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Friday, 5 December 2014

A Farewell to Two - Flintloque Scenario 2014 Advent Calendar

Today is the 5th of December and that means that the rip roaring Orcs in the Webbe advent calendar has reached the day of my own contibution to its twenty four articles at one a day for the festive month of December.  This contribution is a Flintloque scenario written by myself with assistance from Mark Lesney as a memorial to two great characters in the game world who have sadly died in the real world this year.

Yesterday I placed on the Alternative Armies blog a free PDF of statistics for both of these famous characters linked to their miniature packs.  You can find these by clicking on their names here:  Uncle Rogipoos and Bombardier Bedsforc.  If you wish to play the scenario you will need these free inserts.

So what is the scenario.  Here is the introductory strap line from Orcs in the Webbe:

Uncle Rogipoos and Bombardier Bedsforc face the evil Sproutoids and the roving Thumber Wumber Trees as they try to close the Vortex that wants to send them to the next world...

If that sounds appealing then please click through HERE to read the full memorial scenario and also my own designers notes at the end about the origins of the tale.  Enjoy!  Its a great scenario for two players or solo play.  The Trees in the scenario were represented by our own VNT5 Demonic Tree.

Today should be a day of celebration owing to the publication of this scenario which I spent a few days with and diced out the testing too but its not.  I actually feel rather sad....

Merry Cryptmass!



  1. A fitting tribute to two great Characters who will be sadly missed.