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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tony Harwood paints up The Slaughterloo Monument

After a break the master model maker and long time Flintloque fan Tony Harwood has graced us all with some blog posts showing his take on our great 59010 Slaughterloo Monument.  We were giving this 28mm scale resin monument away in orders last month and hundreds of them went out across the world including quite a few painted by our staff with a variety of flags (another blog post perhaps!). Tony decided to paint his own up in the same way that Sam Croes did our one in the studio here.

You can visit his blog posts in the following order from their start to end to follow the process shown in the pictures here.  He goes into details of tools used, paints, techniques and so on.

As he says:

Alternative Armies have produced this resin terrain piece to commemorate the actual World Events of June 18th 1815, it depicts a bullet scarred monument of stone blocks topped with a draped Greate BitOrc Flag (the one featured on the old Flintloque Box set) and a broken Ferach Eagle.

The monument is on our website for regular sale now at a great price.  Go HERE to see it and learn more.

Great work Tony!

Thanks for Reading.



  1. Hi Gavin,

    You will find that this is the correct link for Basing and Details;

    I'm pleased you enjoyed the Blog updates.


    1. Thanks Tony we did. Link corrected.