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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Orcs in the Hills fanzine to return for a Slaughterloo special!

This year is the 200th Anniversary of a battle that shaped the future of not only Europe but the whole world. The Battle of Waterloo saw an end to the campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte and the humbling of France. While our sister brand will be bringing the whole classic 15mm Napoleonics range back to market in time for this anniversary here at Alternative Armies we have something rather different planned. Back in the 1990's when Flintloque was but an infant and far from the global name it was to become it had a fanzine. A fanzine called 'Orcs in the Hills'. A black and white booklet printed in A5 format which contained scenarios, articles, idea, reviews and more about Flintloque. There has not been an issue of this fanzine in more than a decade but that is going to change this year as I am bringing it back for one more issue. A Slaughterloo special! 

 I will be doing almost all the work on this special issue of Orcs in the Hills myself. With the able pen hand of Edward Jackson providing artwork and also an article from my co-author of Flintloque 3rd Edition Mike White. It will be a labour of love done mainly in my own time and filled with articles I know Flintloque and Slaughterloo wargamers will want to read. There will be a difference of approach though and here is how. This issue will not be released in print at a price upon our website. No. Instead it will be serialised for free and put up in parts as PDF files on the Notables Yahoo Group. This will be across a number of weeks much in the way Charles Dickens used to serialise his stories in newspapers. 

I made a start on this with the Flintloque Mega Scenario – Sharkes Farmhouse. You can see this HERE on the blog. 

There are some six hundred and fifty members of the Notables Yahoo Group and its a place where there is more than 100mb of free files, hundreds of pictures, a legacy of more than twenty thousand messages along with wargamers to talk to. I also frequent the group several times a day and I am always happy to pitch in on all conversations including items not to appear here. Its well worth joining this Yahoo Group and while you must apply to join this is just a formality and I will sign you in (you need do this only once) where you can pull up a virtual armchair and talk about our games and miniatures. Here is the link: Notables Group

Back at the start of March 2015 I placed the whole of Barking Irons Magazine No1 on the Notables for free download. See that HERE on the blog. 

The world of wargaming is a big place but Flintloque and its mass battle sister game is a close knit community of like minded wargamers who like fantasy, napoleonics, humour and unique miniatures. If this is of interest come along. More details on the Notables. 

Seemed like a good announcement to make on my birthday. :-) 

Thanks for Reading. 



  1. Looking forward to it. Thank you for the energy you invest in Valon!

    1. Thanks. I am a very busy guy and it means a lot to me that wargamers enjoy Valon as much as I do.