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Tuesday 5 March 2024

War Bot II for any scale is free in shipped orders until 9th May 2024

By popular request and a year of asking by tabletop gamers worldwide we are proud to announce a brand new any scale War Bot (following up on AS016 War Bot) which is free in all shipped orders until 9th May 2024. As many orders as you like and as long as the package is shipped (no digital download orders only sorry) it will be included.  You can purchase it as well and once its free period is over it will be a standard code. Until 9th May packages leaving us here will all have this 40mm tall model in them.

AS028 War Bot II: A five piece metal and resin model suitable for any scale of gaming with a total height of 40mm.  Legs with a rotational pose upper body as well as two rotary gun arms and a set of ariels.  Use it as a robot in 28mm scale, a battlesuit in 15mm and a full size mecha in 6mm.

Here are all the views of the War Bot and below is a scale photo showing it next to Bradley 6mm Science Fiction, HOF 15mm Science Fiction and Alternate Stars 28mm Science Fiction miniatures.

When mere infantry cannot hold the line nor defeat the foe you need...War Bots!  All three are in the Alternate Stars Range.

Deals and Offers of 5% to 50% off regular prices are on the website.  These offers are added to all of the Value Sets, Platoons, Core Forces and more which are always there from every range.  The added ones will change towards the end of this month when the Spring Mega Event begins.  For now you can save on Jes Goodwin Dwarfs, Elf Line Infantry, Library Barricade, Space Marine, Norc the Fomorian Hero, Scimitar Monster and others in 28mm.  In 15mm now is Automata Infantry, the Griffin, Big Mouth Beast and more. For 6mm scale BR030 Pilgrim Heavy Tank is there.

Thanks for Reading!

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