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Wednesday 11 October 2017

Little Killa Clowns by Grinning Skull now released

Will Grundy is back with a new pack and single miniatures added to Grinning Skull at Alternative Armies.  You can see the whole darkly humorous contents of the range HERE on our website or read on for more about these vicious entertainers.

The Grinning Skull range is 28mm and can be used in 15mm scale too for any number of settings and game systems.  Crafted in a unique style loaded with character the range features many Oggum (Pig Men) as well as Zarglians (Tentacle Aliens), Baahl (Goat Men), Chukk (Poultry Men), Kize (Sepentine Aliens) and others too.  Great fun and more than fifty different miniatures to choose from.

GRNP06 Little Killa Clowns
This pack gathers together single codes GRN49 to GRN52 for a total of ten white metal miniatures of four different poses evenly mixed. Standing 17mm tall and dressed as clowns these diminutive fellows could be mutants or assassins or just really bad tempered. Suitable for use in any science fiction or post apocalyptic wargaming setting.  You can purchase a pack, three packs with a saving or choose from the single poses.  Supplied unpainted and without bases.  Go HERE.

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