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Monday, 11 November 2019

Baron Petrochemicoli limited edition new free game insert for Flintloque

Alternative Armies has a range of limited edition miniatures for the World of Valon, that being the game systems Flintloque and Slaughterloo. While most of these can be found in our Rarest Tin booklet not all can. It was recently brought to our attention that LE043 Baron Petrochemicoli of the Todoroni did not have a full set of rules in one place. We are delighted to today to present, updated, a one page insert for this miniature. Go HERE or read on for more. 

LE043 Baron Petrochemicoli 
The richest of the Todoroni and the virtual owner of the Cotechino Guarda regiment. The Baron is a flamboyant and inspiring noble who takes to the battlefield to lead his troops. One 28mm scale metal miniature. This code is limited to 1000 Numbered Packs only and then the molds will be destroyed. Go HERE

A one page free download hosted on our website which gives you background and rules for the Baron for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo along with uniform and possible uses in play. Click to DOWNLOAD. It is also hosted on our FREE DOWNLOADS page which has over 300mb of free material for our game systems to read. 

The Baron is loaded with cash and basically has his own regiment. See 56540 Cotechino Guarda on our website as a unit or skirmish pack or trooper booster. All of the miniatures in this article were sculpted by Rob Alderman. 

Thanks for Reading, 


Friday, 8 November 2019

Elf 15mm Spearmen on offer and results of poll on next HOT Army sculpted

In our last miniature announcement before the Winter Mega Event 2019 begins on 18th November we would like to tell you the result of the recent Alternative Armies poll on our Facebook Group.  The poll concerned which next 15mm scale army we would expand or begin from scratch.  We have also re-molded HOT10 Elf Spearmen and have new images of these popular figures plus a wee deal on them too.  Go HERE or read on for more.

HOT10 Elf Spearmen
This pack contains sixteen 15mm scale miniatures in metal.  Four different poses of armoured High Elves armed with spears.  Great as single character or the pack can rank up intro four rows of four as a block of spears due to their poses (the pack contains four of each pose).  The miniatures require no assembly.  As with all our HOT packs you can also choose a 'sampler' option with just one of each pose which is excellent for fantasy skirmish.  Go HERE.

The recent HOT 15mm Fantasy poll on our Facebook Group gave the option of either a large expansion to our existing High Elf Army or the creation of a Lizardman Army from scratch.  The final result was close but the Elves too the victory!  As a result of this we now announce that in 2020 we will release at least twenty five new poses in packs with sampler option included.  With feedback there will be Heroes, Champions, Archers, Guard Infantry, Beasts and Flyers.  We thank everyone who took part. Design work is under way now!

We have a fine array of pointy ears already which you can see on our website in a special refined range search HERE or browse if you wish.  Here is a list of the codes.

HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffin
HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern
HOT116 Elf Mounted Command
HOT8 Elf Command
HOT9 Elf Mounted Sword Knights
HOT42 Elf Mounted Lancer Knights
HOT43 Elf Mounted Spear Knights
HOT10 Elf Spearmen
HOT11 Elf Archers
HOT20 Elf Chariot
HOT69 Elf Crossbows
HOT70 Elf Crew with Bolt Thrower
HOT71 Elf Mattocks
HOT72 Elf Blades
HOT73 Elf Axes

We also have two HOTT 24AP Army Packs for Elves which come with all needed miniatures and element bases included for free.  These are HOTT1001 High Elf and HOTT1012 Imperial Elves which you can see HERE.  These armies can also be had painted and based out of the box (as shown above).

Thank you for Reading,


Thursday, 7 November 2019

Retained Knights 28mm painted by Stone Cold Lead

I will admit to being in somewhat in a state of awe at the brush stroke talents of Simon Bradley known online as 'Stonecoldlead' and we were fortunate enough for him to put paint to metal on some of our miniatures. You can check out his work in full on his Facebook PAGE if you want to see more. 

The Ion Age exists within Alternative Armies in two scales those being 15mm and 28mm.  These wonderful paint works were done on three of the 28mm scale miniatures taken from the more than two hundred poses we have.  Taken from three different packs (all the miniatures are in packs and can be had as singles within the pack on the page) IA018 Retained Esquire, IAF106 Retained Noblesse and IAF073 Retained Assaulter.  

Now that is some remarkable brush work. The range is great for use with our own Ion Age Game Systems or with any other space opera tabletop system and they mix well with our Alternate Stars range too.  The range is in two parts and can be seen HERE.  The Prydian Precinct which is Nobles, Barons, Retained, Muster and Planetary Militia. The Khanate Empire which is Legionaries, Betrayers, Pioneers, Warlords and Malig Goblins.  Great value top miniatures.  

There are also great value saver platoon packs which each contains additional miniatures for free.  All on the range page.

Count Valdimir Kustosov the Vampire is free in every order placed and shipped out during November 2019 at Alternative Armies.  Learn more on our BLOG or on the WEBSITE. You can of course purchase this figure too if you wish.  Long term players of Flintloque may recognise this classic 1998 miniature which has been out of production for nearly twenty years.  It has a new code and and on the website.  We also have updates and specials on our DEALS AND OFFERS page suitable for spooky season.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

VNT17 The Griffin in 28mm scale returns to Alternative Armies

Among our new releases in our ranges Alternative Armies is also constantly re-molding existing models and bringing in print runs of existing titles.  Typically we do not tell you all about this as it is ongoing.  But every now and again a code will also be re-mastered (meaning its design is tweaked or tightened for easier casting or production) and it gets a new paint scheme or other improvement.  These we like to share.  This time it is a 28mm scale model which has not been in production for the VNT range (haunt of the Undead and Monsters) for a great many years.  The Griffin returns!

VNT17 The Griffin
This code contains one five part metal model in 28mm scale.  Easy to assemble it consists of a body with head and tail, a pair of wings and two sets of claws.  Re-mastered from the original 1990's sculpt by Steve Trickett this monster is great for any high fantasy setting of system.  It measures 50mm from foot to head and is 80mm from claw tip to end of tail.  Imposing the Griffin is a hunter of men.  A legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet. Because the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts, and the eagle the king of the birds, by the Middle Ages the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. Since classical antiquity, griffins were known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions.  Go HERE.

A suitable foe for your Knights to take on in a quest or with a bit of conversion work you could mount a saddle upon it.  In the pictures of this article we show our Knights from FL12 Men at Arms and FL15 Men at Arms II.

Count Valdimir Kustosov the Vampire is free in every order placed and shipped out during November 2019 at Alternative Armies.  Learn more on our BLOG or see the WEBSITE. You can of course purchase this figure too if you wish.  Long term players of Flintloque may recognise this classic 1998 miniature which has been out of production for nearly twenty years. It has a new code and and on the website.  We also have updates and specials on our DEALS AND OFFERS page suitable for spooky season.

Thanks for Reading,


Monday, 4 November 2019

Alternative Armies new Forum is up and running

Some of you will know the entity Yahoo Groups has been in decline and is now about to meet its demise ceasing to function before being taken offline. Our own Notables group has run from March 2007 to October 2019. It was an honour and privilege to speak to wargamers on Yahoo Groups and to give them happiness in the hobby for more than a decade. We are losing the message history but we have all of the files uploaded here with us. But it is not the end..oh no.

We now have a new place for a forum and we would like you to join us there if you are interested in wargaming and Alternative Armies. From Flintloque to Fantasy to Science Fiction and Historical in scales of 28mm, 15mm and 6mm plus Ganesha Games and other ranges we produce and stock. We will continue to chat and to put news and offers and free material in this new place from now on. Here is our ProBoards address:

Go along and join. We look forward to seeing you.  A forum is a nice way to organise content and conversations.  It has been running now for two weeks and while still in its infancy it is developing.

Thank you!

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Tabletop Games UK impartial review of Doom Squad solo rules

The chaps over at Tabletop Games UK site are building up a reputation as bring on the ball when it comes to impartial reviews and excellent content for wargamers and it is my pleasure to present to you a great independent review by Adam of Doom Squad solo play rules.  Go HERE for the review.

There are some interesting ideas put forward to using Doom Squad in the Flintloque setting and also with our Festive Range too.  It is a very adaptable scale and setting book of rules covering 300 years of special forces warfare.

The book can be had in PRINT or immediately at twenty percent less as a paid DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.  Have a look.

Thanks for Reading,


Friday, 1 November 2019

Free Vampire Count in every November order plus deals on packs this month

I want to begin by thanking everyone for the wonderful response to the Witch Carline and it makes me smile to know that this hag is now all over the world in gamers collections.  It is now November and you know what that means...the Winter Mega Event is coming.  It is not far away and this will be the most release and news packed month since the spring.  We will give you full details in a couple of weeks but for now its time to show you what you will be getting free automatically in your order this month and some new deals only for November too.  Go HERE or read on for more.

55017 Count Valdimir Kustosov
The former overlord of the tomb city of Czarlingrad is a scheming and manipulative maker of plans who prefers to be far from the fight but that does not mean he is defenceless..far from it.  Armed with a finely wrought blade made in the lands of Aegypt he is debonair until it is time for the fangs to come forth!  One 28mm scale metal miniature. Count Valdimir Kustosov is great for any setting and game system including Flintloque and Slaughterloo leading Undead forces.  Go HERE.

Now re-mastered and in new molds this 1998 miniature which was part of the Czarlingrad novella pack (then it was 59001 and the book is still on our Ebay Store Plague Games) is now back in its own right and is free in all orders shipping out worldwide during November 2019 at the rate of one per order.  

During November we have extra on our Deals and Offers page as well as the free Vampire Count.  This page is where you can find all our best value bundles and biggest discounts across several scales and various game systems and ranges such as High Fantasy and Ganesha Games plus Sengoku Japanese and so forth.  Go HERE to browse.  

During this month added we have 28mm scale the 55022 Big Zombie Todoroni as well as 56115 K.G.L Captain Schlager and 52020 Baron Brewswick for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  We have VNT38 the Big Mouth Beast and DH3 Fnoor the Big'Un for high fantasy.  There are others too!  Lastly the new value pack for 15mm scale HOFP05 Post Apocalyptic Warband chock full of characters.

There is a lot of news coming in the next four or so weeks so keep an eye open for all the new and all the free.

Thanks for Reading,


Thursday, 24 October 2019

Ten Percent off all orders and we now take cards online too!

Alternative Armies now accepts through its website all major credit cards and UK debit cards as well as Google and Apple pay.  To mark this we are applying a 10% discount to every order placed with us until 9am GMT 30th October 2019.  The discount is automatically applied IN CART before checkout and shipping. You need do nothing other than add to cart.  This is our last news for the month.  Go HERE or read on for full details.

This 10% discount applies to everything on the website.  Every range, all scales, all books, all digital titles and so forth.  This discount is applied ON TOP of any special offers on the website.  So if a bundle is 10% off on the screen, it will be a further 10% off when put in the cart.  You cannot use any manually added discount codes during the period of this offer.  Here is an example of the normal cart (left) and the cart with the same items during this event.  You can see 10% has been automatically taken off the total.  

During the whole month of October we are automatically adding a brand new 28mm miniature to every order placed for physical shipping.  The Witch Carline is a spooky treat great for any game system (pictured below).  You can also purchase it and you will get one free in your order too.  Go HERE to see more.  We like to treat our customers!

There is still a while before the bells begin to jingle. We would like to show you our fantastic Seasonal Range which gives you the festive firepower for your gaming table.  We have two packs of 28mm Snowmen (above) as well as an entire 15mm scale array of Snowmen, Xmas Trees, Snow Monsters, Gingerbread Men and Jack Frost as well as a one of each sampler pack with saving and a whole HOTT 24AP Army with bases.  Go HERE.

We will be back in November with more excellence and in the meantime if you would like to speak to us on wargaming and our miniatures and games we invite you to join our Facebook Group and our new MeWE page.  See you there.

Thanks for Reading,


Tuesday, 22 October 2019

James Ward wizards party of creative insanity for Frostgrave

I was treated to one of the strangest collections of miniatures from Alternative Armies ranges when I spoke with James Ward. He had a vision to create a warband for Frostgrave by Osprey. While many wargamers come to us for selected miniatures for their warbands for this game (we supply every pose in a pack as a single on its page..maximum choice!) this warband was beyond the norm! 

James did not tell me the story behind his choices from our High Fantasy range, the Grinning Skull range and the Sengoku range so I am taking a stab at guessing what the warband is. The game allows for a great variety centred around a Wizard. My thinking is that the Wizard is an Illusionist and he is using a combination of hired muscle and creatures to form his force. After all a sword master attacking with a killer plant and little gingerbread men..what else could it be? 

We have hundreds of 28mm scale miniatures spread across many ranges. In the warband here I have linked up to the miniatures used in the picture so that you can find them easily if desired. FL11-02 Ogre with Baggage, FL19-02 Assassin hooded with Blade, CA7-03 Gladiator with Sword. Two of SGF77 Greater Centipede Demon and GRN70 Three Headed Plant. Lastly a pack of four 15mm scale SN05 Gingerbread Men

You could begin in the Adventurers and Wizards or in the Barbarians pages for your choices. In fact there is a super bundle of all twelve Barbarian characters plus our female Druidess included free!

Until the end of October 2019 you will get the brand new FL24-02 Witch Carline FREE in any order placed automatically as it is shipped out to you. A female wizard for your warband. 

Thanks for Reading, 


Monday, 21 October 2019

Bakewell Mixed Pairs DBA 2019 prizes donated by Alternative Armies

We were delighted to once again sponsor an event with the Bakewell club for DBA.  On Saturday 12th October twenty players faced off and as well as the honour of the win the top rankers also got a wee prize donated by Alternative Armies.  Read the full article with pictures and list of players and winners on the Derwentgamer Blog.  Our thanks to Simon Wilson.

Alternative Armies has several 15mm scale ranges suitable for historical wargaming using DBA and other game systems.  Ranging from the dark age period to napoleonics.  All offer great value and maximum choice as they are single figure purchase in any amount.

HOT59 Stone Wall and MRX1 Cannon plus MRX7 Early 16th Century Crew

Well done to all who took part and here to is many more events!


Friday, 18 October 2019

First Samurai and Ashigaru Catmen released for Kitton!

The new fantasy Catmen of Kitton expands this time with two new packs added to the existing eight poses.  We introduce the first four Ashigaru and first four Samurai!

Far from Urop and beyond the Mordredian Wars away from the battle between the Ferach Empire and the alliances against it is a land almost sealed off from the rest of Valon. Sealed by fate and by the tumult caused by the shattering of the bonds of Wylde Magicke.  This land is called Kitton home of the Kitoka.  The Kitoka lived in harmony with the mountainous land around them and under the sway of the strange creatures which inhabited its forests, streams and fields but that was before the great war. Started by the shattering of the laws of Wylde Magicke this war brought chaos to Kitton and great tumult in nature.  This war ended with the titanic battle of Sekimeowara which saw the Kitoka victorious against arrayed magicke creatures.  The war resulted in the rule of the Tiddlesgawa Shogunate.  The feline Kitota live in a rigid society topped by the Daimyo lords then the Samurai warriors, the Ashigaru soldiers below them then the merchants and peasants and the outcast Ronin most lowly of all.  Skirmishes between Daimyo are common as are bandit raids and attacks by monstrous yokai too.  Welcome to Kitton!

If you missed the news last month when this new expansion to the World of Valon began then please read the article in full on our BLOG. Kitton has its own page on our website where all miniatures, articles, links and so forth will appear.  Visit it HERE.

58011 Kitoka Ashigaru Yari
This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal Kitoka Catmen miniatures of an average height of 23mm.  The Ashigaru are the foot soldiers of the warlords of Kitton and are armoured while carrying a spear called a Yari. Each is supplied with a separate sword bundle.  They are soldiers for your forces.  Choose from a pack or single poses.

58012 Kitoka Samurai Katana
This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal Kitoka Catmen miniatures of an average height of 23mm.  These Samurai are the life long warriors of Kitton who command respect from all around them.  They are heavily armoured and each is supplied with a separate sword bundle and separate back banner.  These are superior soldiers for your forces.  Choose from a pack or single poses.

The Kitton Range will expand again in November and we would like to thank everyone for their kind words and for their custom for this new venture.


Thursday, 17 October 2019

Resin Tomb blog looks at Sengoku Monster Hunter Rampage

An in depth independent look at the expansion Rampage to the 15mm Japanese monster hunting game Sengoku published by Alternative Armies and written by Steve Danes. Our thanks to Nicolai Ostergaard for this impartial article.  Go HERE.

The book can be had in print or as a digital download on our website as well as a huge selection of miniatures HERE. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 15 October 2019

HOT126 Savage Werewolves released!

“Cursed by a bite.  Cursed upon the full moon by a man as monster.  Now the hunger is in you.  Your time will come as luna rises.  Your name is Werewolf!”

A new pack this month in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range for October 2019.  Though released as a fantasy code it is equally at home in a modern or historical or science fiction game in 15mm scale.  Werewolves ready for the hunt!

HOT126 Savage Werewolves
This pack contains ten metal 15mm scale miniatures in a mix of four poses.  Werewolves the howling at the moon creatures which burst forth monthly from their human forms to bring bloody fury upon enemies and friends alike.  As with all HOT codes you can chose from a pack or select a sampler which composes one of each pose from this pack.  Ideal for skirmish gaming.  They are 15mm tall to the eye line making them a bit larger than Human typical height as is only proper.  Go HERE.

Werewolves are excellent hunters, lurkers and fast attackers for your army..but what of the other night time fights?

The legions of the Living Dead!  We have many packs of infantry and cavalry and artillery in the form of Skeletons, Zombies, Wraiths and Ghosts.

Dungeon Scenics in 15mm scale.  Including Dem Bones as well as other packs of treasure and all manner of things for your gaming table.

The mighty monsters of war!  Such as the fearsome Ghoul Dragon these can add some weight to your forces.

Lastly our new Werewolves have cousins in The Ion Age in the form of the Beotans allies of the Shia Khan Empire.  If you want your lycanthropes armed to the..err..teeth..then these are for you!

Thank you for reading,


Monday, 14 October 2019

Paddling with Pigs a Slaughterloo battle report from the USA

It is my pleasure to present to to you a brief battle report with images from the United States of America.  A game of Slaughterloo featuring the Dogmen of Pudigrochumsberg and the Dwarves of the Von Rotte Legion. Based on a scenario from the free army booklet for these forces the two players were Bob McAlister and Mike Messenger both long time players of Slaughterloo.  Read on for more and click on the composite images to enlarge them.  Thanks. GBS

Paddling with Pigs

"Those Pummilig Pigs..I wonder if they would be tasty in sausage form with morning tea?"

Taking inspiration from the Uniformation article for the Dogmen of Pudigrochumsberg which deals with the Silage War the 'Paddling with Pigs' scenario was upscaled to Slaughterloo and put on the table.  You can download this article by clicking through to their page above on the website.  The players expanded upon the text given.

The short and vicious Silage War.
The War of Silage was a minor part of the Bier Wars but it saw two small but professional armies go toe to toe and featured three major battles and dozens of skirmishes which set the soldiers of Pudigrochumsberg in good stead for the coming war against Ostaria and its murdering lunatic leader the Emperior Klaffenhund.

So playing out The War of Silage in Flintloque and Slaughterloo as part of the Dwarf Bier Wars. It is the goal of the Baron Von Rotte to capture the city of Saltzbark and thereby King Bonio to make the king wear the pink dress and to throw him in the pig pen. To that end a chain of scenarios can be assembled building towards this goal. I do hope to get at least some of these scenarios ready and published for free in the future.

The first scenario in the chain currently titled 'Paddling with Pigs'. This scenario sees a border incursion by Hussar light cavalry against an outpost of Line infantry with the aim of preventing the Dwarves from crossing the river until a rider dispatched to battalion can bring some Dogman cavalry forward to assist the Pudigroan.

The scenario was fought with two divisions using the standard rules of Slaughterloo.  Above you can see the set up of the table on a six by four layout with the stream running cross the middle and a bridge which will be the focal point of the scenario.

The two armies are set up and play begins.  Which units featured in each division?

Von Rotte Legion
52501 Krautian Uhlan lancers (10) used as the Hussars, since the riders had too much ale and fell off their pigs and had to be re-glued.
52503 Von Rotte Line Grenadiers (20)
52514 Von Rotte Line (20)
52504 Dwarf Landwehr (20)
52521 Von Rotte light infantry (12)
52519 Von Rotte cuirassiers (10)
LE042 Frederic Von Rotte (General)

56589 Pudigroan Line (20)
56589 Pudigroan Line (20)
56588 Rache Carabiniers (12) 
56587 Officers (2)
56590 Pudigroan Foot Artillery 
56592 Cruellest Deville Cuirassiers (10) 
LE046 King Bonio as an observer.

It was decided that we could bring on a total of six units out of the DAPS (Divisional Army Packs).

The two armies advance upon the bridge but with its nearer start and cavalry lead the Dwarves reach it first!

Von Rotte Cuirassiers thunder across the bridge with supporting musketry from the infantry.  The Dogmen form up on the opposite bank to meet their charge!

Amid the flash of swords the Von Rotte are broken and have to fall back across the bridge leaving the way open for the Dogmen to make the advance.  A 12lb cannon has been brought up to the edge of the stream and loaded with grapeshotte...

King Bonio looks on proudly as his orange coated infantry begin the march under the volleys of the Dwarf Militia and Von Rotte Line.  The game progresses and the Dogmen take the opposite bank and defeat the Legion!

Thank you to Bob McAlister and Mike Messenger for taking the time to shoot these pictures and provide core details of the game that was played. Good show!