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Monday 1 July 2019

Alternate Stars new 28mm Science Fiction range pre order mega offer

Alternative Armies is proud to announce a new original 28mm range added to our already huge selection of tabletop gaming scales and genres. High quality miniatures titled 'Alternate Stars' which will be great for any sci-fi game system you choose.  The range launches with twelve single codes and a full set of all  twelve which will ship worldwide at the end of July 2019.  But before then we have an excellent two stage pre-order offer lasting all this month for you to get in on.  Go HERE or read on for more. 

We are well known for Flintloque for our High Fantasy Ranges for our Ion Age science fiction all in 28mm scale plus many more and as a long established company with a proven track record we hope you like these too.  Alternate Stars is totally generic (do you like the play on our name?) and each miniature has its own style and potential uses plus some of the characters draw their inspiration from other parts of Alternative Armies....can you spot them? 

To celebrate the launch of this new range we are having a month long pre-order event which is now live.  All on the range page HERE.  Until 24th July every single Alternate Stars miniature (AS000 and so on) and the complete set of twelve (ASP00) is Twenty Five Percent (25%) off regular release price.  After the 24th July and until the morning of 1st August every miniature and the complete set will be Fifteen Percent (15%) off regular release price.  So get in early to max the savings.  The range will be on full release at full price August 2019.  Right now you can see mono pictures of the new miniatures and during the middle of the month we will show, day by day, painted examples of each miniature and the complete set too. Pre-order your choices. All pre-orders for Alternate Stars will ship out from us week commencing 29th July 2019; meaning any order which contains one of more miniature from this range plus anything else in your order.  

Sculpted by Sam Croes the Alternate Stars 28mm science fiction range composes the following from top left to bottom right in the picture.

AS000 Boudican System Trooper with SMG
AS001 Nekonari Trooper with SMG
AS002 Star Empire Ground Trooper with Plasma Rifle
AS003 CPU4016 Cyborg Enslaver
AS004 Arcus Marine with Gauss Rifle and Pistol
AS005 Nyx Merlyn Star Brigand
AS006 Star Empire Colonial Trooper with Rifle
AS007 Privateer Captain Fontaine
AS008 Fomor Space Raider with Laser Rifle
AS009 Infiltrator Agent Callisto with Grit Pistol
AS010 Neo Jacobin Free Ranger with Laser Rifle
AS011 Uhul Warrior with Laser Cannon

ASP00 Alternate Stars Collection One
(All Twelve Miniatures as listed above)

Thank you for reading and see you out among the stars!



  1. Very nice! And now in 15mm, please!

    1. Thank you. Ain't never enough eh. We will see how it goes. GBS

    2. It's not my fault that you still produce in this special interest niche of 28mm scale. Who needs this? ;)

    3. Many it seems. We are happy with the uptake thus far. Wargaming is all niche all over. GBS

    4. I was joking, Gavin. Please keep up the good work. :)

    5. I know man. I enjoy the banter and we will indeed keep it up. We have something awesome for 15mm Sci-fi coming middle of next will love it! GBS