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Thursday 27 May 2021

Bread Oven 28mm scale and Loaves set released

Our final releases for this month are all about the dough man!  In 28mm scale and great for historical and fantasy as well as Flintloque a Bread Oven in highly detailed resin plus a sprue of loaves and bread shovel which is also a bread basket option if you are on a roll for the crust.  Go HERE for our scenery range which includes Roadside Shrine, Tents, Barricades, Abandoned Wagons and much more.

Give us this day our breads and thus you can almost smell the newly baked with this lovely model.

59541 Bread Oven: This code composes a 28mm scale high quality resin building great for your table.  Supplied in two pieces.  A roofed bread oven with separate chimney which has loaves of bread within the oven cavity, a bread shovel in place and wood for the oven to burn leaning against the side of the building.  Excellent for any aspiring village or in a town.  A focal point for a scenario or as part of your table.  This building is 75mm tall.  If you would like items to use with this building look to 59541P for a bread shovel and various breads as single pieces.  Go HERE.

This building goes excellent with our 59542 Roadside Shrine for man needs both bread and faith to live. The miniature shown is General Saindoux a 28mm Elf from 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set for Flintloque.

59541P Loaves and Shovel – Set, Single and Bread Basket: This code is a sprue of metal 28mm pieces these being a shovel for placing or removing bread from an oven as well as two round loaves, a large loaf and two medium loaves.  Great for any setting.  You can choose from a set or a single piece (the shovel or one random loaf) or the 'bread basket' which gives you twenty mixed loaves with a 10% saving included.  These pieces are made to go with 59541 Bread Oven. Go HERE.

See you all next month and remember you have until the end of May to automatically get a 28mm scale Harpy with your order free from us in your package.  Details on our BLOG.

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Monday 24 May 2021

CA7 Classic Fighters three remastered 28mm fantasy miniatures

"It is as you climb the final stair case that you look back over your shoulder. It was not in the town not in the Inn that you noticed. It was not in the woods when the Goblins attacked that you saw. Not in assaulting the Dark Summoner in his castle that you realised amid his minions and their spraying blood no. It is as you climb the final stair case and face the door behind which evil resides waiting that you look back and realise now is the time. The Fighter steps forward muscles rippling and jaw set tight. This is his task, his destiny. He will go through that door and emerge triumphant or not at all!”

Three 28mm miniatures from our High Fantasy range sculpted in the 1990's and now re-mastered in new molds and back on the website.  New painted versions to see as well.  Go HERE for the Adventurers and Wizards collection.  Choose from the pack or single poses from the pack in any quantity; all on screen.

Armoured Fighter, Cloaked Fighter and Gladiator...

This re-release follows on from the restoration of CA6 Deadly Foes for a total of six miniatures sculpted by Kev White back in the early 1990's.

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Thursday 20 May 2021

Finklestein Dwarf Gun Crew and Dwarf Messenger for Flintloque

The last news for the World of Valon this month sees us complete the mission of returning all of the classic Legion de Nain and Uhlans Krautia plus new animals for them to ride to the website and the Flintloque player base.  We present now the Finklestein Dwarf Artillery Crew plus by request a now single to buy Dwarf Messenger which can fit into any Confederation or Krautian collection.

Go HERE for these on the website and read on for more information.

52511 Finklestein Dwarf Artillery Crew: This code contains eight 28mm scale metal miniatures.  Useful as gunners for any of the tiny stattes and cities in the confederation there is an officer a rammer, ball, trail hook, match and satchel for six Dwarf gun crew.  There are also two identical limber horses.  This code will work with any of the cannons, howitzers and mortar in the artillery range for the game.  Part of this code was originally known as 52009 Artilliere Legion de Nain.  Comes supplied with resin cartouche bases for all miniatures.  Go HERE.

52511E Dwarf Messenger: This code contains one 28mm metal Dwarf in great coat and woolen hat carrying a heavy satchel. Useful in any Dwarf force and in your scenarios.  By request this pose is taken from 52511 Finklestein Artillery Crew.  Go HERE.

If you missed the first articles all about the new Pummilig Pig, Riding Boar and Dodo see it on our blog HERE.  The second article concerned all of the classic 1990's Legion de Nain miniatures now re-mastered and returned to the website; see it HERE.  In June the next brand new Dwarfs are coming your way!

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Wednesday 19 May 2021

Legion de Nain and Uhlan codes remastered and expanded for Flintloque

Back in the 1990's there were not many packs of Dwarves for Flintloque and while in the late 90's the choice expanded greatly it was still less than in the case of Armorican Elves or Orcs of Albion.  The Bier Wars project alongside the previous Von Rotte Legion 2014 expansion is changing all that.  There are a huge number of new Dwarves coming to Valon.  

Last month we released the new Legion de Nain Line and now in May we have new mounts for the Dwarves and we see the return of all of the classic packs for the Legion de Nain in new molds.  These slot in perfectly with the new miniatures for players, fans and collectors alike.  Here they are all remastered and expanded with a new foot officer too.

52004 1me Legion de Nain:  Four Dwarf Infantry with muskets.  Go HERE.

52005 1me Legion de Nain Command:  Three Dwarf command group now with new foot officer replacing the mounted officer now a single code.  Go HERE.

52005D Confederation Dwarf Officer on Pony:  Bare headed Dwarf great for any force.  Go HERE.

52512 Finklestein Dwarf Line:  This unit code is for Slaughterloo or large games of Flintloque with a saving off twenty miniatures made up of codes above.  Go HERE.

52007 Uhlans Von Krautia:  Two identical lance armed Dwarfs now mounted on the new Pummilig Pig.  Go HERE.

This is the second of three updates for May 2021 concerning Flintloque and Dwarfs of the Confederation.  See the first on new Pig, Boar and Dodo mounts HERE.  In the third update it is the turn of the Gunners and off a singled out Dwarf Messenger code as requested by players.

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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Imperial Commander battle level in the Laserburn universe returns

Now back in print a new run of the classic battle level rules in the Laserburn universe written by the late Richard Halliwell.  Imperial Commander in stock at Alternative Armies alongside Laserburn and Advanced Laserburn books.  Go HERE for the range or read on.

Squad level using army lists for Imperial, Redemptionists, Law Officers and others at about fifty figures a side.  While meant for 15mm scale it can be used in other scales with ease.  A thirty two page book which comes with two separate card sheets for quick reference and blast markers.  A 'classic title' re-print in A4 upsized from the 1981 original A5 booklet. In print only and no digital download version.

Easy to put into play and if you have a collection of Laserburn miniatures or others you can easily get into Imperial Commander.

We have been asked if we will produce 'army packs' for Imperial Commander as we have done with value packs and game pack with book for Laserburn.  We may well do this and if you have any ideas for an army you would like to see made up from the existing range (such as Imperials from the '300' series of figures) then do let us know on On another front we will continue to restore the books for Laserburn and also Combat 3000 as time proceeds.  If you have a title you wish to ask about then by all means contact us on email and we will let you know its status.

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New Pummilig Pig, Boar and Dodo

Alternative Armies has replaced three riding animals in the Flintloque range with updated versions.  These new versions will, from now, replace the originals in all codes which make use of the Pummilig Pig, the riding Boar and the Dodo.  In the case of the Pig and Dodo these are newly sculpted purpose designed for resin with saddles which will fit any of the existing riders.  The Dodo, by request, is now in a running pose rather than standing.  Here follows a list of the packs affected and you can also purchase these animals on their own too if you desire.  Original Dodo by Elton Waters and new Pig and Boar by Sam Croes.

As we work towards the Bier Wars (see the article from April on our BLOG) our Dwarves needed snazzy new mounts.

52516M Pummilig Pig: The mighty Pummilig Pig is favoured by the Dwarves of Krautia and also some Dwarves in the tiny states of Finklestein such as the Von Rotte Legion.  It can also be eaten on campaign..well it might also just eat its rider. 

52501M Riding Boar: Big and bristling this mount is used by the Dwarves of Finklestein as well as Krautia plus some of the Dogmen states.  The model is two piece with a separate head while requires assembly.

53507M Running Dodo: The Goblins of Al-Garvey and its Darke Age lands ride upon these flightless birds as it suits the rugged terrain of their nation.  A metal miniature which can also be used as battlefield interest and as an animal in its own right.

All of these are in each nation's army page as well as our Battlefield Bits and Others Range alongside lots of other animals, scenics and interesting things.

Here is a list of all the codes which from now contain these new versions of their riding animals:  

5108C Fat Boris and Bacon 

52506 Krautian Dwarf Command 

52516 Uhlans Von Krautia

52007 Uhlan Von Krautia

52507 Finklestein Dwarf Command

52517 Von Rotte Command

52519 Von Rotte Cuirassiers

52520 Von Rotte Hussars

52501 Krautian Uhlan Lancers

53507 4th Al-Garvey Dragoons

53509 Al-Garvey Goblin Command

OH30 Goblin Knights on Dodos 

In our next update we will show you all of the re-mastered and re-released classic Legion de Nain blister pack codes from the 1990's including a new foot officer as requested by players.  We will follow this up with the return of the updated Finklestein Dwarf Artillery Crew plus a Dwarf Messenger.  All of this will mean in June we can proceed with brand new Legion releases with all the troops lined up behind them ready!

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Monday 17 May 2021

CA6 Deadly Foes three remastered 28mm fantasy miniatures

"Your party has found their lair. Your party has cut through the undergrowth and scaled the walls. Your party has hacked its way through the henchmen and your party has overcome the traps that litter the ground. Your party has lost some members and tears have been shed as those remaining climb the stone stair case and enter the chamber in which the deadly foe you have sought resides. Behind the door is an enemy more powerful that those your party has faced and beaten...will you succeed?”

Three 28mm miniatures from our High Fantasy range sculpted in the 1990's and now re-mastered in new molds and back on the website.  New painted versions as well.  Go HERE for the Adventurers and Wizards collection.  Choose from the pack or single poses from the pack in any quantity; all on screen. 

A Vampire, a Hag and a Summoner...

We are currently working on finishing the new molds for CA7 Classic Fighters.  These will feature soon!

Thanks for Reading,


Sunday 16 May 2021

Mastergunz Paint Worx on our 15mm BearCat Battlesuits

A treat for players and fans of 15mm scale science fiction wargaming now as we present the painting and converting work of Mastergunz on our HOF range battlesuits.  Variants of the BearCat which works alongside Security Force Alpha.  If you would like to see all of these and other mecha in the range go HERE.

We begin with a conversion and paint up of the HOF121A FireCat Battlesuit.  The clear glass of the cockpit was plated in armour and then a vision plate worked in for the pilot.  Lovely stuff!  Here is is from all angles.  The work was done with plasti-card smoothed down and fitted.

There are six (seven if you count the Meerkat Spotter Suit) variants of the BearCat each with its own role. General Use, Anti-Armour, Fire Support, Construction and Artillery. Mastergunz last time painted up two of HOF121 making use of the parts supplied to create his own battlesuit load outs.

Double Chaingun and Missile Pod on the left and Power Drill with machine gun on the right.  The original BearCat comes with everything shown above plus a chainsaw.

In response to gamers requests we released the BearCat Parts Selector page so that you can build your own battlesuit from twenty choices in any quantity.  Go HERE for this.

The HOF Range has more than one hundred and sixty codes suitable for any game system and we look forward to seeing what Mastergunz chooses next to add to his collection.

Thanks for Reading,


Isarus 15mm historical on Colonel Campbells blog

With kind permission from Jim Pitt over in the United States of America we are delighted to present some pictures and links to his painted up Isarus miniatures to be used in medieval wargaming.  You can see the range HERE which covers Arabs, Byzantines, Late Romans, Goths, Huns, Sassanids, Sarmations and other nations and lands.

Above are Byzantine heavy cavalry with lance and with bow as well as mounted command from codes BYC3, BYC4 and BYC8.  The figures can be used for any game system of course and these are based for the 'Command and Colours Medieval Rules' as stated on Colonel Cambell's blog. 

Arab Cavalry above making ready to take to the table.  There are three blog posts to look at if you click through.

Cavalry and Infantry – Colonel Campbell

Even More Cavalry – Colonel Campbell

And More Arab Cavalry – Colonel Campbell

If you have pictures of miniatures made by us and wish to show them to the team please make contact on and we will be pleased to take a gander.  

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday 13 May 2021

Sotobas, Grave Stones and Stone Marker released Sengoku 15mm range

As well as one hundred and seventy different Humans, Yokai, Creatures, Monsters and more in the Sengoku range there are also scenic elements as well.  These new releases add to that with Stone Marker, Grave Stones and Sotobas for your collection and gaming table. Sculpted by John Bell. Go HERE for the full range to browse.

Great for any setting and game system to which they are suited including playing Monster Hunter.

SGFP50 Graveyard Set: This pack contains twelve mixed models randomly but evenly of stone marker, two different grave stones and two different Sotobas fences.  Great scenery set for your Japanese village or for hunting out bandits or Yokai.  Taken from codes SGF174,175,176 and SGF177.  The pack offers a small saving off purchasing each scenic piece on its own.

Each Human miniature is approx 16mm tall. Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted without a base.  Bases used in the pictures are 20mm round for scale comparison picture. Each of these new miniatures is in the range as a single code as well for maximum choice.  Go HERE.

If you have not checked out Steve Danes excellent solo play set of rules and their expansion which sees you create a Hunter, join a Guild and then seek out and hunt down Yokai and all manner of other Japanese mythic creatures then you are in for a treat.  Begin small and expand in any direction.  The range is always growing and you can get the books in print or as paid digital downloads.

Thanks for Reading,


Wednesday 12 May 2021

HOT128 Lizard Ogres released HOT 15mm Fantasy Range

Now added to the new Savage Lizardmen part of the mighty HOT range a new pack of two poses of Lizard Ogres!  This is our sole release in this scale and genre in May. Go HERE to browse the range or read on.

“Arid land of rocks and sand giving nothing for free except pain and misery.  From this land and its caves came the savage tribes of Lizardmen for whom war is constant need of life; for who controls scarce water controlled existence itself.  All would have continued thus but for travellers who, as they were tortured and then consumed, let it be known that richer places lay over the blistering horizon.  Places to be conquered.  Places to be ruled by the tribes.”

HOT128 Lizard Ogres

This code contains two different metal 15mm scale miniatures each is approx 20mm tall.  Lizard Ogres are the hulking brethren of the Savage Lizardmen and are used as muscle against the foe. Lizard Ogre with club in both hands (pose 1) and Lizard Ogre holding a boulder overhead (pose 2). As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase the pack or you can choose a sampler which in this code allows choice or each of the miniatures as a single; a great way to try or to make skirmish forces with HOT.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm square bases from our ranges).  Other images give scale comparisons and these codes not supplied.  Go HERE.

We began this new fantasy army last month with three packs of warriors, spears and polearms and it is our intention to expand each month towards a full force of infantry, monsters, cavalry, command and artillery in 2021.  Thank you for your kind words and you can use these miniatures in any suitable rules system.

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Monday 10 May 2021

Space Marines 28mm by Asgard new pictures and value pack

Some of the first and finest 28mm scale Space Marines ever made (to us anyway) with a classic style all of their own. We are delighted to announce new improved pictures of the entire SM code series by Asgard.  Single miniatures and a value pack of all of them with a saving.  On top of this we also have a few scaling shots as well and a line up of the restored HA code series of Space Adventurers and Pirates.  See them all HERE.

Originally made in 1980 for the Combat 3000 and then Laserburn rule systems (also coming out in 15mm scale too a bit later) Alternative Armies brought these miniatures back to the world a few years ago.  We had been asked for larger images and now this has happened.  Each miniature has a front and rear view.

There are thirteen different figures from unarmoured Space Troopers and an Energy Mortar to light armoured and then battle armoured Space Marines including one in flight on a pillar of flame.

We are restoring the HA series of Space Adventurers and Pirates and above is what we have thus far to offer.  Also a scale shot alongside SM codes for comparison.

Go along to the website to see all that there is.  In addition to the Asgard range we also have the huge Ion Age 28mm range and the Alternate Stars 28mm range of character miniatures. Not to forget the Loud Ninja Games and Ganesha ranges of 28mm science fiction. Plenty to see and to use with any game system so we have been told.

Thanks for Reading,