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Wednesday 20 June 2018

Midsummer Madness with ten percent off entire website plus free Druidess

"The light of the shore brings the gap between the worlds closer at the middle point of the year when the sun is at its zenith.  The Druidess goes to the land and to the sky and to the shore as a part of the eternal cycle of life, death and re-birth.  It is a time of Midsummer and for some a time for Madness."

The middle of the year is here and with Midsummer comes madness from Alternative Armies in the form of new releases, a free new miniature, free Flintloque scenario and ten percent (10%) off everything on our website.  We will have more details on each of these at the time and we begin with the Druidess and the details of the event.

Until 7am GMT on Saturday 30th June 2018 there is 10% off every production in every range on the Alternative Armies website.  All miniatures, all books, all digital downloads and all game packs too; everything.  This blanket discount is already applied on the screen so all you need do is add to cart as normal.  An ideal time to begin an army or to get that pack you have been wanting for ages.  We also have our Events and Bundles page with the biggest savings plus our Slaughterloo Divisions for the greatest deal for fans of the World of Valon.  Go HERE and have a browse.

Every order placed with us during this event will automatically get a brand new miniature for free worth 2.50GBP included.  There is no limit upon the number of orders you can place and each of them will get the FL24-01 Druidess the symbol of Midsummer and great for any game system.  You can of course also purchase this 28mm scale resin female druid miniature if you wish to. Find her on our website HERE.

As well as this discount and the free miniature we have New Releases too all of which are on our website now for you to see HERE.  These will get their own news article but if you are a fan of 15mm fantasy wargaming you should have a peek.  

We have a vast selection on our website for tabletop wargamers who are players of 28mm scale, 15mm scale and 6mm scale in genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical too.  Hover over the top sections of our home page for drop down menus and choose what interests you.  How about a few of our most viewed items such as these:

Sengoku Monster Hunter
Sculpted by John Bell this range of miniatures allow you to field a force of mythical Japanese creatures and others suitable for any game system including the game Monster Hunter. The range includes Tengu, Oni, Goblins, Kappa as well as Anime style female School Girls and Spider and Centipede and Snake Monsters along with Ghost and Monks and Miko. Now Cavalry, Tanuki and Spirits!  Also Hunters, Demons and Spirits.  Go HERE and there are reviews of the rules too.

Bradley 6mm Range
Produced in Scotland by Alternative Armies under agreement the Bradley Miniatures 6mm range of science fiction miniatures and vehicles.  Created by Lawrence Bradley Hitze and featuring in kickstarters you can now get these packs on the website HERE.

Begin in Flintloque
So you have heard mention of a tabletop miniatures game called Flintloque that has Elves, Orcs, Zombies, Dwarves, Ogres and many others fighting with muskets, pistols and cannons.  You have come to the right place to make a start with the greatest Fantasy Black Powder in the world.  Starting from nothing we will take you into the World of Valon with our beginners box set '5024 Escape from the Dark Czar'.  Go HERE for the journey into Valon.

HOF Security Force Alpha
All across the core star systems and on Terra itself there is a need for security after, during and even before the high rollers and expensive kit arrives in the battle zone. Security Force Alpha is just that force filling in as police, paramilitaries, mercenaries and planetary militias too. They are the faceless grunts that do the thankless jobs needed by all those who govern, control or enforce. Use them as you will from the near to the far future!   A big range of 15mm scale miniatures featuring resin troopers at tremendous value!  Go HERE for the HOF range.

Furioso the Italian Wars
Furioso is a set of wargames rules that covers European warfare in the sixteenth century. The rules allow players to fight large scale land battles with a simple to use and enjoyable gaming system.  Furioso can be fought using any scale figures from 6mm to 28mm.  The second book expanding into Italy and the inventions of Da Vinci is out now.  See the game HERE as well as our big range of 15mm Renaissance miniatures.

Ganesha Games Fantasy
Alternative Armies manufactures Ganesha Games 28mm scale white metal miniature lines under an official agreement. Miniatures made and shipped from Scotland. Axe and Brimstone Range sees Halflings fighting off Possessed Dwarves with their Dolman stone allies and Fighting Fungi too! Hammer and Forge Range which focuses on the Dwarf race and their allies and enemies. The Fighting Fungi Range of warring plant men and women which began the Ganesha Range.  Go HERE and see all the single miniatures and value packs.

Digital Downloads
Alternative Armies publishes many wargame books and systems.  Some of these are in a digital download format as paid for PDF's from this website.  We have collected them all in one place from across the website.  Just add to your cart.  No shipping, no waiting, just download after payment is completed.  All of our digital paid downloads are always at least 20% cheaper than the print version of the same title would be.  Go HERE.

Monsters and Creatures
Want big and scary?  Want strange and evil?  Want a challenge or a centre piece or pieces for your collection or army?  We have Space Brains, Sandworms, Big Mouth Beast, Wyverns, Giant Troll, Air Squid, Scorpions, Rats, Crustacean Monster, Tree Demon and many more.  Go HERE

Thanks for your time and enjoy the event!


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