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Monday, 16 January 2017

FL11 Wizards Party 28mm character pack released!

I want to thank all the 28mm high fantasy wargamers out there who have supported Alternative Armies in re-mastering and re-releasing our classic range of miniatures.  We have the full Classic Adventurers (CA) range out now as well as about half of the Fell Lords (FL) codes too.  Human Warriors, Adventurers, Free Booters, Magicians and more.  Industry leading and veteran sculptors of the 1990's making white metal miniatures for any system and setting.  Now we present to you a great set which deserves a place in your collection.  FL11 Wizards Party.  Read on for more or click HERE.

“Wizards belong in towers.  I tell you.  They belong up in a craggy stone tower looking down at us poor mud racking mortals.  That's their place.  Makes me feel uneasy when one comes striding through the village all decked out in his flashy attire.  Yes, attire, I picked that up at the Inn.  Though the village he comes with a little lad at his tail babbling nonsense questions.  Then a donkey with their baggage on it...and some sort of little thing...spout of flame it breathed I tell you no lies.  Last up comes this hulking thing...Ogre I think..but too clean by far.  Wooden chests bound to its back and up on its head too.  I just stood there and stared and you know what?  The bloody thing winked at me as it trudged past!”

FL11 Wizards Party
This code contains four different 28mm white metal miniatures. Great quality, choice and value. These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu.  Choose from a pack, three packs with a 10% saving applied and single miniatures.  Total choice!  Assembly is required with some white metal miniatures. Go HERE. Poses in this code are as follows:

FL11-01: A veteran wizard is star robes with staff.
FL11-02: An Ogre laden with Chests and Baggage.
FL11-03: A young lad with wand and book.
FL11-04: A Donkey with magical baggage and tiny imp.

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