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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

51533 Elf Line Dragoons Released!

“Captain Sharke looked grim.  The scars on his face were livid in the cold of the Catalucian mountains and there was a fleeting inch of snow on the barren ground around him.  With an eye long used to war Sharke was watching distant horses down in the sheltered valley while he and a half dozen Rifleorcs were up the hill side where they could not be followed.  Damn Dragoons, damn ruddy Elves. Why was it always these pointy eared prancing Ferach that made his life hell. Everywhere in Catalucia the threat of roving patrols of Dragoons kept the Army of Albion on its toes.  While the distant port city of Kooruna was the goal of the marching army he was headed away from them on his own mission.  Well he would be if he could just get shed of these damn Dragoons.  Sharke told the rest of the Orcs to get to their feet and they grumbled and grunted in cold limbed discomfort.  It was warmer in the valley, the wind did not cut as deep into sodden uniforms.  But on the ridges and hill tops they remained; for a sabre from horseback could and would cut all the deeper.”

The early supporter offers are now finished and our thanks to all those who took up the chance to get these excellent miniatures before general release.  Today is the day of that general release and you can now find the 51533 Elf Line Dragoons modular white metal miniatures on the Alternative Armies website.  We think these are some of the finest miniatures we have ever released.  There has been a lot of buzz around these codes for a month now and a lot to see and read.  Here are the codes:

51533 Ferach Elf Line Dragoons (5 Mounted Elf's).  
Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician, Sergeant and One Trooper all with horses. 20.00GBP
51533-U Ferach Elf Line Dragoons (10 Mounted Elf's).  
A unit code as per 51533 plus five more mixed Troopers all with horses.  34.00GBP
51533-T Ferach Elf Line Dragoon (1 Random Trooper with random horse kit). 4.50GBP

Modular Riders and Modular Horses give a massive amount of options for building and converting your miniatures for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  We sell these codes unpainted but also with the option to purchase them assembled, pro-painted and based.  All options are on the page for the Dragoons along with more information.  Miniatures come with our great cartouche resin bases included.  A must for any Ferach Empire player.

Here are links to some of the blog posts we featured about the development of these unique miniatures.  The concept, the parts and the first finished for the Dragoons.  These are great fun and bring you up to speed on this release.

We also featured last week two great free resources for the 51533 Elf Line Dragoons in the shape of firstly their sculptor Sam Croes presenting a building and painting article and secondly myself presenting a four page insert all about their use in play and more.  These are well worth a read.

More releases for Flintloque and Slaughterloo are on their way starting this week with an expansion to our Bits and Sprues range for converting and adding fun to your Alternative Armies miniatures.

Thanks for Reading.


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