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Saturday 31 March 2018

Easter 2018 Carrot Pile and Giant Mutant Chicken

Happy Easter from Alternative Armies!  We are in the midst of the March to War event and this event has an Easter theme to it; among all the awesome new releases.  As well as free worldwide shipping on all orders over 15GBP we are putting a free carrot pile into every order worth 2GBP as Easter is about bunnies and they eat carrots.  On top of this Easter is about cute fluffy chicks and we have one of those!  Re-mastered and re-molded the big mutant Chicken that is the Cluckkatrix by Grinning Skull Miniatures which is 50% off during March to War until 16th April! 

GRN48 Cluckkatrix
A Giant Mutant Chicken which is equally at home in your post-apocalyptic or horror or science fiction games in most scales such as 28mm and 15mm.  This code contains one multiple part high quality grey tone resin model which when assembled stands 40mm tall.  It is easy to assemble and is not supplied painted or with a base.  Shown on a 40mm round base.  It is part of the Grinning Skull range of miniatures and is the ultimate evolved form of the Chukk warrior.  Sculpted by Will Grundy.  Price 8.00GBP.  Go HERE.

Alternative Armies likes to give wargamers treats and extra fun to keep the joy in the hobby and to that end the brand new Carrot Pile is in every order until 16th April for free.  What can you use it for?  Nothing...everything!  A scenic piece, an objective token, perhaps a wizard turned an Orc into it, your Burrovians in Flintloque love carrots and have a Karrot Kart.  Lots of things and it is laugh too!

BS25 Carrot Heap
This code contains one high quality grey tone resin model which is a heap of carrots recently dug from the earth or summoned into existence.  It is a great item for dioramas and for scenic purposes as well as with your Burrovian Army in the World of Valon.  On top of this it is a great fun piece which can be placed in a 25mm or 28mm scale farm yard or field adding depth to your gaming table.  The heap is 25mm across at its base and is about 23mm tall which is waist height on a 28mm Human miniature.  Price 2.00GBP. Go HERE.

We have many different useful codes in our Battlefield Bits Accessories and Dice page of the website.  This includes twenty different bits and sprues with tankards, fruit, glass bottles, pies, pistols, gear and more in 28mm scale.  There may well be something there for you.

Have a great Easter from all of us here!


Thursday 29 March 2018

HOT Walls mega bundle plus Planted Stakes, Palisades and Townsfolks Possession packs released

Not another brick in the wall rather three packs and a mega value bundle of resin 40mm frontage scenics now at Alternative Armies!  Adding to the Castle Wall and Bastion Wall packs we now have Planted Stakes, Wooden Palisades and barricaded Townsfolks Possessions packs.  The mega bundle contains all five packs of twelve pieces each with one pack being free meaning a 20% saving. Excellent for use in 15mm scale in systems such as HOTT for strongholds or outer defences and such or in wargaming in general.  Once they were white metal and now they are resin and a dozen to the pack.  Superb! 

(The image above is of a pack of HOT58 Townsfolk Possessions with HOB1A and HOB1B Hovels plus three Furioso element bases including MRX1 Early 16th Century Cannon with Crew).

Go to the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range or to the 15mm Renaissance Range (where Furioso lives too) or read on for more information.

HOT56 Wooden Palisade 
A pack of twelve identical resin pieces each a re-enforced wooden palisade 15mm in height and 40mm width.  Make 480mm of frontage to form enclosed spaces.  Great for any suitable system such as HOTT, Furioso, DBA and more.  See more images on the page.

HOT57 Wooden Stakes
A pack of twelve identical resin pieces each a row of upright wooden poles with sharpened tips 15mm in height and 40mm width.  Make 480mm of frontage to form enclosed spaces.  Great for any suitable system such as HOTT, Furioso, DBA and more. See more images on the page.

HOT58 Townsfolks Possessions
A pack of twelve identical resin pieces each a barricade of spears, chests, shields, cart pieces and more 15mm in height and 40mm width.  Make 480mm of frontage to form enclosed spaces.  Great for any suitable system such as HOTT, Furioso, DBA and more. See more images on the page.

HOTW01 Walls Bundle
There are five different packs of Walls in the HOT Range (HOT56 to HOT60) and this saver bundle gives you a pack of 12 of each of them with the added bonus that you only pay for four of the five packs!  Saving 20% off regular price.  A great way to get stone, bastion, wooden, stakes and townsfolks possessions for your battlefield.  2,400mm of frontage in 40mm lengths!

We have a large range of 24AP pre-made armies for HOTT which you can see HERE.  All the miniatures and element bases included.

We have a full range of miniatures and some pre-made armies for Furioso.  See them all HERE if you enjoy 15mm scale Renaissance warfare.

We have a range of 15mm resin excellent buildings which go well with these walls and also fantasy and historical wargaming.  See the HOB Range HERE.

Lastly we are in the 'March to War' event just now at Alternative Armies and this lasts until 16th April.  Free Worldwide Shipping, Free Carrot Heap and thirteen new releases all in this event period.  Spent 15GBP or more and you get your package post free.  Read full details on our blog HERE.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday 27 March 2018

Sengoku Monster Hunter released in print and as a digital download

The 15mm scale awesome Sengoku Japanese Fantasy range at Alternative Armies sculpted by John Bell now has its own 15mm wargame system!  That's right a skirmish level set of rules for up to four players or solo play.  It is called Sengoku Monster Hunter and it is written by Steve Danes (he of the Furioso system).  Create a 'Hunter' and their skills and followers and then seek out and hunt mythical creatures of Japanese folklore gaining experience and adventure along the way. Monster Hunter is fifty two pages and available in print and as a digital download too with awesome cover art by Sam Croes.  Simple and easy to learn mechanics as well as a great 'monster marker' system which keeps your hunters on their toes.  Want to hunt Oni?  Want to battle with Kappa and Skeletons the bestiary of more than twenty five creatures makes it all possible!

The book looks great and it is HERE on the website in print and twenty percent cheaper as a paid digital download (just look for the red sticker on the cover). Read on for details of the book.

SGB01 Sengoku Monster Hunter
Sengoku Monster Hunter is a Tabletop Game for up to Four Player or Solo Play using the Sengoku range of 15mm miniatures. A game for one to four players set in medieval Japan where monsters and creatures of myth roam the jagged crags and hidden valleys of the Sacred Mountain. It is from the Sengoku setting and has merciless hunters who track down the monsters and slaughter them at every opportunity. Who you Play..Hunters are the players characters in the game. Each hunter has a profile of attributes, skills and special abilities that players can improve if their hunters are successful. There is a range of weapons, armour and equipment that hunters can acquire as well hired henchmen, spirit guides and others to assist them in their expeditions. The more powerful the hunters get…the greater challenges they can take on! Author:  Steve Danes. A4 Format, Staple Bound (52 pages) Colour Covers, ISBN and Barcode. 

Here are the contents of the book and visit the website for images of some of the pages of the book.

Contents and Credits
Welcome to Sengoku Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunters
Types of Hunters, Profiles and Character Generation, Equipment including Weapons and Armour, A Hunters Helpers including Spirit Animals and Followers,  Spending Big choices. Types of Hunter: Warrior Monk skills and development. Lone Wolves skills and development. Shaman skills and development. Eagle Knights skills and development. 

Guild Hunters
Professional Hunters in Guilds.  Greenstone Guild, Windgrass Guild, Silver Chain Guild. Guild Ranks and membership as well as duties and badges of rank.  Master guild members and dues.

The Game of Sengoku Monster Hunter
Setting up the Game, Turn Sequence, Scenario End. Actions during Turn.  Monster Reaction phase.  Monster Markers. Shooting procedure and effects.  Combat at close range and effects of melee. Trophy Kills. Armour and Damage.  Shock and its effects in play. Playing Solo.

After the Hunt
Character Development between games.  Wound recovery and Hunting Grounds. Followers and Eternal Hunters.

Dark Places
Panic and Petrified with fear.  Death and the Dark place for Hunters.  Character Recovery.

The Hunting Grounds and Expeditions
Where the hunts happen.  Lowlands, Hills, Mountains and Visibility. Expeditions and supplies.  Markers for Expeditions.

Monster Markers
Foes of Hunters represented until seen as Markers. Using Monster Markers.

Monsters of Japan
These are the creatures and foes Hunters face.  Monster Profiles for more than twenty five foes.  Location Modifiers.

Examples of Play from the Rules

Monster Hunter Scenarios
Six full scenarios to get you started. Scenario One - Goblin Stronghold. Scenario Two - Lair of the Spider Demon. Scenario Three - Surprise Attack.   Scenario Four - The Shifting Forest.  Scenario Five - The Dark Place.  Scenario Six - When the Mountains Thunder.

Monster Hunter Markers and Scenario Markers
Hunter Character Sheet
Sengoku Quick Reference Sheet

Free Downloads
If you would like the free downloads for Monster Hunter then CLICK HERE to download them from our website.  Token Sheet, Character Sheet, Quick Reference Sheet.  Enjoy!

Independent Review of Sengoku Monster Hunter
There is a deep look and review at the new book over on The Resin Tomb blog written by one of the first players of the game. Go HERE. Please note this is an independent not paid for review by a customer. 

The 15mm Range
The Sengoku Range has over one hundred different 15mm miniatures which can all be had as singles or in value packs with a saving or complete wave sets with a saving too. Go HERE.

SGFP32 Sengoku Monster Hunter Tokens
This pack contains twenty identical tokens for use as game currency or as monster reveal tokens or as bases for your miniatures.  Sengoku Monster Hunter tokens are 20mm round and are very useful in that you can use them as 16th century Japanese coins or as counters in play of the Monster Hunter game (revealing creatures, just put a number on the underside to keep track) or as a base for your Sengoku or other miniatures as they match the 20mm rounds we  put our own painted figures upon.  For a full range of monsters you will need two packs but we offer 10% off if you take three packs (60 Tokens). Go HERE.

Here is a picture of the new token next to SGF93 Armoured Demon Monk for scale.  You can also mount your miniatures on these 20mm round tokens.

Thanks for Reading,


Monday 26 March 2018

March To War Free Shipping many New Releases and free Carrots until 16th April

The big event of the spring at Alternative Armies and The Ion Age with 'March to War'  Until 16th April 2018 there is free worldwide shipping on all orders of 15GBP in the cart or more! We have sixteen new releases (three of them at The Ion Age) in 15mm and 28mm scales, Science Fiction, High Fantasy, Flintloque, Scenics, Monsters, Horror and more across the two websites!  On top of this we have Deals and Offers saving you from 10% to 50% on bundles and selected codes.  Lastly every order placed with us will automatically get a free Carrot Pile included in the package worth 2.00GBP.  Spring is here and Carrots are good for you!  Go HERE or read on for details.

Let us tell you all about the March to War 2018 event.  All the information on what is happening as well as a listing of all the new codes and the free Carrot Pile.  Click on the links to go through to what tickles your interest.

Free Worldwide Shipping
Until the 16th April 2018 we giving free worldwide shipping automatically on all orders of 15.00GBP of product or greater in your cart.  Just add to cart and the website will do the rest.  This is our standard UK mail and standard Airmail.  If you desire 'signed for shipping' you must select this during checkout and its normal flat cost of 10GBP remains in place.  During this promotion you will save the normal 5GBP for UK shipping and 6GBP for Rest of World shipping.  A great chance to try us out or to get those models which are on your wants list from this month or earlier.  Want to see everything we have been doing in the last four months or so..yes..check out our New Releases page HERE.

Sixteen New Releases Across our Ranges
During this promotional period we have sixteen new releases across both of our websites (three at The Ion Age) and in our 28mm and 15mm ranges and genres.  We will be giving full information, resources and images for each of these as normal in a new release article as we always do BUT during this period you can order any of them RIGHT NOW if you wish saving 10% on each of them.  This 10% applies to all variants including multiples, singles and pro-painted and will be in place on each of them until the release notice for that code appears.  Read on for the link to and basic information on each.  Note that these are split across our two websites and if you wish to combine items from both websites please do this by email sending your name, address, paypal email address and list of codes to and we will come back to you with a price and you will get the free items and discounts too.

SGB01 Sengoku Monster Hunter – Go HERE.  Book!
The table top game of solo or two player monster hunting in mythical Japan is here!  Written by Steve Danes it can be had in print or as a digital download.  Using miniatures from the Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy Range this game features artwork by John Bell and a cover by Sam Croes.  Create your Hunter and his aides and abilities then venture out to seek creatures of myth in the forests, valleys and mountains all while avoiding the dark place.  This book is in print and as a digital paid download.

VNT42 Lord Rusa on Great Wyvern – Go HERE.  28mm!
One of the largest 28mm models made by Alternative Armies this general of the evil legions dressed in elaborate plate armour rides atop the Wyvern Kildane on a saddle chains in hand with a massive lance ready to defeat the forces of good.  Requiring assembly and standing 170mm tall with a wing span of 200mm this centre piece for your army comes with high quality resin, white metal and brass (chains and lance body) parts.  Made in the grandest tradition of high fantasy miniatures Alternative Armies continues its dedication to the style that made wargaming the best hobby to have.

VNT42A Lord Rusa on Horse – Go HERE.  28mm!
Lord Rusa is a general of a fantasy world of evil forces.  This white metal rider is 28mm scale and wearing elaborate plate armour and carrying a long lance.  He is the same rider which is mounted atop the Wyvern Kildane but in this pack he rides an armoured war horse (resin) with vampire bat plume.  Use him as a character or as a commander.  Pack contains white metal, resin and brass pieces for assembly.

5024B Preserovitchs Colour Party – Go HERE.  28mm!
In the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set you met Savant Zombie Captain Preserovitch and his dismounted cavalry troopers.  This new code contains three 28mm white metal command pose Zombies to expand his section into a full unit.  A Sergeant with Musket, a Musician with Kettle Drums and a Standard Bearer with pole.  Expand your Savant Zombies for a bigger game of Flintloque!

5024E Preserovitchs Dismounted Cavalry Unit – Go HERE. 28mm!
For those new to the Escape the Dark Czar campaign or those who wish a full Flintloque section or Slaughterloo skirmisher unit this code contains twelve 28mm miniatures taken from 5024, 5024B giving you an officer, standard bearer, musician, sergeant and a mix of five different trooper poses armed with musket and sword.  Twelve dismounted cavalry Savant Zombies.

5024D Preserovitchs Cuirassiers – Go HERE.  28mm!
Mount up!  Take Captain Preserovitch back into the heavy cavalry saddle with this brand new unit code comprising of five poses of riders which match up with the officer, standard bearer, musician and troopers found in the other 5024 Savant codes.  Ride into battle for Flintloque or Slaughterloo with this counter part unit to 55517 Spektrov Cuirassiers.  Choose from a pack of five with resin horses or a unit of ten or just a single trooper booster.

EH04 Gore Worm – Go HERE.  All Scales!
A monster of Eldritch horror great for 28mm or 15mm uses the Gore Worm is bursting from the earth with its maw open and tentacles lashing out making even the finest warrior suffer with tremors.  A white metal kit with some assembly sculpted by Craig Armstrong.

HOF114 Doomed Reich Shamblers – Go HERE.  15mm!
A new pack in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range of ten miniatures in four poses of unarmed zombie soldiers in military uniform of the Second World War who are just perfect for chomping on your heroes in a Weird War II game.  Sculpted by Craig Armstrong.

HOT56 Wooden Palisade – Go HERE.  15mm!
A pack of twelve identical resin pieces each a re-enforced wooden palisade 15mm in height and 40mm width.  Make 480mm of frontage to form enclosed spaces.  Great for any suitable system such as HOTT, Furioso, DBA and more.

HOT57 Wooden Stakes – Go HERE.  15mm!
A pack of twelve identical resin pieces each a row of upright wooden poles with sharpened tips 15mm in height and 40mm width.  Make 480mm of frontage to form enclosed spaces.  Great for any suitable system such as HOTT, Furioso, DBA and more.

HOT58 Townsfolks Possessions – Go HERE.  15mm!
A pack of twelve identical resin pieces each a barricade of spears, chests, shields, cart pieces and more 15mm in height and 40mm width.  Make 480mm of frontage to form enclosed spaces.  Great for any suitable system such as HOTT, Furioso, DBA and more.

HOTW01 Walls Bundle – Go HERE.  15mm!
There are five different packs of Walls in the HOT Range (HOT56 to HOT60) and this saver bundle gives you a pack of 12 of each of them with the added bonus that you only pay for four of the five packs!  Saving 20% off regular price.  A great way to get stone, bastion, wooden, stakes and townsfolks possessions for your battlefield.  2,400mm of frontage in 40mm lengths!

Over at The Ion Age there are three brand new pack codes released in the March to War promotion period.  They are character packs and a personality pack to expand your 15mm Retained Knights for Patrol Angis or any other space opera setting.  Go HERE.

IAF156 Marcher Barons of Prydia 
IAF157 Nobles of Prydia
IAF158 Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company

Bundles and Offers during this Promotion
Visit us HERE for our page which contains all of our best deals from across Alternative Armies entire website for all of our ranges (except Slaughterloo Divisional Army boxes which are HERE).  Saving from 10% or more these bundles give you entire forces for High Fantasy, Sengoku, HOF, Ganesha Games and Asgard.  As well as this we have single codes from our ranges for this promotion which are 10% to 50% off regular prices.  Here is a list of the promotional codes.

GRN48 Clukkatrix Giant Mutant Chicken 50% off!
57036 Trolka Civilians 50% off!
VNT38 Big Mouth Beast 10% off!  
59522 Sedan Chair with Dogmen (or on its own)  20% off!  
HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon 25% off! 
HOF30 Automata Infantry 25% off!

There are more such as the Flower of Evil, the Scythe Jet Copter, 28mm Stricken Adventurer and Space Marines.  Check them out.

A Free Carrot Pile in Every Order
We are the inventive alternative and we try to keep the fun in wargaming so during this promotional period you will get a free BS28 Carrot Heap worth 2.00GBP in every single order which is shipped (not in Digital Download only orders).  You can see it HERE and purchase more of them if you desire.  This is a great scenic item for your Burrovian Army or Farm or Town Setting or Dungeon or simple for giggles on a large base.  After all who does not love a carrot and this piece is 28mm scale and about waist height on a Human miniature.

Digital Downloads are 20% Cheaper than Print Books
Lastly we would like tell you about our range of Digital Download titles which you can see HERE.  Many of our rules systems are here and all of them are twenty percent cheaper in PDF form than they are in print.  Have a browse for Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Furioso, Sengoku, USEME, DarkeStorme, Age of Might and Steel and more.

Thanks for your time and please do contact us with any questions on or on our Facebook Group HERE.


Monday 19 March 2018

Talking About Games reviews 5026 Death in the Snow book

In the forth of his Flintloque video articles and reviews, following on his Flintloque video review of 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar beginners box and of our FL22 Adventurers Party plus the Third Scenario of Escape the Dark Czar it was my pleasure to see Talking About Games new review of the expanded Witchlands book for Flintloque; 5026 Death in the Snow. A ninety six page game book with full rules and setting taking you from your beginning in Flintloque to the full thing. 

My thanks to Abraham of 'TAG' channel and I will point out that we gave the book to TAG for free but we had no input in the review.

The review is around fifty minutes in length and is very deep and thorough covering all aspects of Death in the Snow. The book deals with the Emperor Mordred of the Elves assembling the greatest army ever known to march upon Moskova the capital of the frozen Witchlands and lair of the Dark Czar. Moskova burns and a trap is sprung leading the great retreat and it is here that adventure beckons. Play as one of a dozen races in the Grand Armee or as the Undead hunting them down. A full Flintloque game book it has all the rules and these are spoken about and the nature of the Undead too. A great listen indeed. 

Go along to our website HERE for more on Flintloque and Death in the Snow. You can get the book in print or as a digital download or as a shilling pack with miniatures and three scenarios too. Check out our Begin in Flintloque page HERE too for more free materials.

A nice blog article over on Bogenwold concerning a Flintloque players unboxing of his later order which includes a Shilling Service Pack for Beir and Bones.  Excellent review and excellent value.

If you want to talk about Flintloque and see what is happening or to ask questions then join our Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming Group on Facebook where I lurk and will be happy to talking gaming with you.

Lastly our two Week Long deals with 10% off every code in two entire collections this week are on Ganesha Games 28mm Science Fiction range and the USEME Series of Gaming Titles.  Ending Sunday midnight GMT save 10% off both these collections!

Thanks for viewing! 


Friday 16 March 2018

Frontear the Skirmish book and range returns to Alternative Armies

We end the week with some customer response news and an update.  The small spin off range from Flintloque called Frontear is now back on the Alternative Armies website.  Frontear is set in Amerka and covers everything from the Amerkan Rebellion right up to the Civile Warre and the Wylde West with the Alamorque thrown in for good measure.  It is a self contained game book with all the rules and setting you need along with more than a dozen 28mm packs of Orcs, Elves and others.  Released in 2008 it has been out of production since 2011 but now it is back and on its own page.  We have put up the game book as a paid digital download at a great price for 110 pages of content.  Go HERE to check it all out or read on for more.

7000 Frontear the Skirmish – Digital Download Book
A Skirmish Game set in the fantasy World of Valon before, during and after the Mordredian Wars. Located in the New Worlde of Amerka it means adventure on a whole new continent never seen before. Take command of a chosen few characters, be they Uropean Settler races (such as Elves and Orcs) or take the part of Amekan races such as Injians or Gruff and many other strange creatures. Create your characters using the Frontear rulebook and bring them through a number of scenarios with only their wits, skills and their weapons to keep them alive.

In Frontear you can choose to play your games in the 4th Age of Valon (the time of Flintloque) and use Black Powder weapons; or you can choose to game in the 5th Age of the Valon. This is the Perkussion Age, the time of the Civile Warre and the Wylde West. Choose your period! You might choose to create a section of Orcish Colonial Militia to fight for Washertunne and against Kyng Gorge. Or Some Light Cavalry armed with swords who must enforce Great Britorcish aims in the War of Eighteen Bells. Perhaps you would prefer to create a section of Souffern Elf Troopers to fight in the Civile Warre or grab revolvers and set up a posse of Dog, Goblin and others as Cowboys. Then again you could choose to create an artillery crew, some Injian Braves or the Undead. The choices are huge!

Amerka is a massive and varied place and with two Ages of Valon to choose from ideas are easy to come by. Frontear is a fast-play skirmish wargame. Skirmish wargaming is very different from the usual style of wargame. Instead of representing hordes of nameless cannon fodder, each miniature on the game table represents one character, each with unique skills. Skirmish wargaming isn't about controlling an army of faceless soldiers; it's about individuals battling for fame, glory and their lives. In the game of Frontear you are the lord and master of a small band of characters who live in this world of Amerkan Fantasy. Who these characters are is entirely up to you and discovering your characters, creating them, developing their skills and recording their experiences is one of the most fun aspects of playing Frontear. Use the optional advanced skills and magicke talent rules to add even more variety. Frontear uses a compact rules system (developed from Flintloque Reloaded) for its skirmishes which utilises percentile dice (two ten sided dice) with each action needing the character to pass a certain percentage of difficulty to succeed. Along with a combat engine which uses counters on table and is very flexible you will find Frontear fun and rewarding to play. With a full System for Section creation, you will be playing in no time. Keep the rule book at hand in your first few games and from then all you will need is a reference sheet for the easy read tables in the game.

A game of Frontear can be played with as few as one player (in a specially made solo scenario) through to two players all the way up to truly wild games with eight to ten Sections competing for the same objectives.  A game of Frontear can easily be played to completion in one hour making it a great game for an afternoon or evening.  ‘Go on Join the Adventure...Partner!’  Go HERE for the book . Written by Gavin Syme (GBS) with artwork by Edward Jackson. 8.00GBP

The Frontear Range contains fifteen different packs of miniatures with soldiers, civilians, frontear types and gun slingers.  You can purchase a pack or three packs with a 10% saving or choose single miniatures within a pack if you wish to totally tailor your forces.  Go HERE.  This is the list of packs we have.

7001 Wylde Bill and the Gun Fighters  (4 Mixed Miniatures)
7002 Paul La'Regreet Bandits (4 Elf Miniatures)
7003 Paul La'Regreet Bandits II (4 Elf Miniatures)
7100 Alamorque Characters (2 Miniatures)
7101 Alamorque Characters II (2 Miniatures)
7102 Mounted Texecas Volunteer (1 Orc on Horse)

7103 Frontears Orcs (2 Orcs)
7104 Frontears Orcs II (2 Orcs)
7105 Alamorque Troopers  (2 Miniatures)
7106 Alamorque Troopers II (2 Elves)
7107 Alamorque Troopers III (2 Elves)
7108 Alamorque Troopers IV (2 Elves)

7109 Ogre Bounty Hunter (1 Large Miniature)
7110 Frontear Folk I (2 Miniatures)
7112 Civile War Orc Privates (2 Orcs)
7113 Tuko Cattivo (Character Mounted and on Foot)
7114 Angle Van Brutto (Character Mounted and on Foot)

Other Flintloque Miniatures to use with Frontear

While the Frontear range contains miniatures which are spread across the time span of the book there are many miniatures from the Flintloque range which can be used in the 4th Age periods of the Greate Rebellion and the War of Eighteen Bells too.  The uniforms worn by the Army of Great Britorcn with Tricorne and Bircorne head gear along with its artillery will do just fine to fight against your Amerkans or to be in your ranks.  For the mercenaries the Von Rotte Legion is spot on with its appearance.  The Elves of Armorica give you a counterpart for mixed racial units in the Amerkan regiments alongside Orcs, Ratmen, Ogres and other types.  You can learn more by reading the Frontear book and matching them up.  Feel free to ask questions directly on the Alternative Armies Tabletop Wargame Group on Facebook too.

Thanks for Reading!