out there among the Colonies of Mankind!

At Alternative Armies we have two week long deals on two entire ranges every week. Each offer is 10% off every code in an entire collections on the website.  Every pack, unit, box, book and so on in the collection is ten percent cheaper than its normal price for seven days.  It changes every week at midnight GMT Sunday so it is well worth a look to see what we have on offer from our vast array of miniatures.  These are well worth seeing every Monday.  This week the offers are on are the Dwarves of Krautia 28mm range for Flintloque and Slaughterloo and also on our Bases for Miniatures range which has metal and resin bases and element bases in great variety.

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Wednesday 19 September 2018

Harringtorc Parte the First a Flintloque tale by Christian Cuello

Welcome to the initial offering in a short series of Flintloque fan faction concerning the campaigning of Lieutenant Harringtorc of the Albion Army.  Written by Christian Ceullo we and he hope that you enjoy this story and there will be more to come which will also be published for free on our blog.  The artwork in this article was drawn by Valonian artist Edward Jackson.  If you are looking for a miniature to match Harringtorc then we suggest an officer on foot from the 54506 Orc Command set.  Enjoy and I know that I did! GBS

It was a fine day, the finest the Lieutenant Harringtorc had seen for a long time during this arduous campaign in the Catalucian Peninsula. Yes, Sentinel knows, it had been difficult. But today was a day for victory! He took in a deep breath, the air a bouquet of fragrant pine, a waft of salty ocean spray, with an unmistakable note of blackpowder and grease.

Aye, a day for victory indeed.


Harringtorc’s men stood behind him at attention, with the kind of discipline that would make any drill sergeant weep with pride. The men loved their Captain. “Harry” they called him, and he could hear them gently address him as he passed them for inspection. He had brought them glory in the name of Kyng George, and in return they gave him their undying loyalty. Fine men every one; their buttons and tusks gleaming in the rays of the early morning sun. It was enough to put the fear of the Almighty into any of Mordred’s troops.

He rubbed at a sudden pain in his side, took in another deep breath and cleared his throat ready to address his platoon.

“Ahem. Men – ow!”

He rubbed his side again.


There was a sudden change in the air, the sweet fragrance of the forest, the sea, and the glory of battle was replaced with an unmistakable, foetid odour that could only mean one thing.


He felt himself floating away from the scene before him, his troops standing stock still, the campfire and perfectly ordered tents, each moment smaller and smaller.

He slowly opened his eyes: it was not a beautiful day dawning, but the slow realisation that he had been dreaming.

“’Arry – it’s time.” The rancid stench of Rotter’s breath was enough to bring him back to reality. As Harry’s eyes adjusted to the scene around him, his memory filled in the rest.

They had been trekking through the Catalucian wilderness for days with some local guides on what was slowly revealing itself to be a particularly awful assignment. 

It had all sounded grand from the outset, it was finally a chance for Harrington to leave the safety of the Horse Guards and prove his mettle on the field. Younger than most officers, he was typically the butt of jokes about his protective uncle, a senior officer who had taken him in at his mother’s wishes to protect him from the worst of the Mordredian Wars.

What seemed at first to be a mission of the highest secrecy revealed itself to be little more than a jaunt to a Catalucian backwater to meet a probably useless informant nestled in the forests and mountains of Gallaecia.

He couldn’t have been further from the battle if he had stayed at Horse Guards.

“Yes, yes, Rotter – but couldn’t you have let me sleep just a few moments longer?”

Harry swore he heard Rotter mutter something under his breath about a spoilt brat as he shuffled out of the small round stone hut and into the misty morning rain.

“And was the kick necessary?!” Harry rubbed his side again.

This was a curious land.

The port city of Vigore that received them was indeed beautiful, with sights and sounds unfamiliar but at the same time known to a deeper part of Harry’s soul, like a memory. Under Rotter’s watchful eye they entered the city by night on a smuggler’s ship, daring to continue plying their trade despite Mordred’s blockade on commerce across the sea. 

With a clink of gold the captain was paid off, and with another so were the port officials. Taking numerous back alleys, and avoiding occasional Ferach patrols, now lazy with confidence of their supremacy over the port city, they reached a small, comfortable tavern with surprising ease. Harry’s heart pounded in his chest with excitement and terror all the same. 

They took a corner table and Rotter soon disappeared, leaving Harry awkwardly on his own. Moments later he’d forgotten the imminent danger as he delightfully sampled local food and wine, stumbling through conversations with the locals in what he knew of Catalucian (although their local dialect was almost lost on him), and let the local musicians entertain him with their curious music. In this part of Catalucia the music had a lilt that reminded him of home, rather than the fiery and altogether foreign sounds of the South.

Just as he was considering turning in for the night, Rotter appeared at his side, this time with a companion, an elf named Bieito. After a brief introduction they left the tavern and meandered through the city streets, finally leaving Vigore in the small hours.

That was days ago now.

He blearily looked around at his surroundings. The primitive huts that had offered shelter were very curious. The locals called them castros, reminding him of the ancient brochs he saw as an Orcling on a trip to Joccia with his father before he disappeared on one of his expeditions many years ago. The locals had explained that these dwellings had been built during the Darke Ages, but they did not know by whom. Mostly abandoned, they were used as shelter for travellers and bandits alike.

Harry picked up a small stone that had fallen from the ancient stacked stone walls, placed it in his pocket as a souvenir and skipped ahead in the drizzling rain to catch up with Rotter.

There was a brief commotion close by, and as Harry stepped forward to get a clearer view, Rotter’s surprisingly strong grip held him back. Harry’s short time in Catalucia made it difficult to tell when Dark Elves were enjoying a regular conversation or arguing, as both sounded the same to him. But from his vantage point the mob of rough-looking Elves, along with obvious disregard for concealing their collection of swords, knives, pistols, and occasional crossbow, were likely in for the latter.

Bieito gestured forcibly, occasionally flicking an upturned hand in the direction of the Orcs and then back to the leader of the small band.

The leader turned slowly to consider the Orcs. He held up a hand which caused Bieto to pause his rant, and turned his grizzled face to the pair. He was not a young elf, his long, dark hair tied up but greying at the sides in a way that aged the elf handsomely. The way his travel-worn clothes clung to him as he swaggered towards the Orcs with the rhythmic tinkle of concealed blades made Harry’s eyes roll.

In one fluid motion he snatched a sword from one his ruffians, and sent it sailing in a clean arc towards Harry. As the crude blade’s point embedded itself in the ground, he drew his own blade: the challenge was clear.

Harry took a confident step forward towards the blade, and again, Rotter’s steely grip held him back.

“‘Arry... are you sure?”

Harry took another step forward and drew the blade from the ground. He gave it a quick slash in the air to test its weight. Although young, but he was surprisingly  gifted with a sword, and he knew it.

“Well, it’s no sabre, but it will do.” 

With a wink, he turned to face his opponent.

“En garde!”

54506 Orc Command Set

Monday 17 September 2018

Goblin Knights 28mm Fantasy expanded with Chariot and Great Sword releases

Now released into the Goblin and Orc Hordes range of 28mm High Fantasy miniatures at Alternative Armies are two new codes. These codes expand the plate armoured Goblin Knights with the addition of a Chariot with Crew and a single Knight with a Great Sword. Our 28mm fantasy releases for this month. Go HERE or read on for more information. 

What is more all this week we are putting the brand new FL2-06 Goblin Knight with Great Sword (worth 1.75GBP) automatically free into every order placed which contains one or more 28mm fantasy code from any of our ranges. This offer ends the morning of 24th September and you need do nothing but place a 28mm fantasy containing order. 

These new releases sculpted by Zac 'Danger' Martin take us up to thirteen poses of these Oldhammer style Goblins. Great for any game system such as Song of Blades and Heroes. 

OH33 Goblin Knight Chariot with Crew 
This code contains one 28mm scale white metal kit with all the parts you need to build a chariot, two Goblins riders and two Horses to pull it. Select your choice from the drop down product menu on the page. Choose from a pack, three packs with a 10% saving applied or parts options, the chariot alone, two horses or single miniatures (Goblin Driver, Goblin Officer). Total choice! These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Assembly is required with some white metal miniatures. Note the Chariot in this code comes from VNT30 Undead Chariot and can also be found in that pack. Go HERE

FL2-06 Goblin Knight with Great Sword 
The Iron Guard are the foremost of the Goblins. In ranks they march and in formations they fight. Yes, in good order. Not like any Goblins you have ever heard of. These plate armoured Goblins have turned back the Dwarfs of the green stone mountains and given the Elves of the sun vale a bloody nose. Respect them. This code contains one 28mm scale white metal miniature approx 22mm height. Goblin in plate armour with two handed Great Sword. This miniature fits in ideally with FL1 Goblin Knights and FL2 Goblin Knight Command packs. Go HERE

We have many other Orcs and Goblins as well as Dogmen and more in our RANGE. Here are the other packs for the Goblin Knights.

Goblin Knights as well as their Command plus Dodo Riding Knights and a Bolt Thrower with Crew. A whole skirmishing force for any game system. 

At Alternative Armies we have two week long deals on two entire ranges every week. Each offer is 10% off every code in an entire collections on the website. Every pack, unit, box, book and so on in the collection is ten percent cheaper than its normal price for seven days. It changes every week at midnight GMT Sunday so it is well worth a look to see what we have on offer from our vast array of miniatures. These are well worth seeing every Monday. This week the offers are on are the Knights and Footsoldiers 28mm fantasy range and also on our 15mm Renaissance Range which includes Fusioso and its Army Packs and Buildings. 

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