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Monday 29 July 2019

Dropped from Orbit free USEME rules and scenario for Drop Pods

“Like a bullet from a massive gun the drop pod is fired from orbit down, in a streak of fire and heat, to the battlefield below.  Within its titanium frame five soldiers strain against  intense gravity to remain conscious knowing when the pod bursts open they will be thrust straight into the maelstrom…”

To round off the month which saw the release of Alternative Armies new Drop Pods and Drop Coffin it is my pleasure to present to you a free article to download which gives you additional rules for USEME and a short scenario too.  Go HERE for the range.

Dropped from Orbit USEME Rules and Scenario
A two page free article hosted on our server which gives you bolt on mechanics for USEME (UM001 Science Fiction and UM004 Modern Warfare) to add Drop Pods and Drop Coffins into your games. Bringing them onto the table, the chance of missing the landing, optional rules and death drops. Then a one page scenario called 'Steel Grapes of Wrath' which sees Security Force Alpha dropping in on Joad Tommo and the Tenants Revenge cult. Express Elevators from Hell going down!  Click HERE to download.  We also have a huge array of free downloads for all our game systems which you can browse and take from on our website see the FREE DOWNLOADS page.

UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction 
USE ME means 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' and this system delivers just that. Tactically challenging, easy to learn and for any age of wargamer interested in ANY science fiction or near future setting. From skirmish to full battles, games last from five minutes to an hour. Play in your lunch break or in the evening when the idea of a really complex system with a long set up time really does not appeal. Pick up any of your sci-fi miniatures and vehicles and get playing in minutes. USE ME is just that...its for you! 32pp Book.  Go HERE for the series of titles in print and as digital downloads.  Click on UM001 for a full run down of the rules and contents.

15mm HOF Science Fiction Range
The grand and noble HOF (Hordes of the Future) range contains a large and wide variety of 15mm Science Fiction Miniatures.  These miniatures can be used for any game system in this scale.  HOF includes Security Force Alpha as well as other Humans, Aliens, Robots, Civilians and many more in a fantastic array both near and far future with other sub-genres thrown in too. Now with over one hundred and thirty codes and over five hundred different miniatures.  Every code can be bought as a pack or you can also choose single miniatures within the pack on its page.  Go HERE.

We will have a free USEME campaign setting for you at the start of August created by Vic Dobson so keep an eye open for that awesome to come!

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