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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Lets play Furioso with the Yarkshire Gamer video run through

A treat for historical renaissance period wargames.  Kindly with permission a share of the great video run through of the Furioso rules with the Yarkshire Gamers.  It is the second article on their blog on the rules and it goes into some depth.  They play using their own collection of 28mm scale miniatures not of our manufacture.  Here are the videos and I have also put in links to the original posts and to the rules and our 15mm scale range of miniatures and pre-made armies for the game with element bases included.

Furioso has two titles.  The core rule book and the Italian Wars expansion.  These head up our range of miniatures and characters in 15mm scale.  The books are in print and as digital downloads.  Go HERE and for a browse.

If you wish to visit the Yarkshire Gamers blog to see the original posts the first one on the core rules is HERE and the second one is HERE with the videos.  Now here are the videos to watch the play and to learn more.  Presented in order of part one through to part four.  Excellent stuff!

One of the aspects not covered in the great videos was the 'fantastical' aspect of Furioso the Italian Wars with the war machines and genius of Leonardo Da Vinci which allows you to field his devices in a different reality.  

Along with Cesare Borgia the great man Da Vinci is one of my most interesting people to read about.  See our range HERE for the Tank and the man himself in 15mm scale.

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  1. Is there a standard base size for each type of unit?

    1. Hello Bob.

      Yes. The game uses two sizes of bases. 40mm by 20mm and 40mm by 30mm for all its elements. It is outlined in each army list and in the general rules which units get which base and how many bases makes up a unit.