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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Resin Baby Hippos for Todoroni now in Flintloque and Slaughterloo

Welcome to December the month of Cryptmass on Valon and we begin this month this news that the Baby Hippos used as mounts for the Todoroni of Nepolise  are no longer white metal but instead they are now spun cast resin.  Yes resin!  Sculpted by Steve Young they have had no changes to their appearance and only differ in production medium.  This follows up on the horses of the Albion Orcs as well as the Trolka and their Moose cavalry as well as KGL Ogre and Hunvarian Ogre rhino riding cavalry.  The riders of these mounts remain in white metal as does the vast majority of the thousand plus miniatures in the range but we do have some news on these.  Here is a list of the cavalry and mount containing codes to which the change have been made or not:

56603 Todoroni of Nepolise Division (DAP)
56111 Todoroni Mounted Officer
56528 Todoroni Hussars
56529 Todoroni Artillery (not affected)

This great news has more to it which we will discuss in an article later this week but if you go to our website from now you will find that not only are the Todoroni Hussars half price this month now using the resin hippos but you also get a mounted Todoroni Officer free in every order from us this month too.  Valid until the early days of January 2016.  See our Offers page.

More news soon!

Thanks for Reading.


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