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Monday 12 November 2018

Black Friday Season Mega Event 2018 now on and biggest of the year!

Now on and until 9am GMT Tuesday 27th November there is a Black Friday Season Mega Event happening at Alternative Armies. We have automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart (you need do nothing but add to cart but please note tracked shipping remains a flat 10GBP charge to select) and we have TEN brand new releases too during the event.  Each of these new releases ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER CODE ON THE WEBSITE is 10% off regular price during the event and they are all online now with a place holder image; getting their own news during the event.  We have new 28mm Fantasy, 15mm Fantasy, 15mm Science Fiction and new Flintloque releases too.   Go HERE or read on.

All of these releases (minus their images) are now online along with all our other special offers for the event and more. We will feature each new release in its own news article on its day in detail during this event. Here are the new codes and the top offers we have alongside our free postage! Its huge and it will end with a Cyber Monday (26th Nov) promotion on all our digital download books (all the other deals are still on during Cyber Monday too).  We will be shipping almost every day during the event worldwide. Enjoy and here are the details.

New Releases! 
All of these brand new codes are on the website now on the New Releases page as well as their own sections of the website.

28mm Fantasy Range

VNT43 Wraiths II (4 Miniatures)
VNT44 Wraith Riders (2 Mounted Miniatures)
VNT45 Wraith Riders II (2 Mounted Miniatures)
VNT28 Wraiths (4 Miniatures) (Re-Mastered 2018)

Flintloque and Slaughterloo

15mm Fantasy Range

HOT114 Wraiths (16 Miniatures)
HOT115 Wraiths II (16 Miniatures)
HOT36 Wraith Cavalry (6 Mounted Miniatures)
HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast (1 Miniature) (Re-Mastered 2018)

15mm Science Fiction Range

HOF121 SFA Bear Cat Battlesuit (1 Multi-Pose Kit)

Black Friday Mega Event 10% off Everything On the Website
That's correct during the event we have taken 10% off every single code on the website in all of the ranges in all of the scales.  This is on top of free shipping.  This applies to miniatures, books, downloads, dice, bases and of course our pro-painted service.  All normal priced codes (not bundles or divisional boxes which are already discounted) are ten percent reduced on screen.  All you need do is add to cart as the discount is already applied.  Have a browse of our ranges using this LIST on our blog or by going across the top menu of the website home page HERE.

Cyber Monday Mega Digital Event!
On our Digital Downloads page you can find titles such as Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Furioso, Sulphur, Sengoku Monster Hunter, USEME, HOF Fire Team, Age of Might and Steel and others.  Paid for downloads which are 30% cheaper during the event ending 9am GMT 27th November 2018.  This is ten percent further off the already twenty percent less than the print version.  A 30% saving. Go HERE.

If you have not already done so we urge you to go to our website home page, scroll to the bottom and join our mailing list through the box provided there. You will also not miss out on all the new releases and fun as we send out each day's new release and news as well as regular news and more after the Black Friday event.

Lastly if you wish to combine orders with our smaller sister site The Ion Age then you can and you get access to the offers and free shipping. Send an email to and list out all the codes you want from both websites along with your shipping address and your paypal email. We will respond with a total and send you an invoice to pay. Easy and you can get ahold of the brand new Magog 15mm scale giant mecha.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the biggest event of the year! 


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