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Monday, 22 October 2018

Elf Ladies and Trolkin Casualties now in resin plus free Elf Duellist and Offers

Spooky times are almost upon is but before we get to the Halloween fun at Alternative Armies we have a bit of a round up of Flintloque and Fantasy news. So instead of a new release we have something a little different and out of left field plus a couple of fun offers which might appeal. Good stuff. Please read on for details and if you are a fan of 28mm Elves you will love this oh and a 15mm Mule and 28mm Ogres as well as our Trolkin. Read on for each item. 

We are now producing our Flintloque and High Fantasy pack 51047 Elf Ladies sculpted by Rob Alderman in high quality grey tone resin rather than in white metal and as a result we have been able to reduce the price of the pack by more than 10% from 7GBP down to 6GBP for three different female Elves. 

What is more all this week (until Monday 29th ) if you order this pack or any 28mm miniatures from us we will automatically put CE18-01 Elf Duellist (worth 2GBP) into your package for free! Just order, we will do the rest. See details of pack CE18 Crystal Elf Warriors below. 

51047 Elf Ladies 
Lovely Ladies for your Elvish collection. Make sure you don't swoon! This pack contains three Elvish Ladies 28mm scale in high quality grey tone resin. Wearing dresses of the finest silks and cloth these three ladies represent youth, bloom and middle age giving many scenario uses. You can learn more about Armorican Elves in 5025 Flintloque 3rd Edition War in Catalucia. In Flintloque female characters (non-military) are classed as CIVILIANS and may be given skills, traits and flaws as normal. They may be armed but are seldom anything other than Raw or Average experience level. Suitable for use in any Fantasy 28mm game system. Now 6.00GBP per pack. Go HERE

"Though outnumbered by almost every other lesser race on Valon the foot soldiers of the Crystal Empire are among the finest warriors to grace any battlefield. In shining plate and swirling cloaks and sashes of verdant colour they are veterans of centuries of conflict. Their smaller numbers are made up for by close ranks and cruel expressions on their noble faces. As enemies push upon the Peacock Throne from all sides the Elves are ever more reliant upon magickes and fortifications as well as their bows, spears and swords to keep in their possession the lands of their ancestors." 

CE18 Crystal Elf Warriors 
This code contains five different 28mm white metal miniatures approx 28mm average height. Great quality, choice and value. Select your choice of a pack or three packs with a saving or single poses numerically. This pack contains an Elf duellist with Sword, Armoured Elf with Sword, Armoured Elf peacock helm and Axe, Armoured Elf with long Polearm and Armoured Elf with Sword attacking. 10.00GBP per pack. Go HERE

We are now producing our Flintloque and Slaughterloo casualties almost all in resin rather than white metal. The latest code to be converted across are Trolkin Casualties and as a result we have reduced the price of the pack from 6GBP down to 4GBP for three miniatures. As with the Elf Ladies above these were sculpted by Rob Alderman and all this week (until Monday 29th ) if you order this pack or any 28mm miniatures from us we will automatically put CE18-01 Elf Duellist (worth 2GBP) into your package for free! Just order, we will do the rest. 

57031 Trolkin Casualties 
This pack contains three Dead Trolkin infantry miniatures 28mm scale cast in high quality grey tone resin. Wearing the uniform of typical Trolkin Line infantry these corpses can be used on the battlefield to mark the dead or as scenario objectives. Note there are THREE miniatures in this pack. New price of 4.00GBP per pack go HERE for the Trolls of Valon range. 

We have just remolded two other codes and for players of 28mm fantasy and 15mm fantasy and historicals these will be of interest. Until Monday 29th we have reduced the price of our 15mm Pack Mule and the Fantasy Warlord twin pack of Ogres. 

MBA84 Pack Mule. Just 50p per mule this week. Go HERE
16100 Ogres Pack. Just 6GBP rather than 9GBP for this week. Go HERE

Lastly this Friday (26th) we will be making our Halloween release and freebie in all orders. We will show and tell this at the time but be assured that if you order from us before that date this while reading this article we WILL put the freebie (worth 4GBP) into your package automatically; you will not miss out. We are always fair. 

News Round up Complete! 

Thanks for Reading, 


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