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Thursday 20 July 2017

Fantasy Warlord classic 28mm range at Alternative Armies

Now returned to Alternative Armies the classic blister pack range for Fantasy Warlord. A much loved high fantasy game system from 1990 for which Alternative Armies produced 28mm scale white metal miniatures. At popular request there is a new page on our website where you can find the Humans, Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Dwarfs characters as well as multi packs of infantry and weapon sprues and shields; now back in production. Out picture shows 26000 Ogre Hero painted up by Alternative Armies studio. Go HERE or read on for more. 

The miniatures for this range are in three distinct sections. Characters, Multi-Packs and Weapons. We are using the original codes and here follows the list of what we have. Please note these miniatures use separate weapons and have integral bases (they are not 'slotta base' type figures) and while characters come with a weapon and sometimes a shield included the multi-packs do not come with weapons and you should choose the weapon sets you desire while ordering. Go HERE

Multipack Troops. Each of the packs listed here contains five 28mm scale white metal miniatures. These are one piece figures which are supplied without bases or weapons (except in the case of 16100 Ogres which are supplied with two sprues of Ogre Weapons). You should choose weapon sets for your chosen fantasy race while planning your forces. 

10000 Merchant Kingdoms Soldiers (5) 
10300 Soldiers of Carylls (5) 
10400 Scarlet Empire Soldiers (5) 
11000 High Elves (5) 
11500 Wood Elves (5) 
12000 Dwarf Warriors (5) 
13000 Western Goblins (5) 
14000 Western Orc Uruks (5) 
14600 Eastern Orcs (5) 
16100 Ogres (2) 

Characters. Each of the codes here is a single miniature in 28mm scale which is a special hero, wizard or other for a fantasy race. Each of these is supplied with weapon and (if applicable) a shield but with no bases. There are several weapon options for some characters and we will supply a random one for that code. 

20000 Hero of the Merchant Kingdoms 
20400 Hero of the Scarlet Empire 
20300 Hero of the Carylls 
20910 Western Wizard 
20911 Eastern Wizard 
20940 Western Warrior Priest 
22000 Dwarf Hero 
22910 Dwarf Wizard 
23000 Western Goblin Hero 
23910 Western Goblin Wizard 
24000 Western Orc Hero 
24910 Western Orc Wizard 
24901 Eastern Orc Hero 
24950 Western Orc Discipline Master 
21000 Elven Hero 
26000 Ogre Hero 

Weapons Pack. These weapon sets are 28mm white metal and can be used for any wargaming system. In this range these weapons are meant to be held by the figures in the Multi-Packs. Each weapon pack contains a number of different pieces. 

30001 Western Weapons 
30002 Eastern Weapons 
30003 Dwarf Weapons 
30004 Goblin and Orc Weapons 
30005 Elven Weapons 

Shields Pack. There are two shield packs containing 28mm white metal shields for any wargame system. They are split into 'Good Orientation' and 'Evil Orientation' packs and you may select from the pack single shields. The codes for these are NEW CODES and this removal of shields from the weapon packs was done to aid wargamers in choosing their equipment for Multi-Packs as many wargamers did not wish for shields with the weapon sprues. This way a wargamer may choose any shield they wish in any quantity they desire. 

40001 Good Orientated Shields 
40002 Evil Orientated Shields 

You can click on the images above to see the whole range in two sheets taken from the Alternative Armies catalogue back in the early 1990's. Go HERE for the Fantasy Warlord range. 

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