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Monday 2 September 2019

Fifteen Percent of all bases for models and miniatures this September

Each month Alternative Armies gives wargamers a treat.  We give you a bit bang more for your buck.  We choose a range from among all the various scales and genres we have and we take 15% off every code in that range for an entire month.  For September 2019 until the morning dawn brings October it is our popular Bases for Miniatures range.  Go HERE and have an explore!

When you put your miniatures into play you will want to mount them on bases.  We have bases in resin, in metal and in plastic.  We have circles, squares, rectangles and more in various sizes.  Suitable for 28mm as well as 15mm and 6mm scale plus diorama and element bases for systems such as HOTT, Sengoku Monster Hunter and Furioso.  Excellent choice and value.

As well as the array of bases we have some other codes in this collection.  Mounts without riders and also our CA8 Flat Doors in three sizes.  See all of this HERE.

We have a lot of news coming in the next four weeks with new releases into the Sengoku Range and a pre-order too, a BIG release into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range, several releases into Flintloque and Slaughterloo plus a new code from Bradley 6mm range too and more classic 25mm Asgard.  All of this will be detailed at the time but it is going to be an awesome month..just wait and see!

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