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Monday 15 January 2018

New Weekly Deals System and Stalinov pencil topper

January continues apace here at Alternative Armies and we have some news for you.  A new system of Weekly Deals where we take ten percent off two different entire collections on our website; one 28mm and one 15mm scale.  We tested and bedded this in last week and it continues now.  Go HERE to see what is on offer this week (changes at midnight each Sunday) or read on for more information.  After a request from a Flintloque player we have brought back to the world a 1990's classic promotional item; the Stalinov Pencil Topper.  As some said..'what is a pencil'; ah the digital age eh!  For this go HERE or read on for more.

Weekly Deals at Alternative Armies
Each week we present TWO entire collections (parts or a whole smaller range) with 10% off the price of every miniature, book, accessory, limited code and everything else in that collection.  This discount applies on top of those already in place for bumper packs, units and so on.  It also applies to pro-painted options too.  Everything! Each week it is a 28mm scale deal and a 15mm scale deal across our Flintloque / High Fantasy / Science Fiction / Historical genres.  They are all listed on the page; one collection then the other.  

This week ( WC150118 to 220118)  we have the entire DH Dwarf Host 28mm High Fantasy range and the Laserburn 15mm science fiction range.

Just click on what you want to look at and remember there will be several pages of codes to look at. Deals end at Midnight GMT Sunday each Week.  Start a new army or fill in gaps in your force.  Test out a new collection or sample for skirmish.  Go HERE.  We recommend you check once a week to see if something you want has appeared in the deals.

CC1004 Stalinov Pencil Topper
Originally used as a promotional item in the 1990's and now back on our website in new molds we have the Stalinov pencil topper.  We offer the topper in resin or in white metal (it was originally in white metal only) but please note the metal version is rather heavy for accurate use of a pencil.  The topper is an altered version of the 28mm miniature KGB Liche Master Stalinov from 5002 with the base and lower coat removed and a recess for the writing implement (approx 24mm tall).  Note that pencils come in a multitude of lengths and ends and thicknesses so you may have to alter the topper to make it fit.  

This is easy with the resin version.  It can also be mounted on a suitable pen or if you prefer you could use the topper as a Dwarf Liche for your Undead formations in Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Go HERE for more images and select the option you desire.  Price is 2.00GBP (resin) and 4.00GBP (white metal).

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