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Monday 4 March 2019

Furioso free QRS download created by Tony Cane

A treat for players and those interested in the great renaissance period rules written by Steve Danes called Furioso. A free download of a 'Quick Reference Sheet' QRS for the game created by player of the rules Tony Cane based on his experiences with Furioso. Thanks Tony! 

Furioso is a set of wargames rules that covers European warfare in the sixteenth century. The rules allow players to fight large scale land battles with a simple to use and enjoyable gaming system. Furioso can be fought using any scale figures from 6mm to 28mm. There is a core rule book with army lists and there is also the Italian Wars expansion title too. See the game books in print and as digital download along with information on the rules plus the 15mm miniature range and starter army packs on our website HERE

Furioso Quick Reference Sheet: A one page densely packed QRS which contains handy modifier tables and colour coded sections to guide you through most situations encountered in play. It is hosted on our website and you can download it free by clicking HERE. Created by Tony Cane. 

You can read an article about the rules written by the author on our blog HERE. Files for the game on our Free Downloads page HERE (scroll down until you see the Furioso book cover). Read about the Mega Bundle and the free beginners scenario on our blog HERE. An article about the new expansion book is HERE. Furioso Alfresco in Devon go HERE for a first playing account. Review of Furioso in Wargames, Soldier, Strategy magazine No97 see our account HERE. Lots to look into if you are interested in this game. 

One of my favourite aspects of Furioso is the chance to field the fantastical inventions of the master Leonardo Da Vinci on the field of battle. This is covered in the expansion book and includes the 'Turtle Car' or Tank which we have, alongside the man himself, in our range HERE

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