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Thursday 5 July 2018

Talking About Games video review Dogmen Drummer and Flintloque Tactics II

Now on Youtube and following up their review of the officer from 56594 Dogmen Witchlands Line as well at Flintloque tactics Talking About Games (TAG) channel presents part two of the tactics and reviews the drummer from the set in an eight minute video.  If you missed the first part go to our blog post HERE.  Abraham, who runs the channel, is a keen wargamer and though we provided the model to him to review his review is impartial and we have no control or influence upon it.  Go HERE for our Beginning in Flintloque page to learn more or watch the video in this article.  Thanks!

TAG channel are using their Dogmen Witchlands Line to play Flintloque expanding from the beginners box set 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar.

We have a lot of free resources and articles for you to read as well as all of the other videos with TAG channel have done relating to our products on our Beginning in Flintloque page so check it out and enjoy!

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