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Monday, 20 October 2014

Preparing for the OITW Advent Calendar 2014 - Uncle Rogipoos Scenario

It is reaching that point in the year again where Flintloque fans begin to look forward to the annual advent calendar from Orcs in the Webbe.  A whole month of daily fun where the master of OITW Craig Andrews will be stunning and hurrahing his way through the Cryptmass Season with fiction, scenarios, articles, art and more all about the World of Valon.  Its getting to be a real tradition and I, on behalf of Alternative Armies, will be doing my part.

While I plan several items (no spoilers!) the focus of this post is about a Flintloque scenario for this years advent calendar in memory of a fine fellow and great fan of Flintloque who sadly passed away this year.  Mr Willcox was a very popular member of the Notables Yahoo Group who created a fictional character known as Uncle Rogipoos.  So keen were we all to know of this adventurer and to use him in our games that a set of miniatures (VLE10) were created to allow this to happen.

It is my intention to create a Flintloque scenario with the help of experienced wargames scenario writer Mark Lesney all about Uncle Rogipoos in a mad cap situation with a fellow rascal Villiam Bedsforc the 'Bombardier' (VLE12).  This also seemed fitting since the loss of the actor and comedian who inspired this miniature code also occurred this year.

The scenario will see the two of them pair up against the evil of the Sproutoids when the barriers of Magicke are at their weakest.  But will these Orcs save Valon or will the swirling vortex take them beyond their world and into the ultimate unknown?

You will be able to read this scenario for free in December.



  1. Just remember the Evil Wooky Tree and there has to be belly-dancing.

    I will miss Uncle Rogipoos and your idea of a themed scenario seems fitting.


    1. I will try and get in what I can but it will be a lot less zany than the original if only for the sake of sanity and scenario. But a top five could be fitted in...what would they be I wonder?

      I miss him too.


  2. Ginger Biscuits
    Belly Dancing
    Mystic Mog
    Thumber Wumber Tree
    Were Chickens
    Cavorting Witches

    I'm sure there's more!!!!!!!


    1. That is very similar to my own list. Indeed so many more that it would be impossible to list them all. Ah, the Thumber Wumber Tree...madness.