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Thursday 28 April 2022

New GNATS 15mm Mechs Daisy Cutter and Haymaker 70mm tall

Towering mechs are a pure part of future war on the tabletop and Alternative Armies is proud to present two more GNATS (Giant Neuro-Assist Titanic Soldiers) making a total of five different 15mm scale heavy two legged hitters.  These are in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range of over one hundred and fifty codes which includes the SFA (Security Force Alpha) infantry, bikes, battlesuits, light and medium vehicles and more.

The Daisy Cutter and Haymaker are tier one GNATS meaning they are lower intensity warfare machines when compared to the Crookback and Contender for instance.  In 2088 both are produced by the giant Bethlehem Industries site on the former city of Detroit and both are front line units in the USGC (United States GNATS Core).  As with all our GNATS you can purchase one or use the on screen option of 'buy three save 10%' if you want a trio of them.

HOF164 Daisy Cutter GNATS:   The Daisy Cutter was so named due to its twin barreled FT506 45mm auto-cannons which have an extreme rate of fire when set on confrontation mode.  These compose the right arm.  The left arm has a manipulator hand with an under slung 20mm rotary cannon.  There is an upper hull mounted 120mm TR7 Thump Launcher with four rounds for encounters with other GNATS.  It also has a number of point defence lasers for small scale anti-infantry and material tasks both front and rear.  An easy to assemble 70mm tall resin model composed of seven parts and shown on a 50mm round resin base.  Supplied unassembled, unpainted and without a base.

HOF154 Haymaker GNATS: The Haymaker got its name from the twin manipulator hands it has meaning that it can deliver physical blows to an enemy GNATS or larger vehicle.  Often combined with the Daisy Cutter GNATS in active operations it has two hull mounted six slot missile pods and one 50mm cannon under each fist.  It also has a number of point defence lasers for small scale anti-infantry and material tasks both front and rear.  An easy to assemble 70mm tall resin model composed of six parts and shown on a 50mm round resin base.  Supplied unassembled, unpainted and without a base.

We have three other GNATS which are tier two bigger at about 90mm to 100mm tall main war machines.  The Crookback, the Contender and the Spike as with the new ones you can purchase one kit or three on screen saving ten percent.  We also have a number of Battlesuits such as the BearCat which in size are between the GNATS and infantry.

The HOFA01 Security Force Alpha (Core Army Set) is a great way to get a strong force of infantry, defence turrets and Charger vehicles with a good saving baked in.  There are four versions of the set with each changing the propulsion method from tracked to wheeled to hover vehicles or mixed.  Crack down on your planet's population or fight the alien hordes!

UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction is a very quick play generic set of rules which ideally fit with Security Force Alpha and the rest of the HOF range.  Get it in print or as a paid digital download at a lower price.  Pocket sized fun!

Thank you for your time.


Tuesday 26 April 2022

HOTT Dwarf and Orc 15mm Armies painted by Gareth Fowler

We were favoured in an email from keen wargamer and fan of HOTT 2ed edition Gareth Fowler who showed us his approach to basing, painting and preparing two pre-selected 24AP Armies he got from Alternative Armies.  We asked him if he could furnish us with a wee article and some pictures to share and he kindly did.  All the miniatures are from the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and are codes HOTT1003 and HOTT1005 from our 24AP HOTT 2nd Edition Armies which come with free element bases.  

Also see our BLOG if you are keen on Dwarves for new Handgunners and updated images of our codes.  Over to you sir!

I picked up the two army packs (orcs and dwarves) as a good pal of mine has a multitude of 15mm HotT armies and I was keen to get a few quick and simple armies painted to offer him an opponent.

After unpacking and cleaning the (minimal) flash and mould lines from the models I decided to paint the orc army in a colourful and grimy style and the dwarves with a brighter, more heroic tone.

The models were mounted on long sticks, pressed into blobs of blu-tak (other than the larger ones which were mounted on corks for painting)

The orcs were primed white with an airbrush, the skin basecoated a mid green and the metal parts undercoated black. Having just taken delivery of a set of the Army painter speedpaints, I set about testing them on the cloaks and cloth areas with decent effect, once I had got the measure of the thinner properties of said paints (they are very much like a thick glaze). 

Once the basecoat/speedpaint areas were finished, the metal areas and small points of detail were blocked out in preparation for the “instant grime” of Quickshade strong tone dip, which I brushed on sparingly to a few models, let to settle for a minute or two, then brushed the surface again with a larger brush, moistened with white spirit which pulled the majority of the tone from the models surface, leaving the colours more vivid but still affecting a grimy look, especially in the recesses. 

The orcs were then selectively highlighted using the base colour or similar and a complimentary highlight in the odd place.

The dwarves were primed black, then sprayed from above with white ink (again with the airbrush) to pick out all the great detail and to assist with targeting!. After re-painting the metal areas black, I painted the basecoats and metallics from the inside to out and then gave the warmer colours a thinned wash of strong tone and the metallics a thinned wash of grey speedpaint (which I was very pleased with, for a first attempt).

The beards and hair were tidied up with white and were finished with varying colours of red/brown/grey and yellow speedpaint.  I then added a mid and a highlight to the blue and red tabards, painted the leather areas brown and highlighted them with tan, and finished with a highlight on the brightest part of the metallics.

One of the axemen was converted to a standard bearer with a length of brass rod and a printed flag. All in all, the dwarves took a considerably longer (but very pleasurable) time to complete than the orcs but I am pretty happy with the result. 

Basing consists of fine ballast glued to the MDF bases, washed, mid and highlighted, then a couple of types of 2mm static grass was added along with some shrubs, rocks (horticultural grit from the garage!) and a few tufts.

Lastly I would like to add that the free bases included are a great addition being nice and chunky resin easy to lift and to mount upon then to move about without touching or damaging the miniatures.  The miniatures were a joy to paint and though the axes on the Dwarves are thin it is more than worth it for their style plus the Ogres are wonderful!  The flag came from Wargame Designs and the transfers are from Veni Vidi Vici.  Oh and taking pictures of 15mm is really hard!

We hope you enjoyed this read.


Monday 25 April 2022

Dark Elf 15mm custom Army for HOTT by Brendon Burnett

An enduring and favoured set of miniature tabletop gaming rules comes in the form of HOTT 2nd edition.  'Hordes of the Things' is generic and allows you to construct an army of 'points' from a list of troop 'types' with different sizes of 40mm frontage element bases.  Taken from our own HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and from the Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy Range we have an array of ready made HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Armies which include free bases.  Brendon Burnett over in Australia has kindly given us permission to show off his custom Dark Elf expanded Army made up from our miniatures as well as its composition list.  Over to you sir!

This dark host is composed of Dark Elves, lesser demons, the living dead, and all manner of slithering, swooping, creeping, crawling things. 

Dark Elves of the Doomwood HOTT (30pts) 

• Tree of Pain (Stronghold)

• Witch on Fell Beast (Aerial Hero)

• Ensorcelled Revenants (Skeleton Hordes)

• Doomknights (Knight)

• Executioners (Blades)

• Splintershards (Shooters)

• Thief (Sneaker)

• Naga (Beasts)

• Gargoyles (Flyer)

• Spiderlings (Lurkers)

• Spider Queen (Behemoth)

Ever since I was young, I really enjoyed hobby miniatures. My Dad, my two older brothers and I would spend hours putting figurines together and playing games. Now, almost twenty years later, we’re all still bond over miniatures.

My favourite genre of hobby miniatures is high fantasy. I took an interest in 15mm figures by rediscovering Hordes of the Things (2nd ed) (HOTT) tabletop battle game. For this, I am really impressed by the quality and detail of figurines in Alternative Armies HOTT 2nd. Ed. Armies, especially the army pack deals or HOT Fantasy Range under the 15mm Fantasy ranges tab on the left-hand side. All of the figures you see – except the tree Stronghold in the background – are from the Alternative Armies range. HOTT can be played in a range of scales. But I reckon 15mm lets you to build whole armies quickly at a fast pace but with beautiful detail.

I personally always liked the concept of Dark Elves: once proud and noble creatures that have become bitter and twisted by miserable histories and fell sorceries. Living in shadowy forests, or on lifeless mountains peaks, they depend on all manner of dark pacts and uneasy alliances to survive their bitter existence. 

Two regiments of crossbows (HOTT Shooter elements). Alternative Armies sells generic Elves like these HOT69 Elf Crossbows. But by choosing an overall skin tone, colour scheme, and basing strategy, these elves take on a dark look. Brighter, “nicer” colours might make them look more friendly. I wanted them to look pale, serious, and vicious.

I organised this army around a number of themes: a small number of elves, bolstered by dark forest creatures, minor demons, serpentine servants, and the living dead.

The Dark Elf Witch rides upon her fell beast, flanked by minor demonic knights. And somewhere behind her…… a spider queen is lurking hungrily.

The combination of unwelcoming elves flanked by all sorts of creatures of the night provided an opportunity for the imagination to run wild. That’s one of the most satisfying parts of the hobby: imagination. Being able to create your own story and represent it using miniatures is an incredible amount of creativity and fun. Furthermore, the catalogue at Alternative Armies has so much to choose from that I was literally spoiled for choice in this project with respect to providing the miniatures I needed to make this project as reality.

The Naga – a HOTT ‘Beasts’ element from HOT96 and HOT97

These Elf Swords (HOT72) form a solid line of Dark Elven ‘Executioners’ (HOTT Blades).

The ensorcelled undead (HOT14,40, 41,99) shamble up the line while slinking spiderlings strike from trees and holes in the ground. A rust effect is achieved on metal swords by using Citadel technical paints over Game Colour silver.

When deciding on what sort of army I am going to paint, I like to think of a theme. For this theme, it was Dark Elves, evil creatures and minor demons probably in a forest-like landscape (hence the basing). But perhaps you have other themes you would like to try, such as Human Paladins and knights or Dwarf Engineers and machines. The beauty of HOTT is the freedom to make whatever sort of list you want, so long as it is in the scale requirements for base size and model count.

The centre piece of my army is undoubtedly the Spider Queen, or Behemoth, element. Her majestic, pulsating, bulbous body and realistic gleaming eyes make her an object of terrifying beauty. Her body was painted with many thin layers of white paint with clear medium. Being inspired by internet research of white spiders, I painted her legs’ detail with green, sepia and black washes. Finally, the eyes of the beast were achieved simple a combination of black paint on the eye, two white dots on opposite sides of the eye, painting a ring of black wash around the outside of those eyes, and finishing off with a dab of gloss varnish on each eight eyes.

As for the playability of my army, it’s going to be a lot of fun with surprises. The Spider Queen behemoth can strike right into the centre of the board, flanked by strong Blades and the Aerial Hero. Shooters harass enemy elements into a position where my Knights can charge them down in the open. Hopefully, the Beasts quickly flank the enemy while the Sneaker goes through their ranks, causing chaos and confusion. Meanwhile the Skeleton Hordes are an expendable and resurrected distraction, while gargoyle Flyers may yet out maneuver the enemy lines.

Gargoyles (548 Tabletop Range) behind the Naga and the Witch on Fell Beast (HOT8 and HOT74A)

In conclusion, the main thing I can recommend about hobbying is exercising your imagination, not to mention building problem solving skills, social skills, and kinaesthetic skills. Think of your own list and themes and create the things that you like. It may just inspire a lifetime of creativity and fun.

Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoyed the read!


Sunday 24 April 2022

Matt Finch converts a GNATS 15mm mech for Ion Age Xin!

A wee hobby article for 15mm science fiction gamers to enjoy.  Kindly given permission by long time IonFan and customer Matt Finch these are pictures of his conversion of a GNATS mech into a centre piece for his Xin Trade Hegemony forces in Patrol Angis.  Enjoy!

“I wanted to create a proxy model for the Zhanshi Tank found in the Xin playtest rules download on the website as the Xin lack that model just now.  I began with a HOF146 Crookback GNATS mecha kit from the HOF Range and Alternative Armies was kind enough when asked to provide an additional right arm with the railgun along with the left and right.  As to the parts beyond that which were used they were as follows.  Random parts from my 'bits box' some plasticard, parts from an old 1/100th scale Trumpter aircraft kit plus track units from Ground Zero Games.  The top mounted rotary cannon is the arm cannon transposed onto the missile pod mount. While it does not match the Zhanshi as I expect it to appear in the future (I see it more like a giant tracked ape) it does have the sort of size and weapons load out I desired.”

If you are keen on attempting such conversions then we are happy to help.  See HOF146 Crookback GNATS as well as the Xin Trade Hegemony on the website plus go to the Free Ion Age Downloads page for the Patrol Angis rules for the Xin as a PDF.  If you would like certain parts replaced or added in your mech kits when just ask by email or in order notes and we will assist you.

There are now five different 15mm scale big mechs in the HOF Range and you can see them all HERE on a refined search.  Easy to assemble and designed for use in play not as static display they are durable and rugged.

The Xin Trade Fleet are a pretty special faction on the fringes of the Prydian Precinct and as well as a platoon pack of Sanbao Trade Fleet Soldiers with free unique officer there packs of same with single pose choices and others like the Jade Ape Battlesuit, the Shangpin Armoured Vehicles, Warrior Monks and Youxia too all in 15mm scale.

One of the most fun aspects of this hobby is the mixing and matching of parts and pieces to create custom models.  Thanks again to Matt for letting us show off his work.


Friday 22 April 2022

58021 Kitoka Ashigaru Matchlocks released for Kitton range

The twelfth pack in the expanding 28mm fantasy Kitton range is here and gives some black powder bang to the Catfolk.  There are now some forty poses in the range covering Ashigaru, Samurai, Ronin all with various weapons as well as Villagers and Jigoku the Giant Oni one of the largest models we make. Go HERE.

Part of the wider Flintloque setting of the World of Valon the Kitoka are on track to get their own setting and core rules during 2022 as projects have now resumed at Alternative Armies. 

58021 Kitoka Ashigaru Matchlocks: This pack contains four different poses of Catman in Ashigaru armour with separate sword bundle and back banner armed with a Japanese style Tanegashima matchlock musket.  You can choose from pack or poses with in it using the lettered poses in the picture.  As with all other Valon miniatures these are supplied with our resin cartouche bases for free.

Kitoka are about the size of Dwarves such as the Legion de Nain and the Von Rotte Legion and are shorter than Undead such as our 55508 Zombie Line..presently we know of no encounters between the Catfolk of the Shogun and the shamblers of the Dark Czar...

Jigoku is a legend.  A terrible and feared legend among the Kitoka for though almost all Oni are larger than they are Jigoka is the largest of all.  The ground shakes as this giant monster walks and it swings its Kanabo leveling bridges and buildings with ease.  Only the greatest Samurai will face the lord of destruction!

58020: A very large and highly detailed resin kit model. When assembled this Giant Oni stands about 100mm tall and as a small degree of pose choice as well. It carries a Kanabo Spiked Club (90mm long from end to end). Composed of six pieces this model is easy to put together and is durable as it is meant for tabletop use. Shown for scale with 58009B Ronin for scale only.

Thank you for your Time,


Thursday 21 April 2022

P11 Old English Dragon an 80's classic restored at Alternative Armies

Savagery and blood fuelled rage defines this awesome Dragon.  We are delighted to bring to the world once more a 1980's monster which is in new molds and on our website.  Suitable for any scale it is in our Monsters and Creatures (28mm Fantasy) and our HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.  New pictures for you to enjoy and for now it is also on special offer too.

Originally created by Rieder Design in the 1980's it came to Alternative Armies along with other codes which went into our Undead 28mm Fantasy (VNT1 The Eternal Guard) and our Orcs & Goblins 28mm Fantasy (FL1 and FL2 Goblin Knights or 'Doomguard').  It had featured in the early 1990's as DW1 Camlabrimdon Dwarfbane alongside our other Dragons (currently not on the site except for DRG5 Ki-Shu Oriental Dragon) and then more recently as the Fury Wyvern in Typhon.  We gave it back its original code which is P11 (pack eleven) Old English Dragon.  If you love Dragons you will really like this great metal model.

P11 Old English Dragon: Full of detail and expression it is a creature of rage and power. It is composed of five metal parts these being the body, a foot, the tail and two wings which are straight forward to assemble. Once assembled the Dragons stands about 55m tall, 100mm or so across and about 110mm long including the tail. Suitable for any fantasy campaign and rules system.  

As you can see it works well with 15mm scale and with 28mm scale too. 

We have a page full of deals and offers which changes regularly.  Well worth a look as this is where we keep all of our bundles, armies and so forth meaning even bigger savings.  Go HERE.

Thanks for your Time.


Wednesday 20 April 2022

ExoFrame Soldiers, Biomech Aliens, Droid and Princess new in SHM 15mm range

Now released a goodly new lot of miniatures by Craig Armstrong which are in the 'self help miniatures' (SHM) range by aspiring sculptors where you will find 15mm which might never otherwise have seen the world at all.  Go HERE for over a hundred codes including the Star Vikings packs as well as a great many aliens, humans, creatures, vehicles by more than a dozen sculptors.

This time there are near future soldiers in two forms of assisted armour as well as some odd aliens, a heavily armed droid and a princess of a red planet.  All can be had as a pack or singles from that pack on the page.

SHMP29 Exoframe Soldiers:  This pack contains ten metal 15mm scale miniatures and offers a saving over single miniature purchase. A random and fair mix of the following miniatures. SHM105 Exoframe Soldier kneeling, SHM106 Exoframe Soldier loading, SHM107 Exoframe Soldier advancing, SHM108 Exoframe Soldier pointing. Great for any setting from near future to far future dressed in fatigues with a powered skeleton giving extra strength.  They are about 15mm to 16mm tall. 

SHMP30 Heavy Exoframe Soldiers: This pack contains ten metal 15mm scale miniatures and offers a saving over single miniature purchase. A random and fair mix of the following miniatures. SHM109 Heavy Exoframe Soldier aiming, SHM110 Heavy Exoframe Soldier running. Great for any setting from near future to far future dressed in fatigues with a heavier model of powered skeleton giving extra strength.  They are larger than typical Exo Frame Soldiers (18mm tall). 

SHMP28 Biomech Alien Infantry: This pack contains ten metal 15mm scale miniatures and offers a saving over single miniature purchase. A random and fair mix of the following miniatures. SHM101 Biomech Alien aiming weapon, SHM102 Biomech Alien arm extended and whipping arm (three legs), SHM103 Biomech Alien aiming weapon, SHM104 Biomech Alien advancing. Great for any setting from near future to far future and on outpost worlds invading or invaded.  Battlefield indeed! They are Human sized at 16mm or so tall.

SHM100 Security Droid: One metal miniature suitable for any tabletop game system.  A 'security' droid armed with a belt fed automatic cannon.  Security in the war zone.  Usually given to Exo Frame Soldiers as back up. About 16mm tall.

SHM99 Red Planet Princess: One metal miniature suitable for any tabletop game system.   A royal woman of a fantasy red planet armed with a sword.

Thank for Reading,


Tuesday 19 April 2022

New releases in the Ion Age 28mm Science Fiction range

Alternative Armies presents the two hundred seventh, eighth and ninth miniatures in the 28mm space opera Ion Age range.  This range goes along with Firefight 2.0, MOTH and Patrol Angis as well as any generic setting you desire.  Go HERE for the range or HERE for the rule systems.

This time it is a by request 'upscaling' of the heroes of the core Patrol Angis book and a miniature we originally had not intention of releasing but after some tabletop gamers saw it late last year we decided why not.

IB57 Balthazar and Jerome: This pack contains two different 28mm scale power armoured Retained Knights. Balthazar and Jerome work as a close team and are in the senior command structure of the 43rd Knightly Regiment of Prydia. Use them at the head of your Retained Lances.  As with all the packs in the range you can have singles from it or buy three save 10% option on screen.

Pose One - IA206 Balthazar, bare headed, Angis Pistol, Cloak.

Pose Two - IA207 Jerome, bare headed, Angis Rifle, Comm Pad.

Here they are next to the original 15mm versions of the same characters.  You can see them in pack IAF005 in the Ion Age 15mm Miniature Range along with several hundred other Retained, Muster, Planetary Militia, Nobles, Civilians as well as Shia Khan Empire.  Speaking of the Khanate...

IB58 Khanesha of the Styx Legion: Infamous upon the blighted surface of the conquered planet once called Camarthen Prime. In command of her own Ordos of infiltrator Legionaries she uses her twin energy blades to deal death upon any who stand in her way.  The blades in use are like Octa Power Swords and each of them contains an inbuilt Cupid Pistol.  Khanesha is a sadistic killer. This code comprises one metal 28mm scale miniature.  An ideal leader or character for your Legionaries.

As stated every miniature in the range can be had as a single and there are also 'platoon packs' which contain fifteen or sixteen miniatures and have a built in saving giving one or two miniatures in the code for free.

Thank you for your time.