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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

5030 Slaughterloo back in stock!

A picture of the first box contents of Slaughterloo
With a distant thump and a billow of grey the cannonball approach the thin woods and the slope behind them, its force expended in the effort of crossing more than a thousand yards in the clear morning air. It burst through the green leaves and branches, splintering a dew covered trunk and then vanishing from view into the invisible clearing beyond. The cheers of the Elf gunners mingled with the sound of thousands of Elven feet marching in perfect order in the distinctive blue tunic columns that had won the tyrant Mordred and his Ferach Imperial Armee the largest Empire that Valon had ever known. Only a few lands like Catalucia held out, and few enemies like the accursed Albion scum in their stubbornness. They never knew when they were beaten; they never knew when to kneel to the inevitable......  

Books.  Lovely thick and readable copies of Alternative Armies largest printed title Slaughterloo are now back in our hands and in stock.  Huzzah!  A bigger print run than the first and just as lovely.

Black Powder Fantasy Mass Battle is the name of the game taking your Flintloque miniatures and assembling them into units and then divisions to fight full battles.  The drama and the excitement combined with a unique game mechanic makes Slaughterloo easy to learn but hard to master with each army having its own traits.  The book contains all you need, rules, background and army lists.

You can find all things Slaughterloo on our website. The web page for the book has a detailed list of contents by page.  I have also sent out emails to all those who asked to be told when the title was back on our shelves.  I can almost smell the musket smoke from all those volleys of Elvish lines.

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  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

    1. Thanks. We are yet to gain a lot of speed on this blog (see The Ion Age for more action just now) but once we do there will be plenty to read. GBS