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Friday 24 November 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017!

The Black Friday mega event is on at Alternative Armies. Automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart and six brand new releases too. It is now the weekend of the event, its huge, it will conclude with a 24hrs only Cyber Monday (27th Nov) mega offer on all our digital download books (the other deals are still on during Cyber Monday). Ends 9am GMT Tuesday 28th November. Go HERE

New Releases! 
See the New Releases page for all these now out.

VNT39 Air Squid and Handler (28mm High Fantasy Monster) 

56114 Hunvarian Guard Ogre Cavalry plus Uniformation article (Flintloque and Slaughterloo) 

MP30 Deaths Head Fountain (28mm Torture Chamber) 

RAP037 Ikwen Hardened Fighters (15mm Loud Ninja Games) 

SGF82 Soba Shop (15mm Sengoku Range) 

Black Friday Event Offers! (Save up to 50% on these codes) 
These are on our Events and Bundles page with all the other bundles.

5024 Escape the Dark Czar (Flintloque Beginners Set) 
VLE13 Gnomish Notary (less than 50 numbered sets remain!)

EH01 Flower of Evil (Monster Plant) 
VNT31-05 Liche Lord (28mm Fantasy) 
VNT33 The Wyvern Kildane (28mm Fantasy) 

HOT7 Giant (15mm Fantasy) 
HOT30 War Elephant (15mm Fantasy) 
HOT31 War Mammoth (15mm Fantasy) 

V007 Scythe Jet Copter (15mm Sci-fi) 

ER28 Wolf Hounds (Erin 28mm) 
ER29 Venom Pigs (Erin 28mm) 
ER30 Wolves (Erin 28mm) 

Plus twenty plus more big bundles of 15mm and 28mm fantasy and others including Ganesha Games, Asgard and more. 

Cyber Monday Mega Digital Event! (25% off all our digital download books for 24hrs) 
For one day only we are going to reduce the prices of all our paid for PDF books by twenty five percent on our Digital Downloads page. Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Furioso, Sulphur and all the others. Cyber Monday 27th November only. 

If you have not already done so we urge you to go to our website home page, scroll to the bottom and join our mailing list through the box provided there. We are featuring an email only bonus blister offer which you can find out about if you are on the mailing list. You must be on the list to get it. You will also not miss out on all the new releases and fun as we send out each day's new release and news. 

Lastly if you wish to combine orders with our little sister site The Ion Age then you can and you get access to the offers and free shipping. Send an email to and list out all the codes you want from both websites along with your address and your paypal email. We will respond and send you an invoice to pay. Easy! 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the biggest event of the year! 


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