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Thursday 30 July 2015

Ogre Cavalry and Gunners back at Alternative Armies

All of the Hunvarian Legion and Krautian Giant Legion Ogres for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo which use riding and limber Rhinos are now back on the Alternative Armies website. As we announced a week or so ago we were going to replace the 28mm scale white metal beasts used in Ogre cavalry and artillery crews with resin ones. We have done this and with this new production medium all of the codes are back online now with a 20% reduction in price. 

Here are the codes containing the resin Rhino's. Pricing new and old is shown on the website. Enjoy! 

56800 K.G.L Ogre Division (DAP) 
56522 K.G.L Ogre Artillery Crew 
56080 K.G.L Ogre Dragoons 
56109 K.G.L Ogre General on Rhino 

56900 Hunvarian Legion Division (DAP)
56100 Hunvarian Legion Lancers 
56523 Hunvarian Ogre Artillery Crew 

The contents of each code are not affected in terms of the number of miniatures and their poses and all other parts aside from the Rhino's remain in white metal as before. Thank you for your support. We will be moving onto other mounts in resin soon.  You can also purchase the Rhino's on their own too if you go HERE.

Thanks for Reading. 


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