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Thursday, 10 July 2014

DH3 Fnorr the Big'Un at Alternative Armies - Project Darkhelm

“Let me tell you a story and you have to promise me that you won't tell another soul.  Promise?  Good.  Well there was this Dwarf by the name of Bergsteiger who staggered out a tavern full of ale, you know the way, then he vanishes and is not seen until mustering the next morning.  We asked him what he had been up to but he just said that he had scaled the heights.  I put it down to the drink and left it at that and once the campaign was over and the war done we went back to the hold.  Years passed and we battled Orcs, Elves, Men and others and Bergsteiger rose in the ranks.  Seemed he would rule the hold but then there was a thunderous knocking at the doors.  Not an assault mind you but a visitor.  I didn't answer but I heard what came next.  Outside a giantess who in a single movement pushed the biggest youngling I have ever seen into our midst.  She said but one thing before she stomped off.  Tell Bergsteiger that the tree says the acorn is his charge now.  Well I am no one to tell stories but after that day well we all had a new respect for Bergsteiger, a huge asset in war, and the climbing skills of Dwarves!”

This code contains one 25mm/28mm resin miniature.  Great quality and great value too.  Go HERE.
Poses in this code are as follows (approx 50mm tall):

DH3-01: A demi-giant offspring with a big club wearing a helmet and the features of both Giants and Dwarves.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu.  Choose from a pack, three packs with a 10% saving applied. 

Scale Shot with Dwarf (24mm tall)
Originally released as a white metal miniature the choice was made for DH3 Fnorr the Big'Un at the time of re-mastering and re-molding to change this demi giant across to high quality resin instead.  The results are impressive and we hope that you like Fnorr in this new fashion at a much reduced weight.  This miniature makes a great monster or character in your Dwarfish Host.

The Alternative Armies classic high fantasy range dates from the period of the early 1990's through to the end of that decade.  Designed by leading names in the wargaming industry and highly successful in its day this range has been on hiatus.  Alternative Armies, under the name 'Project Darkhelm' is dedicated to re-mastering, re-molding and re-releasing this entire range back onto the market.  We will be doing this work at a measured pace and a weekly rate maintaining high quality and excellent pricing. During and beyond this process Project Darkhelm will see the range continue to be expanded in the mediums of white metal and high grade resin using top industry designers in new releases.  Every pose in each pack is unique with no duplicates making them perfect for skirmish wargaming, roleplaying and unit building for any battle system. 

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