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Thursday 23 March 2023

Monday is the day...

We have been quiet this week and there is a reason for this.  We are drawing breath and getting ready for the Spring Mega Event 2023 at Alternative Armies.  This short message is simply to tell you that the event will begin in four days time on Monday 27th March.  

The event will run for six weeks and on top of more than twenty new releases which will gradually get their news during the event (though all will be on the site from the start) a blanket 20% automatic discount at checkout will apply to all orders and you will get the free AS016 Warbot for any scale worth 10GBP included in package too.

We are at 65% of the limited run in metal of NB2 Dragon 
see it and the articles on this 80's classic on the Website.

The return of our largest model ever has been well met.  Flintloque Fans are enjoying a bit of Coaching!  See it and its variants and free booklet on the Website.

So time to have a browse and think about the spring campaign season and what you have planned or desired for armies and projects among the thousands of miniatures on our website.

We will see you on Monday 27th with all the details of the event but for the moment we will let you know that the blanket 20% automatic discount is now active (we are always fair) at checkout.

Thank you.

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